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  Daily Almanac
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Monday, September 7, 1998

quote   Every time we drive by the ocean or the rocks, we will remember the people who have become spiritually part of our community.

-- Rev. Richard Walsh of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, the fishing village nearest the crash site of Swissair Flight 111


today's events

  • The Russian lower house of parliament, or Duma, was scheduled to vote on President Boris Yeltsin's choice for prime minister, Viktor Chernomyrdin.

  • The United States observes Labor Day.

on the horizon

  • On Tuesday, September 8, a hearing is scheduled for Russell Weston Jr., charged in the U.S. Capitol shootings that killed two Capitol Police officers.

  • On Wednesday, September 9, the House of Representatives returns after Augustrecess.

  • On Thursday, September 10, the House International Relations Committee is to hold a hearing on the safety of U.S. embassies worldwide.

  • On Friday, September 11, a medical ethics conference on "Doctors, Death and Dignity" is to begin in Chautuaqua, New York.


The political and economic chaos is growing more serious in Russia every day. Find out the latest news at Russia Today.

  • Actor Corbin Bernsen ("LA Law") is 44.
  • Actress Susan Blakely ("Shampoo") is 48.
  • Pianist Arthur Ferrante is 77.
  • Singer Chrissie Hynde (lead singer of the Pretenders) is 47.
  • Actress Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson's voice on "The Simpsons") is 47.
  • Filmmaker Elia Kazan ("On the Waterfront") is 89.
  • Actor John Philip Law ("Barbarella") is 61.

on this day

  • In 1533, Queen Elizabeth I of England was born. Daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn, she was queen from 1558-1603.

  • In 1548, Catherine Parr, sixth and last wife of King Henry VIII of England, died soon after giving birth to a daughter.

  • In 1714, the Treaty of Baden was signed between the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI and France, ending the War of Spanish Succession.

  • In 1812, the Russian army under Gen. Kutuzov was defeated at heavy cost by Napoleon at the battle of Borodino, 70 miles west of Moscow. Napoleon entered Moscow a week later.

  • In 1813, the nickname "Uncle Sam" was first used as a symbolic reference to the United States in an editorial in the Troy Post of New York.

  • In 1822, Brazil proclaimed independence from Portugal and Pedro I became the first Emperor of Brazil in December.

  • In 1860, Giuseppe Garibaldi, leading his "Red Shirts," seized Naples in the Italian war of liberation against the Austrians.

  • In 1909, Elia Kazan born as Elia Kazanjoglus. U.S. stage and screen director, he is best known for the films "Viva Zapata" and "On the Waterfront."

  • In 1913, Sir Anthony Quayle born. British actor of stage and screen in films from 1948. Best known for his appearances in "Ice Cold in Alex," "Lawrence of Arabia" and, as Cardinal Wolsey, in "Anne of a Thousand Days."

  • In 1914, James Alfred Van Allen born. U.S. physicist who discovered the two zones of radiation encircling Earth to which he gave his name.

  • In 1940, in World War II, the German airforce under Hermann Goering began its "Blitz" bombing campaign on London. More than 300 people were killed on this day alone.

  • In 1962, Taiwan broke off diplomatic relations with Laos, a few hours after Laos had established diplomatic relations with China and North Vietnam.

  • In 1978, Keith Moon, drummer with British rock group The Who, died after a drug overdose.

  • In 1986, Bishop Desmond Tutu was enthroned as Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa. He was the first black head of South Africa's Anglicans.

  • In 1993, six former Soviet republics, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Tajikistan, signed framework agreement to keep the Russian ruble as their common currency.

  • In 1997, former Zairian dictator Mobutu Sese Seko died in exile in Morocco.

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