CNN O.J. Simpson Trial

The Players


Hahn, James K

Los Angeles City Attorney. He made the decision that Los Angeles police could release controversial 911 tapes of the October, 1992 call by Nicole Simpson to police.

Halicki, Denice Shakarian

Robert Kardashian's fiance. Testified before Cowlings grand jury August 24. Potentially important because Cowlings and Simpson left from Kardashian's residence to begin the freeway odyssey.

Hamburger, Maya.

Rosa Lopez's attorney with Carl Jones.

Hampton, Tracy

Seventh juror dismissed, May 1st. Told Judge Ito she couldn't take it anymore.

Harman, Francesca

Hotel convention service manager. She was in Nicole Simpson's neighborhood the night of the murders. July 11: said she didn't see or hear anything unusual when she walked by Nicole Simpson's condo at 10:20 p.m. the night of the murders.

Harmon, Rockne

Deputy District Attorney. Added to the case November 9th. DNA Team expert. Based in Alameda County.

Harper, Det. James

LAPD detective. Testified Monday, April 3rd during discussion of prosecution tape not disclosed to defense team.

Harris, Jeannette

Sixth juror, dismissed on April 5th. Did not report past domestic abuse.

Hart, Judge Ray

Los Angeles Municipal Court. Has been asked to rule on NBC motion asking for release of documents related to Simpson 1989 wife-battering case. Documents include search warrant affidavit, photos and psychiatric reports.

Heidstra, Robert

Dog walker. Cochran says Heidstra was a block from Nicole's home at 10:35 pm when he heard people arguing from the direction of the crime scene. He heard a voice say "Hey! Hey! Hey!" and then the sound of a fence door closing.

Huizenga, Dr. Robert

O.J. Simpson's personal physician.

Hodgman, William

Deputy District Attorney who joined Marcia Clark as prosecution co-counsel, replacing David Conn, who returned to the Menendez' brothers' prosecution. Head of the District Attorney's Special Trials Division. Successfully prosecuted the savings and loan fraud case of Charles H. Keating Jr. Graduate of UCLA and Hastings School of Law.

Holmes, Elizabeth

Prosecution Witness. Fitness trainer for Wolfgang and Marta Salinger, next door neighbors to Simpson. Reportedly will describe seeing O.J. and Nicole in shouting incident in their driveway. Claims O.J. pushed Nicole into his auto.

Ito, Judge Lance

Former Los Angeles County prosecutor, aged 44. Became Municipal Court judge in 1987, moved to Superior Court in 1989. Presided over the Charles Keating savings and loan case. Named trial judge of the year by the Los Angeles County Bar Association for his handling of the Charles Keating case. Graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and law school at the University of California, Berkley.

Ito, James and Toshiko

Judge Lance Ito's parents. They sat in court on January 23, 1995.

Jenner, Bruce

Olympic gold medalist. Prosecutors will question him about a Christmas Eve 1993 fight between Simpson and his ex-wife at a party at Jenner's residence.

Jenner, Kris

Nicole Brown Simpson friend.

Jiminez, Juan

Los Angeles coroner's offices. Has been quoted critically about LAPD actions on morning of June 13, 1994 -- "Ten hours. Then we get there, and you want to tell us when (they) died? Everybody trampled around. Whose footprints are those? Yours? Theirs?"

Jones, Carl

Attorney for Marquerite Whitley Simpson Thomas. On 1/4/95 he filed a motion to quash a subpeona served on her by the prosecution. He is also the attorney for Jason Simpson.

Jones, Donna Weisz

Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney. On behalf of Simpson police investigators Mark Fuhrman, Philip Vannatter, Tom Lange and Ronald Phillips.

Jones, Veteradata

The sister of Marguerite Thomas, O.J. Simpson's first wife. Told "A Current Affair" that Simpson had suffered injuries that caused him great pain.

Juror, Unidentified Man

First juror dismissed January 18th. Identity not revealed. Met Simpson at Hertz car rental event.

Juror, Unidentified Woman

Second juror dismissed January 18th. Identity not revealed. Did not reveal past domestic abuse.


Sworn in Thursday, November 3rd. Six African-American women, one Hispanic woman, one white woman. Two African - American men, one Hispanic man, one half white, half American Indian man.

