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Ghana is a hard place for people with disabilities. The country's Paralympic athletes want to change that.

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At least 44 dead in Nigeria church building collapse, official says updated 1 days ago

Nigerian church building collapses, killing dozens, official says; more than 100 injured.

U.S. warns citizens in Uganda to stay home following alleged attack plot updated 2 days ago

U.S. officials warned their citizens in Uganda to stay indoors or go to a safe location Saturday as authorities raided a suspected terror cell.

Reeva Steenkamp's mother stunned by verdict, wants to meet Oscar Pistorius updated 3 days ago

The mother of South African model Reeva Steenkamp is expressing "disbelief" over dismissal of murder charges against the man who killed her daughter.

Reeva Steenkamp: Model and law graduate with 'wicked' sense of humor updated 3 days ago

A week before her death, South African model Reeva Steenkamp talked about her secure, blissful environment.

Oscar Pistorius verdict: What's next? updated 3 days ago

Now that a judge has found him guilty of negligent homicide, what's next for the man known as the Blade Runner?

Oscar Pistorius guilty of negligent killing of girlfriend, one gun charge updated 3 days ago

A judge has found Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide, the South African term for unintentionally, but unlawfully, killing a person.

Oscar Pistorius Fast Facts updated 3 days ago

Here's a look at the life of Oscar Pistorius, the South African double-amputee Olympic sprinter currently awaiting sentencing in the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Rhinos on a plane: Life-saving mission across borders updated 3 days ago

To save the rhinos, one charity is moving them out of South Africa, where poaching is at an all time high.

Oscar Pistorius verdict: South African judge decided athlete's fate updated 4 days ago

Oscar Pistorius judge Thokozile Masipa was a historic figure in South Africa even before the disabled athlete landed in her court on a murder charge.

Judge: Pistorius was negligent, but Steenkamp's killing was not murder updated 4 days ago

The night he killed Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius did not commit murder, the judge at his trial said Thursday.

A tragedy played out in a global glare: the Oscar Pistorius trial updated 5 days ago

It took Reeva's Steenkamp's death for people in South Africa and around the world to realize just how brightly Oscar Pistorius' star had ascended.

Oscar Pistorius trial: 9 things to know updated 5 days ago

South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, at his Pretoria home last year.

Oscar Pistorius murder verdict: How the judge will decide updated 5 days ago

The prosecution and defense have made their cases, and now Judge Thokozile Masipa must decide: Did Oscar Pistorius murder his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp?

Oscar Pistorius murder trial enters final lap updated 5 days ago

The six-month-long murder trial of sprinter Oscar Pistorius in the shooting death of his girlfriend is now racing for the finish line.

Rights group: African Union soldiers raped, exploited Somali women, girls updated 6 days ago

African Union soldiers in Somalia have raped and sexually exploited women and girls on their military bases, Human Rights Watch alleges in a new report.

Baby boy with eight limbs progressing well after successful operation updated 6 days ago

A team of Ugandan doctors has successfully operated a three-month old boy who had been born with four legs and four arms.

Suicide bombing kills 16, Somali official says updated 7 days ago

A suicide bomber hit an African Union Mission in Somalia convoy on Monday, killing 16 people, Lower Shabelle Gov. Adukadir Mohamed Sidi told CNN.

Sierra Leone plans nationwide lockdown to stop spread of Ebola updated 8 days ago

Sierra Leone plans a three-day nationwide lockdown in an attempt to halt an Ebola outbreak, a move that a leading charity group said Saturday will not help.

Step into a supermodel's shoes with Liya Kebede updated 8 days ago

Fashion season is back and Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede is welcoming us into her super chic world.

Al-Shabaab names successor to slain leader; Somalia on high alert updated 9 days ago

The Somalia-based Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab has named a successor to its leader killed in an American airstrike this week, a spokesman

Top Somali militant killed in U.S. operation, Pentagon says updated 10 days ago

Ahmed Godane, the leader of the Somali militant group Al-Shabaab, was killed in a U.S. military operation this week, the Pentagon said Friday.

Oscar Pistorius murder verdict: How the judge will decide updated 12 days ago

The prosecution and defense have made their cases, and now Judge Thokozile Masipa must decide: Did Oscar Pistorius murder his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp?

'Miracle at sea': 25 survive Marine copter crash updated 12 days ago

"Absolute blessing" that all 25 survived military chopper crash in Gulf of Aden, U.S. 5th Fleet spokesman says.

U.S. official: Attack targets Al-Shabaab leader, but his fate is unknown updated 13 days ago

U.S. commandos attacked a site in Somalia, trying to kill Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, says a U.S. official -- though its effect is unclear.

