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  Daily Almanac
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Thursday, October 29, 1998


Like other epidemics before it, AIDS is now hitting hardest in areas where knowledge about the disease is scarce and poverty is high.

-- President Clinton, announcing a program to combat AIDS in minority communities


today's events

  • Space shuttle Discovery will be launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The crew includes U.S. Sen. John Glenn, 77, as payload specialist.

  • The sentencing of Melissa Drexler is scheduled in Freehold, New Jersey. She is charged with aggravated manslaughter in death of her newborn boy during her high school prom last year.

  • Christie's of New York is scheduled to auction works by Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Louis Pasteur from the Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine.

on the horizon

  • On Friday, October 30, U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to make a New York campaign appearance on behalf of Democratic candidates.

  • On Saturday, October 31, an executive body of Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants is scheduled to hold an inaugural summit with the Irish.

  • On Sunday, November 1, America's Community Bankers will hold its 1998 convention and director's conference in Chicago with former Sen. Bob Dole scheduled as guest speaker.

  • On Monday, November 2, negotiators from around the world gather for a global warming conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • On Tuesday, November 3, general elections are to be held across the United States.


John Glenn rides again. Click here for the latest.

  • Actor Richard Dreyfuss is 51.
  • Kate Jackson is 50.
  • U.S. Sen Dirk Kempthorne of Idaho is 47.
  • Actress Winona Ryder is 27.
  • Singer Melba Moore is 53.
  • Musician Zoot Sims is 73.
  • Political cartoonist Bill Mauldin is 77.

on this day

  • In 1762, during the Seven Years War, the Austrians were defeated by the Prussians under Prince Henry at the battle of Freiburg. It was the only Prussian victory without Frederick II in command.

  • In 1787, Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni o sia Il Dissoluto Punito" ("Don Juan or the Rake Punished") had its first performance in Prague at the National Theatre.

  • In 1814, the first steam-powered warship, the USS Fulton, was launched at New York. It was designed by Robert Fulton.

  • In 1888, The Constantinople Convention on Free Navigation of the Suez Canal was signed.

  • In 1891, Fanny Brice, U.S. comedienne and actress was born as Fanny Borach. She had a huge following for her burlesque appearances in the Ziegfeld Follies.

  • In 1923, Turkey became a republic under its first president -- nationalist leader Kemal Ataturk.

  • In 1929, prices collapsed at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. The day became known as "Black Tuesday" and led to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

  • In 1945, the first U.S. Medal of Freedom awarded to a woman was given to Anna Rosenberg by Robert Porter Patterson, Secretary of War.

  • In 1956, Israeli troops crossed the border with Egypt and swept into the Sinai peninsula toward the Suez Canal.

  • In 1964, The United Republic of Tanganyika, Zanzibar and Pemba changed its name to Tanzania.

  • In 1972, The Black September guerrilla group hijacked a Lufthansa Boeing 727 as it flew over Turkey and demanded the release of three colleagues still held for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games.

  • In 1973, Klaus Altmann, wanted in France for war crimes under the name of Klaus Barbie, was released after nearly eight months in a Bolivian jail.

  • In 1980, a declaration by Communist party Vice-Chairman Deng Xiaoping that Chairman Mao made serious political mistakes during his rule was made public.

  • In 1996, an auction of 8,000 Austrian Jewish artworks plundered by Adolf Hitler's Nazis in World War II took place at the Vienna Museum for Applied Arts. Proceeds went to Austrian Jewish and non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

  • In 1997, the U.N. Security Council voted to impose air and travel sanctions against Angola's UNITA movement and close its offices abroad as punishment for flouting peace accords.

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