June 22, 1994
Transcripts of 911 calls released.
June 27, 1994
After several court hearings on various issues, including how much hair Simpson must give prosecutors, Simpson's preliminary hearing begins before Municipal Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell. She must decide if there is enough evidence to hold him for trial.
June 30-July 8, 1994
After a six-day preliminary hearing, Municipal Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell rules there is "ample evidence" to put Simpson on trial.
July 9, 1994
Simpson spends his 47th birthday in jail; his attorneys and two children by his first marriage visit.
July 14, 1994
Motion filed by defense for access to police reports on unsolved murders in state, radio calls and police reports of prowlers and burglaries in Bundy neighborhood and any other exculpatory leads.
July 20, 1994
Sharon Rufo, Goldman's mother, files a complaint for damages for wrongful death of her son against OJ. OJ Simpson offers a $500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the "real killer or killers." Shapiro establishes a national toll-free hot line for tips.
July 21, 1994
On its first day of operation, the defense says, the hotline receives up to 100 calls a minute.
July 22, 1994
Simpson pleads "absolutely, 100% not guilty" in Superior Court; Judge Lance Ito is assigned to the case.
July 25, 1994
Ito postpones the decision on whether the defense may conduct independent DNA analysis of blood samples.
July 27, 1994
Louis Brown petitions for custody of Justin and Sydney. Goldman's mother files a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson, alleging he "willfully, wantonly and maliciously" killed her son. Ito reaffirms his earlier decision that defense experts can snip off 10 percent of blood samples before delicate DNA testing begins. The prosecution rejects virtually all of the defense's requests to hand over a vast amount of evidence, records and investigative leads.
July 28, 1994
Prosecutors say more investigation is needed before they make a decision on whether or not to charge Cowlings. Defense experts go to Cellmark Diagnostics in Germantown, Md., where 10 percent of the bloodstains found at the murder scene, on Simpson's Bronco and at his mansion are set aside.
July 30, 1994
Ito sets a Sept. 19 trial date. Grand jury transcripts paint a picture of a jealous Simpson who stalked his ex-wife and her companion. Defense reveals its mystery witness, whom sources say was a burglar who heard a woman scream and saw two white men run from the murder scene. Later it is revealed that the man had given false leads to police in two other murder cases. Simpson's 1968 Heisman Trophy and No. 32 Trojan football jersey are stolen from a display at the University of Southern California. Judge orders return of $250,000 bail posted by Cowlings.
August 1, 1994
Det. Mark Fuhrman's attorneys send letter to Shapiro informing him of a defamation lawsuit which will be filed.
August 9, 1994
Hearing in Ito's courtroom to determine whether the news media get to view crime scene photos and read the transcripts from in-chamber conferences.
August 10, 1994
Simpson finishes autographing 1,000 trading cards from his cell to fulfill an obligation of contract signed nine days before murders.
August 11, 1994
Simpson, suffering from swollen lymph nodes in his armpits and drenching night sweats, undergoes minor surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Doctors search for cancer, which runs in Simpson's family. Shapiro says he will ask Fox Broadcasting Co. to delay the September 13 airing of the TV movie "The O.J. Simpson Story" until after the trial.
August 12, 1994
Ito refuses the media request to release three photos of Ms. Simpson and Goldman lying in pools of blood, saying grisly photos would prejudice right to fair trial.
August 15, 1994
Doctor says no cancer was found in OJ's body.
August 17, 1994
Prosecutor Marcia Clark reveals police withheld blood samples from the crime scene and Simpson's estate and says the prosecution plans to test the extra samples at a state laboratory in Berkeley. Ito says the new tests cannot begin until a defense expert is present. Grand jury issues new subpoenas in Cowlings case.
August 18, 1994
Defense files a motion seeking Detective Mark Fuhrman's personnel and military records. Defense sources earlier said they might portray Fuhrman as a racist cop who moved a glove from the murder scene to Simpson's estate. Attorney Donald Re says Simpson gave Cowlings several thousand dollars on the day of the chase to give to Simpson's children.
August 19, 1994
Fox agrees to postpone "The O.J. Simpson Story" at least until jury selection is completed.
August 20, 1994
Shapiro sends a letter to the judge, prosecutors and media saying blood samples may have been so contaminated by mishandling that they may be inadmissible in court.
August 22, 1994
Court papers disclose some DNA tests show Simpson's blood has the same genetic makeup as samples from the blood trail leading from murder scene. Experts testify at pretrial hearing about handling of evidence.
August 31, 1994
Ito delays the commencement of the trial by a week, setting Sept. 26, 1994, for jury selection.
September 2, 1994
Prosecutors file a motion asking that the Simpson jury be sequestered.
September 7, 1994
John Dunton, mystery witness, is jailed for refusing to testify before the Grand Jury.
September 9, 1994
Prosecutors announce they will seek a sentence of life without parole for OJ Simpson if he is convicted, rather than the death penalty.
September 12, 1994
Date set for custody hearing for Justin and Sydney at Department 703, 9:00 am Orange County Superior Court 341, The City Drive, Orange County, Calif. The judge approved guardianship without the hearing.
September 19, 1994
Ito refuses to dismiss murder charges, and says despite misstatements on the search warrant affidavit, the search of Simpson's mansion the day after the murders was justified.
September 22, 1994
Ito rules most evidence seized from Simpson's estate on June 28 can be used during trial, and upholds seizure of Simpson's Bronco. Outraged by what he calls erroneous reports on DNA evidence, Ito threatens to ban TV coverage of trial.
September 26, 1994
Hardship jury selection begins.
September 28, 1994
Ito denies prosecution motion to delay jury selection until after Kelley-Frye hearing.
September 29, 1994
First phase of jury selection complete. Approximately 305 jurors filled out questionnaires for voir dire.
October 7, 1994
John Dunton, mystery witness, released from jail.
October 12, 1994
Individual voir dire for jury selection begins.
November 3, 1994
12 jurors picked.
November 7, 1994
980 Hearing.
November 8, 1994
Deputy District Attorney Christopher Darden added to Simpson prosecution team.
November 9, 1994
Sharon Rufo denied proceeds from OJ Simpson since he was charged.
November 14, 1994
Judge Ito allows post-June 15th Bronco evidence, refuses sanctions for the prosecution, and permits luminol testing as long as there is a follow-up confirmation test also presented.
November 23, 1994
Rufo Wrongful Death Suit Hearing.
December 06, 1994
Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation established by Denise Brown.
December 12, 1994
Ito allows Darden to stay on prosecution team.
December 13, 1994
Defense asks that Kelly-Frye hearing be postponed until trial begins.
December 14, 1994
Judge J. Stephen Czuleger orders Al Cawlings Grand Jury transcripts unsealed for defense.
December 19, 1994
Ito rules Kelly-Frye hearing precede trial. Ito doesn't allow Grier/OJ jail conversation to be used as evidence by prosecution.
January 05, 1995
Ito orders prosecution to turn over witness list one business day after the interview.
January 18, 1995
Ito allows much of domestic violence issues introduced in court. Ito replaces 2 jurors with alternates.