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It is always important to look back on historical moments in history and remember how it was and reflect on those who made it possible. But it is also vital to continue having a forward-looking vision that connects the past with the present.

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Pope Benedict shows true leadership by resigningupdated Sat Feb 16 2013 10:57:31

When Thurgood Marshall retired from the U.S. Supreme Court in June 1991, a reporter asked him what were the medical reasons that contributed to his leaving the bench -- and its lifetime appointment -- after serving for nearly 25 years. He was his usual blunt self.

Keep dancing for Jesus, Ray Lewis!updated Sat Feb 02 2013 11:50:00

When President Barack Obama addressed the nation the day 20 children were killed in Newtown, Connecticut, he told the nation "that we are praying for them."

Want black votes, GOP? Listen to black votersupdated Wed Jan 23 2013 13:45:58

For more than a year I've tried to get Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to make an appearance on my Sunday morning news show on TV One, the nation's second-largest black cable network.

National gun 'conversation' mostly a waste of timeupdated Fri Dec 28 2012 22:13:58

At 9:40 a.m. on December 14, America's attention was turned to Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were gunned down in an elementary school. The nation was grief-stricken. President Barack Obama arrived two days later operating as consoler-in-chief, and the dialogue immediately commenced on what steps should be taken to prevent another Newtown.

America should see the Newtown carnageupdated Sat Dec 22 2012 13:06:14

"One of these mothers from Connecticut should do an Emmett Till moment; show the picture of their child dead in the classroom."

Now is the time to talk guns, mental illnessupdated Fri Dec 14 2012 18:09:17


GOP must not ignore J.C. Wattsupdated Fri Dec 07 2012 07:37:17

A number of establishment Republicans are privately blasting former Rep. J.C. Watts and his comments about considering a run for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. They call him arrogant for even suggesting he could do the job, and some have said the talk is more about his ego than a vision for the party.

Mr. President, show the GOP who's bossupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 18:40:47

Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte really want us to believe that their shameful behavior toward United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice is all about getting to the truth about what happened in Libya, but the truth is that this is the first salvo in a GOP war against President Barack Obama over the next four years.

Candidates, stop vying to be debate underdogupdated Wed Oct 03 2012 08:03:23

It says a lot about our ridiculous state of politics when we say that Americans want a president who isn't exceptional, smart, extraordinary and the best of the best.

Black pastors aren't saying 'don't vote'updated Fri Sep 21 2012 08:43:42

A story this week by the Associated Press has caused quite a stir, especially among African-Americans, when multiple news outlets ran it with the attention-grabbing headline, "Some black pastors are telling their flocks to stay home Election Day."

Wake up, Kate; photogs are always watchingupdated Sun Sep 16 2012 22:47:01

When basketball legend Michael Jordan talked to the press after a Chicago Bulls or Washington Wizards game, fans never got to see the superstar with sweat dripping from his brow or a towel wrapped around his waist after emerging from the shower.

A debate moderator's ethnicity mattersupdated Tue Aug 28 2012 07:57:01

When Spanish-language network Univision blasted the Commission on Presidential Debates for its glaring lack of ethnic diversity among the four presidential and vice presidential debate moderators, champions of diversity applauded the network's willingness to challenge the status quo.

What Biden had right about 'chains'updated Mon Aug 20 2012 07:57:26

Vice President Joe Biden has been the topic of much discussion this past week as to whether he was playing racial politics in what has become the "chains speech" in Danville, Virginia.

All Ohioans should be able to vote earlyupdated Tue Aug 07 2012 08:32:40

The campaigns of President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney are engaged in a fierce battle in Ohio, knowing full well that it is one of the critical battleground states that could determine who wins in November.

Average Americans don't need assault weaponsupdated Sun Jul 29 2012 22:35:18

To all of you gun lovers, feel free to go buy your Glock, shotgun, hunting rifle, .22 pistol, .357 Magnum or any of the other guns at your disposal.

Focus on Marissa Mayer's brain, not her pregnancyupdated Fri Jul 20 2012 16:51:48

Yahoo announced this week that it nabbed top Google exec Marissa Mayer as their new CEO. But it's not her qualifications for the job that were all the buzz. Instead, it was her announcement that she was pregnant and will continue to work as CEO.

Joe Paterno was a cowardupdated Sun Jul 15 2012 11:10:32

After years and years of over-the-top stories attesting to the character, honor, integrity and moral fiber of the late Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, we now know, after reading the 267-page Penn State internal report on child predator Jerry Sandusky, that Paterno was nothing more than a narcissistic, arrogant coward.

