CNN O.J. Simpson Trial

January transcripts arranged by date.

All transcripts are stored as zip compressed text files.

January 13, 1995 -- In a hearing to determine if evidence challenging Fuhrman's credibility will be admitted at trial, prosecutors said they believe Simpson dropped the glove himself as he attempted to sneak back to his mansion the night of the murders. In addition Judge Lance Ito ruled the issue of whether the former wife of O.J. Simpson will be required to appear in court will be decided January 23.

January 16, 1995 -- Simpson defense attorneys F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro are not speaking to one another just days before Simpson's murder trial begins. Opening statements are scheduled to begin in the Simpson case.

January 17, 1995 -- Prosecutors withdrew their request to see the medical records of O.J. Simpson's oldest children, Arnelle and Jason.

January 18, 1995 -- Judge Lance Ito ruled that members of the families of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman can be present during most of the Simpson murder trial. Judge Lance Ito issued an order limiting O.J. Simpson's jail visitation privileges. The jurors and alternates in the Simpson case were questioned on to find out if any of them had seen or heard media reports on the Simpson case prior to being sequestered.

January 19, 1995 -- In a major blow to the defense, Judge Lance Ito has ruled that many of the allegations of domestic violence may be admitted during the trial of O.J. Simpson, including potentially damaging 911 calls made by his ex-wife. An in-chambers meeting between prosecution and defense attorneys has concluded. Defense attorney Carl Douglas said that both sides have resolved the issue of which instructions will be read to the jury before opening statements.

January 20, 1995 -- Attorneys in the Simpson case will argue what, if anything, can be said about Det. Mark Fuhrman in opening statements. In addition, attorneys are expected to review a supplemental list of prosecution witnesses.

January 23, 1995 -- The first order of business for Judge Lance Ito was postponing a hearing on whether to quash the subpoena of O.J. Simpson's first wife, Marguarite Thomas. Ito also ruled that the prosecution can introduce in opening statements graphic photographs of victims Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman taken at the crime scene. Only the jury will be allowed to see them.

January 24, 1995 -- Opening statements in the Simpson case got under way with prosecutor Christopher Darden telling the jury they would find out why Simpson killed his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Before the statements got under way, Judge Lance Ito ruled the jury will not hear from Simpson before the defense gives opening statements.

January 25, 1995 (103k zip) -- Opening statements are under way by the defense in the Simpson case. Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran said Simpson is an innocent man wrongfully accused. Statements were delayed after the court camera accidently captured an alternate juror. Following a hearing, Judge Lance Ito allowed cameras to stay in the courtroom.

January 26, 1995 (48k zip) -- A sick prosecutor, William Hodgman, and a defense late witness list caused delays in the Simpson trial.

January 27, 1995 -- The O.J. Simson defense team revealed the names of several new potential witnesses in court documents, saying they had information that could potentially exonerate Simpson.

January 30, 1995 (100k zip) -- Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran said that evidence collected by police in the sensational double murder case was "contaminated, compromised and ultimately corrupted."

January 31, 1995 (105k zip) -- The first witness, 911 operator Sharyn Gilbert, took the stand Tuesday in the Simpson trial. A police detective testified that when he responded to a 911 call in 1989, Nicole Simpson ran toward him wearing only a bra and sweatpants yelling "he's going to kill me, he's going to kill me."


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