Kaelin, Brian Jerard "Kato"

Simpson estate housekeeper. Cared for Simpson's children when they visited. Could provide possible key to question about whether Simpson was at home and what time he was at home on June 12th. March 21st: Met Nicole Brown Simpson December 1992 in Aspen, Colorado. Moved to her guest house January 1993. Cared part-time for her children. Met O.J. Simpson February 1993. Moved to his North Rockingham estate January 1994 when Nicole moved to her Bundy condo. Testified Simpson told him it was all over between himself and Nicole. March 22nd: Reviewed McDonalds trip. Was unable to state where Simpson was from 9:37 p.m. until just before 11 p.m.. He did not see Simpson enter the house. Described three thumps on the wall. Pounded his fist on the witness stand to simulate thumps. Said Simpson and former attorney Howard Weitzman told him to tell the truth when they spoke to him on Monday, June 13th. Says he told Simpson he did not see him enter house. March 23rd: Marcia Clark tried to use Kaelin to portray Simpson as a jealous ex-husband who wanted to keep men away from his ex- wife. Kaelin said Nicole was upset when he moved to Simpson's guest quarters January 1994. Clark got Kato to say Simpson might have been worried he was having sex with Nicole. Kaelin also testified about mysterious black bag Simpson carried to Chicago. Prosecution contends Simpson hid bloody clothes and might have concealed murder weapon in the bag. He did not carry bag with him when he returned home June 13. Kaelin said he saw O.J. and Nicole fight twice, October 25, 1993 which resulted in a "911" call and Christmas Eve 1993. Target of a withering attack by Marcia Clark who challenged his credibility. March 27th: Clark asked that Kaelin be declared a hostile witness. Clark suggested O.J. argued with Nicole during a cellular phone call on Sunday June 12th. Kaelin said he knew nothing about it. Ito did not announce a decision on hostile witness request but Clark was permitted to harshly interrogate her own witness. March 28th: Testified he would not lie. Told Clark he has no book deal. Final day April 14th: Prosecutors reveal they are investigating Kato Kaelin for possibly lying on the witness stand. Notes from this meeting revealed April 17th. This concerns possible Kaelin book deal.

Kahn, Lisa

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Specialist in the DNA identification. Won a conviction in the first DNA jury trial in California. Took temporary maternity leave in December. Graduate of University of Southern California, law degree from Southwestern School of Law.

Kardashian, Robert

Simpson personal attorney and friend who was inside Simpson's house at surrender.

Kelberg, Brian

Deputy District Attorney.

Kennedy-Powell, Judge Kathleen

Los Angeles Municipal Court. Presided over preliminary hearing. Appointed to state bench in July 1988. Los Angeles deputy district attorney 1980-to-1988. Assigned to DA's sexual assault unit 1986-to-1988. Age: 41. Graduated from LA's Loyola-Marymount University College of Law 1977. Married attorney Daniel Powell. Two children.

Kennedy, Scott

Took amateur videotape of the June 12th student recital attended by Nicole and O.J. Simpson who watched their daughter Nicole. Kennedy told Cochran he had turned the tape over to Marcia Clark.

Kennedy, Tracy

Fourth juror, dismissed on March 17th. Reportedly taking notes for trial book.

Kestler, Michele

Los Angeles Police Crime Lab DNA Expert Testified twice; most recently Aug 22 about tests conducted on crime samples.

Knox, Michael

Third juror, dismissed March 1st. Reportedly writing book about the trial.

Kolker, Randy

Describes himself as a friend of Robert Kardashian. Was at Kardashian's house the day Simpson fled with Cowlings. He claims he does not know Simpson well. Grand jury testimony on August 25th.

Lakshmanan, Dr. Sathyavagiswaran

Los Angeles County Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner. Additional information in Simpson Names S Only.

Lally, Sgt. Craig

LAPD supervisor who was called by two other officers to the Nicole Simpson residence on the evening of October 25, 1995. Lally recorded conversations between himself, two other officers and Nicole and O.J. Simpson that evening.

Lange, Detective Tom

Los Angeles Police Department. Partner with Detective Philip Vannatter. Gave the order for Det. Mark Fuhrman to go over Simpson estate wall. Called Brown family to inform then of Nicole's death. Said it appeared Nicole attacked first. Conceded blood evidence not preserved from Nicole's back. Said blood on rear gate not collected until July 3, 1994, three weeks after the killings. Also said contents of Nicole's stomach not preserved for testing. Confirmed Faye Resnick moved into Nicole's home a week and a half before the murders. Began testimony Feb 17th. Testimony broken by Rosa Lopez videotaping. Resumed March 6th. Said there was no evidence leading him to look for anyone other than Simpson as the killer. Recalled March 21st: Said he checked two doors on south side of O.J. estate. Said he believed one went to laundry room and the other to the garage.

