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Raul Castro - Fast Factsupdated Thu Dec 13 2012 11:03:56

Here's a look at the life of Raul Castro:

Jenni Rivera's plane plunged from 28,000 feet, Mexican official saysupdated Wed Dec 12 2012 22:15:44

Even as Mexico's top transportation official said the plane carrying Jenni Rivera spiraled to the ground in a tailspin that may have surpassed 600 mph, some of the singer's family members were holding out hope on Wednesday.

Mystery follows McAfee to Miamiupdated Wed Dec 12 2012 15:38:52

After weeks on the run and days in immigration detention, American technology pioneer John McAfee arrived in Miami on Wednesday.

Officials: Chavez faces 'difficult' recoveryupdated Wed Dec 12 2012 12:56:01

Two top Venezuelan officials struck a somber tone Wednesday when discussing President Hugo Chavez's cancer surgery.

Hugo Chavez - Fast Factsupdated Tue Dec 11 2012 17:52:51

Here is a look at the life of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela since 1998.

Remains found at wreckage of singer's planeupdated Tue Dec 11 2012 13:42:30

Investigators have found human remains at the site of a crash in northern Mexico believed to have killed Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, but the family continues to hold on to a sliver of hope for a miracle.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez emerges from 6 hours of surgeryupdated Tue Dec 11 2012 11:43:00

Doctors in Havana, Cuba, completed a six-hour surgical procedure on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Vice President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday evening in a televised address.

Venezuela's Chavez arrives in Cuba for cancer surgeryupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 11:13:27

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived Monday in Cuba for surgery just days after saying his cancer had returned.

Fighting deportation to Belize, McAfee says he wants to go to the United Statesupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 00:00:46

The man is nothing if not mercurial.

Plane of missing singer likely found in Mexicoupdated Sun Dec 09 2012 14:25:11

Mexican authorities said Sunday they found the wreckage of a small plane that they believe was carrying Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera.

Bracing for 'a new battle,' Venezuelan lawmakers approve Chavez's trip to Cubaupdated Sun Dec 09 2012 11:48:45

With Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's health in the spotlight, fiery speeches filled the halls of the country's National Assembly on Sunday.

Venezuela: As Chavez battles cancer, Maduro waits in the wingsupdated Sun Dec 09 2012 09:57:39

He began his career as a bus driver in Caracas, then rose through the ranks to become a member of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's inner circle.

Chavez says his cancer is backupdated Sat Dec 08 2012 21:57:38

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced late Saturday that his cancer has returned and that he will go to Cuba to undergo surgery.

Chavez makes appearance after Cuban treatmentupdated Fri Dec 07 2012 08:57:42

A chipper Hugo Chavez bantered in front of the cameras early Friday morning upon returning to Venezuela from medical treatment in Cuba.

Gangs target bus riders, drivers for Christmas bonusesupdated Fri Dec 07 2012 05:12:46

In Guatemala, and other Latin American countries, it's called "aguinaldo" -- the term used for the bonus government and private sector workers receive this time of the year, their right by law.

McAfee wins stay of deportation from Guatemala updated Fri Dec 07 2012 04:35:32

A judge in Guatemala has granted a stay of the deportation of John McAfee to Belize, where authorities want to question him about the killing of a neighbor, an attorney for the internet software pioneer said Friday.

McAfee returns to Guatemalan detention center after hospital visitupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 13:54:22

Software pioneer John McAfee ended the day Thursday as he started it: imprisoned in a Guatemalan immigration detention center.

Fumes provide scare in Argentine capital updated Thu Dec 06 2012 10:42:15

A foul-smelling cloud wound its way through Argentina's capital Thursday, but it was not toxic as initially feared, officials said.

Brazilian 'genius' architect Niemeyer diesupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 04:39:47

Brazil's most influential modern architect Oscar Niemeyer, whose resume includes the United Nations building in New York, passed away on Wednesday.

McAfee's hasty, secret exit from Belize ends in Guatemalan detention updated Thu Dec 06 2012 04:11:25

Four poisoned dogs. A dead neighbor. A millionaire on the run.

Guatemalan official: McAfee detained, could be deported to Belizeupdated Wed Dec 05 2012 22:24:54

Software mogul John McAfee could be deported to Belize on Thursday after being detained by immigration officials, a Guatemalan official said.

Tech mogul McAfee flees to Guatemala, says 'no interest' in returning to U.S. updated Wed Dec 05 2012 03:48:02

The story of American tech mogul John McAfee reads like a bestselling mystery: murder, poisoned dogs, young women and international intrigue fueled by weeks on the run.

