CNN O.J. Simpson Trial

The Players


Sacks, Melvyn

Attorney for Cathy Randa, who describes herself as O.J. Simpson's executive assistant for some twenty years.

Sager, Kelli

Media Attorney.

Salinger Family

O.J. Simpson's neighbors. 348 Rockingham. This is where Rosa Lopez lived. Wolfgang and Marta Salinger.

Sathyavagiswaran, Lakshmanan, Dr.

Los Angeles County Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner. Friday, June 2: Admitted that one of his pathologists, Irwin Golden, made mistakes during the autopsies. Tuesday, June 6: Admitted his lab made several mistakes during the autopsies of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Wednesday, June 7: Testified Nicole Simpson was probably still alive while the murderer killed Ron Goldman. Said Nicole Simpson probably died within a minute after her throat was slashed. Said the killer was right handed. Thursday, June 8: Testified he didn't think it was necessary to do a sexual assault test on Nicole Simpson. Said Ron Goldman probaby died within five minutes of his attack. Friday, June 9: Demonstrated again how Ron Goldman was killed. Monday, June 12: Admitted more mistakes by Dr. Irwin Golden, but said again that they did not affect overall testing. Said Ron Goldman didn't punch his attacker. Tuesday, June 13: Testified that his office did a satisfactory job on some portions of the autopsies, and an unsatisfactory job on others. Wednesday, June 14: Said under cross-examination that he could not determine the exact time of death, the number of knives, and the number of assailants involved in the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Thursday, June 15: Testified Ron Goldman did not have a "fighting chance" against his attacker. Said he couldn't be sure if there were one or two killers.

Savage, Tracie

KNBC reporter who reported blood on the Simpson socks contained Nicole Brown Simpson's DNA. Story was proven false.

Scaduto, Capt. Al

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. He is in charge of the jail. Reportedly he met with Judge Ito when the judge did a trip to the jail on 11/29/94.

Scheck, Barry

Simpson defense attorney from New York who is leading DNA fingerprinting expert. He has handled most of the defense's attack on how the critical evidence was gathered and handled. In past trials, Scheck has successfully challened the technique, which can determine likely innocence but can only establish a probability of guilt.

Schwab, Steven

Nicole Simpson neighbor who found her dog while walking his own on evening of June 12th. Simpson dog bloody. Testified in preliminary hearing, again on Wednesday, February 8. Timed walking his own dog to watching Dick Van Dyke which ended 10:30 p.m. Left his apartment within two or three minutes of the end. Contends he found Nicole's Akita dog at approximately 10:50 p.m.

Schwartz, Mathew

Attorney for Laura Hart McKinny, North Carolina playwright who recorded interview with Mark Fuhrman that became better known as the "Fuhrman tapes."

Shapiro, Robert

Simpson chief attorney. High profile attorney to the Hollywood stars. Known for striking plea bargains. He defended Marlon Brando's son Christian on a murder charge. Other clients include: Johnny Carson, Rod Stewart and baseball players Darryl Strawberry, Jose Canseco and Vince Coleman. Graduate of UCLA and LA's Loyola Law School.

Sharkarian-Halicki, Denice

Fiancee of Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian.

Shahian, Cynthia

A friend and occasional jogging partner of Nicole Simpson. Testified on Monday, February 6th that Nicole was distraught after receiving a letter from her ex-husband saying she could no longer use his mansion as her legal address.

Shipp, Ronald

Retired Los Angeles police officer. Has known O.J. Simpson for 26 years. Spoke with Simpson at some point within days after the Nicole-Ronald Goldman murders. Counseled Simpsons after the January, 1989 spousal abuse incident. He is the cousin of Simpson attorney, Johnnie Cochran. Testified Wednesday, February 1st.

Shively, Jill

Woman who told "Hard Copy" that she saw Simpson speeding through the streets of Brentwood near the crime scene around the time of the slayings.

Silva, Sue

WESTEC Security Firm employee. March 30: Described perimeter alarms at Simpson residence. Four control panels.