Lange, Tom

Not same as the above. A potential case witness who Cochran says was walking his dog near Nicole's home about 10 p.m. when he noticed a woman who he believes was Nicole embracing a man at the curb.

Lee, Dr. Henry

Dir., Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory. Forensic expert who was present at Robert Kardashian house the morning that Simpson fled. Appeared before the grand jury hearing testimony into Al Cowlings on August 25th.

Lerner, Sgt. Robert

One of two LAPD officers who responded to the October 25, 1993 "911" call. The other was Spencer Marks. Lerner said Simpson, Nicole and Kato Kaelin were outside her residence when they arrived that evening. Lerner testimony Friday, February 3rd. Simpson described as being extremely agitated that evening.

Levin, Harvey

Attorney for Mary Anne Gerchas.

Levine, Janet

Attorney for Robert Kardashian.

Lewis, Cheri

Expert on research and appellate law. Graduate of California State University, Northridge, and San Fernando Valley College of Law.

Lewis, Denise

Lab Technician LAPD. June 26: Described how she marked and processed clothing, hair and dirt taken from Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. June 27: admitted under cross examination that some evidence was poorly marked.

Livingston, Gary

Attorney for Mary Anne Gerchas.

Lopez, Rosa

Former maid for O.J. Simpson neighbor. Gave defense statements 7/29/94 and 8/18/94. Testified February 24th. Lied on the stand telling prosecutors she had an airline reservation to leave the next day for El Salvador. Prosecutors then called the airline which said she did not have a ticket for El Salvador. Testified February 27th - March 3rd. Left her job as neighbor's maid 2/10/95. Testified she saw the Ford Bronco at Simpson residence's residence at 8:15 p.m. and again about two hours later when prosecution says he was two miles away killing Nicole and Ronald Goldman. Said she heard male voices outside the Simpson residence about midnight. Said she was interviewed by Mark Furhman but there was no police follow up interview. March 2nd: Stuck to claim she saw O.J.'s Bronco outside his house about the time of the murders but said an investigator suggested the time as 10:15 p.m. - 10:20 p.m. Frequently answered, "I don't remember" and denied testimony was orchestrated.

Luper, Detective Bert

Los Angeles Police Dept. Conducted Chicago field search that did not come up with an alleged murder weapon. Has stated he personally believes murder weapon was left behind in Chicago.

Luper-Gallont, Alicia

In-court translator for Rosa Lopez.

MacDonell, Herbert

Director/Laboratory of Forensic Science in New York. Defense witness. July 27th: Testified on blood stains on socks found in Simpson bedroom. Was bloodied at the murder scene.

Mandel, Danny

Went on a blind date and ate at the Mezzaluna restaurant on June 12, 1994. July 11: said he was walking his date past Nicole Simpson's home and didn't see or hear anything unusual.

Marlow, Otis

Los Angeles Police Department. Assigned to Robbery/Homicide. Investigated O.J. Simpson's residence on June 13th.

Martin, Alwyn

White woman who told Associated Press March 15th that Detective Mark Fuhrman made racist remarks while interviewing her following a May, 21, 1993 carjacking in which she was stabbed. Defense has tried to enter her name into the case. Prosecution says Martin gave statement commending Fuhrman's "good job" but Martin told Associated Press she never made one. Ito barred defense from using Martin, who says her testimony would be relevant.

Martin, Detective David

Los Angeles Police Department. Simpson Case Investigator.

Martz, Roger

FBI special agent/toxicology expert. Defense witness who was later declared hostile. Repeatedly said blood stains on sock and Nicole Simpson residence back gate were not caused by preserved blood.

