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Check out these chess sites on-line

(CNN) -- If the rematch between chess master Garry Kasparov and an IBM computer whets your appetite for chess, the Internet has a number of moves for you.


The Games of the 32nd Olympiad

The 32nd Chess Olympiad is getting under way in Armenia. The Olympiad Village site is gearing up as well, with all you'd expect from such an event -- a look at the competitors, a tour of the venue, and results of the competition.

You can also learn about the host country, and visit the Olympiad Arts Festival.

And don't forget to order a T-shirt.


For members only

The Internet Chess Club site tells you how to register and get the software needed to get involved in on-line competition.

Or you can watch games with players from around the world.

Plus there's a section with Chess History and Trivia Quizzes.


Web-based live games

Caissa's Web lets you play other people, or the computer, live on the Internet.

There is a small fee, but you can get a trial membership. Or just watch other games already in progress.


R  e  l  a  t  e  d     s  i  t  e  s
Chess SpaceIt's billed as the most complete online index to chess sites on the web.
Yahoo Chess PageIf it's out there, it's in here.
U.S. Chess Hall of Fame OnlineFans rave about their favorite players and a complete list of inductees with bios.
La MeccaThe first "real" chess encylopedia on the Internet.
Inside Chess OnlineLook here for on-the-scene expertanalysis and coverage of The Rematch.
The Bobby Fischer Home PageOne fan's tribute to the mysterious master.


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