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  Daily Almanac
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Wednesday, July 29, 1998

quote   We, as counsel for Monica Lewinsky, have reached an agreement today that for her full and truthful testimony, she will receive transactional immunity in this case.

-- Attorney Plato Cacheris, on Tuesday, announcing the immunity deal for former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.


today's events

  • U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is scheduled to visit Papua New Guinea to offer support as the South Pacific nation tries to recover from a devastating tidal wave.

  • Powerball 16, with an estimated $250 million jackpot, is scheduled to be drawn.

  • A state board in New Jersey is scheduled to hold a hearing to consider Mike Tyson's application for boxing license.

on the horizon

  • On Thursday, July 30, the Romance Writers of America are scheduled to begin their national convention in Los Angeles.

  • On Friday, July 31, U.S. President Bill Clinton is tentatively scheduled to travel to East Hampton, New York, for DNC fund-raising events.

  • On Saturday, August 1, a memorial service for Alan Shepard, the first American in space, is scheduled at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

  • On Sunday, August 2, the 1998 National Urban League's annual conference is scheduled to begin in Philadelphia.

  • On Monday, August 3, a ceremony officially dedicating a postage stamp honoring film director Alfred Hitchcock is scheduled in Los Angeles.


On this day in 1981, Charles, Prince of Wales, and heir to the British throne, married Diana Spencer at St Paul's Cathedral in London. To learn more about the royal family, including Princess Diana's life and tragic death, click here.

  • Today is Independence Day in Peru.
  • American Red Cross President Elizabeth H. Dole is 62.
  • ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings is 60.
  • Rock musician Neal Doughty (REO Speedwagon) is 52.
  • Marilyn Tucker Quayle, wife of former Vice President Dan Quayle, is 49.
  • Rock musician Simon Kirke (Bad Company) is 49.
  • Documentary maker Ken Burns is 45.
  • Country singer Martina McBride is 32.
  • Rock musician Chris Gorman (Belly) is 31.
  • Actor Wil Wheaton ("Star Trek: The Next Generation") is 26.
  • Actor Stephen Dorff ("I Shot Andy Warhol") is 25.

on this day

  • In 1030, Olaf II was killed at the battle of Stiklestad attempting to recover his Norwegian throne from the Danes.

  • In 1565, Mary Queen of Scots married her cousin, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

  • In 1588, the Spanish Armada of about 125 ships sent by Philip II to try to invade England was defeated by an English fleet under Lord Howard and Sir Francis Drake. Over the next month what was left of the armada was pursued along the North Sea and out into the Atlantic.

  • In 1848, hopes of a nationalist uprising in Ireland were dashed when an insurrection at Tipperary led by William Smith O'Brien failed.

  • In 1900, Umberto I, king of Italy, was assassinated at Monza by anarchist Gaetano Bresci.

  • In 1930, the airship R100 set out on its first passenger-carrying flight from England to Canada.

  • In 1937, in the continuing conflict between Japan and China, Japanese forces took Tientsin.

  • In 1948, the first Olympic Games after World War II opened in London at Wembley Stadium.

  • In 1967, during the Vietnam War, the U.S. aircraft carrier Forrestal was damaged by fire, killing 130.

  • In 1968, leaders of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union met to try and resolve their differences over Czech reforms.

  • In 1968, Pope Paul VI, in an encyclical entitled "Humanae Vitae" (Of Human Life), declared that any artificial forms of birth control were prohibited by the Roman Catholic Church.

  • In 1975, a bloodless coup in Nigeria ousted General Yakubu Gowon while he was at an Organization of African Unity summit.

  • In 1979, Nigeria announced the nationalization of British Petroleum's remaining oil interests in the country.

  • In 1981, Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, married Diana Spencer at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

  • In 1992, former East German leader Erich Honecker arrived in Berlin to face manslaughter charges for deaths along the Berlin Wall. Honecker had spent eight months in Chile's embassy in Moscow.

  • In 1993, the Israeli Supreme Court cleared John Demjanjuk of war crimes after hearing evidence that he was known as "Ivan the Terrible" at prison camps.

  • In 1994, former Italian prime minister Bettino Craxi was sentenced to 8 1/2 years in jail after being found guilty of fraud.

  • In 1994, two people, including a doctor wearing a bulletproof vest, were shot and killed outside an abortion clinic by an anti-abortion protester in Florida.

  • In 1996, China carried out a nuclear explosion at its Lop Nor nuclear testing ground measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale.

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