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Mother Teresa's grave reflects her simple life

Mourners honor Mother Teresa at funeral Mass

Mother Teresa's funeral ends, body heads to grave

Excerpts from eulogies at Mother Teresa's funeral:

Procession fit for a 'living saint'

QuickTime movie - beginning of procession

VXtreme video - The procession to the Netaji Indoor stadium

VXtreme video - Mother Teresa's body arrives at the stadium

VXtreme video - The funeral of Mother Teresa

Will process of sainthood be hastened for Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa admired for works of mercy

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A final farewell

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Mother Teresa's funeral ends, body heads to grave

Teresa September 13, 1997
Web posted at: 4:19 a.m. EST (0919 GMT)

CALCUTTA, India (CNN) -- Mother Teresa's funeral service ended on Saturday with Indian army troops carrying her coffin from the Netaji stadium to Calcutta's Mother House, headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, where the nun known as "Saint of the Gutters" will be laid to rest.

"The Mother will now begin her last journey," an announcer in the stadium said, as a military band played a funeral march and the 15,000 people in the stadium rose to their feet.

Military pallbearers lifted the open casket from a platform in the center of the indoor stadium at the end of the three-hour funeral service.

Coverage of Mother Teresa's funeral service
The Funeral procession
A mourner speaks about her experiences with Mother Teresa
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The beginning

QuickTime movie
icon "She was there to give me that moral support...."
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2 min., 28 sec. VXtreme video
The procession to the Netaji Indoor stadium

9 min., 50 sec. VXtreme video
Mother Teresa's body arrives at the stadium

About the "pomp and show" of the funeral
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On the future of the mission
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A message at the funeral on behalf of Pope John Paul II praised Mother Teresa for showing love and compassion to the poor, while others debated how to prevent poverty and criticized her for not joining that debate.

The message, delivered by papal representative Cardinal Angelo Sodano, said Mother Teresa responded to those critics by saying, "I will kneel beside the poorest of the poor, ... they don't need discussion, they need love."

She "understood fully the gospel of love -- with every fiber of her indomitable spirit and every ounce of energy in her frail body crossing the frontiers of religious and ethnic differences," it said.

Correspondents Christiane Amanpour and Tom Mintier contributed to this report.

Details on the eulogies and the procession

Mother Teresa special section
Mother Teresa special section

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