Matheson, Gregory

Los Angeles Police Department Supervising criminalist. Testified on Thursday, July 7th at a preliminary hearing May 1: Testified that only small amtounts of blood from the crime scene were tested because it was clear that the blood was coming from Nicole Simpson's body. Matheson said that even sloppily collected blood can still be used since it doesn't "turn into someone else's blood." Said outright that he was not part of a conspiracy to frame Simpson. May 2: Matheson admitted to several mistakes including not collecting enough blood from Simpson's Bronco and failing to detect blood on Simpson's sock until Sept. 18. Testified that Simpson's blood was consistent with a drop found next to a bloody shoeprint at the crime scene, and that there was a "great likelihood" blood under Nicole Simpson's nails was O.J.'s. May 3: Matheson testified that Ron Goldman's shirt wasn't stored properly, and it had a foul odor. He also acknowledged mistakes made at the crime lab such as erasure marks on crime reports and unorganized field notes. Matheson again said that he didn't even hear about Simpson's socks until June 29th, and he admitted Mazzola was wrong to collect three blood stains from the Bronco with one cotton swab. May 4: Matheson said DNA tests showed the blood under Nicole's fingernails was hers, but simpler tests showed it was neither Simpson's blood type or the victims. Testified that nearly a quarter of blood was missing from a sample taken from Simpson, but said part of a blood sample is lost every time the cap on the vial is removed. May 5: Matheson denied defense claims test results were misread and that he violated criminalists' code of ethics. Judge Ito refused to allow him to be asked whether EDTA was found in sock and gate blood samples. Matheson said unknown amounts of Simpson's blood could have been left behind in test tubes or probes.

Mavis, Darrell

Deputy District Attorney.

Mazzola, Andrea

Los Angeles Police Crime Lab/Toxicology Dept. Handled Nicole- Goldman crime scene evidence. Joined police crime lab in January 1994. Trainee in the field during Simpson investigation. April 25: Mazzola changed her earlier testimony saying that she collected blood stains on Simpson's driveway, not Dennis Fung. April 26: Mazzola admitted wearing the same latex gloves and using the same hand to pick up the bloody glove and blue knit cap at the crime scene. April 27: Last day of testimony. Said no mistakes were made that would have contaminated blood stains, and she said she didn't recall carrying the trash with the blood vial because it was "not a big deal." She said again the bag was heavier when the blood vial was placed inside. Changed earlier testimony saying she never initialed envelopes containing blood swatches.

McCabe, Ed

Former boyfriend of Denise Brown. She says he witnessed a mid-1908s incident in which Simpson threw Nicole against a wall, then threw Nicole and Denise out of his house. Has not testified.


2712 Santa Monica Boulevard, in Santa Monica. This is where O.J. Simpson and Kato Kaelin reportedly bought food after 9pm on Sunday, June 12th, 1994

McKay, Jack

Possible defense witness. Expected to testify about how eager Simpson was to get home from an East Coast golf trip to see daughter Sydney's recital. July 11: said he played golf with Simpson on June 8, 1994 and that Simpson walked with a limp. Said O.J. was cordial sand friendly that day.

McKay, Judge Patti Jo

Los Angeles Municipal Court.

McKenna, Pat

Defense team investigator.

McKinny, Laura Hart

Screenwriting professor whose recorded interviews with Det. Mark Fuhrman while researching an LAPD book. Defense using interviews to impeach Furhman testimony that he had not used a specific racial slur within ten years. Cochran having heard the recordings made by McKinny alleges the racial slur was made.

McNally, John

Private investigator hired by Simpson to lead his own investigation. Former New York City detective. Biggest case was 1964 arrest of jewel thief Jack "Murf the Surf" Murphy, convicted of stealing 563-carat Star of India sapphire. Assisted F. Lee Bailey on 1975 Patty Hearst case. Leads investigation team.

Meraz, John

Former auto service employee who towed Simpson vehicle from police pound to private auto pound. Says he removed papers from the vehicle. Since fired.

Merkin, Frederick

Los Angeles senior assistant city attorney.

Michaelson, Alvin

Attorney for Robert Kardashian and the former attorney for Denise Shakarian Halicki, girlfriend of Kardashian. Sometimes CNN studio analyst.

Mills, Cecil Judge

Los Angeles Superior Court judge who halted the grand jury investigation of Simpson, citing concern that pre-trial publicity had prejudiced the jurors.

Montgomery, Renee

California State Crime Lab criminalist. Tuesday May 23: Said her test results showed Simpson's DNA was consistent with DNA found in the blood drop closest to the bodies. Simpson's DNA was also found in drops on Nicole Simpson's walkway and at Simpson's estate. Testified that none of the stains from the victims' clothes contained Simpson's DNA. Wednesday, May 24: Final day of testimony. Said wishful thinking would not change test results. Said she was professional and responsible during all testing.

Moore, Juanita

Simpson's personal barber for 20 years testified she saw Nicole Simpson on May 1, 1994 and Paula Barbieri, May 23, 1994, both at the Simpson estate. She testified that Simpson sometimes has dandruff, of which none was found at the Bundy scene.

Moore, Terri

LAPD dispatcher and 911 call operator who took the October 25, 1993 call. Testified Thursday, February 2nd.

