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Updated October 6, 1995 9:30 a.m. EDT

Although I believe that OJ really murdered the two victims, I am satisfied with the verdict. I never imagined that the police departments in our country could really employ such racist, corrupt scum as we learned about during the trial. In addition, the prosecution's case was bungled and ineffective. As long as there was at least one known perjurer running the investigation and several unanswered questions, there remains a reasonable amount of doubt to prevent conviction.

In other cases, when the jury brings in a verdict that runs contrary to general opinion (like, say, the first Rodney King verdict), they say "if you only saw they evidence that we saw.." and, since we didn't see it, we grumble and accept the jury's judgement. We always suspect, however, that this jury just didn't get it (again, the King trial is a good example). This time however, we got the proof of what we have always suspected. We did see it all, and we know that the burden of proof was met, but the jury failed. We can directly judge their performance, and it was poor.

They were misled and confused by very skilled defense attorneys, and made to believe some foolish things. This has, no doubt, been going on for a long time, and it needs reform. I have seen any number of "experts" on TV in LA since the verdict discussing the public cries for reform, and for some reason the only people vigorously defending the so called "Justice System" are the famous defense lawyers. What a sweet deal they have in CA. These juries are so gullible that no case can be proved if the defense has any skill at all. My god, Rodney King was beaten on national TV, they had a tape to watch, and the Menendez bros. admitted that they stopped to reload while they blasted their parents, but these juries can't deliver the goods.

I'm no fan of the LAPD, but the only guy who could possibly have killed those two is sitting in Brentwood cutting deals with agents. I wonder if the "investigations" that he is going to fund will be made public. Some deeper digging into the facts might have embarassing results.

I expect that we'll see O.J. all over the TV in the coming weeks telling his side of the story. If O.J. really wants to score on pay-per-view, he should submit to Marsha Clark's cross-examination on live TV. That I'd pay to see.

The Simpson verdict is one more indication about how sick our justice system is. Please spend more time and effort on what can be done to fix the system instead of fawning over OJ and his lawyers who bought the verdict with their jury selection consultants. As much as I admire Larry King, I get sick of his kid glove treatment of jerks like OJ. Why give OJ and his supporters a platform to rationalize this injustice and make money off the brutal killings of two people?

Before the verdict I was sure he was guilty. Now I don' know what to think, except WHO KILLED NICOLE AND GOLDMAN??

from Caracas, Venezuela

Justice (as it is currently defined) has been served. OJ probably did the crime. But you have to accept the verdict because that's how the Jury system works. Obviously, the prosecution failed to convince the jurors beyond all reasonable doubts even though the evidence was significant. So the current jusctice system is not perfect. But I cannot prescribe any better one. The system is biased for rich defendent. Also OJ must be thankful that he got black skin.

I am a 30 year old Asian.

I think the verdict is good for the American Society(I am myself not American, but am white- not that it should matter!).It seems to me that everyone forgets the fact that the evidence on this case came from a racist police-officer, and that you can't convict a black person based on a statement from a white racist man, specially NOT in America. It's redicilus how your counrty is splitted. I see young white high-school people anger over the verdict; what do they know about the justice and how the system works? It's lunetic when people say that the verdict came beacause the juror were mostly black. What is that based on? In fact, the white juror in the jury has once succesfully changed the minds of 11 other juror, but in this case she didn't; The evidence weren't there, the glove that didn't fit for instance. And let us not forget the ridiculas job that LAPD had done on this case. Please respect the verdict and stop making this a race-issue; there is enough race-problem between people in America as it is. GOD BLESS AMERICA. --

Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend, we were all equal in the end.

I think that O.J. Simpson bought himself a measure of justice that many americans , no less african americans could afford. And, I believe that the cost of this justice was the playing of a race card.


Reasonable doubt? In many areas:

1. Corruption/racism in LAPD and the continuing lie that it doesn't exist except in isolated instances.

2. The alledged search for truth by the prosecution, and then attempting to stifle any evidence to the contrary, i.e. seeing only what they want to see.

