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  Daily Almanac
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Tuesday, September 1, 1998

quote   Russia today is, in essence, on the verge of economic and political breakdown. We can end the crisis in Russia only by concerted action, but time is running out.

-- Viktor Chernomyrdin


today's events

  • U.S. President Bill Clinton is to arrive in Moscow for a summit with Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

  • The College Board is scheduled to hold a news conference in Washington, D.C., to discuss possible changes in academic preparation, test scores and demographics of students taking the SATs and Advanced Placement tests.

  • Blockbuster "Titanic" arrives in video stores.

  • Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo is scheduled to deliver his annual state of the nation address in Mexico City.

on the horizon

  • On Wednesday, September 2, a special session of the British Parliament is to debate new anti-terrorism legislation.

  • On Thursday, September 3, U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to begin a trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  • On Friday, September 4, the start of the Million Youth Movement begins in Atlanta.

  • On Saturday, September 5, a Million Youth March for young professionals is planned in New York.

  • On Sunday, September 6, prayers are scheduled to be said for Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, where her funeral was held one year ago today.


Still mourning the death of Princess Diana? Click here.

  • Today is National Day in Libya.
  • It's Constitution Day in the Slovak Republic.
  • Country singer Boxcar Willie is 67.
  • Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards is 65.
  • Conductor Seiji Ozawa is 63.
  • Actor Ron O'Neal ("Super Fly") is 61.
  • Actor Don Stroud ("License to Kill")is 61.
  • Comedian-actress Lily Tomlin ("Laugh-In") is 59.
  • Singer Barry Gibb (The Bee Gees) is 52.
  • Singer Gloria Estefan is 41.
  • Jazz musician Boney James is 37.
  • Rap DJ Spigg Nice (Lost Boyz) is 28.

on this day

  • In 891, Arnulf defeated the Vikings from Scandinavia at the battle of Louvain in Belgium.

  • In 1494, Charles VIII of France invaded Italy in an attempt to claim the throne of Naples.

  • In 1858, the East India Company's government of India ended with the British crown taking over its territories and duties.

  • In 1864, the Charlottetown Conference began on Prince Edward Island, representing the first steps toward Canadian confederation.

  • In 1864, in the American Civil War, the Confederates under Gen. John Hood abandoned the city of Atlanta. It was occupied by Gen. Sherman the next day and soon set ablaze.

  • In 1870, in the Franco-Prussian War, the French under Napoleon III were heavily defeated by the Prussians under Moltke at the battle of Sedan. This defeat opened the path to Paris.

  • In 1878, Emma Nutt became the first woman telephone operator when she went to work for Edwin Holmes and his Telephone Dispatch Company in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • In 1916, Bulgaria declared war on Romania in World War I.

  • In 1923, a magnitude-7.9 earthquake struck Japan and completely destroyed Yokahama and nearly destroyed Tokyo. At least 142,000 people were killed and 2.5 million made homeless.

  • In 1928, Albania was declared a kingdom, with Zog I as ruler.

  • In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, heralding the start of World War II. Norway, Finland and Switzerland declared their neutrality, and Italy said it was non-belligerent.

  • In 1946, Greeks voted to recall Kin George II to the throne. He had been living in exile in England.

  • In 1953, Jacques Thibaud, French violinist, died in an air crash. Famed for his technique, he was a member of the famous trio with Alfred Cortot and Pablo Casals.

  • In 1962, an earthquake struck northwestern Iran, killing 12,000 people and destroying more than 300 villages.

  • In 1967, an Arab summit lifted the oil embargo on Western states imposed during the Six-Day war.

  • In 1969, military officers overthrew the Libyan government, and Col. Moammar Gadhafi came to power.

  • In 1981, a bloodless coup ousted President David Dacko of the Central African Republic.

  • In 1983, a Soviet fighter plane shot down a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747, KAL Flight 007, near Sakhalin island, killing all 269 on board.

  • In 1990, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union signed the first agreement between Comecon countries to conduct their trade in convertible currencies and use world prices.

  • In 1995, chief warlord Charles Taylor and other key militia leaders were installed in a new ruling council in Liberia.

  • In 1997, in France, the prosecutor's office said the driver of the car in which Princess Diana was killed, was over the legal alcohol limit.

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