Sims, Gary

Senior criminalist, California Dept. of Justice laboratory in Berkeley. Called by prosecution for August 22nd hearing to explain DNA rule on how to further divide and test remaining samples. Tuesday, May 16: Testified blood from right hand glove found on Simpson's estate matched Goldman's blood. Said another spot appears to be mixed with blood from Nicole Simpson. Wednesday, May 17: Testified three blood stains on Bronco center console were consistent with genetic patterns of Simpson, Goldman and Nicole. Nicole DNA pattern found in Bronco carpet stain. Stains on Bundy crime scene gate match Simpson blood but neither victim. Blood on two socks at Simpson home consistent with his blood. Blood on one sock also matches that of Nicole Simpson. Thursday, May 18: Testified that the odds were 1 in 240,000 that blood found near the bodies at the crime scene could have come from a black person other than O.J. Simpson. Sweat, spit or dandruff from technicians couldn't contaminate blood samples. Prosecutors mocked defense arguments by asking Sims if DNA could "fly." Friday, May 19: Sims testified that socks found in O.J. Simpson's bedroom were "crinkled and puckered" from blood stains. He said that the only evidence of Simpson's DNA was found on "cutouts" taken by the LAPD. Sims denied that he was part of an evidence-tampering conspiracy. Monday, May 22: Sims answered confusing questions about different levels of DNA found in bloodstains at the crime scene. Said he didn't know how Simpson's blood contaminated drops found at the crime scene, but also said those drops had been tested again to answer lab questions about traces of Ron Goldman's DNA. Sims testified that he cleans his tools with fire to avoid contamination. Wed. May 31: Sims showed the jurors Simpson's socks under a microscope. He testified there was more DNA found on the back gate two weeks after the murders than was found the day after. Thurs. June 1st: Sims said he was not suprised the blood found on Nicole Simpson's back gate was so well- preserved. Testified he never received cut-outs from the bloody glove found at Simpson's estate. Tues. June 20: Sims said Simpson's DNA matched blood found on the rear gate of the murder scene, a sock on his bedroom floor, and carpet in his Ford Bronco.

Simpson, Aaren

.O.J.'s deceased daughter from his first marriage to Marguerite Whitley. Infant girl drowned in 1979.

Simpson, Arnelle

Age 25. O.J.'s daughter from his first marriage to Marguerite Whitley. Has visited her father in L.A. County Jail

Simpson, Eunice

O.J. Simpson's mother.

Simpson, Jason Lamar

Age 25. Eldest son by OJ's first marriage. He approached the Bronco in the driveway. Has visited father in L.A. County Jail.

Simpson, Nicole Brown

Deceased, age 35. Stabbed and slashed to death late Sunday evening, June 12th. Nearly decapitated during the attack. Married seven years, divorced 1992. Two children by O.J. Simpson. Born in West Germany. Father: Lou, Mother: Juditha, three sisters, one brother. Worked as waitress in a Beverly Hills nightclub, The Daisy, where she met O.J. Simpson. She was 18; he was 30. Began living together when she was 19. Married February 2, 1985. Won $433,000 cash settlement and $10,000 monthly child support in their 1992 divorce. According to her sister, Denise Brown, Nicole broke up with O.J. Simpson a week and a half before she died. She also tried to lease her $625,000 town house just five months after buying it. Court papers revealed, that she moved out of the Simpson mansion March 1992, but returned January 15, 1994 and remained there until May 24, 1994, nineteen days before her June 12th death.

Simpson, Orenthal James

Murder suspect, age 46. Ex-NFL great turned sports broadcaster/actor. With former wife Nicole he attended dance recital for daughter Sydney, age 9, early in the evening on June 12th. Witnesses say there was a disagreement and Simpson did not attend a family dinner. Inmate Number: 4013970.

Simpson, Justin

Age 6, O.J.'s son by Nicole Simpson.

Simpson, Sydney

Age 9, O.J's daughter by Nicole Simpson.