3. Knowledge of Fuhrman's past (see 2) and attempting to prepare or clean up Fuhrman for the witness stand.

4. Much more.

Running around in 'GOD MODE' is fine in computer games, but NOT the police.

Alledgedly the LAPD gathers the finest and brightest candidates. However with reference to Rodney King, they seem NOT to be able to learn from their mistakes.

If I were black and the LAPD gave me the time of day, I wouldn't trust their answer without independent outside corroboration.

Mountain of evidence? Never confuse quantity with quality.

Phrase for the day (from the Geraldo show) 'Upper body control hold' 'Chokehold'

Who watches the watchers?

I thought your Trial Page looked very good and had alot of information. I would like to see more images of the people involved and of the victims and families of the victims though. I haven't been able to follow most of the trial on TV, all I did see was the clkosing and the verdict.

In the days and weeks to come, more and more Americans, especially those who did not watch the trial with an open mind as to every issue, will come to see that 90% of the reason OJ was mistakenly accussed and prosecuted for a murder under a twisted and ridiculous theory was MISINERPRETATION of the evidence. This misinterpretation was evident early on as a police officer planted a glove he thought a guilty OJ could never explain, because a guilty OJ could never say "But I left both at the scene",,,misinterpretation of the significance of OJ going on a late night flight to Chicago,,,an utter refusal to consider that the Bronco had NO blood smeared on the places necessary for a man with bloody hands to drive it,,,an inability to reason that a cap with dog hair and no blood found at the scene was drug up by the dog, and not the killer,,,and the greatest and most illogical mistake of all: that the logical reason two gloves that were old and worn were found by a hedge with blood only on the palms,,,was that they were mislaid by the owner the last time he or she worked in the yard, and were splattered by about a half teaspoonfull of blood, only on the palms, where the knife would be held if used in the crime, and not on the sides and back. People are so easily misled into believing one theory based on evidence that has more than one interpretation.

There was no deliberation, or even consideration of the real evidence, they were in a hurry to "get out", and make their very profitable "deals".

They don't understand the unmeasurable depths of this INJUSTICE. this travesty of justice hurts everyone.

Answer this: If he was white would the verdict be the same NO NO NO

It's not over, and never will be, thanks to their selfish, stupid, ignorance.

I have been watching Simpson trial on CNN in Pakistan. The court decission is being viewed as being controversial. But as a good human being and one who believes in Democracy, should not doubt jury. Nor it should be given racial look. As good muslim it is my belief that if Mr. Simpson is guilty and jury being partial then he would not escape God's wreath but if he is not gulity I think he may not be put in further agony.

The OJ jury verdict was a case of the "race card" versus the "spousal abuse card". In either direction, the public outcry would have been phenomenal. Yet overlooked was the fact that the jury was composed of a majority of women who would have swung the case the other way.

The outcry tells me that now that the playing field has been equalized, there is a need to look closely at the justice system. In other words, if I don't like the game and I have the power, let's change the rules. It reminds me of George Orwell's "Animal Farm"

But if it becomes necessary to look at the justice system, let's not just look at the rules that affect the working class, let's look at the rules that has kept those responsible for the S & L fiasco out of jail!

JUSTICE!! You've got to be kidding - I am physically sick over the verdict. He's a guilty as sin!!!! I hope he has nightmares for years to come and that everything horrible in life happens to him.

I think that the turn of events in the acquittal of OJ Simpson is the true epitome of the very sour state of affairs of the American legal judicial system. OJ Simpson not only beat his wife, beat he killed her; and in the process he killed a man who had nothing to do with the domestic abuse: Ron Goldman. The Brown/Goldman families deserve much more restitution than a simple 16 months in jail (not to mention all the amenities OJ received while in jail--tv, cable, telephone, private fax line, book, etc.) for the murder of an innocent man and woman. Let us never forget the true victims in this ordeal: Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. May their hearts and souls rest in peace.

