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  Daily Almanac
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Sunday, August 9, 1998

quote   Rarely do you get good intelligence information that you can pass on to U.S. citizens that would allow them to take evasive action.

-- U.S. terrorism expert Larry Johnson


today's events

  • The 1998 Nike World Masters windsurfer games are scheduled to begin in Portland, Oregon.

on the horizon

  • On Monday, August 10, a trial for Whitewater figure Susan McDougal is to begin in Santa Monica, California. She's charged with embezzling $150,000 from conductor Zubin Mehta and his wife while she worked as their bookkeeper.

  • On Tuesday, August 11, Mikail Markhasev, convicted of murdering Ennis Cosby, son of entertainer Bill Cosby, is scheduled to be sentenced in Santa Monica, California. Markhasev faces possible life in prison without parole.

  • On Wednesday, August 12, about 400 professional truck drivers from 50 states are expected to compete in the 1998 National Truck Driving Championships in Long Beach, California.

  • On Thursday, August 13, about 300 children -- from infants to 10-year-olds -- dress up for the 89th annual Baby Parade in Ocean City, New Jersey, the oldest event of its kind in the nation.

  • On Friday, August 14, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine holds conference in New Jersey.


A pair of major explosions near U.S. embassies rocked two African capitals early Friday, killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds. View images of the bombings' aftermath by clicking here.

  • Today is the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.
  • Today is Herbert Hoover Day.
  • Today is Singapore Independence Day.
  • Actress Amanda Bearse is 40.
  • Basketball legend Bob Cousy is 70.
  • U.S. Secretary of Commerce William Daley is 50.
  • Actress Melanie Griffith is 41.
  • Singer Whitney Houston is 35.
  • Hockey player Brett Hull is 34.
  • Former boxer Ken Norton Sr. is 53.
  • Football player Deion Sanders is 31.
  • Comedian David Steinberg is 56.

on this day

  • In 378, Roman Emperor Valens attacked the Visigoths in the decisive battle of Adrianople. The Gothic cavalry routed the Romans killing over 20,000 including the Emperor.

  • In 1593, English writer Izaak Walton born. Famous for "The Compleat Angler" (1653) describing the pleasures of fishing, he also wrote several biographies notably of English poet John Donne.

  • In 1653, Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp was killed following the battle of Terheijde with the English fleet off the Dutch coast. He was the Dutch commander at the defeat of a superior Spanish fleet at the Battle of the Downs (1639).

  • In 1792, in France the Legislative Assembly ended its session with calls for revolution and without debating the motions for the removal of the King Louis XVI.

  • In 1809, William Barret Travis, Texan lawyer and revolutionary army officer, born. He commanded Texan forces at the Battle of the Alamo and died there on March 6, 1836.

  • In 1830, Louis-Philippe formally accepted the crown of France after the abdication of Charles X on August 2.

  • In 1842, the Webster-Ashburton Treaty between the U.S. and Britain was signed. It established the boundary between the United States and Canada from Maine to the Great Lakes.

  • In 1896, Leonide Massine, Russian dancer and choreographer, born. He became principal dancer with the Ballet Russe and created many ballets for Diaghilev.

  • In 1896, Jean Piaget, Swiss psychologist, born. He was best known for his pioneering efforts in researching the development of cognitive functions in children.

  • In 1902, Edward VII was crowned King of Great Britain and Ireland at Westminster Abbey.

  • In 1903, in Rome, following the death of Pope Leo XIII, Giuseppe Sarto was crowned as Pope Pius X before 70,000 people.

  • In 1942, following the passing of a "Quit India" campaign by the All-India Congress, Mahatma Gandhi and 50 others were arrested in Bombay.

  • In 1969, actress Sharon Tate, wife of film director Roman Polanski, was found brutally murdered with four others at their house in Beverly Hills, California.

  • In 1971, security forces in Northern Ireland detained hundreds of guerrilla suspects and put them in the Maze prison, the beginning of an internment without trial policy. Over 20 died in riots which followed.

  • In 1974, Gerald Ford was sworn in as 38th president of the United States after the resignation of Richard Nixon became effective.

  • In 1975, Dimitri Shostakovitch, Russian composer, died. He wrote 15 symphonies as well as operas, ballets and film and theatre scores.

  • In 1990, China's first airship, 40 metres (130 feet) long, made its maiden flight over the central province of Hubei.

  • In 1995, Jerry Garcia, leader of the Grateful Dead rock band and a leading symbol of the counter-culture revolution of the 1960s, died of an apparent heart attack.

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