Simpson-Durio, Carmelita

O.J. Simpson's sister. July 10: testified that Simpson looked shocked when she saw him on June 13, 1994. She also said Shipp was sitting at the bar with a can in his hand. She also testified that both she and O.J. Simpson have had rheumatoid arthritis.

Singh, Narinden

Operates newstand across street from Mezzaluna Restaurant. Has videotape from a security camera.

Singular, Stephen

Denver author who brought information to defense that police sources had told him Mark Fuhrman sprinkled Simpson's blood on crime scene and planted the glove on the morning of June 13th. See AP story on Friday, April 28th.

Solters, Lee

Veteran Hollywood publicist hired by Kato Kaelin to promote his career.

Sonenshine, Paul

Works at impound yard where Al "A.C." Cowlings' Ford Bronco was impounded after June 17 slow-speed freeway chase.

Soudry, Roslyn

One of Gordon Clark's attorneys in his divorce/custody case with Marcia Clark.

Spangler, Lt Frank

Commander, West Los Angeles detectives. Testified Thursday, March 16th. Purpose was to show Fuhrman would not have had opportunity to move a glove. Spangler said Fuhrman was never alone at the Nicole Simpson residence, implication then being that Fuhrman could not have picked up and hidden the black glove. Spangler said he saw just one glove at the double- killing crime scene.

Speed, Terence P.

Professor of statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. He testified on August 7 that even the best of labs can be plagued by errors. He said that separating samples doesn't fix problems that can occur during evidence collection.

Stanfield, Wayne

American Airlines pilot. He flew Simpson's flight to Chicago the night of the murders. July 12: went to see Simpson during the flight and found him "pensive, lost in thought." He said Simpson's handshake was firm and nothing appeared to be physically wrong with him.

Stein, Eva

Nicole Simpson neighbor. Testified on Wednesday, February 8th that she heard a dog barking on Sunday evening, June 12.

Stephens, Boyd

San Francisco coroner. Prosecution has sought his testimony. He has declined, citing budget cuts and busy schedule.

Stevens, Michael

Los Angeles District Attorney Investigator. Opened safe deposit box leased by Nicole Simpson after January 1, 1989 beating incident. The box contained pictures of a battered Nicole Simpson. First testimony: Thursday, February 2nd.

Stockdale, Gretchen

Former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader and lingerie model who reportedly took a voice mail from Simpson on Sunday, June 12, 1994, approximately 7:35 p.m.

Stolorow, Mark

Cellmark Diagnostics DNA Expert.

Storfer, Mark

Nicole's neighbor. Testified March 6th that he heard a dog barking shortly before 10:23 p.m.on June 12. Called to the stand out of order because earlier he was out of the country, in Guam.

Summerhayes, Diana

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney.

Sundstedt, Frank

Deputy District Attorney. Presides over death penalty committee that decided to seek life in prison without a chance for parole for O.J. Simpson.

Taft, Leroy "Skip"

O.J. Simpson's personal attorney. Defense says Taft will testify about police barring attorneys from Simpson first interrogation on Monday, June 13th.

Talerino, Thomas

Man who says he was rollerskating near Nicole Simpson's residence and saw a man who was not O.J. Simpson, hiding in the bushes outside her condo.

Tanner, Stewart

Mezzaluna Restaurant employee.

Taylor, Ronald

Man who says he shook Simpson's hand after Simpson arrived in Chicago in the early morning hours of Monday, June 13. Can testify he saw no cuts on O.J.'s hand.

Terry, Andrea

Defense witness. Confirmed in an interview with CNN's Robert Vito that Det. Mark Fuhrman made racist remarks to her after she told him she had a crush on football player Marcus Allen, a black. Claims Fuhrman told her, "A black man should never date a white woman because it's an act against nature."