I wonder if all the jurys ar put thogether in the same way . This jury whas 97% black.That is the big problem in this cashe her.

I feel that this verdict proves that money can erase any misdeed. The defense did not once refute the scientific evidence with any meaningful scientific evidence of its own, nor did present any other suspects. On the Fuhrman case, the defense did not present motive. So what, Fuhrman is a racist. Why would he frame OJ Simpson? Not why would he frame someone, why would he frame OJ. The defense did not show this. The defense did not try to show OJ's innocence, they won on technical points and juror boredome.

Had this case occurred here in Indiana, it would not have taken this long and OJ, like Mike Tyson before him, would have been found guilty. If Mr. Simpson is truly innocent, I apologize personally to him, but his lawyers have made him look as guilty as sin in my opinion and not putting OJ on the stand merely confirms this belief. I do not feel that justice was served. No one knows who killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown, and OJ's name has not been cleared in the eyes of many Americans.

I know here at Purdue, most think he did it and most predicted the verdict. DNA does not lie, blood tests do not lie. Chemicals do not frame people. The jury did not rely on the scientific evidence, they relied on the heresay evidence of all of the non-technical witnesses brought forth. That is not justice.

We must remember that only te jury heard what they heard and saw what they saw. THe public saw and heard different things than the jury. It is clear that the jury ignored the logic and science of the case and was swayed by OJ's image as a good guy and their hatreds and distrsut of the police brought into the Courtroom before any evidence was presented. Black people in LA are the most alienated in the country despite a relatively high standard of living, Once Cocrane was allowed to illegally poisen the jury with his arguments the verdict was pre-ordained. The prosecution should have vehemently objected to the race and police hatred preached by Cocrane and instructed the jury to disregard it. In conclusion the jury acquited OJ because it does did not want to believe him guilty. The defense went beyond the bounds of fair play and the judge and prosecution sat there with blinders on. The only good thing that can come of this is discussion among the racxes of why there is a different perceptioin of the case by blacks and whites.

I could not believe th everdict in the OJ Simpson case. I knew that he would be found not guilty of the charges. Yet, still a small glimmer of hope that the jury would see what really happened and he would be guilty. There were 1 too many coincedences for me to believe that he was innocent. Furman may be a racist but he isn't nearly smart enough to set up OJ Simpson. The whole LAPD couldn't have pulled this one off. I feel terrible for Nicole and Ronald's families. Hopefully they will get over this in time but they have ceratinly lost years of their lives. At least the trial is over. America can go back to normal, somewhat at least. But it will never be over. OJ is now a national hero and the "trial of the century" made him that. What a shame.

At least if he is not guilty then I hope they someday do find the real murderer for everyone's sake.

Imagine of the race of everyone involved in this trial were reversed. Imagine if this were a white football star being accused of killing his black wife and a black restaurant employee, and he were aquited by a mostly white jury - if the District Attorney were black and the defense attorney were white. Los Angeles would be leveled by now.

i definitely agree with the decision. The families of the victims have lost two loved ones, but what good and justice would be served if an innocent man was put into jail?

I was wondering if I could a wav file of the intro music you used during the trial.

I think this also a great web page because I can come here and get the news when I'm near a tv.

An unfair choice. Now should be known as the DIRTY DOZEN.

I disagree with the verdict. As one of the millions of "13th" member of the jury, I followed the trial very closely.

I was often "fatigued" by the sheer amount of information presented. I feel the jury wanted out of sequestration more than they wanted to fulfill their responsibilities. They "copped out" at the last moment without concern for whether O.J was guilty.

The use of race was a side show that carried much weight with those blacks serving on the jury. They had a "once-in- a-lifetime" chance to correct past wrongs.

The fact the Furmahn was a racist was not the case. For the defense to hide behind this saying that they did not create him smacks of racist snobism.

