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  Daily Almanac
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Sunday, September 27, 1998


McGwire finishes tomorrow and Sosa may not be finished. I know Babe Ruth or Roger Maris will not hit any more.

-- Montreal Expos manager Felipe Alou


today's events

  • National elections are held in Germany.

  • President Clinton wraps up a trip to California and Texas and returns to Washington.

  • U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen visits American troops in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  • China's foreign minister Tang Jiaxuan visits the United States.

on the horizon

  • On Monday, September 28, a hearing is scheduled for U.S. embassy bombing suspect Khalid Salim, charged in the August 7 attack on the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • On Tuesday, September 29, Major League Baseball playoffs begin.

  • Wednesday, September 30, is the last day of the 1998 World's Fair in Lisbon, Portugual.

  • On Thursday, October 1, a hearing is scheduled in Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, in the case of a pilot and navigator of a Marine jet that clipped an Italian ski gondola in February 1998.

  • On Friday, October 2, Pope John Paul II visits Croatia.


Dig that Motown sound by clicking here.

  • Actor Wilford Brimley ("Cocoon") is 64.
  • Singer Shaun Cassidy is 39.
  • Actor Claude Jarman Jr.("The Yearling") is 64.
  • Basketball player Steve Kerr is 33.
  • Actress Jayne Meadows ("The Steve Allen Show") 74.
  • Singer Meat Loaf is 51.
  • Filmmaker Arthur Heller Penn ("Bonnie and Clyde") is 76.
  • Baseball legend Mike Schmidt is 49.

on this day

  • In 1825, the first locomotive to haul a passenger train was operated by George Stephenson in England.

  • In 1854, the first great disaster involving an Atlantic Ocean liner occurred when the steamship "Arctic" sank with 300 people aboard.

  • In 1923, martial law was declared in Germany.

  • In 1939, Warsaw surrendered to the Germans after 19 days of resistance in World War II.

  • In 1959, a typhoon battered the Japanese island of Honshu, killing almost 5,000 people.

  • In 1962 , the army staged a coup in Yemen, and Col. Abdulla el-Sallah rose to premier.

  • In 1970, Jordan's King Hussein and Al Fatah guerrilla leader Yasser Arafat met in Cairo with 10 Arab chiefs of state and signed an agreement ending civil war in Jordan.

  • In 1973, the Soviet Union launched a spacecraft into orbit around Earth with two cosmonauts aboard.

  • In 1988, the Soviet Union, at the United Nations, called on the United States to join Moscow in creating a world space organization.

  • In 1994, Russian President Boris Yeltsin visited the White House.

  • In 1996, Islamic Taliban rebels seized control of Kabul and hanged former Afghan President Najibullah.

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