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Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman will be charged with breach of trust and fraud, the country's Ministry of Justice said Thursday.

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Aleppo Today TV becomes vital news source amid Syria's chaosupdated Wed Dec 12 2012 13:21:45

Amid the chaos of flying bullets, roaming checkpoints guarded by gunmen, and the constant threat of a street battle erupting around the corner at any moment, a new underground television channel has become must-see TV for residents of Aleppo, Syria.

Assad forces fire Scud missiles in Syria, U.S. officials say updated Wed Dec 12 2012 12:28:41

Syrian forces in Damascus loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have fired at least four Scud missiles inside Syria, presumably at rebel groups, a U.S. official said Wednesday.

Gaza perfume named after Hamas rocket, inspired by Palestinian 'victory'updated Wed Dec 12 2012 11:20:55

Perfumes are typically named for flowers, jewels, seasons or feelings -- not long-range missiles.

Sudan: Israeli 'spy vulture' nabbed during reconnaissance missionupdated Tue Dec 11 2012 14:13:02

A vulture captured by Sudanese authorities is actually an Israeli spy on a secret reconnaissance mission, a pro-government newspaper in the east African nation has claimed.

An afternoon with a Syrian bombmaker updated Tue Dec 11 2012 14:10:22

With the precision of a master chef, Sheik Omar adjusts the intensity of the flame under his pan.

U.S. branding of al-Nusra as terrorists may have unintended consequencesupdated Tue Dec 11 2012 09:51:26

In designating the al-Nusra Front as a foreign terrorist organization and an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq, the U.S. State Department has put flesh on the bones of its policy of discriminating between the "bad" Syrian rebels and the "good" ones. But the decision is getting mixed reviews in Syria.

U.S. blacklists al-Nusra Front fighters in Syriaupdated Tue Dec 11 2012 07:35:40

The U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions Tuesday on leaders of the jihadist al-Nusra Front in Syria, hours after the State Department moved to blacklist the rebel group as a foreign terror organization linked to al Qaeda in Iraq.

New voter rules announced ahead of Egypt referendumupdated Tue Dec 11 2012 07:02:27

Supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy held competing demonstrations Tuesday evening in Cairo as a controversial vote neared.

Nuri al-Maliki - Fast Factsupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 18:59:44

Here's a look at the life of the Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Fast Factsupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 18:24:42

Here is a look at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's life.

New head of Syrian opposition briefs European foreign ministersupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 07:49:56

The newly elected head of Syria's opposition briefed European foreign ministers Monday on the crisis there, European Union foreign affairs representative Catherine Ashton said.

Top Morsy aide: Small, powerful minority behind Egypt's political upheavalupdated Mon Dec 10 2012 05:32:19

A top aide to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy blamed a small but powerful minority for the political upheaval that has plagued the country ahead of a planned constitutional referendum.

U.N. envoy: Political solution to Syria crisis 'necessary and still possible'updated Sun Dec 09 2012 22:41:17

After 21 months of bloodshed and a failure by the international community to do anything to stop it, the U.N.-Arab League point man on the Syrian crisis expressed confidence Sunday that a political resolution is possible.

Egyptian opposition calls for massive rally ahead of voteupdated Sun Dec 09 2012 06:08:51

Opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy's upcoming constitutional referendum called Sunday for new nationwide protests.

Hamas leader unbending, but seeks Palestinian unityupdated Sat Dec 08 2012 15:01:59

Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal called for reconciliation among Palestinian factions but offered a singular vision that does not recognize Israel and remains committed to armed struggle.

Afghan president says assassination attempt was planned in Pakistanupdated Sat Dec 08 2012 14:15:28

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Saturday that a suicide bombing targeting the country's spy chief was planned in the Pakistani city of Quetta, and that he expects to raise the issue with Pakistani authorities.

Syrian rebels move toward unified commandupdated Sat Dec 08 2012 08:44:16

Syrian rebels across the country are moving toward a unified command, the latest step in a consolidation by the opposition as it seeks to garner stronger international support.

Britain joins chorus of concerns over Syria's chemical weaponsupdated Sat Dec 08 2012 08:11:08

Britain's Foreign Secretary cited evidence that the Syrian regime could use its stockpile of chemical weapons against rebels battling government forces.

Egypt's president pulls back on power decree, pushes referendumupdated Sat Dec 08 2012 07:42:16

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy early Sunday canceled most of a controversial decree that gave him sweeping powers, but vowed to press forward with a referendum next weekend on a draft constitution, an adviser said.

