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CNN and MultiChoice Join Forces for the 10th African Journalist of the Year Awards

Competition expanded to include African Lusophone countries

24 January 2005

CNN and MultiChoice Africa - two of the most respected media brands on the African continent - have teamed up to launch the '2005 CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards'. The annual award, now in its 10 year of honouring African journalism, will be known as the 'CNN MULTICHOICE AFRICAN JOURNALIST AWARDS'.

With more than 100 winning journalists already recognised for their reporting excellence since the competition began, the competition has set the standard for an initiative by CNN to launch similar competitions worldwide, thereby demonstrating its commitment to the journalistic community.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the CNN African Journalist of the Year competition, CNN has also announced the addition of a general news Lusophone category thereby expanding the competition further to include entries in Portuguese from Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and Sao Tome and Principe.

Chris Cramer, Managing Director, CNN International said, "The 10th anniversary of the competition coincides with CNN celebrating 25 years as the world's pioneering news provider. CNN encourages, promotes and recognises excellence in journalism at all levels and we are particularly pleased to be able to support journalists who represent our future, at a time when the independence and integrity of the media has never been more important. We are delighted to join forces with MultiChoice who have a strong presence throughout Africa. They will provide the local expertise and logistical support needed to sustain the continued growth and visibility of the event on the continent."

Ian Tennant, CEO MultiChoice Africa, said "MultiChoice Africa is exceptionally proud to be partnering with CNN to further grow the awards at this time. Our partnership with CNN began nearly a decade ago, when we first launched DStv in 1995. CNN was one of our initial channels, and they have grown with us and remained a key news and information component of our DStv offering. MultiChoice is available in just under 50 countries on the continent and adjacent Indian Ocean islands, and CNN continues to provide our subscribers with cutting-edge and incisive news from around the world. Partnering on the CNN Journalist Awards is thusa natural progression of the relationship, and will give recognition to outstanding African journalists whose tireless work and search for the truth may otherwise not receive the recognition it deserves."

In addition to its expanding portfolio of journalism competitions in Korea, India/Pakistan and Germany, CNN recently announced a three-year bursary, commencing 2005, to the Mohamed Amin Foundation's Training Centre. Based in Nairobi, the bursary provides an annual scholarship to the Centre, founded in honour of award-winning cameraman and producer, the late Mohamed Amin.

An initiative by then Turner Broadcasting (parent company of CNN) employee, Edward Boateng, (now Managing Director of Global Media Alliance and senior advisor to Turner Broadcasting System), the CNN African Journalist of the Year was launched in 1995 to primarily encourage, promote and recognise excellence in African journalism. Working alongside him to launch the first competition were Gary Streiker, then CNN Nairobi Bureau Chief, the late Esom Alintah, then Secretary General of the African Business Roundtable (ABR) and the late Mohamed Amin.

CNN is also committed to supporting the Rory Peck Trust in the UK, and the International News Safety Institute (INSI). This year CNN is also launching a partnership with the Danmarks Journalisthögskole, Denmark's leading journalism school, to provide training for young student journalists.

CNN has a strong newsgathering presence throughout the continent. CNN International's service for Africa/Middle East/Europe is available to 15 million households in Africa and features over 50 hours of new programming specifically produced for the region.

More information about the CNN African Journalist of the Year Competition can be found at www.cnn.com/africa/africanawards

Contact: Seema Alibhai +44 207 693 0940 seema.alibhai@turner.com

About MultiChoice Africa

MultiChoice Africa Limited is a multi-channel pay television platform with channels from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Through its premium DStv bouquet, it provides premium television entertainment to subscribers in 49 countries on the African continent and adjacent Indian Ocean islands.

Operations include subscriber management services and the management of a digital satellite television platform providing the premium bouquet - DStv which consists of wide selection of video and audio channels 24 hours a day. Additionally, there are a range of DStv specialist language bouquets including French, Indian and Portuguese to suite the diversity of cultures on the African continent.

MultiChoice Africa operates off three satellites over Africa, this includes the C-Band Pas 10 satellite which covers the whole of Africa, the KU Band Eutelsat W4 satellite which goes from Senegal in the West to Mauritius in the East and the KU Band Pas 7 satellite which covers Southern Africa.

By introducing a dynamic technology platform and assembling an excellent range of bouquets, built around compelling news, as well as premium movie and sports channels, MultiChoice Africa has succeeded in adding significant value for subscribers and television consumers.

MultiChoice Africa Limited is a registered company based in Mauritius and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Naspers Group, which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

CONTACT: Caroline Creasy + 27 11 289 3081 ccreasy@multichoice.co.za

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