Brazil: Dozens of police officers arrested, accused of taking bribesupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 18:57:47

Brazilian authorities arrested dozens of police officers on Tuesday, accusing them of taking bribes from drug traffickers.

Fidel Castro - Fast Factsupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 15:24:31

Here's a look at the life of Fidel Castro.

Attorney: Internet pioneer John McAfee in Guatemala, will seek asylumupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 15:12:35

For weeks, John McAfee hid from authorities, donning a disguise and using disposable cell phones to communicate.

U.S. calls on Cuba to release jailed Americanupdated Mon Dec 03 2012 20:00:48

The U.S. State Department called on Cuba on Monday to release an American who is serving a 15-year sentence on the island.

Colombian military attacks rebel camps, killing 20updated Mon Dec 03 2012 11:22:23

Colombian military combat planes opened fire on hidden rebel camps over the weekend, killing at least 20 members of the country's largest guerrilla group just days after negotiators finished a round of peace talks.

CNN Exclusive: McAfee comes out of hiding to talk about life on the runupdated Sat Dec 01 2012 08:23:47

The journey to interview Internet security guru John McAfee began with a secret phrase, a mysterious driver and a circuitous route full of left turns, right turns and U-turns.

Sworn-in president cites two Mexicosupdated Sat Dec 01 2012 07:46:10

Enrique Pena Nieto was sworn in as Mexico's new president Saturday, returning his party to power and promising to change the country's fight against organized crime.

Cuba cuts 10% tax on $3-a-minute phone calls between island, U.S.updated Fri Nov 30 2012 19:55:21

The Cuban government on Friday reduced its expensive telephone rates between the island and the United States.

Mexico's new leader measured against old corruptionupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 10:39:50

The order was to be followed immediately. The entire school was to be put on lockdown. Students, teachers and even administrators were to stay inside; no excuses, no exceptions. The year was 1988. The place; a small mining town in northern Mexico called Cananea. Inside the classrooms, dozens of puzzled high school students were quietly wondering, if they were in danger. I was one of those students.

Colombian negotiators meet with FARC rebels in Cubaupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 16:07:00

Negotiators from Colombia's government and largest insurgent group concluded their first round of talks Thursday and voiced cautious optimism that they will eventually forge a peace deal.

Outgoing Mexican president defends legacy in wake of drug war updated Thu Nov 29 2012 03:42:09

Protesters carried a Mexican flag stained with fake blood in the country's capital this week -- a symbol, they said, of President Felipe Calderon's six-year term.

Mexican police deny accused drug lord's government corruption claimsupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 22:10:35

Mexico's federal police had harsh words Wednesday for an American-born accused drug lord who claimed he paid off top security officials.

Cuba says jailed U.S. contractor doesn't have cancerupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 11:05:43

An American jailed in Cuba has chronic health problems but is not suffering from cancer as had been suggested by his attorney, the Cuban government said on Wednesday.

Chavez returns to Cuba for medical treatmentupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 02:03:58

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Havana early Wednesday for a new round of medical treatment, Cuban state media reported.

Bolivia arrests 6 in case of jailed U.S. businessmanupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 22:31:45

Authorities in Bolivia have arrested six government officials on suspicion of trying to extort and steal from an American businessman imprisoned there, state news reported Tuesday.

Defiant former Mexican mayor killedupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 14:21:22

The first time an assassin's bullet tried to find her, Maria Santos Gorrostieta escaped, but her husband was killed.

Chavez to return to Cuba for medical treatmentupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 13:50:21

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will travel to Cuba to continue "medical treatments," officials said, leaving unclear whether the trip is a sign of a relapse of the cancer that has ailed him or is for a check-up.

Mexican beauty queen killed in shootoutupdated Mon Nov 26 2012 18:02:12

A Mexican beauty queen was killed during a weekend shootout in Sinaloa, a northern state known for drug-fueled violence, authorities said Monday.

Mexicans feeling persecuted flee U.S.updated Mon Nov 26 2012 10:45:16

In a remote town in northern Mexico, a 10-year-old-boy is struggling with his homework. His name is Oscar Castellanos, and the fifth-grader is getting extra help from his father because he's having trouble adjusting to his new school.

Bodies found in northern Mexicoupdated Sun Nov 25 2012 18:41:57

Eight bodies and the remains of others were found in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua over the weekend, sources and state news said.

After nearly 200 years, Mexico may make the name officialupdated Thu Nov 22 2012 14:10:48

It's the one fact about Mexico that you probably didn't know. The country's name is not really Mexico, at least not officially. After gaining independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico officially became the "United Mexican States."