Mullis, Dr. Kary

DNA Expert. Johnnie Cochran referred to him as a Nobel Prize winner for his invention of Polymerase Chain Reaction which can obtain information from small specimens by copying a DNA fragment millions of times.

Murdoch, Katherine

Third juror dismissed February 7th. Had same arthritis doctor as Simpson.

Nasatir, Mike

Attorney for Paula Barbieri.

Neufeld, Peter

Simpson defense attorney and DNA expert who along with Barry Scheck has handled most of the defense's attack on how the critical evidence was gathered/handled.

Norris, Michael

Courier who saw Simpson outside the airport the night of the murders. July 12: said Simpson did not appear rushed or preoccupied when he got out of his limo the night of the murders.

O'Hare Plaza Hotel (Chicago)

Simpson checked in / checked out

Park, Allan

Limousine Driver. Drove Simpson to Los Angeles airport. Testified on Tuesday, July 5th about events at Simpson house. March 28th Testimony: Said he drove by Rockingham Avenue entrance twice, at 10:22 p.m. and 10:39 p.m. and did not see the Simpson Bronco parked there either time. Rang Simpson Ashford entrance buzzer several times at 10:40 p.m. but no answer. Saw a shadowy figure dressed in black enter the house at 10:55pm while he was talking to his boss on the telephone. Said downstairs lights went on. Said a man he believed to be Simpson answered the intercom and said he overslept, had just gotten out of the shower and would be down in a mimute. Said Simpson said he was hot while on the ride to airport. Said O.J. offered a $20 tip at airport and tipped skycap. Defense has said O.J. was outside playing golf at 10:15 p.m., which does not cleanly match Simpson story to Park that he had overslept. In remarks helpful to defense, Park said he saw no blood on Simpson driveway, no injuries to Simpson hands, and no blood inside limousine after Simpson got out. Park said Simpson had with him at home a small black bag that was to be loaded into the limo, but said he did not see bag again after leaving the estate.

Parker, Det. Jeffrey

Los Angeles Police Detective. Simpson Case investigator at Simpson estate

Parker, Tony

Owner of 1973 International Scout parked on Nicole's street, Bundy Drive.

Partridge, Mark

Chicago-area attorney who sat in first-class section with Simpson on return flight to Los Angeles on Monday morning June 13th. Observed cut on Simpson hand.

Paul Revere Middle School

Location of Sydney's dance recital.

Pavelic, Bill

Simpson team investigator. Admitted in court February 27th that he recorded a July interview with Rosa Lopez, after Simpson attorney. Carl Douglas had told the court there was no tape recording. He was ordered to turn over the recording. Former Los Angeles police officer who left the force after 17 years. Not a licensed private investigator.

Paysinger, Lt. Earl

Los Angeles Police Department. Owner of 9mm Berreta handgun that O.J. Simpson had with him during the freeway chase.

PCR Testing

Polymerase Chain Reaction. Can obtain information from small specimens by copying a single DNA fragment.

Peace, Jennifer

Al Cowlings' 23-year-old former girlfriend who testified before the grand jury investigating Cowlings. Sources told CNN Peace says Cowlings told her he and Simpson were not headed to the gravesite of Nicole Simpson. Peace is an adult films actress. Police have seized audio tapes and phone records from Peace's Los Angeles residence.

Peratis, Thano

Registered nurse who drew blood from O.J. Simpson while in police custody.

Phillips, Detective Ron

LAPD Detective and partner of Det. Mark Fuhrman. First on- scene detectives at Nicole Simpson residence. Later went to O.J. Simpson estate in early morning. Testimony began February 15th.

Phillips, Peter

Chicago's O'Hare Plaza Hotel Manager who found bloody hotel sheets.

Pilgrim, Evan

Husband of Andrea Terry, the Provo, Utah woman who reportedly can testify regarding racist remarks made by Mark Fuhrman.

Pilnak, Denise

Distance runner who lives on Bundy Drive. She was in the neighborhood the night of the murders. July 11: showed the jury that she wears not one, but two watches because she is a stickler for time. She said she heard a dog start to bark at 10:35 p.m. and it continued for 45 minutes.

Pitcoff, Joel

Ford researcher who can testify about the number of Ford Broncos sold.

Plotkin, Michael

Kato Kaelin's show business attorney.

Pool, Larry

Orange County Deputy Sheriff who made initial sighting of Bronco with O.J.

