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Thursday, May 14, 1998

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  • "I have to work. I'm taking a big risk. Sooner or later they might break my windows,"

    -- New York City cabbie Juan Morales on how his fellow cabbies might react to his working despite a call for a 24-hour work boycott

    Today's events

  • The final episode of "Seinfeld" will air on NBC.

  • U.S. President Clinton travels to Eisenach, Germany, and then to Birmingham, England.

  • The casket containing the remains of a serviceman from the Vietnam War is to be removed from a crypt within the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery to undergo identification tests.

  • Whitewater figure Susan McDougal will be arraigned in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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    On the horizon

  • On Friday, May 15, the presentation of the annual Daytime Emmy Awards is to be held. For the 18th time, "All My Children" actress Susan Lucci has been nominated for best actress.

  • On Saturday, May 16, it's the running of the Preakness, the second in horse-racing's Triple Crown.

  • On Sunday, May 17, the National Basketball Association draft lottery takes place.

  • On Monday, May 18, the annual meeting of the Socialist International will be held in Norway.

  • On Tuesday, May 19, the National Geography Bee finals will be held in Washington.

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    On this day

  • In 649, Theodore I ended his reign as Catholic Pope.

  • In 1264, the Baron's War was fought in England.

  • In 1796, the first smallpox inoculation was administered by Edward Jenner.

  • In 1804, Lewis & Clark set out from St. Louis for the Pacific Coast.

  • In 1811, Paraguay gained independence from Spain.

  • In 1904, the first Olympics in the United States were held St. Louis.

  • In 1940, the Netherlands surrendered to Germany.

  • In 1955, the Warsaw Pact was formed.

  • In 1962, Princess Sophia of Greece wedded Don Juan Carlos of Spain.

  • In 1973, the first Space Station, Skylab, was launched.

  • In 1990, the Dow Jones industrial average hit a record 2,821.53 points.

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    Well, tonight's the night -- "Seinfeld" goes out on a high note. If you just can't get enough, check out the official Seinfeld site for a fix.



  • Today is the Jewish holiday of Lag B'Omer.

  • Musician Jack Bruce is 55.

  • Singer David Byrne of the Talking Heads is 46.

  • Actress Meg Foster ("Cagney & Lacey") is 50.

  • Filmmaker George Lucas ("Star Wars") is 54.

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    Sources: Associated Press,
    Chase's Calendar of Events 1998, J.P. Morgan

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