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Saturday, July 18, 1998

quote   It is a catastrophic situation. It cuts across all types of crops and livestock. It's just going to be a very, very bad year, and it is probably too late to salvage much.

-- Gene Hall of the Texas Farm Bureau, discussing the effects of the heat wave


today's events

  • The official ceremony to unveil the African-American Civil War Memorial will be held in Washington.

  • The National Aviation Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Dayton, Ohio, will feature astronaut James Lovell, commander of Apollo 13.

on the horizon

  • On Sunday, July 19, the 1998 Goodwill Games begin in New York.

  • On Monday, July 20, Burundi peace talks are scheduled to resume in Tanzania.

  • On Tuesday, July 21, INET '98, a conference focusing on the evolution of the Internet, opens in Geneva.

  • On Wednesday, July 22, U.S. Vice President Al Gore is expected to be in Ukraine.

  • On Thursday, July 23, the announcement of the nominees for the 50th annual Emmy Awards will be made in Los Angeles.


The African-American Civil War Memorial will be unveiled today in Washington. To learn about the role of African-Americans in the bloody war between the states, click here.

  • Papua New Guinea celebrates Provincial Government Day.
  • Uruguay celebrates Constitution Day.
  • Actor James Brolin ("Hotel") is 57.
  • Sportscaster Dick Button is 69.
  • Actor Hume Cronyn ("Cocoon") is 87.
  • Singer Dion Di Mucci is 59.
  • Politician and astronaut John Glenn is 77.
  • Basketball player Penny Hardaway is 26.
  • Actress Elizabeth McGovern ("Ordinary People") is 37.
  • Singer Martha Reeves (of Martha and the Vandellas) is 57.
  • Musician Ricky Skaggs ("I Don't Care") is 44.
  • Writer Hunter S. Thompson is 59.
  • Poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko us 65.

on this day

  • In 64, the great fire of Rome destroyed two-thirds of the city. The emperor Nero suspected Christians of causing it and they were subsequently persecuted.

  • In 1536, the authority of the pope was declared void in England by an act of Parliament.

  • In 1915, the Second Battle of Isonzo began in World War I. A series of battles on this river were fought during the year with no gain for the Italians and the loss of 280,000 men.

  • In 1925, Adolf Hitler published the first volume of his personal manifesto, "Mein Kampf."

  • In 1936, the Spanish Civil War began in the early hours of the morning with a revolt at Melilla in Spanish Morocco.

  • In 1951, Jersey Joe Walcott defeated Ezzard Charles to become world heavyweight boxing champion.

  • In 1969, Sen. Edward Kennedy crashed his car off the Chappaquidick Island bridge; his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, died in the accident.

  • In 1971, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Ajman and Fujeirah, decided to form the Union of Arab Emirates.

  • In 1972, Egypt demanded the Soviet Union remove its 20,000 advisers from the country, accusing it of failing to supply promised arms.

  • In 1976, the 21st Olympic Games opened in Montreal, with Taiwan being refused entry and 19 nations withdrawing in protest against New Zealand's rugby tour of South Africa.

  • In 1984, a gunman massacred 20 people at a McDonald's restaurant in California saying, "I don't like Mondays" -- even though it was a Wednesday.

  • In 1990, the rebel Soviet republic of Lithuania passed a new provisional law on local military service, challenging Moscow's right to conscript its young men.

  • In 1994, 96 people were killed when a bomb ripped through a Buenos Aires Jewish community center.

  • In 1997, U.S. astronomer Eugene Shoemaker, died at 69. He helped to discover the giant Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet which slammed into the planet Jupiter in 1994. He was killed in a car crash in the Australian outback.

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