Syria's chemical weapon potential: What is it, and what are the health risks? updated Fri Dec 07 2012 09:43:24

With the strength of Bashar al-Assad's forces diminishing in Syria's civil war, global fears are mounting that Syria might unleash chemical weapons to quash the country's uprising.

Jubilant crowds welcome Hamas leader to Gazaupdated Fri Dec 07 2012 06:44:58

Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal arrived in Gaza Friday to a hero's welcome, two weeks after a bloody fight with Israel that left the group energized and emboldened.

Rebels set their sights on Syria's capitalupdated Fri Dec 07 2012 06:24:20

Emboldened rebels fighting to hasten the fall of Syria's government set their sights on the capital, Damascus, as diplomats went into high gear amid concerns about chemical weapons.

Demonstrators again challenge Egypt's Morsyupdated Fri Dec 07 2012 00:22:55

For a second day, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy's home was not spared from the wrath of protesters who remain unconvinced of his defense of recent controversial decisions.

Syria's Assad regime has fight left despite rebels' advancesupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 20:05:26

While Syrian rebel forces have made significant military advances on the ground against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad in recent days, the U.S. ambassador to Syria says there's no imminent end to the fighting.

Bashar al-Assad - Fast Factsupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 18:44:47

Here's a look at the life of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Silence over sexual violence: Arab women take stand on 'absurd honor'updated Thu Dec 06 2012 13:11:58

Women stood at the forefront of the Arab Spring, taking to the streets shoulder to shoulder with men in an effort to overturn oppressive old orders.

Anti-Morsy protesters vow to continueupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 12:46:28

Violent protests have rocked the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in recent weeks following President Mohamed Morsy's decision to expand his presidential powers last month.

Dubai staging a comeback amid economic gloomupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 11:56:48

Four decades ago it was merely barren desert land. Four years ago it was at the height of an unparalleled economic boom that turned to bust amid the global financial crisis. Today the emirate of Dubai is staging a lively comeback, once again announcing the kind of ambitious plans that made it famous in the first place.

Egypt's Morsy stands by edict, calls for punishment of violent protestersupdated Thu Dec 06 2012 03:24:53

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy didn't back off the controversial edict he issued or Egypt's upcoming constitutional referendum, saying Thursday night that he respects peaceful opposition to his decisions but won't stand for violence.

Kurdistan officials hope Iraq will allow Turkish minister inupdated Wed Dec 05 2012 08:25:26

A Kurdistan Regional Government spokesman expressed hope Wednesday that only a temporary "technical issue" led the Iraqi government to deny permission for Turkey's energy minister to fly to the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq.

Morsy to address Egyptians amid mounting violenceupdated Wed Dec 05 2012 05:59:34

As protesters battled supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy outside his palace, his chief of staff announced Thursday that the president would address the nation later in the day.

Syrian family hides from attacks in underground 'prison'updated Wed Dec 05 2012 05:04:43

Down a steep stone stairway and into the darkness lies a cold chamber that looks more like a dungeon than a home.

Q and A: Inside Israel's planned settlementupdated Wed Dec 05 2012 00:07:07

International Correspondent Fred Pleitgen reports from the site of E1, a controversial settlement that the Israeli government plans to build.

Turkish official: Iraq forces minister's plane to turn aroundupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 15:41:06

The Iraqi government in Baghdad denied permission Tuesday for Turkey's energy minister to fly to the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq.

Mahmoud Abbas - Fast Factsupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 14:37:51

Here's a look at Mahmoud Abbas's life. Personal: Birth date: 1935

As fighting subsides, Aleppo residents find little leftupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 11:58:16

In a small village outside of Aleppo where we are hunkered down for the night, our host apologizes profusely. He doesn't have enough blankets for us and it's bitterly cold.

Protesters attack palace, party headquarters in Egyptupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 07:28:33

Protesters marching on Egypt's presidential palace Tuesday night broke through barbed wire around the building and hurled chairs and rocks at retreating police.

Syrian refugees face brutal winter with inadequate shelter and foodupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 06:25:28

The Syrians who walked 18 hours to seek refuge in Lebanon have escaped the fear of government attack. But with the brutal winter closing in, some would rather go back home to warfare.

Iran claims seizure of U.S. drone over Persian Gulfupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 03:48:58

Iran's navy has captured what it says is a U.S. drone after it entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf.

NATO OKs Patriots and delivers warning: 'Don't even think about attacking Turkey'updated Tue Dec 04 2012 03:07:02

NATO foreign ministers have approved Turkey's request for Patriot missiles to defend its borders, a statement of "solidarity" with its fellow alliance member.

Israel defies international criticism of settlement plansupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 02:51:39

Israel said Tuesday it won't bow to demands by world leaders to abandon plans for new settlements on Palestinian territory.

