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  Daily Almanac
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Wednesday, July 8, 1998

quote   "I'm really scared. The bulls have got pretty big horns."

-- U.S. student Derek Hoffman, in Pamplona, Spain, for the running of the bulls


today's events

  • The U.S. Postal Service is expected to announce the results of nationwide balloting for the 1960s "Celebrate the Century" series of stamps.

  • Poet Maya Angelou and Dr. Henry Foster will speak in Washington as the Black Church Initiative of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice holds a follow-up to last year's National Black Religious Summit on Sexuality.

on the horizon

  • On Thursday, July 9, Amy Grossberg and Brian Patterson are scheduled to be sentenced in Wilmington, Delaware, on charges related to the November 1996 death of their baby, who was delivered in secret and dumped in a trash bin.

  • On Friday, July 10, National Organization for Women is scheduled to hold its annual meeting in Rochester, New York.

  • On Saturday, July 11, the Three Tenors are scheduled to perform at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to mark the end of the World Cup.

  • On Sunday, July 12, the final World Cup soccer game will be played in Saint Denis, France.

  • On Monday, July 13, the Orange Order has been given permission to march through a Catholic neighborhood in the Lower Ormeau section of Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Money burning a whole in your pocket? Turn those dollar bills into origami butterflies! Here's how.

  • Myanmar (foremrly Burma) celebrates the Full Moon of Waso.
  • TV executive Roone Arledge is 67.
  • Actor Kevin Bacon ("Apollo 13") is 40.
  • Actress Kim Darby ("True Grit") is 50.
  • U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Texas) is 56.
  • Actress Anjelica Huston ("Prizzi's Honor") is 47.
  • Singer Steve Lawrence is 63.
  • Actor Jeffrey Tambor ("The Larry Sanders Show") is 54.

on this day

  • In 1663, King Charles II of England granted a charter to Rhode Island.

  • In 1693, New York City authorized the first police uniforms in American colonies.

  • In 1709, Russia defeated Sweden in the Battle of Poltava.

  • In 1776, Col. John Nixon gave the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

  • In 1777, Vermont became the first state to abolish slavery.

  • In 1796, the U.S. State Department issued its first American passport.

  • In 1797, William Blount of Tennessee became the first U.S. senator to be expelled by impeachment.

  • In 1870, Congress authorized the registration of trademarks.

  • In 1889, the Wall Street Journal began publishing.

  • In 1950, Gen. Douglas MacArthur was named commander-in-chief of the United Nations forces in Korea.

  • In 1961, the Portuguese steamer Save broke up off Mozambique; 227 people died.

  • In 1978, Bjorn Borg of Sweden won his third consecutive title at Wimbledon.

  • In 1978, Pioneer-Venus 2 multiprobe was launched to Venus.

  • In 1981, the U.S. Senate confirmed Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court.

  • In 1994, North Korean leader Kim Il Sung died.

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