Is civil rights group losing its relevance?updated Mon Jul 02 2012 08:15:40

Whenever someone has lived a solid and productive life, the pastor at his or her funeral may turn to Matthew 25:21 to offer a few words the good Lord may utter as the person's spirit ascends to heaven: "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Dark skin is also a problem among African-Americansupdated Sat Apr 21 2012 11:36:52

Acura found itself in a bit of hot water this week when it was revealed that a casting agency in Los Angeles only desired light-skinned African-American actors for the company's Super Bowl commercial featuring Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld.

Without protests, justice for Trayvon Martin can't be servedupdated Fri Mar 30 2012 23:35:59

For everyone who has condemned the numerous protests, rallies and vigils demanding justice for Trayvon Benjamin Martin, the 17-year-old gunned down in Sanford, Florida, a month ago, please listen to these two words: Shut up!

A fight for Trayvon Martin is a war against stereotypesupdated Sat Mar 24 2012 09:47:34

As I walked the streets of New York the other day, I saw several white youths with hoodies, tattoos and nose rings. Not one time did it enter my mind that they could be skinheads.

Demand justice in Florida teen's slayingupdated Sat Mar 17 2012 10:38:44

Trayvon Martin should be getting ready to plop down in front of the television this weekend with his dad, Tracy, and enjoy tons of basketball games during March Madness.

Football power in Texas has shifted to Houstonupdated Fri Jan 06 2012 09:29:11

I hate the Dallas Cowboys.

Only students can truly end hazingupdated Fri Dec 16 2011 23:51:59

In November 2010, I watched "HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" and saw a piece on the hazing antics at several historically black colleges and fraternities. I took to Twitter to share my thoughts on the issue.

GOP shows it doesn't care about U.S. consumersupdated Sat Dec 10 2011 13:40:02

Sometimes it's right to just turn off the television out of fear of seeing something that will drive your blood pressure to unacceptable levels.

Donald Trump to moderate a GOP debate? Now that's a bad jokeupdated Sat Dec 03 2011 12:01:08

Earlier this week it was reported that former NBA slam-dunk champion, Anthony "Spud" Webb was planning to become head coach of Rick Cabaret's New York Stripper team.

It's wrong to bar altar girlsupdated Wed Nov 23 2011 13:22:42

If there is one institution that has made a point of desperately trying to keep women in their place, it's organized religion.

Yes, Mr. President, Americans can be 'lazy'updated Fri Nov 18 2011 23:32:13

For all of our talk of Americans being straight shooters who don't like to mince words and have the freedom of speech to say exactly what's on our minds, we sure punk out when it comes to elected officials speaking the truth.

GOP ignores Wall Street's role in economic woeupdated Sat Nov 12 2011 13:58:04

All of the post-mortems on the CNBC Republican debate have focused on the sad, but hilarious, senior moment Gov. Rick Perry suffered when he couldn't remember the third federal agency he wants to eliminate.

Sex education should be mandatory in all schoolsupdated Sat Oct 29 2011 00:11:56

There are few things more annoying than listening to ignorant, whiny parents complain about a school district teaching their children about sex.

Cain had better get serious if he wants to be taken seriouslyupdated Sat Oct 22 2011 12:53:24

Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain has vaulted to the top of the Republican presidential field because GOP voters like his plainspoken talk and his willingness to offer a radical change to the U.S. tax code, and in a year when touting a long career in politics isn't a good idea, he's getting points for having no political experience.

Occupy Wall Street should be a moral, not political, movementupdated Fri Oct 14 2011 22:59:00

Whenever there is an uprising among the people of this country in the form of protests and organized dissent, especially with a presidential election 13 months away, the discussion inevitably shifts to what it will mean for one of the nation's two political parties.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are American patriotsupdated Sat Oct 08 2011 13:32:42

"An unconditional right to say what one pleases about public affairs is what I consider to be the minimum guarantee of the First Amendment." -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black, New York Times Co. vs. Sullivan, 1964

Poverty an invisible issue in GOP raceupdated Wed Sep 21 2011 15:12:32

When the U.S. Census Bureau reported last week that a record number of people were living in poverty, Republicans were quick to attach the figures to President Barack Obama, desperately trying to lay them at his feet.

