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Monday, March 9, 1998

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  • "The operation to liquidate the heart of Kosovo terrorism has ended."

    -- Veljko Odalevic, Serb deputy chief of Kosovo

    Today's event

  • Today is the deadline for motions in Microsoft's appeal of an injunction restricting distribution of its browser program.

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    On the horizon

  • On Tuesday, March 10, the manslaughter trial of FBI sharpshooter Lon Horiuchi, charged in the death of white separatist Randy Weaver's wife during the 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge, begins in Idaho.

  • On Wednesday, March 11, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announces the nominees for the Daytime Emmy Awards.

  • On Thursday, March 12, the first annual Europe Conference will be held in London.

  • Friday, March 13, is the deadline for Paula Jones' attorneys to respond to U.S. President Bill Clinton's move for dismissal of her sexual harassment suit.

  • On Saturday, March 14, conservative Republicans, lead by Rep. Bob Barr (R-Georgia), hold the National Town Hall Meeting on Impeachment to discuss allegations of misconduct against U.S. President Bill Clinton.

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    On this day

  • In 1074, Pope Gregory VII declared all married Roman Catholic priests to be excommunicated.

  • In 1454, Amerigo Vespucci, Italian explorer who made many voyages to the New World, born. The name of the continent of America was derived from his name.

  • In 1566, David Riccio, private secretary of Mary Queen of Scots, was murdered at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, in a coup attempt by Mary's husband Henry.

  • In 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine de Beauharnais, widow of a former French officer executed during the revolution.

  • In 1831, the French Foreign Legion was founded by King Louis Philippe with its headquarters in Algeria.

  • In 1846, the First Sikh war ended when Kashmir was ceded to the British East India Company by the Treaty of Lahore.

  • In 1864, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was appointed commander-in-chief of the Union armies during the American Civil War.

  • In 1888, Wilhelm I, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia from 1861, died. He was succeeded by Frederick III.

  • In 1916, Germany declared war on Portugal on grounds that Portugal had seized German shipping in Portuguese harbors.

  • In 1932, Emperor Pu Yi, who had abdicated the Chinese throne in 1912, was installed as president of Japanese-controlled Manchuria.

  • In 1942, after the surrender of Allied forces in Indonesia, the Japanese finally took Java after much jungle fighting.

  • In 1943, Bobby Fischer, world chess champion, born. In 1972 he became the first American to win the world chess championship when he beat Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union in Reykjavik.

  • In 1945, the U.S. 1st Army captured Bonn.

  • In 1956, Archbishop Makarios, suspected of terrorism by the British, was deported from Cyprus to the Seychelles.

  • In 1970, a week after Rhodesia became a self-styled republic, the United States announced it was to close its consulate in Salisbury.

  • In 1976, 42 people died in Cavalese in the world's worst cable car disaster; one teen-age girl survived.

  • In 1991, Yugoslavia deployed tanks in Belgrade after bloody clashes between riot police and tens of thousands of anti-Communist protesters.

  • In 1992, former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin died. Once a member of the Irgun Zvai Leumi resistance group and a hardliner concerning the Arabs, he won the Nobel peace prize in 1978 for his part in the Camp David settlement with President Anwar Sadat of Egypt.

  • In 1994, Spanish actor Fernando Rey, who starred in "The French Connection" and the films of Luis Bunuel, died at the age of 76.

  • In 1995, U.S. President Bill Clinton approved a visa for Irish nationalist leader Gerry Adams to enter the United States.

  • In 1996, George Burns, one of America's best loved and most enduring entertainers, died less than two months after celebrating his 100th birthday.

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    Holidays and more

  • Australia marks Labor Day

  • It's Baron Bliss Day in Belize.

  • Canada, the British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar honor Commonwealth Day.

  • New Zealand marks the Provincial Anniversary.

  • World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer is 55.

  • Singer-Musician Mickey Gilley ("Stand by Me") is 62.

  • Actor Emmanuel Lewis ("Webster") is 27.

  • Baseball star Benito Santiago is 33.

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    Sources: Associated Press,
    Chase's Calendar of Events 1998, J.P. Morgan

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