Ruthless leader aims to extend reach of Al-Shabaab, eyes the West updated 13 days ago

Al-Shabaab leader Mukhtar Abu Zubayr wanted to be able to deliver devastating attacks beyond Somalia. An airstrike may have ended his reign of terror.

Al-Shabaab grew amid Somalia's lawlessness updated 13 days ago

Here is a Q&A that looks at the Al-Shabaab network, al Qaeda-linked militant group.

Al-Shabaab grew amid Somalia's lawlessness updated 13 days ago

Al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda-linked militant group based in Somalia, claimed responsibility for the deadly attack at Kenyan mall on Saturday. Here is a Q and A:

Comedy Gold: Who are the funniest people in Africa? updated 14 days ago

Top Kenyan comic "Churchill" names the best comedians to watch from Africa.

Liberia's President warns Ebola outbreak could become a 'global crisis' updated 14 days ago

Villages in Lofa County, Liberia, have been ravaged by Ebola. The nation's President issues another warning.

U.S. military conducts operation in Somalia, Pentagon says updated 14 days ago

U.S. military forces conducted an operation Monday against the Al-Shabaab network in Somalia, Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said.

Funerals, ghost towns and haunted health workers: Life in the Ebola zone updated 14 days ago

As Ebola spreads in West Africa CNN goes to the front line ghost towns where bio-suit techs bury the dead.

Report: Cargo plane crashes in Algeria, killing 7 updated 15 days ago

A Ukrainian cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff in mountainous southeastern Algeria on Saturday morning, killing seven people who were aboard, Algerian state-run news agency Algerie Presse Service reported.

Libyan militia uses vacated U.S. Embassy in Libya as swim club updated 15 days ago

Libyan militia members have apparently turned the abandoned U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, into a water park, in video posted to YouTube on Sunday.

Lesotho Prime Minister alleges army coup attempt, forced into hiding updated 15 days ago

An attempted military coup took place Saturday in the African nation of Lesotho, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane said.

12 dead in Islamist attack on Somali prison updated 15 days ago

Islamist rebels from Al-Shabaab attacked a prison in Somalia on Sunday and were fought off by security guards, official says.

Lesotho Prime Minister alleges army coup attempt, seeks help from South Africa updated 16 days ago

An attempted military coup took place in the remote and mountainous nation of Lesotho on Saturday, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane said in an interview aired by South African broadcaster eNCA.

Two Liberian medical workers discharged after recovering from Ebola updated 16 days ago

Two more medical workers in Africa have survived Ebola.

Death toll passes 1,550 as Ebola outbreak accelerates, officials say updated 18 days ago

The Ebola outbreak "continues to accelerate" in West Africa and has killed 1,552 people, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

U.N. Security Council passes Libya resolution amid concern over secret airstrikes updated 19 days ago

The U.N. Security Council approved a resolution on Libya calling for a ceasefire, amid a row over claims that Egypt and the UAE conducted airstrikes there.

Building a literary tradition in a land with no alphabet updated 19 days ago

The Somali alphabet only dates back to 1972. Now, breakaway Somaliland is fighting for its literary heritage

Angry, scared and hungry: Inside the Ebola 'quarantine zone' updated 20 days ago

Inside the Ebola "quarantine line" around the West Point slum in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, more than 70,000 people are trapped.

Are myths making the Ebola outbreak worse? updated 21 days ago

More than 1,200 people have died as the deadliest ever outbreak of Ebola takes hold in West Africa, but despite information campaigns, fear is spreading even more quickly than the virus itself.

Ivory Coast closing borders in response to Ebola outbreak updated 21 days ago

Ivory Coast announced Saturday that it's closing its borders in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

35 Nigerian police officers missing after insurgent attack updated 22 days ago

35 Nigerian policemen are missing after an insurgent attack Saturday on a police training school, police said.

First WHO-affiliated worker stricken with Ebola updated 22 days ago

For the first time, a health care worker for a World Health Organization partner organization has fallen ill from Ebola, WHO told CNN on Sunday.

Tripoli airport seized in fight between Libyan militias updated 23 days ago

Control of Tripoli International Airport changed hands, after an alliance of Islamist militias from around Libya seized the reins from a rival group.

Second American infected with Ebola updated 24 days ago

A second American aid worker in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola, according to the Christian humanitarian group she works for.

I survived Ebola, but villagers shunned me updated 24 days ago

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has hit "unprecedented" proportions, according to relief workers on the ground, with the WHO reporting 844 cases including 518 deaths since the epidemic began in March.