Republicans blow off Latino concerns in debateupdated Sat Sep 17 2011 13:48:44

While the media's political high priests have been going gaga about Rep. Michele Bachmann's lying about the effects of the HPV vaccine, and Gov. Rick Perry's cozy role with pharmaceutical giant, Merck, the biggest issue coming out the CNN/Tea Party Express debate has been virtually ignored.

Obama's problem? No one fears himupdated Fri Sep 02 2011 07:04:39

The White House loves to trumpet that one of President Barack Obama's greatest virtues is that he operates above the fray, choosing not to waste time with the political battles in the trenches.

Obama, don't cave to Boehnerupdated Wed Aug 31 2011 18:44:36

When President Barack Obama was a community organizer in Chicago and the powers that be were ignoring the voice of the people, he and others would lead the regular folks to the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is richly deservedupdated Sat Aug 27 2011 19:09:24

It's only fitting that during the week we were to dedicate the memorial in Washington to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., an earthquake would hit the region and the entire East Coast would be bracing itself for a hurricane.

Of course Obama deserves a vacationupdated Fri Aug 19 2011 20:31:46

When someone sends me an outlandish, ridiculous, asinine and flat-out dumb tweet, I will quickly give them a Stuck on Stupid Tweet of the Day award. So when it comes to those folks who are whining, complaining and making hay out of President Barack Obama taking a week off to go on vacation with his wife and children in Martha's Vineyard, let me be clear that all of you fools have earned that award!

Bachmann 'submission' question was offensiveupdated Fri Aug 12 2011 15:40:20

While a lot of the focus after Thursday's Republican debate was on Newt Gingrich snapping at Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace for asking "gotcha" and "Mickey Mouse" questions, what I found the most offensive one of the night was Byron York questioning Rep. Michelle Bachmann with regards to submission.

Newsweek cover of Bachmann sexist? Get realupdated Wed Aug 10 2011 07:45:32

In all of my years covering politics on the local, state and national level, many stories have earned the "Are you serious?" look.

Washington must learn compromise is not a dirty wordupdated Fri Jul 29 2011 21:27:38

When Congressional Republicans, egged on by the boisterous voices of the tea party, vigorously objected to President Barack Obama signing a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia in December, GOP stalwarts were called in to explain why it was necessary to support the effort.

Don't let Congress gut consumer protection agencyupdated Fri Jul 22 2011 15:19:33

While President Barack Obama battles with Republicans and Democrats over raising the debt ceiling, Americans should be preparing themselves to take on the shady special interests and the members of Congress who carry their water in their effort to scuttle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Stand up, America! Demand a deal on debtupdated Fri Jul 15 2011 12:10:43

Watching Republicans and Democrats squabble from their ideological battle lines over the debt ceiling is the same as watching a bratty child fall out in the middle of the floor with a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way.

Feds go after baseball, but not bankers?updated Sat Jul 09 2011 14:48:40

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were long considered first ballot Hall of Famers, but the steroids scandal that has dominated baseball since the '90s has destroyed their reputations and could very well keep them out of Cooperstown.

Ohio governor's crass attack on LeBron Jamesupdated Tue Jun 14 2011 15:51:57

Sports and politics have always mixed. We've had former athletes hold elective office; mayors, members of Congress and governors are always making bets with one another when their teams play each other in big games; and it's great to see the respective national champions or winners in pro sports visit the White House for a congratulatory pat on the back from the president of the United States.

Tracy Morgan and the limits of comedyupdated Mon Jun 13 2011 11:33:35

Whenever there is an issue dealing with race, misogyny, sexual orientation or some other hot-button issue, we often hear the cry that we need to have a national discussion about it, whether in the media, in our homes or in our churches.

Weiner's lies, not tweets, did him inupdated Tue Jun 07 2011 07:25:02

If anyone can qualify for the phrase "stuck on stupid," it's Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Iowa, N.H. shouldn't control path to presidencyupdated Sat Apr 02 2011 12:01:34

Every four years the folks from the great states of Iowa and New Hampshire get on my nerves.

It's time for St. Patrick's Day to return to its rootsupdated Fri Mar 18 2011 21:43:45

There's nothing like causing a huge stir on Facebook and Twitter with 140 characters, but that certainly was the case Thursday when I took to social media to show my disdain for celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

U.S. must finally end its addiction to oilupdated Sat Mar 12 2011 10:34:13

Gas prices are skyrocketing nationwide and Americans are angry that they have to spend more of their hard earned money at the pump each week.