Amnesty details 'horrific abuses' in southern Yemenupdated Tue Dec 04 2012 02:20:00

Residents in parts of southern Yemen experienced a "human rights catastrophe" when an al-Qaeda affiliate took control of the country's Abyan province for 14 months, according to Amnesty International.

Egyptian media strikes against President Morsyupdated Mon Dec 03 2012 17:31:23

Newspapers and television stations known for criticizing President Mohamed Morsy are falling silent Tuesday and Wednesday to protest the country's new draft constitution and an edict the head of state issued nearly two weeks ago to expand his powers.

5 European nations summon Israeli ambassadors over settlement plansupdated Mon Dec 03 2012 07:27:48

Five European nations criticized Israel's decision to build thousands of new homes in occupied territory, summoning Israeli ambassadors for discussions on the matter.

Obama warns al-Assad against chemical weapons, declares 'the world is watching'updated Mon Dec 03 2012 06:05:19

The United States warned Syria in no uncertain terms Monday not to use chemical weapons amid intelligence reports indicating President Bashar al-Assad's regime could be preparing to take that step as it escalates its fight against rebel forces.

High-ranking al Qaeda in Iraq figure arrested, officials sayupdated Sun Dec 02 2012 15:07:55

A high-ranking leader of al Qaeda in Iraq was arrested Sunday, officials said.

Abbas calls for Palestinian unity after 'birth certificate' for Palestinian stateupdated Sun Dec 02 2012 07:21:49

Standing before throngs of cheering supporters Sunday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called for an end to the division among Palestinians in the wake of the United Nations upgrading the authority's status -- as Israel refused to acknowledge that newfound recognition.

Egypt's high court suspends sessions after protesters block judges' wayupdated Sun Dec 02 2012 07:06:44

Egypt's high court is indefinitely suspending all its sessions, after supporters of President Mohamed Morsy surrounded the building and blocked judges from entering.

Kuwaiti opposition says election boycott a success updated Sun Dec 02 2012 06:56:40

Kuwaiti opposition groups Sunday declared their election boycott a success after a drop in voter turnout, highlighting a growing divide with the royal family.

Opposition accuses Syria of 'mental war' after Internet blackout updated Sun Dec 02 2012 06:02:31

Syria's two-day Internet blackout was "a mental war" inflicted by the government, an opposition activist said Sunday as service to the country was largely restored.

Lawyer: Qatari poet to appeal life sentence updated Sat Dec 01 2012 16:59:06

A Qatari poet who received a life sentence for a verse of poetry said to be insulting to Qatar's emir will appeal his case, according to his lawyer.

Rallies in Cairo as Morsy sets date for constitution referendum updated Sat Dec 01 2012 05:40:57

Egyptians will vote in two weeks to approve, or reject, a new constitution -- a potentially pivotal moment for the North African nation that underwent a revolution a year ago and, more recently, has seen its president become the target of fierce protests.

Internet, phone services back online for much of Syriaupdated Sat Dec 01 2012 04:25:09

Internet and cell phone coverage were restored Saturday to most Syrian provinces, according to the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, two days after a blackout shut down virtually all Internet service in the country.

Clinton: New Israeli settlements a 'set back' for peace with Palestiniansupdated Sat Dec 01 2012 04:07:46

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Israel to reconsider plans to build thousands of homes in its occupied territory, saying it will set back efforts to bring about a two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Q & A: What's driving Egypt's unrest?updated Fri Nov 30 2012 14:48:23

In scenes reminiscent of the mass demonstrations that brought about the downfall of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in early 2011, thousands of protestors have have taken to the streets in increasingly heated protests over the past two weeks. Five people were killed and 446 injured in clashes between pro- and anti-Morsy demonstrators outside the presidential palace in Cairo, the Egyptian health ministry said Thursday, as tanks rolled into the area in an attempt to disperse protesters.

Highway bandits kidnap 20 army recruits in Iraqupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 14:06:22

In a brazen afternoon ambush, gunmen snatched 20 young New Iraqi Army recruits on Friday, Iraqi police told CNN.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers taking bids to build complex for Israeli Air Forceupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 13:52:07

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is receiving bids to build a five-story complex for the Israeli Air Force, or IAF, near Tel Aviv.

Opposition: Fierce fighting closes Damascus airport for second dayupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 07:32:38

The main road connecting the Syrian capital of Damascus with the city's airport was open, but no flights were operating Friday, according to an opposition group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Islamists unilaterally pass draft constitution in Egyptupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 00:04:40

Whether a draft constitution approved by an assembly will move Egypt toward being a freer and more open society is still in question, experts say.

