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World - Europe

Australians choose queen over republic

Monarchy supporters cheer the outcome of a vote to retain royalty of the head of state in Australia  
By Kevin Grieves
CNN World Report

In this story:

Chinese pandas travel across Pacific to new home

Visitors to Romania encounter different kind of volcano 

Creative body covering raises eyebrows in Philippines

Swiss patients reach for controversial cannabis cure

Zambian tribal ceremony reenacts fierce battles


Australians voted to keep Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state, rejecting a call to change Australia's constitution to establish the country as a republic. Australia thereby remains one of 64 nations with a monarch as head of state, although it has been independent since 1901.

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The United Kingdom's ITN covered the outcome of the referendum, explaining that many Australians voted against the republic option because they would not have been able to directly elect the president. Rather, the referendum was based on a procedure whereby parliament would appoint a president.

Viewers heard the Australian perspective on the referendum vote from 7 Network correspondent Tiffany Cherry, who discussed the issue with CNN World Report anchor Ralph Wenge. Cherry said that had the referendum been passed, Australians may not necessarily have felt a major impact, as the office of president in Australia is primarily a ceremonial one: The Australian president doesn't run the country.

Cherry underscored the concern of many Australian voters, who hesitated to support the referendum because it lacked a provision for a direct election of the president by the Australian people. "They want to be able to have a say in who is their head of state. They don't want one person to select who's going to be president," she explained.

Preserving the panda population is the goal of the Chinese-U.S. project  

Chinese pandas travel across Pacific to new home

Lun-Lun and Yang-Yang are busy getting used to their new surroundings at Zoo Atlanta, oblivious to the fact that they're the latest symbol of goodwill between two countries.

The two giant pandas safely arrived in the U.S. city of Atlanta following a lengthy journey from their native habitat in China aboard a cargo plane. The bears are in quarantine until November 20, when they will be put on display for an expected annual crowd of 750,000 panda fans.

China's Shanghai Broadcasting Network (SBN) checked in on the two furry travelers after their arrival in Atlanta, and found that they were the center of attention, receiving cheers and applause from groups of well-wishers. SBN reporter Li Yi says the pandas seem to have survived the long trek just fine, and will soon be getting acclimated to their new, $7 million home at Zoo Atlanta.

While "panda fever" has spread among animal friends in the United States, the arrival of Lun-Lun and Yang-Yang in the U.S. is due largely to a mounting problem: Pandas, found only in China, are being driven to dangerously low levels of around 1,000 animals. Yi says this is because logging has destroyed large parts of their habitats. "Now scientists from both China and America are working together in the hope that they can find the answer to a successful breeding program in captivity," he adds.

Perhaps in the next decade that answer may be found. Researchers will be able to observe Zoo Atlanta's new attractions for ten years before the pandas are returned to China.

VideoRomanian TV reports on one of Earth's lesser known natural Phenomena.
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Visitors to Romania encounter different kind of volcano

Most volcanos feature rivers of molten lava ... but visitors to Romania encounter a different type of material bubbling up from the depths of the earth. Romanian television reports on the unusual natural phenomenon of mud volcanos.

Creative body covering raises eyebrows in Philippines

Face painting promises a new look for the millennium in the Philippines  

Designers and celebrities continue to push the fashion envelope with eye-catching clothing styles, but in the Philippines, it's the lack of clothing that has people talking. During a recent awards ceremony, Filipino actress Rosanna Roces appeared onstage wearing only half a dress; the bare half of her body was "covered" with an artistic application of body paint.

GMA-7 News of the Philippines examined the stir caused by the trend of body paint, which is relatively new in that country. GMA-7 News reporter Richelle Sy spoke with body painter Basil Yunting, who considers paint to be the look of the new millennium.

Sy discovered how intricate the process of applying the design can be: Yunting demonstrated his design skills by painting a decorative pattern on Sy's face, and viewers had a chance to see the various layers of paint, glitter and rhinestone appear. Sy's conclusion: "If this is what the millennium fashion looks like, then I think I like it very much."

Swiss patients reach for controversial cannabis cure

For people suffering from the pain of multiple sclerosis, certain types of cancer, or AIDS, the cannabis plant and it's derivative, marijuana, offer the promise of relief. But in many countries, plans for medical uses of cannabis have been put on hold until concerns over addiction and drug trafficking are addressed.

Hemp helps end sleepless nights for a Swiss woman  

But for citizens of Switzerland such as 84-year-old Berta Kohler, who has had difficulty sleeping following a stroke, cannabis provides a solution to her discomfort.

Swiss TV-SRI introduced viewers to Kohler, who demonstrated how she uses cannabis to help overcome insomnia. The plant is used to fill small cushions, which are placed under the pillow, providing a form of aromatherapy.

Swiss TV-SRI reporter Michael Morris explained that a number of doctors in Switzerland would like to prescribe cannabis to their patients for medicinal purposes, but authorities are as yet unwilling to remove legal barriers to the use of the drug.

Zambian tribal ceremony reenacts fierce battles

Bemba dancers hit it off at a ceremony in Zambia  

The Bemba tribe of northern Zambia has a long and at times bloody history, marked by warfare with a neighboring tribe, the Ngoni. But now reconciliation takes center-stage in a traditional ceremony commemorating the Bembas' history: the Ngoni are invited to participate in the festival.

CNN World Report contributor ZNBC took viewers to this years' ceremony in Kasama, Zambia, where dancers performed to the drumbeat of traditional Bemba music. Ceremony participants also recited poetry.

ZNBC reporter Henry Ngilazi pointed out the importance of showcasing the traditions of the various peoples of his country. "Traditional ceremonies in Zambia are aimed at preserving culture. They say a nation without a culture is a dead one," says Ngilazi.

Australia, 7 Network
China, SBN (Shanghai Broadcasting Network)
Philippines, GMA-7News
Swiss TV-SRI
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