Glimmer of hope seen in Ebola outbreak updated 26 days ago

The number of deaths from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has climbed to 1,229, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

Designer shuns medical school to build 'jewelry empire' updated 26 days ago

It takes a lot of guts to choose jewelry design over a career in medicine, but then, Janet Fredman isn't the kind of woman to shy away from challenges.

Liberia Fast Facts updated 26 days ago

Here's a look at Liberia, a West African nation which borders the North Atlantic Ocean, and lies between Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire.

She's written plays, built libraries and started an orchestra... Meet Mulenga Kapwepwe, Zambia's patron of the arts updated 28 days ago

Mulenga Kapwepwe has single-handedly created an explosion of arts in Zambia.

Ebola facility in Liberia attacked; patients flee updated 28 days ago

Gunmen attacked a facility treating Ebola patients in Monrovia, Liberia, and some patients fled.

The 'exploding lake' that could power Rwanda updated 28 days ago

Rwanda's Lake Kivu houses enough methane to cause major destruction. Instead, it could power the country

Chadian troops rescue 85 Nigerian hostages from Boko Haram updated 29 days ago

Chadian troops have rescued 85 Nigerians kidnapped last week by the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, security and human rights sources in Nigeria said.

2 UN peacekeepers killed in latest in spate of attacks in Mali updated 30 days ago

Two U.N. peacekeepers died and nine others were hurt in a suicide attack Saturday in Mali, the U.N. mission there said.

Boko Haram kidnaps at least 97, kills 28 in raid updated 31 days ago

The Islamist terror group Boko Haram kidnapped 97 people and killed 28 in a raid on villages in northeast Nigeria, a local leader and residents said Friday.

Africa's last polar bear dies after months of grieving longtime companion updated 33 days ago

The last polar bear in Africa died Wednesday after months of grieving his longtime companion at a zoo in Johannesburg, a far cry from his Arctic habitat.

Treating Ebola in Sierra Leone: 'We are two steps behind' updated 38 days ago

It's Monday, mid-morning as we drive east down rain-slicked roads. There are no cars, no trucks, and no people. Sierra Leone's government demanded a shutdown and its citizens are listening. The West African nation crippled by Ebola is responding to the outbreak through a day of prayer and reflection.

Oscar Pistorius trial closing arguments end; verdict in 5 weeks updated 38 days ago

Oscar Pistorius' defense started a last day of closing arguments in a murder trial that has seen the Olympic star gag, vomit and break down in sobs.

WW1's untold story: The forgotten African battlefields updated 39 days ago

As the world commemorates the Centenary of the Great War, the African side of this story remains a footnote, despite huge losses of human lives.

Murder or a horrible accident? Final arguments in Oscar Pistorius trial updated 39 days ago

Oscar Pistorius' murder trial is wrapping up Thursday with final arguments. The athlete shot and killed his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, last year.

Captured: Life in an abandoned airport updated 40 days ago

While covering the Congo conflict, photographer Michael Christopher Brown found a makeshift playground in an empty airport.

12-tier cakes and VIP toilets: Inside Nigeria's lavish wedding industry updated 41 days ago

Meet the ingenious entrepreneurs wanting to get a slice of Nigeria's wedding industry cake.

'Africa is no longer a sleeping giant': Twitter reacts to U.S.-Africa Summit updated 41 days ago

This week, African leaders gathered in Washington for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit -- and Africans at home had a lot to say on the matter.

These are the African writers you should be reading right now updated 41 days ago

A growing list of popular African authors have been steadily picking up steam --and fans -- across the globe over the last several years.

Can a palm weevil cure world hunger? updated 41 days ago

Can a palm weevil cure world hunger? Five MBA students are banking their business on it.

Uganda court strikes down anti-gay law updated 45 days ago

Uganda's Constitutional Court on Friday struck down a new law that made some homosexual acts punishable by life in prison, asserting that legislative technicalities weren't properly observed when it passed, a government spokesman said.

Mauritius: The world's melting pot updated 47 days ago

With a mix of Indian, African, French and Chinese influences, Mauritius represents a cultural smorgasbord.

2nd 'black box' found from Air Algerie crash in Mali, U.N. official says updated 50 days ago

France has declared a three-day mourning period to commemorate the victims of the Air Algerie Flight 5017 crash.

Boko Haram blamed in abduction of Cameroonian official's wife updated 50 days ago

Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram Islamists on Sunday abducted the wife of the Cameroonian deputy prime minister in a dawn attack on his home village

Transforming lion killers into 'Lion Guardians' updated 50 days ago

Leela Hazzah, founder of Lion Guardians has devoted her life to lion conservation.