Poser, Sam

Manager at the Bloomingdale's shoe department in New York. Tuesday June 20: Said he sold Simpson shoes several times, but did not specifically remember what kind they were.

Raeder, Myrna

DNA Expert.

Ragle, John Larry

Forensics consultant. Testified August 21. Said the LAPD investigation of the crime scene fell below minimum standards. Ragle acknowledged he had not been at a crime scene since 1989 and had not been a primary investigator of major crimes since 1976.

Randa, Cathy

Simpson's executive assistant. She was on the stand Wednesday, July 6th.

Rappe, Judge Curtis

Superior Court judge hearing motion on possible conflict of interest for Judge Lance Ito whose wife LAPD Capt. Peggy York once worked with Det. Mark Fuhrman. Simpson defense seeks to question York.

Rasmussen, Bettina

Husband found Simpson-Goldman bodies. Nicole Simpson neighbor.

Re, Donald

Al Cowlings' Attorney.

Redfern, Giocanda

Prosecution witness. Former baby sitter for Nicole Simpson. Reportedly will testify Simpson stalked his ex-wife.

Reichardt, Christian

Former boyfriend of Faye Resnick who defense contends can discredit Resnick and her allegations that O.J. Simpson abused Nicole Brown Simpson.

Rentzer, Robert

Attorney for John Dunton, mystery man who refused to testify before Cowlings grand jury, saying he fears for his life.

Resnick, Faye

Nicole Simpson friend. CNN reported on Friday, August 19th that Resnick had a 30-minute conversation with Nicole a short time before the murder. It was not clear whether that conversation was in person or by telephone. CNN also reported Resnick had been staying at Nicole's condominium. Authored, "Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted" which touched off a firestorm in October, threatening jury selection and causing Judge Lance Ito to ask television shows to cancel their planned interviews with the author. Louis Brown has claimed his daughter Nicole and Faye were not close friends. The book claims Simpson stalked Nicole and threatened to kill her if she slept with another man.

Reynoza, Eddie

Actor on "Naked Gun 2 1/2" who claims he heard O.J say he would "cut their (expletive) heads off" if he found any Nicole boyfriend driving one of his automobiles. Prosecution introduced this allegation Wednesday, Jan 11th, withdrew it Jan 12th.

RFLP Testing

Called DNA Fingerprinting. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism. Compares samples from crime scene evidence with samples from a suspect. Takes longer than PCR testing for DNA.

Rheuban, Rosita

Operates impound yard where Al "A.C." Cowlings Ford Bronco was impounded.

Rieders, Dr. Fredric

Blood preservative text expert. Defense witness who testified July 24th he found police crime lab preservative EDTA in blood stains from a sock found in O.J. Simpson's bedroom and a stain on the back gate at the Bundy residence.

Riske, Officer Robert

Los Angeles Police Department. First responding officer. Testified February 9th and 14th. Los Angeles police officer for nearly five years; first officer to see bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman; testified about discovering the bodies, a bloody glove, a knit cap & bloody footprints. Testified police academy "glossed" over evidence training. Riske said crime scene photos made it appear that the envelope & glove were in different positions at different times.

Roar, Ron

Another former marine who reportedly heard racist statements made by Mark Furhman to Kathleen Bell in 1985 or 1986.

Roberts, Det.

West Los Angeles Homicide. He was at the crime scene and walked around the Nicole residence area with Mark Fuhrman.

Robertson, Lu Ellen

Airtouch Cellular employee. Simpson reportedly had cell phone conversation with Nicole Simpson Sunday, June 12th.

Rockett, Betsy

Nicole Brown Simpson friend.

360 Rockingham Avenue

O.J. Simpson residence.

Ross, Melvyn

One of Gordon Clark's attorneys in his divorce/custody case with Marcia Clark.

Rossi, Sgt. David

First supervisor-rank officer on the Nicole residence crime scene June 13. Testified Tuesday, February 14th.

Rubin, Richard

Fmr. Vice President and General Manager of Aris Isotoner (1990). Thursday June 15: Examined Simpson's hands and said the gloves should have fit him. Said it appeared the latex gloves made it difficult for Simpson to get the leather gloves on in court. Friday June 16: Testified that the bloody gloves had shrunk 15% since they were purchased.

Rufo, Sharon

Ronald Goldman's biological mother. Currently lives in St. Louis. Attended the preliminary hearing. Filed wrongful death suit against O.J. Simpson in July. Had not seen her son in the five years before his death. Larry King Live 1/25.


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