Your America isn't the only one, Mr. Huckabeeupdated Sat Mar 05 2011 12:28:41

When then-Sen. Barack Obama gave the speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention that thrust him into stardom, he made it clear that it was time to shed the red state-blue state nonsense and embrace the concept that "We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America."

Shame on Rep. who ignored anti-Obama threatupdated Sat Feb 26 2011 10:54:19

Georgia Republican Congressman Paul Broun now says he was stunned after an elderly man at a town hall meeting said, "Who is going to shoot Obama?"

Unions have to make concessionsupdated Sat Feb 19 2011 09:21:39

The feud between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and that state's employees has all of a sudden become ground zero in the battle between efforts by the GOP to shut down unions as they exist, and those same union workers desperate to hold on to long-fought-for wages and benefits.

Pity the injured athleteupdated Fri Feb 04 2011 10:09:51

If Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler isn't as accommodating the next time a fan walks up to him for an autograph, don't blame him. When you suffer a knee injury in the NFC championship game and you're treated like you cheated on your wife or turned over top-secret military documents to Osama bin Laden, then you might be a bit hesitant as well.

Ohio woman jailed for sending kids to school just wanted a choiceupdated Sat Jan 29 2011 09:29:28

If you lived in a crime-ridden neighborhood where your home was broken into a dozen times and the school your children were zoned to was low-performing, wouldn't you take drastic measures to ensure they got a quality education?

Politicians should put what's right ahead of winning votesupdated Fri Jan 21 2011 20:36:51

Malcolm X once said that the one man you should be most afraid of is a man who is willing to die for what he believes.

After Tucson, will media tone it down?updated Sat Jan 15 2011 10:32:51

The conventional wisdom in the wake of the emotional and impressive memorial service for those killed in Tucson at the hands of a deranged gunman is that despite pleas for civility, we will return to the pre-shooting days of yelling, screaming and highly-charged partisanship.

Big-time college football deserves a playoffupdated Sat Jan 08 2011 09:25:23

As a huge fan of college football, I waited all year for the crowning of a national champion.

Parents, don't blame Happy Mealsupdated Fri Dec 17 2010 08:44:56

As a strong proponent of parental responsibility, it both amuses and angers me to see some parents lining up behind an initiative to sue McDonald's over the inclusion of toys in their Happy Meals.

Troops are ready for the end of 'don't ask, don't tell'updated Sat Dec 11 2010 09:35:30

One of the reasons Defense Secretary Robert Gates commissioned a study on how the military feels about gays serving openly was because it was ridiculous to listen to politicians rambling on and on, and not to those who have to do the heavy lifting.

On tax cuts, a game of chicken GOP can winupdated Fri Dec 03 2010 21:01:48

"Wait for it! Wait for it! Wait for it!"

Palin's reckless views on obesityupdated Wed Nov 24 2010 19:16:59

It's clear that we can't go 24 hours without Sarah Palin saying something so stupid that it defies logic, but leave it to the Kim Kardashian of politics to find something wrong with first lady Michelle Obama's effort to curb obesity in America's kids.

Media's royal wedding crush is patheticupdated Sat Nov 20 2010 08:29:25

As a second-generation caterer, I would ordinarily be peacock proud and hyena happy about the prospects of anyone getting married. Yet when I saw the obese coverage around the wedding announcement of Britain's Prince William and his fiancée, Kate Middleton, I felt it was sickening to watch.

Obama must make amends to friendsupdated Sat Nov 13 2010 10:46:50

The day after Republicans trounced Democrats in congressional, gubernatorial and statehouse races, one of my CNN colleagues asked The Best Political Team on Television what's the first thing President Obama should focus on.

Four cures for Obama's woesupdated Sat Nov 06 2010 10:08:31

The election results on Tuesday are a bitter pill for the president and his supporters to swallow. To be essentially routed by the Republican Party from top to bottom goes beyond humbling. It is a wholesale rejection of the Democratic Party, and by extension, many of the policies championed by President Obama.

Dems make a mess of Florida U.S. Senate raceupdated Sat Oct 30 2010 08:54:43

So let me get this straight: Rep. Kendrick Meek was the first candidate to declare that he would run for the U.S. Senate in Florida, faced down a billionaire to win the Democratic nomination -- and with polls showing him third in a three-way race, it's now his fault that Republican Marco Rubio may win?