Suspects arrested after wave of attacks in Nigerian city leave five dead updated 50 days ago

Nigerian authorities said they have five suspects in custody Sunday after a wave of attacks over the weekend in the city of Kano.

U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel updated 51 days ago

The U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuated its personnel on Saturday because of heavy militia violence raging in the capital, Tripoli, the State Department said.

Ebola virus death confirmed in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos updated 52 days ago

A Liberian man who was hospitalized in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos, with the Ebola virus has died, Nigerian Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said.

'Disintegrated' Air Algerie plane found with no survivors; 'black box' recovered updated 52 days ago

French forces who secured the site of a crashed Air Algerie flight in Mali found one flight recorder but no survivors, officials said.

Boko Haram Fast Facts updated 53 days ago

Here's a look at Boko Haram, a militant Islamic group working out of Nigeria, whose purpose is to institute Sharia, or Islamic law.

Omara 'Bombino' Moctar: Guitar hero of the desert updated 53 days ago

For Omara Moctar, the electrifying Tuareg guitarist better known as "Bombino," there is no better place to play music than the majestic starkness of the desert.

Official: No survivors found amid wreckage of Air Algerie plane in Mali updated 53 days ago

There were no survivors found amid the wreckage of an Air Algerie flight that crashed in the Mali desert Thursday, officials said

'Humans of Khartoum': Arresting street portraits capture spirit of Sudan's capital updated 54 days ago

A beautiful collection of photographs pays tribute to the people of Khartoum.

Two suicide blasts kill 40 in Nigeria updated 54 days ago

At least 40 people in northern Nigeria were killed Wednesday in two suicide blasts targeting a renowned Muslim cleric and an opposition politician.

15,000 flee after Boko Haram overtakes Nigerian town updated 56 days ago

A raid on a northeast Nigerian town by Boko Haram left dozens dead and displaced more than 15,000 residents.

9 must-see movies at this year's Durban International Film Festival updated 57 days ago

Durban's film festival has kicked off, and we take a look at some of the African films featured at this year's showcase.

Daughter calls Mandela's final months excruciating to watch updated 61 days ago

He suffered greatly in his final months, but Nelson Mandela's last breaths were peaceful, says his eldest daughter, Maki Mandela.

Nigeria arrests suspect in April bus station bombing updated 62 days ago

One of the masterminds of April's Nyanya Motor Park bombing that killed 71 people has been arrested, Nigerian police said.

Where are the Benghazi suspects? updated 62 days ago

Faraj al-Shibli, who was suspected in the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, has been found dead, a Libyan source says.

Oscar Pistorius leaves nightclub after dispute updated 62 days ago

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius was involved in a nightclub dispute with another patron this weekend, his spokeswoman says.

Malala to Boko Haram: Stop misusing Islam updated 63 days ago

Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who survived a Taliban attack, appeals to Boko Haram militants to lay down their weapons in Nigeria.

Nigerian police say they've arrested senior Boko Haram member updated 63 days ago

Nigerian police have arrested a man claiming to be Boko Haram's "chief butcher" in an area identified as the Balmo Forest of northeastern Nigeria.

Congolese: Returning home and building a dream updated 63 days ago

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, those that once fled war are returning to build a brighter future.

Amid new fighting, Libyan government considers requesting international troops updated 63 days ago

Fighting continued Monday as rival Libyan militias battled for Tripoli International Airport and the interim government said it was considering asking for international military help.

Nadine Gordimer, South African author, dies updated 63 days ago

Nadine Gordimer, the Nobel Prize-winning South African author and anti-apartheid activist, died Sunday, her family said Monday. She was 90.

Artisan shop lets you buy a piece of authentic Africa updated 64 days ago

In a tucked away corner of Zanzibar's Stone Town, a shop sells unique and authentic crafts made on site.

Rival Libyan militias battle for Tripoli airport updated 64 days ago

Rival Libyan militias battled for Tripoli International Airport on Sunday, leaving nine people dead and 25 others wounded, the government said.

Ad showing black boy being fed like dog faces no action updated 66 days ago

A television commercial that prompted complaints for its portrayal of a white woman feeding a young black boy like a dog will not be formally investigated, South Africa's advertising watchdog has ruled.

Militants attack Somali presidential palace, fought off by troops updated 69 days ago

Militants with the Islamist group al-Shabaab stormed Somalia's presidential palace in Mogadishu before security forces thwarted them, said officials.

Somalia Fast Facts updated 69 days ago

Here's a look at what you need to know about Somalia, an impoverished, war-torn eastern African country that borders the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean, Ethiopia and Kenya.

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