Syrian rebels begin to challenge al-Assad's command of skiesupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 18:10:52

The Soviet-made Mi-8 helicopter turns slowly in the blue autumn sky. It appears to be at an altitude of 3,000-4,000 feet, circling above the province of Aleppo in northwestern Syria. Suddenly, there's a streak of white and then an explosion -- as its engine bursts into flames.

As rebels appear to gain ground, Internet shuts down in Syriaupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 12:26:16

More than 90% of the Internet was shut down in Syria Thursday as rebel clashes with Bashar al-Assad's forces were reported near the Damascus airport.

U.N. approves Palestinian 'observer state' bid updated Thu Nov 29 2012 11:37:58

The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday endorsed an upgraded U.N. status for the Palestinian Authority, despite intense opposition from the United States and Israel.

Iran importing gold to evade economic sanctions, Turkish official saysupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 11:21:16

Over the last six months, Iran has evaded U.S. sanctions by importing Turkish gold to pay for billions of dollars worth of energy sales to Turkey.

Deadly bomb attacks rock Iraq for a third dayupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 03:50:01

At least 43 people were killed and more than 120 injured Thursday in Iraq as a series of bomb attacks ripped through the country for a third day running.

Movement on new Egyptian constitution, despite fervent oppositionupdated Thu Nov 29 2012 02:30:24

An 85-man Egyptian council worked into the morning Friday to approve what could be the country's new constitution, which some say could calm tensions but others blast for doing too little to protect freedoms.

Palestinian United Nations bid explainedupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 17:48:46

A year after failing to win United Nations recognition as an independent state, the Palestinian Authority achieved what is perhaps a largely symbolic though notable status change on Thursday by way of the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

Syrian rebels down jet, take video of bloodied pilotupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 16:59:29

Syrian rebels appear to have scored a major victory Wednesday.

Palestinians again take status case to U.N. updated Wed Nov 28 2012 16:37:05

Palestinian leaders, using a new strategy, will return Thursday to the U.N. General Assembly in their latest bid to garner enhanced international recognition.

Egyptian court orders death sentences over anti-Islam filmupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 09:00:21

Seven Coptic Egyptians living abroad were sentenced to death Wednesday by a court in Cairo for their connection to an inflammatory anti-Islam film, the prosecutor's office said.

Egypt speeds new constitution amid Morsy protestsupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 08:22:34

The council charged with drafting Egypt's new constitution says it will vote on a final draft on Thursday, rushing to finish its work amid widespread protests against President Mohamed Morsy and a walkout by some members.

Source: Saudi diplomat and aide killed in Yemenupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 07:42:36

A Saudi diplomat and his Yemeni aide were killed Wednesday in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, according to a senior official at the Saudi Embassy there.

Nine dead in Iraq violenceupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 07:29:34

Gunmen stormed a home in a rural town north of Baghdad early Wednesday, killing seven members of a family -- including five children -- as they slept, according to police.

Virtually all Internet service in Syria shut down, group saysupdated Wed Nov 28 2012 05:20:47

More than 90% of the Internet access in Syria was shut down on Thursday, according to the Internet monitoring group Renesys.

Saudis protest for release of political prisoners, activist saysupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 18:09:30

Saudi Arabian security forces dispersed and detained dozens of protesters, including women and children, who on Tuesday were urging the government to release political prisoners, according to activists.

29 killed, 126 wounded in Iraq car bombingsupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 08:55:45

At least 29 people were killed and 126 wounded Tuesday in eight car bombings in Iraq.

Protesters to Morsy: Roll back your decree or leaveupdated Tue Nov 27 2012 08:32:49

Egyptians swarmed Cairo's Tahrir Square to demand that their first freely elected leader respect their wishes, hoping to revive a democratic groundswell that swept the country's former strongman from power nearly two years ago.

Turkey, NATO scout locations for missile protection from Syria updated Tue Nov 27 2012 02:27:02

A NATO delegation arrived Tuesday in southeastern Turkey to survey the Turkish-Syrian border for the possible deployment of Patriot anti-aircraft missile batteries, the semi-official Anadolu news agency reported.

Arafat's body exhumed, tested for poison updated Tue Nov 27 2012 02:12:03

Did Yasser Arafat die eight years ago of natural causes or was the 75-year-old Palestinian leader poisoned, as his widow believes?

After power grab, critics wonder if Morsy is Egypt's next strongmanupdated Mon Nov 26 2012 14:53:41

The sun rises over Cairo, and the city's landmark Tahrir Square is buzzing. Not with traffic, not with commerce, but with protest -- a tent city packed with people rife with anger at a man they blast as a dictatorial president, one who put amassing power for himself and his supporters over the good of his country.