Tea Party must get real to have lasting powerupdated Sat Oct 23 2010 11:07:06

Sarah Palin thinks that if the Republican Party doesn't totally embrace the Tea Party movement, it might as well consider itself "through" as an organizing entity.

Adults, stopping bullies is your jobupdated Sat Oct 16 2010 10:42:04

If you think I'm one of these folks who are upset with James Jones, the Florida father who jumped on his daughter's bus to confront the bullies who were terrorizing her, you've got another think coming.

Rahm Emanuel faces uphill battle to be Chicago mayorupdated Thu Sep 30 2010 18:31:49

It's laughable to watch political prognosticators on the various TV shows weigh in on Rahm Emanuel's chances of becoming the next mayor of Chicago, Illinois. If you trust any of them, you swear President Barack Obama's outgoing chief of staff sees the position as a birthright that he is about to assume now that Richard M. Daley is stepping down.

Bishop Eddie Long must step downupdated Sat Sep 25 2010 09:40:37

The power of any pastor over his or her parishioners is derived from their "calling" to minister the Gospel from God, or as some call it, the anointing by the Holy Spirit. But the role of a pastor -- the Bible speaks to being a shepherd of a flock -- also comes from the belief that it is their moral standing as the earthly representative of God to lead their congregations spiritually.

Democrats had better fear Tea Party candidatesupdated Fri Sep 17 2010 19:01:01

Democratic political operatives are excited and filled with enthusiasm over the prospects of running against several Tea Party candidates in November, suggesting the Republican nominees are so extreme and out-of-touch that there is no way they stand a chance of winning in November.

Democrats, show some fight!updated Sat Sep 11 2010 10:43:46

The Republican Party's message for voters backing their candidates in November is pretty simple: This country is broke, the Democrats are making matters worse, and the economic policies advanced by President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have been disastrous for the average worker.

At D.C. rally, progressives must push for jobs billupdated Fri Sep 03 2010 16:57:00

Now that we are a week removed from the march on Washington organized by the self-proclaimed rodeo clown, Glenn Beck, it's clear that the event was nothing more than an exercise in ego worship.

To ban mosque is to subvert Constitutionupdated Fri Aug 20 2010 13:13:01

"My faith in the Constitution is whole; it is complete; it is total. And I am not going to sit here and be an idle spectator to the diminution, the subversion, the destruction, of the Constitution."

Dr. Laura blew chance to talk about raceupdated Fri Aug 13 2010 22:57:14

The beauty of having your own radio or TV show or column is that you have a wonderful opportunity to address many of the significant issues of the day by using the enormous platform that has been bestowed upon you.

Ditch the 14th Amendment? Why stop there?updated Fri Aug 06 2010 09:06:48

Republicans such as Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Kyl and John Cornyn are tripping over themselves to jump on the latest "Dumb Way to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem" bus by suggesting Congress examine repealing the 14th Amendment, which deals with one way of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Ditch the 14th Amendment? Why stop there?updated Fri Aug 06 2010 08:58:07

Republicans such as Sens. Lindsey Graham, John Kyl and John Cornyn are tripping over themselves to jump on the latest "Dumb Way to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem" bus by suggesting Congress examine repealing the 14th Amendment, which deals with one way of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Shirley Sherrod an innocent bystander on never-ending race highwayupdated Wed Jul 21 2010 11:44:33

There is no issue that is more volatile, passionate, confusing, perplexing and complex than the reality of race in America.

Let's see Tea Party deliver on civil rightsupdated Fri Jul 16 2010 10:19:08

While Glenn Beck continues to pathetically assert that he is a modern day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his listeners and viewers are the rightful heirs to the Civil Rights Movement he spearheaded, it may catch some by surprise that Tea Party leaders claim their movement is also one that is about advancing the civil rights of Americans.

LeBron James, king of his own worldupdated Fri Jul 09 2010 15:42:12

LeBron James is a grown man who made a grownup decision to take his massive basketball-playing ability from Cleveland to Miami in a desire to get the one thing every true baller desires: the opportunity to call yourself a champion.

Anger, frustration on rise in Gulf disasterupdated Thu Jul 01 2010 22:24:38

This Fourth of July weekend New Orleans will be packed with nearly 300,000 people, as the National Education Association holds its annual convention, and folks from across the country descend on the Crescent City for three days of partying and concerts featuring Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire, all headliners at the 16th annual Essence Music Festival.

