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February transcripts arranged by date.

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February 1, 1995 (88k zip) -- The prosecution called a former Los Angeles Police officer and friend of O.J. Simpson's to the stand Wednesday.

February 2, 1995 (98k zip) -- Former LAPD officer Ronald Shipp attempted again Thursday to fight off defense allegations he is aliar with a drinking problem who sought to further his acting career.

February 3, 1995 (83k zip) -- One of Nicole Brown Simpson's next door neighbors, Catherine Boe, testified that O.J. Simpson was upset because someone was having sex with "his wife." Sgt. Robert Lerner of the Los Angeles Police Department testified Friday he found a visably shaken and scared Nicole Brown Simpson when he responded to a 911 call in October 1993. When Denise Brown takes the stand tomorrow she is expected to testify that she took the photographs of Nicole Brown Simpson found in her safety deposit box.

February 6, 1995 (98k zip)--Denise Brown, older sister of Nicole Brown, completes her emotional testimony.

February 7, 1995 (93k zip)--Marcia Clark's team presents the evidence to establish the time the murders were committed.

February 8, 1995 (103k zip) -- A neighbor, Steven Schwab, testified Wednesday that he found Nicole Brown Simpson's dog roaming the neighborhood the night of the murders, its paws and chest covered with blood. Judge Lance Ito has refused to quash a subpoena for O.J. Simpson's first wife, Marguerite Thomas, who does not want to testify at his murder trial.

February 9, 1995 (105k zip)--LAPD officer Robert Riske presents his testimony. Riske was the first officer on the scene.

February 14, 1995 (85k zip) -- The defense in the O.J. Simpson case used photographs before and after the bodies were removed from the murder scene in attempts to show Tuesday that evidence, such as the bloody glove and envelope, was moved and tampered with. Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark objected vigorously to jurors seeing the interior of O.J.Simpson's Brentwood residence.

February 15, 1995 (70k zip) -- O.J. Simpson's defense team continued to hammer away at their contention the initial investigation of the double murder crime scene was sloppy and incomplete. For the first time, the prosecution disclosed Wednesday that blood found on the rear gate at Nicole Brown Simpson's condo on Bundy matches O.J. Simpson's blood.

February 16, 1995 (68k zip) -- A key defense witness, Rosa Lopez, has left the country and has gone home to El Salvador. Det. Ron Phillips testified O.J. Simpson became very upset when he got the news his ex-wife had been killed.

February 17, 1995 (60k zip) -- Defense sources say blood tests on the gate could be blood of Simpson's children and not Simpson's as a prosecution expert has said. Det. Ronald Phillips returned to the witness stand for a third day in the O.J. Simpson case. Cochran questioned Phillips about Det. Mark Fuhrman's whereabouts, and Phillips testified it was Fuhrman who saw a spot on the Bronco parked outside the gate, Fuhrman who climbed over the wall, and Fuhrman who found the bloody glove.

February 20, 1995 -- Experts at an Albany, N.Y., hospital retained by O.J. Simpson's defense team are working to sift through evidence from the OJ Simpson trial.

February 21, 1995 (68k zip) -- Simpson lawyers plan to ask Judge Lance Ito Tuesday to order Rosa Lopez to testify on videotape as soon as possible. Det. Tom Lange, the lead detective in the O.J. Simpson investigation, testified that after a bloody glove was found at Simpson's mansion he returned to the murder sceen to determine if it matched one found near the bodies. The next witness to be called by the prosecution will be Kato Kaelin.

February 22, 1995 (70k zip) -- OJ Simpson's mother, Eunice, was in court Tuesday. Det. Tom Lange, the lead detective in the O.J. Simpson investigation, testified Tuesday Nicole Brown Simpson was apparently attacked before Ronald Goldman, and Goldman put up a fight for his life.

February 23, 1995 (38k zip)--Judge Lance Ito and Deputy District Attorney Christopher Darden have a heated conversation in the courtroom.

February 24, 1995 (68k zip) -- The jury in the O.J. Simpson case saw a videotape shot at the crime scene the morning after the double murders. The defense is attempting to prove the crime scene was mishandled and evidence was contaminated. A transcript of a sidebar conversation reveals that the defense says it's up to Simpson if his daughter Sydney will ever be called to testify. Judge Lance Ito ordered the O.J. Simpson defense to disclose to him what it intends to ask Det. Mark Fuhrman about allegations that he is racially biased before Fuhrman is questioned in front of the jury.

February 27, 1995 (45k zip) -- Attorneys for O.J. Simpson have filed a motion seeking personnel records of LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman. It was expected that Rosa Lopez would testify before the jury when court resumed, but the prosecution convinced Judge Ito to pull back on that decision and allow her to testify on videotape without the jury present.

February 28, 1995 (25k zip)--Attorneys from both sides are involved in a dispute about the credibility of witness Rosa Lopez's testimony. Judge Lance Ito is forced to stall the trial to deal with the situation.


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