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Saturday, April 18, 1998

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  • "No one's ever going to prove the cloth is the shroud of Christ -- for that matter, how can you prove Christ?"

    -- Shroud of Turin expert Rex Morgan

    Today's events

  • The National Football League draft begins.

  • Heads of state meet for the second Summit of the Americas in Santiago, Chile.

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    On the horizon

  • On Sunday, April 19, the Third Big Stinkin' International Improv and Sketch Comedy Festival opens in Austin, Texas.

  • On Monday, April 20, the U.S. Senate returns from spring recess.

  • On Tuesday, April 21, the United States and North Korea begin the first of five joint operations to recover remains of U.S. servicemen lost during the Korean War.

  • Wednesday, April 22, is Earth Day.

  • Thursday, April 23, is the 6th annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day in the United States.

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    On this day

  • In 1328, Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV, or Louis the Bavarian, deposed Pope John XXII in Rome in a quarrel over who exercised superior authority. Peter of Corbara was elected anti-pope as Nicholas V.

  • In 1480, Lucrezia Borgia, Italian noblewoman and illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI, was born.

  • In 1504, Filippino Lippi, early Renaissance painter and son of Fra Lippi, died. Famed for his work in the Caraffa Chapel in Rome, his most popular painting is "The Vision of St. Bernard."

  • In 1689, British Chief Justice Judge George Jeffreys died in the Tower of London. He presided over the "Bloody Assizes" following the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685.

  • In 1775, Paul Revere rode from Charlestown to Lexington to warn the Massachussetts colonists of the arrival of British troops at the start of the American Revolution.

  • In 1797, Louis-Adolph Thiers, French statesman, was born. He was the founder and first president of the Third Republic.

  • In 1820, Franz von Suppe, Austrian composer of light operas, was born. His most successful operettas include "Leichte Kavallerie" and "Boccaccio."

  • In 1847, in the American-Mexican War, Gen. Winfield Scott with 8,500 men attacked and defeated Gen. Santa Anna with 12,000 men at the battle of Cerro-Gordo.

  • In 1882, Leopold Stokowski, orchestral conductor, was born in London. Founder of the American Symphony Orchestra, he made three films, including Walt Disney's "Fantasia," with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

  • In 1906, an earthquake struck San Francisco. The quake and resulting fires devastated the city, leaving more than 200,000 people homeless and more than 1,000 dead.

  • In 1909, 15th century French heroine Joan of Arc was beatified at a ceremony at the Vatican.

  • In 1923, Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees baseball team, was opened.

  • In 1934, the first launderette, the "Washateria," was opened at Fort Worth, Texas, by J.F. Cantrell.

  • In 1936, Ottorino Respighi, Italian composer, died. He is best known for his orchestral pieces including the "Pines of Rome."

  • In 1942, in World War II, U.S. aircraft commanded by James Doolittle bombed Tokyo for the first time as well as Yokohama and Nagoya.

  • In 1945, Ernie Pyle, one of the most famous war correspondents of World War II, was killed by Japanese machine-gun fire on the island of Ii Shima in the Pacific. The 1945 film "G.I. Joe" was about his coverage of the Italian campaign.

  • In 1946, the League of Nations dissolved itself and all its assets were handed over to the United Nations.

  • In 1949, Southern Ireland came into being with the passing of the Republic of Ireland Act.

  • In 1951, France, West Germany, Italy and the three Benelux countries signed a treaty in Paris setting up the European Coal and Steel Community.

  • In 1954, Gamal Abdel Nasser became prime minister of Egypt.

  • In 1955, Albert Einstein, German-born scientist, died. He formulated the Theory of Relativity and won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.

  • In 1968, London Bridge was sold to American Robert McCullough for 1 million pounds. It was later re-erected in Arizona.

  • In 1974, the Washington District Court conducting the Watergate proceedings issued a subpoena on President Richard Nixon to produce tape recordings and other material demanded by the special prosecutor.

  • In 1978, the U.S. Senate ratified the second Panama Canal Treaty, providing for the operation and defense of the canal until 1999.

  • In 1978, Chilean President Augusto Pinochet announced a new Cabinet composed for the first time since the 1973 coup mainly of civilians.

  • In 1980, Rhodesia gained legal independence as Zimbabwe under President Canaan Banana.

    In 1982, the name of the capital of Zimbabwe was changed from Salisbury to Harare.

  • In 1983, a suicide bomb shattered the U.S. embassy in Beirut, killing at least 63 people.

  • In 1988, an Israeli court convicted John Demjanjuk of Nazi war crimes, saying he was the gas chamber operator "Ivan The Terrible" at the Treblinka death camp in World War II.

  • In 1993, in Pakistan, the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was dismissed by President Ishaq Khan.

  • In 1996, more than 100 Lebanese refugees were killed when Israeli artillery shells ripped into a crowded U.N. peacekeepers base where they were sheltering.

  • In 1996, Britain withdrew an expulsion order on Saudi dissident Mohammed al-Masari, whose presence had threatened lucrative arms deals with Riyadh, and said he could stay in the country for four more years.

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    Seventy-five years ago, one of baseball's greatest ballpark was born in the Bronx. Take a trip back in history to Yankee Stadium.



  • It is Health Day in Kiribati.

  • It is Independence Day in Zimbabwe.

  • Actress Barbara Hale (Della Street on "Perry Mason") is 76.

  • Actress Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch") is 22.

  • Actor John James ("Dynasty") is 42.

  • Actress Dorothy Lyman ("Mama's Family," "All My Children") is 51.

  • Actress Hayley Mills ("The Parent Trap") is 52/

  • Actor and writer Rick Moranis ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids") is 44.

  • TV host Conan O'Brien is 35.

  • Actor Eric Roberts ("Star 80") is 42.

  • Actor James Woods ("The Onion Field") is 51.

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    Sources: Associated Press,
    Chase's Calendar of Events 1998, J.P. Morgan

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