Strike from Syrian plane reported near border with Turkeyupdated Mon Nov 26 2012 08:24:23

Syrian warplanes bombed a village within sight of the border with Turkey on Monday, sending hundreds of panicked civilians running for safety to a nearby barbed wire fence that separates the two countries.

Opposition says shelling kills 10 children in Syriaupdated Mon Nov 26 2012 04:53:10

"May God bring you pain, Bashar."

Israeli Defense Minister Barak says he's quitting politicsupdated Mon Nov 26 2012 04:37:03

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced his resignation Monday, saying he will quit politics in January to spend more time with his family.

Hamas leaders in Egypt for cease-fire talks involving Israel updated Mon Nov 26 2012 02:30:14

A delegation from Gaza was in Egypt Monday to hash out more details of a cease-fire deal between Hamas and Israel, less than a week after the truce ended an eight-day conflict.

8 children reported killed in Damascus suburb as Syrian civil war rages onupdated Sun Nov 25 2012 20:40:38

"May God bring you pain, Bashar."

Morsy edict divides Egypt but unifies opponents, critics and observers sayupdated Sun Nov 25 2012 20:29:56

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy's decree last week giving him a host of new powers has divided society, but it has also unified opposition groups that fear any moves toward Islamic rule, critics and observers said Sunday.

Saudi Arabia's unsolicited monitoring of women's travels draws activists' outrage updated Sun Nov 25 2012 19:24:47

When word started spreading last week that Saudi women -- already some of the most oppressed and restricted in the world -- were being monitored electronically as they left the country, activists were quick to express their outrage.

Iraq free of sectarian violence during Ashuraupdated Sun Nov 25 2012 17:02:45

The commemoration of Ashura, arguably the holiest day on the Shiite Muslim calendar, passed without significant violence in Iraq Sunday.

Children of the conflict: Innocence interrupted by warupdated Sun Nov 25 2012 14:09:37

Four-year-old Yosef lies in a hospital bed with curiosity gleaming in his eyes as he listens to a family friend tell him the age-old story of Jonah and the whale.

Hamas leaders in Egypt for cease-fire talks involving Israel updated Sun Nov 25 2012 05:47:20

A high-level delegation from Gaza has arrived in Egypt "to complete arrangements for cease-fire talks" involving sticking points between Hamas and Israel, Hamas said in a statement Sunday.

Egypt's Morsy to meet with top judicial body days after claiming new powersupdated Sun Nov 25 2012 00:00:41

President Mohamed Morsy will meet Monday with members of Egypt's highest judicial body, which has slammed his recent decree slashing judges' authority as an "unprecedented attack," state news reports.

Fishing restriction loosened in Gaza cease-fire, Hamas saidupdated Sat Nov 24 2012 11:21:56

A restriction has been loosened for Palestinian fishermen as part of the Hamas-Israel cease-fire deal, the Hamas movement said.

Yasser Arafat's tomb to be opened Tuesday in death probeupdated Sat Nov 24 2012 07:20:08

The body of former Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat will be exhumed Tuesday and samples taken to be tested for poisoning as part of an inquiry into his 2004 death, an official said Saturday.

Top Egyptian judicial body rips Morsyupdated Sat Nov 24 2012 04:05:08

Egypt's highest judicial body joined protesters Saturday in lambasting the country's president for issuing a decree disabling the courts and giving him unchecked power.

Amid cease-fire, anxiety rules in Israel, Gazaupdated Fri Nov 23 2012 10:49:17

Shadia Abu Khusa survived an Israeli airstrike. But the fierce hit blew off the roof and cracked the facade of his home just north of Gaza City. Now he and his family are searching for a place to rent while they repair the damage.

Amid cease-fire, anxiety rules in Israel, Gazaupdated Fri Nov 23 2012 10:19:46

Shadia Abu Khusa survived an Israeli airstrike. But the fierce hit blew off the roof and cracked the facade of his home just north of Gaza City. Now he and his family are searching for a place to rent while they repair the damage.

Egyptian opposition united in anger over Morsy's new powers updated Fri Nov 23 2012 08:32:54

Nearly two years after popular unrest spurred former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's fall, throngs have taken to Egypt's streets again to call for revolution, this time for the ouster of his successor.

Cease-fire holds in Gaza despite latest flareupupdated Fri Nov 23 2012 04:55:32

A fragile truce between Israel and Hamas appeared to hold Friday despite reports that Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian man near its border in Gaza.