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April transcripts arranged by date.

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April 3, 1995 (93k zip) -- The O.J. Simpson trial is now concentrating on thecollection and testing of evidence. Both sides in the O.J. Simpson case are preparing to battle over the testimony of medical examiner Dr. Irwin Golden.

April 4, 1995 (65k zip) -- Judge Lance Ito ordered the prosecution to provide him with an inventory of "all video tapes" it has, and later told the Simpson jury to ignore a question asked Monday about evidence the two sides had agreed would not be introduced. The jury in the O.J. Simpson case was shown a series of photos showing blood stains and smears that covered the inside of Simpson's Bronco.

April 5, 1995 (53k zip) -- Dennis Fung testified he did not find any red stains on the narrow walk near where a bloody glove was found at O.J. Simpson's mansion. Aother juror has been removed from the jury in the O.J. Simpson case. The make-up of the jury remains the same.

April 6, 1995 (13k zip) -- Two jurors were sick and Judge Lance Ito called them "no-go meds." He said rather than replace them with two people from the dwindling pool of alternates, he'd hear motions out of their presence and hope they'd be able to return Friday. A video tape which shows a glove at the murder scene can be introduced as evidence, Judge Lance Ito ruled. Dennis Fung was forced to acknowledge Wednesday that O.J. Simpson's hair could have been brought into the crime scene accidentally.

April 7, 1995 -- The court released a motion filed earlier this week by an attorney for Robert Kardashian seeking to exclude his testimony from the trial by stating he is an active attorney working for Simpson's defense. The court also released an update on the condition of the three ill jurors. Court remained dark Friday because they are sick.

April 11, 1995 (58k zip) -- The highlight of the morning was Marcia Clark's new hair style. As she went on to the ninth floor and headed for the courtroom she received howls and clapping from press and bystanders. Attorney Barry Scheck asked that the jurors look at the envelope from the crime scene that contained Juditha Brown's glasses. Jeanette Harris is scheduled to meet with Judge Ito. Criminalist Dennis Fung stood firm during his third day of cross-examination, insisting to O.J. Simpson defense attorney Barry Scheck that he did not know evidence was moved at the crime scene.

April 12, 1995 (50k zip) -- Johnnie Cochran complained to Judge Lance Ito about a "lack of response" by the court to the alleged kicking incident involving excused juror Jeanette Harris and two other jurors. The defense in the O.J. Simpson case continued its attack on a criminalist Tuesday, dissecting key evidence in the case and once again implying evidence was planted in an effort to frame Simpson.

April 13, 1995 (45k zip) -- Excused Simpson juror Jeanette Harris denied to Judge Lance Ito that she ever discussed the case with other jurors while she sat on the panel.

April 14, 1995 (40k zip) -- Prosecutors asked Dennis Fung a series of questions intended to show that he followed standard procedures during his investigation of the O.J. Simpson case. Insults flew during sidebar conferences in O.J. Simpson case. Simpson defense attorney Barry Scheck spent most of the day trying to punch holes in the credibility of Dennis Fung.

April 17, 1995 (53k zip) -- Prosecution shows new evidence to rehabilitate Fung.

April 18, 1995 (43k zip) -- Judge Lance Ito delayed the questioning of individual jurors in the Simpson case while he reviews a defense request for O.J. Simpson to be present during the sessions. Dennis Fung spent much of Monday shooting down theories O.J. Simpson's defense team built up last week. Scheck on attack again during Fung's ninth day on the stand.

April 19, 1995 -- Criminalist Dennis Fung left the stand after nine days of testimony and shook the hand of O.J. Simpson and members of his defense team. On Tuesday, prosecutors filed a motion asking for "parity in sanctions" against the defense.

April 20, 1995 (58k zip) -- Prosecution brings witness Andrea Mazzola to the stand. Mazzola worked with Dennis Fung in collection evidence at the murder scene.

April 24, 1995 -- The murder case against American football legend O.J. Simpson has cost Los Angeles County $4,201,191 through March 31. Testimony remained on hold in the Simpson case on Monday while Judge Lance Ito met with jurors to discuss sequestration problems.

April 25, 1995 (73k zip) -- Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran submits a complaint to Judge Lance Ito about Commander Holland of the Sheriff's Dept. meeting with the District Attorneys outside of the courtroom. The defense also debates if Andrea Mazzola could be considered an expert witness.

April 26, 1995 (68k zip) -- The defense continues to cross-examine Andrea Mazzola. They take question to the collection procedures of blood stains from the crime scene and feel that the evidence is contaminated.

April 27, 1995 (70k zip) -- An alternate juror became the focus of concern by Judge Lance Ito and attorney Johnnie Cochran on Wednesday. Criminalist Andrea Mazzola took the stand for thefourth day Thursday and attempted to repair any damage done to her credibility by defense attorney Peter Neufeld.


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