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Saturday, February 14, 1998

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  • "Here the girls all say they have a lot of homework. It would take two weeks to get a date with them. I'm French. This is ridiculous."

    -- MIT student Francois le Sellier, on the lack of romance among college students

    Today's events

  • It's Valentine's Day. Did you remember the flowers?

  • Some Major League Baseball teams begin spring training.

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    On the horizon

  • On Sunday, February 15, Somali factions are tentatively scheduled to meet at a national reconciliation conference.

  • On Monday, February 16, deadline is scheduled for decision in Microsoft Corp. case involving whether temporary workers should receive benefits.

  • On Tuesday, February 17, the trial of Jonathan Norman, charged with stalking film director Steven Spielberg, is scheduled to start in Santa Monica, California.

  • On Wednesday, February 18, multiparty talks on Northern Ireland's future open in Dublin.

  • On Thursday, February 19, preparatory talks will be held in London for an ASEM leaders summit in April.

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    On this day

  • In 1014, Pope Benedict VIII was crowned Henry II as Holy Roman Emperor.

  • In 1400, King Richard II of England, deposed from the throne the previous year, died mysteriously in Pontefract Castle.

  • In 1477, the world's first known valentine was sent to John Paston from Margery Brews, addressed "To my right welbelovyd Voluntyne."

  • In 1779, British explorer Captain James Cook was murdered in Hawaii.

  • In 1797, the British fleet, under Admirals John Jervis and Horatio Nelson, defeated the Spanish at the battle of St. Vincent off Portugal.

  • In 1859, Oregon became the 33rd state of the Union.

  • In 1891, William Tecumseh Sherman, Union general in the American Civil War, died.

  • In 1893, Hawaii was annexed to the United States by treaty, but the treaty was withdrawn by President Grover Cleveland.

  • In 1912, Arizona became the 48th state of the Union.

  • In 1922, Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi began the first regular radio broadcasting transmission from England.

  • In 1929, Al Capone's henchmen, in order to prevent the hijacking of whiskey shipments, killed seven members of the Bugs Moran gang in the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" in a Chicago garage.

  • In 1939, the German navy launched its battleship Bismarck.

  • In 1943, in World War II, the Russians captured Rostov, Voroshilovgrad and Krasny Sulin from the Germans.

  • In 1946, an electronic brain, or computer, began working at the University of Pennsylvania, taking seconds to do calculations which normally took hours. It was called ENIAC, or Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer.

  • In 1950, a 30-year treaty was signed between the Soviet Union and China in Moscow.

  • In 1956, the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party opened, during which Nikita Khrushchev denounced the policies of Joseph Stalin.

  • In 1958, King Faisal of Iraq and King Hussein of Jordan proclaimed the merger of their kingdoms in the "Arab Federation," with King Faisal as head of state and