I feel that today's verdict was a miscarrage of justice. If Charles Mason or Ted Bundey had a 10 million dollar defense team, perhaps they too would be free, based on today's verdict.

I think that justice has not been served in this case. For a jury to deliberate less than four hours over nearly a year of testimony leaves a lot to be desired. I think that the American justice system needs a large over haul.

Being exposed to the outside media has given me and others and unfair advantage in being able to determine guilt or innocense of Mr. Simpson. My feeling is that O.J. is guilty and that he committed the murder. One thing that we can all be happy about though is that Jeffrey Dahmer did not have $10 million in the bank to help defend himself or else he might still be walking the streets. Money does count in this society, I unfortunately have to say that.

Every single poll that has been taken on whether or not O.J.

is guilty or innocent has revolved around the issue of Black or White. Why don't we take a poll looking at educated vrs non-educated persons and look at the difference? I bet that you will see a big difference between people who know how to use reason over people who just react because they feel they have been victimized by the system.

Let's quit looking at RACE as an issue and focus on the FACTS in any future cases!

Yes I do agree with the verdict - it's how I would have voted.

However I was prepared to accept a guilty verdict if that's what the jury decided.

Personally I don't see how anyone can honestly say there is not room for reasonable doubt in this case.

There was not a mountain of evidence,
there was a railroad of evidence.

Independent of the racial issues brought in by Furman, I did not believe there was enough reasonable forensic evidence.

I do believe in the theory of DNA testing, and I do believe that at least some of that evidence may have pointed to Simpson.

However, given the possibility of sloppy evidence handling by the police and by the labs, I don't think the DNA evidence offered can be trusted beyond a reasonable doubt.

Also, I don't think it is reasonable for there to be such a small amount of blood evidence in the Bronco or in Simpson's estate given the crime scene. I know how easy and messy mud is in a car or house, and if Simpson had committed the murders there should have been more blood. There should have been blood from Nicole and Ron all over the car, very easily seen with the naked eye - not almost tranparent swipes and drops.

The issue of how the glove could have been dropped by Simpson was not clear to me.

Why would Simpson have parked his Bronco on the street, go around to the back side of the house (without any trail) and drop the glove, then go back to the Bronco and leave a trail of his blood from the gate into the front door? It doesn't make any sense at all - it is not reasonable.

Again there should have been lots of the victims' blood all over the house - not just a couple of drops on the socks.

When you then bring in the Furman racial bias, it's just icing on the cake to understand that there is something wrong with the evidence. I do think the kind of people that Furman represents are capable of this crime, and of this kind of a frameup.

There was not a mountain of evidence, there was a railroad of evidence.

I am so outraged that I needed a place to vent. I can't understand how they could just spend four hours deliberating after seeing 9 months of evidence. It seems that there's no place for reason and logic in our legal system. It makes me sick to my stomach that this smug man got away with murder just like Nicole said he would! I hope the jurors can sleep with a clear conscience tonight. My heart goes out to the Browns and Goldmans. I know how awful I feel and I'm sure it's just a fraction of what they feel. My heart also goes out to Marcia and Chris! I think Chris showed that he had the most integrity in that courtroom. I think that's the real lesson to be learnt here. Integrity, reason and logic have no place in our legal system!!! To find OJ not guilty was to find that the evidence was planted and contaminated.

The jurors threw out all reason and logic when they came to that conclusion! Most of all, I feel sorry for the children who will someday come to realize that their father brutally killed their mother......

It's a shame to see such an injustice go unpunished. After evidence which pointed to only one man, the jury found OJ not guilty. It's a travesty and clearly a biased jury. The jury system in the US is something which must be addressed for OJ was let off for something he cleared did.

The police conspiracy theory is blatantly false and not a reasonable doubt. Much of tax payers money and court time was wasted in the biggest waste and joke of the century.

I agree with the verdict. Congratulations O.J. Our prayers are with you. When you come to Hawaii to celebrate, we will meet you at the airport with champagne and leis.

We love you O.J.


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