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  Daily Almanac
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Sunday, October 25, 1998


It's beyond a tragedy. It's really an act of terrorism and, in my mind, a cold-blooded assassination.

-- New York Gov. George Pataki


today's events

  • A two-day event begins today marking the groundbreaking for an Oklahoma City bombing memorial.

  • Former President Jimmy Carter will deliver the Anwar Sadat lecture for peace in College Park, Maryland, at the invitation of the late Egyptian president's wife, Jihan Sadat. The speech commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Camp David Accords.

on the horizon

  • On Monday, October 26, the groundbreaking for the Oklahoma City bombing memorial is to be concluded.

  • On Tuesday, October 27, Germany's newly elected chancellor Gerhard Schroeder will be officially sworn in.

  • On Wednesday, October 28, a trial is scheduled to begin in Independence, Virginia, for Emmett Cressell, one of two white men accused of burning alive a black man who was later beheaded in July 1997.

  • On Thursday, October 29, the launch of space shuttle Discovery from Cape Canaveral, Florida, is to take place on a nine-day Spacehab mission. The crew includes U.S. Sen. John Glenn, 77, as payload specialist.

  • On Friday, October 30, U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to make a New York campaign appearance on behalf of Democratic candidates.


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  • Actor Billy Barty ("Under The Rainbow") is 74.
  • Actor Tony Franciosa ("The Name of the Game") is 70.
  • Actor Brian Kerwin {"The Blue and the Gray") is 49.
  • College basketball coach Bobby Knight is 58.
  • Singer Helen Reddy is 56.
  • Actress Marion Ross ("Happy Days") is 62.
  • Author Anne Tyler is 57.

on this day

  • In 1555, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V handed over Italy and the Netherlands to his son Philip II of Spain.

  • In 1854, in the Crimean War at the battle of Balaclava, Lord Cardigan led the charge of the Light Brigade cavalry against the Russians, one of the most heroic episodes in British military history.

  • In 1909, Prince Ito Hirobumi, a former Japanese premier and president-general in Korea, was assassinated by a Korean nationalist.

  • In 1918, the Battle of Vittorio Veneto, the final Italian action against the Austrians in World War I, took place on the Piave River.

  • In 1920, King Alexander of Greece died from blood poisoning after being bitten by a pet monkey.

  • In 1936, the governments of Italy and Germany met to form the Rome-Berlin Axis, providing mutual assistance and opposition to communism.

  • In 1971, the U.N. General Assembly voted to admit China and to expel Taiwan.

  • In 1976, Transkei became the first of South Africa's black homelands to be given its independence.

  • In 1983, an assault force led by U.S. Marines, backed by token contingents from seven English-speaking Caribbean countries, invaded Grenada.

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