Thomas, Marguerite Simpson

Simpson's first wife. Married O.J. on June 24, 1967. Frequent separations before the marriage ended in 1979. No indication of any marriage violence. Three children: Arnelle 25, Jason 24 and Aaren, infant daughter who drowned in 1979. Married Rudolph Lewis July 9, 1986 but later divorced. Married to Anthony Thomas April 3, 1992. Court records indicate she uses either of two names now, Marguerite Simpson or her married name, Marguerite Thomas. Spoke to O.J. Simpson on Friday, June 12 when Simpson was at the house of his friend, attorney Robert Kardashian. Prosecution revealed in court Wednesday, February 8 that there was a telephone death threat against her eleven days after the murder of Nicole Simpson. Testimony scheduled for March 3rd.

Thompson, Don

LAPD officer who handcuffed Simpson at his Rockingham residence June 13th. He said Simpson was home about 30 to 45 seconds when he had been handcuffed. Det. Philip Vannatter gave the order for handcuffs.

Thompson, William

Simpson Attorney, DNA Expert.

Tilden, Leif

Reportedly saw four young men near the Nicole Simpson residence on June 12th evening. Prosecution says he will say they appeared to be college students wearing baseball caps, and would then be different from the two whites and two Hispanics wearing knit stocking caps reportedly seen by Mary Anne Gerchas, possible defense witness.

Tistaert, Elsie

Nicole Simpson neighbor. Testified on Wednesday, February 8th that she called police after hearing a dog barking for about 30 minutes. Said she was told to call animal shelter; looked out window and saw dog running back and forth in front of Nicole Simpson's home.

Tourtelot, Robert

Attorney for Los Angeles police officer Mark Fuhrman. Has threatened lawsuit against Simpson defense team for saying Fuhrman might have found two gloves at the murder scene, then planted one at the Simpson mansion site. July 25th New Yorker article was first to quote an unnamed defense team member with idea that Fuhrman set up Simpson.

Uelmen, Gerald

O.J. Simpson Co-counsel added to legal defense team after initial arraignment. Former federal prosecutor, past dean at the University of Santa Clara School of Law, and former president of California Academy of Appellate Lawyers. Argued search and seizure and domestic violence issues for Simpson. New York Times reports Uelmen thought to be an expert on early trial aspects, in particular, suppressing evidence and incriminating statements.

Vannatter, Det. Philip

Los Angeles Police Department. On-scene Simpson house investigator. Brief testimony Tuesday, July 5th before witness Det. Mark Fuhrman testified at length about why police decided to enter the O.J. Simpson residence. March 16th: Reconstructed crime scene. Testified he could see Mark Fuhrman at all times when Fuhrman walked down the street to look at Simpson's Bronco. March 17th: Testified Simpson was a strong suspect as soon as bloody glove was found at his estate. His view was buttressed by Simpson's cut finger. He concluded Simpson had the injury that caused blood drops at the crime scene and variously at the Simpson Estate. March 20th: Took no notes, drew no gun, called no backup and issued no instructions when he went to Simpson's Rockingham estate. Made no requests for experienced personnel, called no one to videotape the scene, asked for no light truck to illuminate the area and ordered no grid search for a second glove after the first one was found at the crime scene. March 21st: Concluded his testimony by explaining inaccurate statements made on request for Simpson search warrant. Said Simpson voluntarily returned from Chicago, accompanied police to Parker Center, allowed interview, blood sample, bag search and finger examination.

Vemich, Brenda

Buyer of men's gloves for Bloomingdale's Department Store in 1990. Thursday, June 15: Told the court Nicole Brown bought two pair of Aris Leather Lights in extra-large - the type of glove found at the crime scene and at O.J. Simpson's estate.

Viner, Michael

President of Dove Audio/Book Publisher. Subpoenaed to appear before Judge Lance Ito on June 2, 1995 about a book by ousted juror Michael Knox.

Vinson, Donald

Nationally recognized jury consultant who assisted the prosecution for free. Decision Quest, Inc. of Torrance,Calif.

Walsh, Arthur

Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney.