Soccer will never be a dominant sport in Americaupdated Thu Jun 24 2010 18:29:18

Millions of Americans are currently enthralled with the performance of our USA soccer team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as evidenced by the eruption of cheers that went up with when Landon Donovan scored a goal in the final minutes of the match against Algeria.

BP 'shakedown' claim is a sad jokeupdated Thu Jun 17 2010 16:44:55

If you've ever heard a corny joke, it likely was an Aggie joke. These are launched against those of us who hold Texas A&M University (aka the "Aggies") near and dear, usually by fans of our arch-rival, the University of Texas.

Florida race could haunt Democrats in 2012updated Fri Jun 11 2010 12:41:52

A lot of attention this week was focused on female candidates finishing first in Senate and gubernatorial primaries in California, Arkansas, Nevada and South Carolina. Their successes were huge -- involving such feats as fighting back against salacious rumors of affairs and charges of buying an election, fending off a huge battle against big labor and riding the Tea Party Express to victory.

Voters want leaders, not politiciansupdated Fri Jun 04 2010 11:46:18

Excuse me for not shedding a tear for the recent electoral losses of Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama.

EPA's Jackson haunted by oil spill unknownsupdated Fri May 28 2010 19:28:59

As I listened to White House and BP officials describe the frantic search for an answer to cap the massive oil leak one mile below the Gulf Coast, all I could think about was the movie, "Apollo 13."

Left is mute on racial double standard in Kagan pickupdated Mon May 10 2010 08:11:02

If a white Republican president of the United States appointed a white male as his next Supreme Court justice, and upon the inspection of his record, it was discovered that of the 29 full-time tenured or tenured track faculty he hired as dean of Harvard Law, nearly all of them were white men, this would dominate the headlines.

Time for Congress to pay black farmersupdated Sat Apr 24 2010 10:30:12

John Boyd is tired.

Tea Party protests are a good thingupdated Mon Apr 19 2010 07:03:18

An angry bunch of Americans has taken to the streets to protest government spending and the direction of the nation, and judging by the massive media coverage, it's as if we have been invaded by a foreign entity, marching on state capitals and Washington ready to lead a coup d'état against our elected officials.

Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?updated Sun Apr 11 2010 09:35:16

Based on the hundreds of e-mails, Facebook comments and Tweets I've read in response to my denunciation of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's decision to honor Confederates for their involvement in the Civil War -- which was based on the desire to continue slavery -- the one consistent thing that supporters of the proclamation offer up as a defense is that these individuals were fighting for what they believed in and defending their homeland.

GOP needs to grow up, get back to workupdated Fri Mar 26 2010 11:01:11

Republicans on Capitol Hill are acting like spoiled brats after Democrats snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by passing health care reform.

U.S. was right to chastise Israelupdated Tue Mar 16 2010 07:55:51

If you listen to supporters of Israel, they essentially act as if Americans criticizing the Jewish nation is akin to committing treason against the United States.

Nation's best school basketball team deserves praise, not scornupdated Fri Mar 12 2010 15:15:32

As a columnist, I'm used to writing things that offend other folks. It comes with the job. And there are times when I have responded to what other folks in the media will say and write. Again, it's just what we do.

Students, rise up against education costsupdated Fri Mar 05 2010 14:28:12

All this month, we will see thousands of college students from coast to coast, north to south, east to west, jumping up and down, yelling, screaming, pumping fists, sleeping outside in tents, painting their faces -- all a result of the usual frenzy surrounding March Madness.

Ex-NBA star is the fallen athlete, not Tiger Woodsupdated Mon Mar 01 2010 07:29:35

A little over a week ago nearly every media outlet was fixated on Tiger Woods and his apology news conference. We saw pundits, columnists, journalists, radio talk show hosts, psychologists, body language experts, entertainers and anyone with an opinion weigh in on the sincerity of Tiger: Was he really sorry for committing adultery, should he apologize further and hundreds of other angles.

Tiger, you owe me nothingupdated Fri Feb 19 2010 07:00:15

When Eldrick "Tiger" Woods joined the ranks of professional golf a dozen years ago, it was via the heralded "Hello, World" Nike commercial. When he steps to the podium Friday to speak to an assembled group of friends, colleagues and journalists, the world will truly be watching to see and hear the greatest golfer of this generation talk about the sordid events over the last three months that have kept him off the golf course and shredded his well-cultivated image and reputation.