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  Daily Almanac
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Sunday, August 30, 1998

quote   We are already part of the world economy and there will be no return to the past.

-- Acting Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin


today's events

  • U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to return from his vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

on the horizon

  • On Monday, August 31, the world remembers the anniversary of Princess Diana's death one year ago in a Paris car crash.

  • On Tuesday, September 1, U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to visit Russia for a summit with Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

  • On Wednesday, September 2, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has recalled Parliament for a special session to debate new anti-terrorism legislation.

  • On Thursday, September 3, U.S. President Bill Clinton scheduled to begin trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  • On Friday, September 4, the start of the Million Youth Movement begins in Atlanta.


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  • Actress Elizabeth Ashley ("Cat on a Hot Tin Roof") is 57.
  • Actor Timothy Bottoms ("The Paper Chase") is 47.
  • Actress Peggy Lipton ("Twin Peaks") is 51.
  • NBA legend Robert Parish is 45.
  • Actor David Paymer ("City Slickers") is 44.

on this day

  • In 30 B.C., Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, died. She is said to have committed suicide by allowing a poisonous snake to bite her breast.

  • In 1125, Lothair II, Duke of Saxony, was elected king of the Germans.

  • In 1483, Louis XI of France died and was succeeded by his son Charles VIII. His sister Anne of Beaujeu acted as Regent.

  • In 1797, Mary Shelley, English novelist, was born. She wrote the classic "Frankenstein."

  • In 1862, the Second Battle of Bull Run took place in the U.S. Civil War. Confederate forces under Gen. Stonewall Jackson defeated the Federal troops.

  • In 1881, Clement Ader patented the first stereophonic sound system in Germany.

  • In 1914, the Battle of Tannenberg, one of history's great military disasters, ended after the Russian Second Army was enveloped and crushed by the Germans, losing 30,000 troops.

  • In 1916, Turkey declared war on Romania.

  • In 1918, Lenin, new leader of Soviet Russia, after speaking at the Michelson factory in Moscow, was shot and wounded by Fanya Kaplan and her accomplice sister Dora both supposedly members of the Social Revolutionary Party.

  • In 1928, Jawaharlal Nehru founded the Independence of India League to work toward freedom from British rule.

  • In 1932, Hermann Goering was elected president of the German Reichstag.

  • In 1940, Sir J.J. Thomson, English physicist who discovered the electron in 1897, died at age 83. He was buried near Isaac Newton in the nave of Westminster Abbey.

  • In 1944, in Romania, the Russian army captured the important oil fields of Ploesti from the Germans thus depriving them of a source of military fuel.

  • In 1945, Hong Kong was liberated when the British navy under Rear Adm. Cecil Harcourt sailed into Victoria harbor to accept the Japanese surrender.

  • In 1957, U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina set a new filibuster record in Congress when he spoke for over 24 hours against a civil rights bill.

  • In 1963, a hot line link between the Kremlin and the White House went into operation, designed to reduce the risk of accidental war.

  • In 1973, Kenya banned the hunting of elephants and the trade in ivory.

  • In 1981, Iranian President Mohammad Ali Rajai and Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar were killed in a bomb blast at the prime ministers office in Tehran.

  • In 1982, PLO leader Yasser Arafat abandoned his headquarters in Beirut following an Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

  • In 1983, Lt. Col. Guion Bluford became the first African-American in space, one of a crew of five on the space shuttle Challenger.

  • In 1991, Azerbaijan declared independence from the Soviet Union.

  • In 1996, the Dutch government ended national service after 187 years.

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