Walsh, Richard

Physical fitness trainer who appeared in an exercise video featuring Simpson. Has explained to Simpson attorneys that football injuries seriously affect O.J.

Walter, Mike

National Enquirer editor who co-wrote "Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted" with her friend Faye Resnick. Talk show circuit.

Wattenberg, Allen

Ross Cutlery store owner. Testified his employee sold O.J. Simpson a 15-inch stiletto knife on May 3, 1994. Said O.J. asked that the knife be sharpened.


Originally described as a military type folding shovel. Later described as a long, serrated knife. Perhaps as long as 15 inches. Weapon never found.

Weir, Bruce

Professor of Statistics and Genetics at North Carolina State University. June 22: testified about genetic frequencies of mixed blood types. June 23: admitted he made an error by not including a genetic marker that may have been present in several blood stains and said that the mistakes created bias against Simpson. June 26: changed earlier testimony to say that blood mixtures found on key evidence are 2 1/2 times more common than he first testified. He said errors in his testimony were because of computer errors.

Weireter, Ofc. Pete

SWAT member who negotiated with Simpson over cellular phone while Simpson sat inside Bronco parked in his driveway.

Weitzman, Howard

Simpson legal counsel. Withdrew in the opening days of Simpson case, citing his close personal friendship with O.J. Contends police barred Simpson from having attorneys present during his questioning the day after the murders.

Whelan, Kevin

Courier who got Simpson's autograph at Los Angeles International Airport late Sunday evening, June 12th before O.J.'s departure on a flight to Chicago.

Williams, James

Skycap at Los Angeles International Airport. He helped Simpson unload his travel bags. March 29th: Said he checked two bags for Simpson flight to Chicago June 12. Said Simpson carried third bag. Said O.J. stood by trash can waiting for bags to be checked but said a lot of people wait there because of its location.

Williams, Willie

Los Angeles Police Chief.

Wilson, Mike

LAPD/SID Photographer.

Withey, Pamela

Attorney, Sojourn House.

Wong, Delbert

Retired judge; court special master who retrieved luggage Tuesday, March 28th from Simpson's home and the home of Simpson friend and personal attorney Robert Kardashian; identified luggage in court on Wednesday, March 29th.

Wood, Jason

Worker for cellular telephone company; spoke with Simpson over the phone on Friday, June 17th, day of slow motion chase.

Woulard, Keith

Body double for Simpson in "Frogmen." Has said he did Simpson's running.

Yamauchi, Collin

Los Angeles Police Dept. criminalist. Testified Aug. 22 that he recommended the department withhold some Simpson blood samples from the material sent to Cellmark Diagnostics in Maryland. May 24th: Yamauchi said he initially thought Simpson had an "airtight alibi." Said two tests on the bloody glove showed a mixture of Simpson and both victims. Admitted he had expectations of what the test results would be since he thought Simpson was in Chicago at the time of the murders. May 25th: Testified there was no semen in Nicole Simpson's underpants. Said he made a numbering error on a vial of Simpson's blood, but he said it had no baring on test results. Testified he didn't see a DNA defense expert change gloves while examining socks at the lab. May 26th: Yamauchi described how he handled his first batch of DNA analysis. Said he ran 23 samples at once, instead of the recommened 15. May 30th: Yamauchi said he spilled some of Simpson's blood. Said on June 29th he didn't see anything that appeared to be blood on socks found in Simpson's bedroom. Yamauchi answered confrontational questions by defense attorney Barry Scheck about his investigation. May 31st: Testified again that he did not see defense expert Henry Lee change gloves when handling Simpson's bloody socks.

Yochelson, Alan

Deputy District Attorney.

York, Capt. Margaret Anne (Peggy)

Judge Lance Ito's wife. Highest ranking woman in the Los Angeles Police Dept.

Zlomsowitch, Keith

Nicole's ex-boyfriend. Said Simpson would show up unannounced on his dates with Nicole and once spied on them as they had sex in her townhouse. Manager of Mezzaluna restaurant.


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