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Kasparov, Deep Blue play to a draw

May 6, 1997
Web posted at: 8:25 p.m. EDT

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Game 3 between world chess champion Garry Kasparov's and IBM's Deep Blue computer played to a draw Tuesday. That left their series tied at one win each.

Kasparov offered the draw after his 48th move. Deep Blue immediately accepted, bringing the 4 1/2-hour match to a close.

The 34-year-old Russian defeated Deep Blue in Saturday's opening game of the series but the computer came back to win Sunday's second game.

On Tuesday, Kasparov played white, giving him the slight advantage of making the first move. He opened the game in the same cautious manner as he began the previous two games, playing a slow-developing series of moves in which his offensive intentions were not immediately clear.

Kasparov and Deep Blue jockeyed their pieces for position and did not engage in the first exchange of pawns until the 18th move of the game.

On its 25th move, Deep Blue initiated an exchange of queens, commencing a long endgame that culminated in the draw.

In their first match -- held in Philadelphia in February 1996 -- Kasparov lost badly to Deep Blue in the first game, then rallied back to win the second, fifth and sixth games. Man and machine played to a draw in the third and fourth games.

Kasparov has said that barring human error, man will always be better than machine at chess. But IBM technicians said they had improved Deep Blue since last year's match and the machine can now examine twice as many positions per second, 200 million.

Several hundred people paid $25 each to watch a video feed of the contest in a first-floor auditorium at the Equitable Center, a midtown Manhattan skyscraper. The game was played on the building's 35th floor.

Game 4 of the match is scheduled for Wednesday, with Games 5 and 6 to be played on Saturday and Sunday. The winner takes home $700,000 of a $1.1 million purse.


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