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Mother Teresa's grave reflects her simple life

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Mother Teresa's grave reflects her simple life

September 13, 1997
Web posted at: 12:36 p.m. EDT (1636 GMT)

CALCUTTA, India (CNN) -- Mother Teresa's final resting place is a simple room in the Calcutta convent where she lived and carried out her life's work.

"This is the place she loved to be. This is her home," said Sister Nirmala, her successor as head of the Missionaries of Charity.

The long, narrow room, which once served as the convent's dining room, faces the street. An entry is to be opened onto the street to allow the public to visit. The nuns have not revealed yet how the burial place will look.

Reporters have glimpsed a rectangular cement box in the room, along with slabs of white marble. The room's walls were being painted a yellowish beige, and its cement floors covered in brown linoleum.

After an elaborate state funeral, Saturday's brief burial ceremony was closed to all but the nuns, a few Catholic Church dignitaries, and others close to the Missionaries of Charity, the order Mother Teresa founded.

Mother Teresa special section
Mother Teresa special section

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