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  Daily Almanac
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Monday, October 19, 1998


After 20 years of service on the throne of St. Peter, today I can't avoid asking myself some questions: "Have you done all of this? Have you been a diligent and vigilant teacher of the faith of the church?"

-- Pope John Paul II during Sunday's open-air Mass in St. Peter's Square


today's events

  • Microsoft faces a court battle that pits the world's most influential software company against federal antitrust regulators in a struggle that could affect the course of the computer age.

  • Israel's Knesset begins its fall term.

  • The start of testimony is scheduled for three Republic of Texas separatists in Brownsville, Texas. They're accused of plotting to use poisoned cactus needles to assassinate U.S. President Bill Clinton and other government figures.

on the horizon

  • On Tuesday, October 20, a three-member federal appeals court panel is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the sexual harassment case against U.S. President Bill Clinton filed by Paula Corbin Jones in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  • On Wednesday, October 21, a preliminary hearing for Russell Arthur Henderson and Aaron James McKinney, who are charged in the murder of gay Wyoming student Matthew Shepard is scheduled in Laramie, Wyoming.

  • On Thursday, October 22, a House Judiciary constitution subcommittee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the history and background of presidential impeachment in Washington.

  • On Friday, October 23, Thailand observes Chulalongkorn Day, the annual commemoration of the death of King Chulalongkorn the Great, who died October 23, 1910, after a 42-year reign.

  • On Saturday, October 24, Independent Counsel Ken Starr attends a symposium at University of Minnesota commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on United States vs. Nixon.


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  • Boxer Evander Holyfield is 36.
  • Social activist Patricia Ireland is 53.
  • Artist Peter Max is 61.
  • Actor John Lithgow ("3rd Rock from the Sun") is 53.
  • Basketball player Brad Daugherty is 33.
  • Actor Michael Gambon ("The Singing Detective") is 58.

on this day

  • In 1781, Lord Cornwallis surrendered to American Gen. George Washington at Yorktown in Virginia, signaling the end of the American Revolution.

  • In 1813, Napoleon was defeated by the Allies at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig.

  • In 1915, Italy and Russia declared war on Bulgaria.

  • In 1935, the League of Nations imposed sanctions against Italy following its invasion of Ethiopia.

  • In 1943, the Moscow Conference of Foreign Ministers began, aimed at improving allied relations with the Soviet Union.

  • In 1954, Britain and Egypt signed a new Suez Canal pact, calling for withdrawal of British troops from the canal zone within 20 months.

  • In 1960, the U.S. State Department embargoed the shipment to Cuba of all goods except medicine and food.

  • In 1970, British Petroleum made the first major oil find in the British sector of the North Sea.

  • In 1978, Rhodesian troops attacked suspected guerrilla camps in neighboring Zambia, killing 300 people.

  • In 1983, the U.S. Senate passed a bill making Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a public holiday.

  • In 1987, "Black Monday" occurred when Wall Street stocks plunged a record 508 points, or 22.6 percent. The loss topped the one-day declines of October 28 and 29 in 1929, which heralded the Great Depression.

  • In 1989, the murder convictions against Britain's "Guildford Four," jailed since 1975 for IRA attacks on public houses at Guildford and Woolwich in 1974, were quashed.

  • In 1990, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev won parliamentary approval for a plan to switch from old-style Communist central planning to a market economy.

  • In 1994, a suspected Muslim suicide bomber blew up a bus in the heart of Tel Aviv, killing 22 people and wounding more than 40.

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