Colombia's FARC rebels announce temporary truceupdated Mon Nov 19 2012 10:20:58

Colombia's top rebel group, FARC, announced Monday it will temporarily halt its decades-old battle against government forces starting at midnight as a goodwill gesture amid peace talks with the Colombia government.

Brazil gang's slaughter of police sparks fightbackupdated Mon Nov 19 2012 05:40:46

Marta Umbelina pulled up in front of her house with her 11-year-old daughter. When she stepped out of the car, she was shot 10 times in the back.

A bizarre visit to John McAfee's pleasure palace in Belizeupdated Sun Nov 18 2012 21:03:15

To look for John McAfee, you must be willing to travel a narrow, rutted and muddy road. And the more I bumped and backfired along it in my temperamental, rented, gas golf cart ... the deeper down the rabbit hole I fell. This is one weird story.

McAfee's former girlfriend says the Internet pioneer is 'frightened for his life'updated Sun Nov 18 2012 18:44:22

A dead neighbor. Headless dogs. And a millionaire on the run. All set against a backdrop of spectacular tropic beauty.

Leonid meteor shower set to feature sea of shooting starsupdated Fri Nov 16 2012 22:42:47

Mother Earth, it's shower time.

3 detained in killing of Internet pioneer's neighbor in Belizeupdated Tue Nov 13 2012 17:42:53

Three people have been detained for questioning in Belize in the weekend killing of Gregory Faull, a neighbor of Internet pioneer John McAfee, who was being sought for questioning, police said.

Belize police want to question Internet security pioneer McAfee about killingupdated Mon Nov 12 2012 19:43:57

Authorities in Belize are trying to find and talk to Internet antivirus pioneer John McAfee about a fatal shooting in the Central American nation, a police spokesman said Monday.

Demonstrators bang pots, pans to protest Argentina's policiesupdated Thu Nov 08 2012 16:58:32

Throngs of people banged pots and pans Thursday, as they protested government policies in Argentina.

Guatemala earthquake kills boy on first day of 'work'updated Thu Nov 08 2012 13:21:28

It was the first time that 6-year-old Giovanni went to "work" at the local sand quarry near his home in southwestern Guatemala.

48 dead after earthquake rocks Guatemalaupdated Wed Nov 07 2012 12:14:40

A powerful earthquake off the Pacific coast of Guatemala on Wednesday sent debris crashing down onto cars, collapsed roads and killed dozens in the Central American nation, officials said.

It's too early for Christmas music, Canadian drugstore chain saysupdated Mon Nov 05 2012 10:35:01

It's a question most of us seem to have pondered at some point: When should stores start on the Christmas season?

Young brothers, 'denied refuge,' swept to death by Sandyupdated Fri Nov 02 2012 12:34:46

As Superstorm Sandy ravaged New York, Glenda Moore drove frantically across Staten Island in an attempt to get her sons to safety.

Changing reality for impoverished teen momsupdated Thu Nov 01 2012 17:08:50

In Colombia, one in five girls age 15-19 is or has been pregnant, nearly triple the U.S. rate.

Bolivian journalist's family wants to know who was behind attackupdated Thu Nov 01 2012 14:33:05

Just days after an arson attack left a Bolivian radio personality in critical condition, police arrested four suspects.

Argentina drops its voter age to 16updated Wed Oct 31 2012 20:43:58

Argentinian lawmakers passed a new measure Wednesday lowering the nation's voting age to 16.

Canada quake triggers Hawaii tsunami scareupdated Sun Oct 28 2012 02:29:19

A tsunami warning for Hawaii, triggered by a powerful earthquake in Canada, proved nothing more than a pre-Halloween scare for thousands of people this weekend.

Bolivia weighs regulating social mediaupdated Thu Oct 25 2012 19:40:46

A top Bolivian official has a stern warning for those who criticize President Evo Morales on social networks: He's watching what they say, and taking names.

Sandy kills 11 in Cuba, then batters Bahamasupdated Thu Oct 25 2012 03:58:08

Eleven people died as Hurricane Sandy pummeled Cuba on Thursday, state media reported.

Hurricane Sandy kills one in Jamaicaupdated Wed Oct 24 2012 05:22:30

A dark day in Jamaica turned into a dark night as most of the island was without power and one person was killed as Hurricane Sandy passed through.

Mexican folk star Vicente Fernandez to have biopsyupdated Tue Oct 23 2012 12:29:09

Mexican crooner Vicente Fernandez, an icon of folk music known for his ranchera ballads, will undergo a liver biopsy in Houston on Tuesday, he announced.

