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  Daily Almanac
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Sunday, August 16, 1998

quote   We have had men, women and children slaughtered here this afternoon, slaughtered by murderers who wanted to murder ... who gave us a totally inaccurate warning.

-- Northern Ireland Police Chief Ronnie Flanagan


today's events

  • The National Conference of Christians and Jews is scheduled to present a humanitarian award to Cardinal Francis George in Chicago.

on the horizon

  • On Monday, August 17, U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to testify in the Monica Lewinsky matter, answering questions from Independent Counsel Ken Starr's grand jury from the White House via closed-circuit television.

  • On Tuesday, August 18, possible arraignment is scheduled for Russell Weston Jr., charged in the fatal July 24 shootings at the U.S. Capitol.

  • On Wednesday, August 19, U.S. President Bill Clinton celebrates his 52nd birthday.

  • On Thursday, August 20, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright departs for Santa Fe, New Mexico, to meet with the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations.

  • On Friday, August 21, Cuban President Fidel Castro is to visit the Dominican Republic -- his first visit since coming to power in 1959.


The world lost one of the greatest rock'n'roll legends of all-time 21 years ago today, when Elvis Presley died at age 42 in Memphis, Tennessee. Visit the King's official Web site at Elvis Presley's Graceland.

  • The Dominican Republic observes the Restoration of the Republic.
  • Gabon Republic marks National Day.
  • Sportscaster and NFL legend Frank Gifford is 68.
  • TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford is 45.
  • Madonna is 40.
  • Actor Timothy Hutton ("Taps") is 38.
  • Actress Julie Newmar (Cat Woman on TV's "Batman") is 63.
  • Actor Fess Parker ("Daniel Boone") is 71.
  • Actor Reginald VelJohnson ("Die Hard") is 46.
  • Actress Lesley Ann Warren ("Victor/Victoria") is 52.

on this day

  • In 1513, English and German forces under Henry VIII defeated the French at Guinegate, in what was called "The Battle of the Spurs."

  • In 1777, American patriots led by Gen. John Stark defeated the British at the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolution.

  • In 1780, Americans led by Gen. Horatio Gates were defeated by the British, led by Gen. Lord Cornwallis, at Camden, New Jersey, during the American Revolution.

  • In 1812, U.S. forces in Detroit surrendered to the British in the War of 1812.

  • In 1819, the Peterloo Massacre occurred in Manchester, England. Several deaths and hundreds of injuries were caused when troops were called in to disperse a meeting on parliamentary reform.

  • In 1914, Liege fell to the Germans after unexpectedly fierce Belgian resistance and heavy German casualties.

  • In 1960, Cyprus became an independent republic, with Archbishop Makarios as its first president.

  • In 1962, Algeria was admitted to the Arab League.

  • In 1966, the Declaration of Bogota was signed, calling for the economic integration of Latin America and non-intervention in the internal affairs of American states.

  • In 1972, Morocco's King Hassan II escaped unhurt when an airliner carrying him to Rabat was fired on by Moroccan Air Force pilots.

  • In 1974, Greek left-wing leader Andreas Papandreou returned home after six years of self-imposed exile.

  • In 1977, Elvis Presley died aged 42 from heart failure brought on by abuse of prescribed drugs.

  • In 1984, John De Lorean was acquitted in Los Angeles of charges that he conspired to import 100 kg of cocaine, and use the proceeds to save his financially-troubled Northern Ireland sports car company.

  • In 1990, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein warned U.S. President George Bush that thousands of the troops he sent to the Gulf would return home in coffins.

  • In 1995, Bermudans voted to remain a British colony.

  • In 1996, Leonel Fernandez, a 42-year-old lawyer who grew up in New York City, became the 100th president of the Dominican Republic.

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