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"How Do You Cut Them With a Knife? Show Me."

It’s been months since I first heard those chilling words uttered in court. It was pre-trial evidence presented against Parviz Khan and we were forbidden from reporting it. And then this afternoon, there it was again, that horrifying conversation that actually took place between a father and son.

Police say Parviz Khan, a British born father of three, was a committed and violent fanatic, the kind of extremist who even groomed his own children for terror. After bugging his home in Birmingham, England for months, police got a guilty plea out of Khan and he has now been sentenced to life for masterminding a plot to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier.

But it's the details of his conversations with his children that astound me:

Khan: “How do you cut them with a knife? Show me.” “Like this, Good.”

Prosecutors say Khan was coaching his child on how to behead 'traitors'. In another exchange with his five year old son he taunts:

Khan: “Who do you love?”

Child: “I love Sheikh Osama Bin Laden”

Khan: “Who do you kill?”

Child: “American Kill”

Khan: “Who else?”

Child: “Bush I kill” “Blair Kill”

Khan was born and raised in Britain but police say he adopted his extreme views on visits to Pakistan. In any context, it is difficult to comprehend how a person could dedicate his life to such violence. But over and over, those in the Muslim community tell us we must try to understand the anger of a terrorist, and where and how it is nurtured. Without that insight, they tell us, government, police and community leaders will be unable to stop criminals like Khan from poisoning the families to which they belong, the neighbourhoods in which they live and the mosques in which they pray.


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From CNN’s International Security Correspondent, Paula Newton
I don't think the views offered by the British Muslim community in your article are anything new. A lot of political commentators and editorialists come to the same conclusion. Intolerance breeds intolerance. We don't like to think of ourselves as intolerant, but our actions often do not match our intentions, and our actions are perceived as hostile by those who don't share our faith.
Actions are perceived as hostile because all of the really major ones (9/11, embassy bombings) were. Thus, the world media deems it logical that, because all the major actions taken have been hostile, all actions are hostile by anybody of that group, no matter how loosely associated.

As far as intentions go, it seems that the only thing that matters to anybody anymore is the end result.

Sad, isn't it?
Of course it's wrong to teach children to kill, you have to be at least 18 before your own government is allowed to teach you.

I remember the old saying that goes something like this - you kill one person, you're a murderer; you kill 10 people, you're a serial murder; you kill 10,000 people, it's foreign policy.
i feel so sorry for ignorant muslims who think that God created us to kill and destroy our world , but i want to say to all my brothers and sisters all over the world nonmuslis and muslims that Islam is the religion of peace and being peacfull with others and i hope that all the terror in the world end so that we could raise our kids and live our lives
Why does CNN not focus on the Israeli children brought up in Kabutz's who are told everyday that they need to maintain the apartheid policies of their parents.

Israeli children stone Christians and Muslims. Israeli children torture and abuse christian and muslim Palestinians... who taught them to hate?

you kill one person, you're a murderer; you kill 10 people, you're a serial murder; you kill 10,000 people, it's foreign policy.

End welfare to the terrorist sponsering apartheid theocracy of Israel. Zionism = Racism
All my life I have fought bigotry and prejudice. The labeling of whole groups by certain things manifested by a few in that group, is its essential definition. And it is almost always both wrong and harmful - a source of hating people in wholesale lots.

In my desire to defend Islam against a growing number of prejudiced people, I started to study Islam in 1994. The principle of "Freeethinking" taught by my Norwegian father, had to be applied.

It's a self-discipline, often a very harsh one. I studied Islam by studying the source, its history, and things Muslims had to say about them and their faith. I was actively looking for all the merit I could find. I wanted ammunition when I defended Islam against bigots.

What I found, instead, stood my hair on end.

Islam does approve of beheadings. And a whole lot more that we find utterly bestial and savage, like slavery, brutal subjugation of women, and dictatorship. It's a male's religion, of males, for males and by males.

At some level, most of us already realize that Islam is at the root of Islamic violence, but because it is not politically correct to "badmouth" a religion, we've chosen denial instead.

Denial is not reality. And it is the reality of things which rules all events, not some warm-fuzzy illusion of it. The entire discipline of freethinking is to find reality, so as not to be vulnerable to its manifestations.

Many claim Islam is benign, because of statements in the Quran like "there shall be no compulsion in religion." What they don't realize is that that only lasted a short time - until Muhammad had gained himself a powerful military base, and then he himself began forcing conversions. That, and many other benign and wise statements put into the Quran early in his career, no longer apply to any Muslim.

To learn of Islam, you must study it. Study it from its OWN sources. Read its holy books, study its history, learn how the sects came into being and what it means today, study the things Muslims themselves have to say about their faith, and read opinions of it from a variety of sources. Unless you do this homework, you can't have a genuine opinion of Islam. You can only have an attitude, even if it reaches the same conclusion as a studied opinion. It's still not nearly the same thing, because it doesn't know WHY the opinion is held, has no facts to back it up. It's still, therefore, a bigotry.

Many Muslims live peacefully, not wanting to jihad. But as Muslims, they're required to jihad at least once in their lives, or answer to Allah why they didn't. Sooner or later, it's likely that all of them can be pressed into it.

Haven't you noticed that the Muslim world is strangely silent when Muslims commit acts of the most savage bestiality? Do you know why? Because Islam requires that all Muslims stand up for any Muslim, on any issue, against infidels. Period. Which means that, whether they like all the brutality or not, they must side with the Muslims committing them against us infidels.

Islam puts its believers into boxes like this, and obedience to the faith makes them have to defend the indefensible. But they DO obey.

Hating Islam and/or Muslims isn't the goal, nor does it help anything. Learning about Islam is essential so we can make rational and workable decisions about how to deal with it responsibly. Our denial is the basis for all our political failures of policy. We've been treating Muslims as though they were normal freeworld citizens, and would respond the way our people would. They're not, even the ones living in the free world. We can't afford to continue this approach. A new one, based on the solid realities, is what we need now.

STUDY Islam. It's the only way to know what it's really all about.

It's really rather important.
This goes to show that the policy of giving aliens citizenship will not make them good citizens. For too long certain people have treated our countries and their hard-earned freedoms as a commodity to be sold or bartered in the name of some political dream or delusion. To keep doing this in the face of these obvious dangers is tantamount to treason.
And isn't this a prime example of what it's all about?
They have one, unwavering, all comsuming view: Kill every one of the enemy.
"Enemy" of course, as they define it.
Ergo, that lends itself to the opposition saying the same thing.
The more of "my kind" extremist kill, the more of "their kind", I want elminated.
Complete extinction of either the west, or islam, is really all that will stop the violence.
The "religion of peace" (and I say that in most mocking term possible), is incapable of acceptence.
It's wrong for parents to throw up their hatred onto their children.
Destroy your own life but not theirs.
I find this man grotesque, but did he commit a crime?

I don't know all of the details in this case. Was there some evidence of actual intent to commit a crime?

Is hate speech itself illegal in the UK?
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