To confirm ID, Mexico exhumes remains of cartel leader's motherupdated Mon Oct 22 2012 17:37:57

Investigators exhumed the mother of one of Mexico's most notorious cartel kingpins Monday, two weeks after thieves apparently made off with her son's body before authorities could conclusively confirm his identity.

Castro scoffs at death rumors: 'I don't even remember what a headache is'updated Mon Oct 22 2012 04:48:37

Cuba has stepped up efforts to douse speculation over the health of its former leader Fidel Castro by publishing an article under his name in state-run media in which he scoffs at recent rumors and those who circulated them.

Castro 'doing very well,' Venezuelan politician saysupdated Sun Oct 21 2012 13:51:32

Fidel Castro "is doing very well," Venezuela's former vice president said Sunday, showing reporters a snapshot of the former Cuban leader that he said was taken the day before.

Amid peace talks, Colombian soldiers killed in suspected rebel attackupdated Sat Oct 20 2012 22:13:36

At least five soldiers were killed and a dozen wounded in an apparent rebel attack in southwest Colombia, CNN affiliate Caracol reported Saturday, the first such attack since the rebels and the government began peace talks this week.

Two-time rape victim fights for justiceupdated Thu Oct 18 2012 16:26:10

Although a massive earthquake destroyed her home and her office in January 2010, Malya Villard-Appolon has been relentless in her efforts to support rape victims in Haiti.

Venezuela sued in a U.S. court over Simon Bolivar artifactsupdated Thu Oct 18 2012 14:49:32

Five years ago, the Venezuelan government had a mystery to solve, and a Florida man who held the key to unlocking it readily offered a helping hand.

Colombia, FARC rebels begin formal peace talks in Norwayupdated Thu Oct 18 2012 11:45:24

On the first day of formal peace talks between Colombia and FARC rebels, one point was already agreed upon: Peace means more than simply putting down their weapons.

Haitians living in fear 'under the tent'updated Thu Oct 18 2012 08:42:30

Haiti's terror didn't end when the ground stopped shaking.

Landslide kills children in Peru's jungleupdated Thu Oct 18 2012 03:37:12

Several children were among the victims when a mudslide sent a mass of tree and rock debris crashing into homes in Peru's jungle Wednesday, killing at least 11 people.

Amid much speculation, Cuba state media releases message from Fidel Castroupdated Wed Oct 17 2012 22:01:58

Cuban state media released a message from Fidel Castro, the first communique said to be from the ex-leader since speculation over his health reached a fever pitch last week.

Uruguay senate backs first-trimester abortionupdated Wed Oct 17 2012 14:50:33

The senate of the tiny South American nation of Uruguay, the current standard-bearer on progressive policies on the continent, on Wednesday passed a bill legalizing abortion.

378 Peruvian workers sickened by pesticideupdated Wed Oct 17 2012 08:29:42

Hundreds of Peruvian farm workers, the majority of them women, became sick after inhaling a pesticide sprayed on a nearby field, the state-run Andina news agency reported.

Colombia, FARC rebels to start peace talks in Norwayupdated Wed Oct 17 2012 02:11:35

Talks aimed at ending 50 years of fighting between FARC guerrillas and Colombian forces are expected to take place Wednesday in Norway.

U.S. motorist wounds Canadian border officer in shooting, then kills selfupdated Tue Oct 16 2012 19:14:13

A Canadian border officer was shot in her booth Tuesday afternoon by a motorist, who then apparently killed himself, Canadian police said.

Former Peruvian spy chief acquitted of killingsupdated Tue Oct 16 2012 14:47:56

A Peruvian court absolved former spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos of murder charges in a case stemming from a 1997 hostage rescue that prosecutors said went too far.

Source: Drug lord 'El Chapo's' daughter arrested at borderupdated Tue Oct 16 2012 13:58:21

U.S. authorities have arrested a woman they believe is the daughter of Mexico's most-wanted drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a federal source told CNN.

Cuba eases travel restriction for citizensupdated Tue Oct 16 2012 03:53:48

Starting next year, Cubans traveling abroad will face fewer hurdles leaving the country.

Hurricane Rafael leaves Bermuda behindupdated Tue Oct 16 2012 01:58:28

As Hurricane Rafael sped away from Bermuda, taking with it heavy rain and wind, the government discontinued storm watches for the island.

Pacific hurricane becomes a Category 3 storm as it nears Mexicoupdated Mon Oct 15 2012 21:06:48

The government of Mexico issued a hurricane warning Monday for parts of the west coast of Baja California as Hurricane Paul became a major storm, the U.S. hurricane center said.

Spanish politician sentenced in Cuban dissident's deathupdated Mon Oct 15 2012 12:05:31

A Spanish politician accused of reckless driving after a car crash that killed two Cuban dissidents was sentenced to four years in prison, Cuban state media said Monday.

At ground zero of the Cuban missile crisis, 50 years laterupdated Mon Oct 15 2012 07:30:53

Fifty years ago, 15-year-old Omar Lopez knew a secret that governments around the world would have killed to learn or safeguard: Soviet troops were building hidden military installations in Cuba.

Rafael becomes hurricane as it churns toward Bermuda updated Mon Oct 15 2012 01:51:55

As Rafael grew into a hurricane, residents and officials on the tiny island of Bermuda were expecting the storm to pass by Tuesday.

Police raid Brazilian slumsupdated Sun Oct 14 2012 11:15:58

Tanks, troops and police pushed through the streets of two shantytowns in northern Rio de Janeiro Sunday in a move to retake control of some of the city's most crime-ridden areas.

Tropical Storm Rafael heads toward Bermuda updated Sun Oct 14 2012 06:24:55

Tropical Storm Rafael unleashed heavy rain and powerful gusts on the Leeward Islands on Sunday and could turn into a hurricane by Monday, forecasters said.

Tropical Storm Rafael threatens Virgin Islands, Puerto Ricoupdated Sat Oct 13 2012 14:53:03

Tropical Storm Rafael unleashed heavy rain and powerful gusts to the Virgin Islands and threatened more areas in the Caribbean Sea late Saturday night.

Raft with Cuban refugees sinks near Cancunupdated Sat Oct 13 2012 01:40:59

Two people drowned and at least 11 went missing, when a raft bearing 23 refugees from Cuba sank off the coast of Isla de Mujeres, near Cancun, Mexico Friday, according to immigration authorities.

Lake Erie ferry, passengers freed from sandbarupdated Fri Oct 12 2012 13:41:24

A ferry that stranded 34 people for 24 hours after it ran aground on a Lake Erie sandbar has been pulled out by a tugboat, authorities said Friday.

Bullied Canadian teen leaves behind chilling YouTube videoupdated Fri Oct 12 2012 04:17:02

Her YouTube video started out innocently enough. The Canadian teen, her face obscured from the camera, held a stack of cards each filled with messages in black marker.

Knowing 'how to lose,' Venezuelan opposition candidate pushes forwardupdated Thu Oct 11 2012 16:11:09

All eyes were on the opposition candidate as word of the election results spread.

New Venezuelan VP seen as possible successor to Chavezupdated Thu Oct 11 2012 14:33:08

Fresh off an electoral victory, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has named a new vice president, a closely watched move as questions over his health linger.

Family seeks pardon for former Peruvian leaderupdated Wed Oct 10 2012 18:03:17

Family members requested a humanitarian pardon Wednesday for former Peruvian strongman Alberto Fujimori, saying he should be released from prison because of health problems.

Supreme Court won't consider blocking $18B judgment against Chevronupdated Wed Oct 10 2012 11:01:05

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied an appeal by Chevron to block an $18 billion judgment against it in an Ecuadorian court.

Brazil launches 6th operation aimed at crime across bordersupdated Tue Oct 09 2012 18:38:50

Looking ahead to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, the Brazilian Ministry of Defense sent 7,500 troops to the country's northwest borders with Peru and Bolivia for another in a series of crackdowns on "cross-border crimes."

Chavez slams Venezuelan opposition after election victoryupdated Tue Oct 09 2012 17:29:08

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sharply criticized his political opponents Tuesday and vowed to continue pushing his socialist programs in the oil-rich South American country.

Mexico confirms death of feared Zetas cartel leaderupdated Tue Oct 09 2012 01:47:46

Mexico confirmed Tuesday that its forces killed Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, reputed boss of the ruthless Zetas cartel, but it remains uncertain what effect, if any, the killing will have on the larger scourge of drug trafficking and violence.

Suspect arrested in Falcon Lake killing, Mexican authorities sayupdated Mon Oct 08 2012 11:52:18

For more than two years, details about the investigation into who killed David Hartley have been as murky as the waters where his body disappeared.

Chavez: Survivor and Venezuela's long-serving presidentupdated Mon Oct 08 2012 04:16:02

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is one of the leading leftist figures in Latin America and one of the United States' most vocal critics, aligning himself with former Cuban President Fidel Castro and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.