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  Daily Almanac
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Tuesday, November 3, 1998


It looked like a line of helicopters flying really low and coming at us. You could see houses, trees, everything being covered.

-- Ricardo Antonio Garcia, 23-year-old Nicaraguan farmer whose leg was amputated after mudslide


today's events

  • U. S. elections

  • Voters in six states -- Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona -- and the District of Columbia will decide whether to allow marijuana to be grown and distributed for medical reasons.

  • Christie's East in New York will auction sports memorabilia, including Mark McGwire's 50th home run ball and a 1998 game bat, plus American League baseball autographed by Marilyn Monroe.

on the horizon

  • On Wednesday, November 4, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Drnovsek is scheduled to meet with President Clinton in Washington.

  • On Thursday, November 5, Nobel Peace Prize winners plan to gather in Charlottesville, Virginia to discuss ways to promote peace and human rights.

  • On Friday, November 6, Prince Charles scheduled to begin a two-day visit to Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • On Saturday, November 7, Dalai Lama scheduled to attend International Conference on Tibetan Medicine in Washington.

  • On Sunday, November 8, American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, annual meeting, Dallas; 48,000 expected to attend.


For latest on elections click here.

  • Singer Adam Ant is 44.
  • Actor Ken Berry ( "Mayberry RFD") is 65.
  • Actor Charles Bronson ("Death Wish") is 76.
  • Actress Kate Capshaw ("Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom") is 45.
  • Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis is 65.
  • Actor Steve Landesberg ("Barney Miller") is 53.
  • Actor Dolph Lundgren ("Rocky IV") is 39.
  • Comedian Dennis Miller is 45.
  • Comedian Roseanne is 46.

on this day

  • In 1534, England's Parliament passed Act of Supremacy making King Henry VIII head of English church, a role formerly held by the Pope.

  • In 1591, the Lord of Leitrim in Ireland, Sir Brian O'Rourke, executed for sheltering Spaniards from defeated Armada.

  • In 1760, Frederick the Great of Prussia with 44,000 men defeated 65,000 Austrian troops at Torgau in Seven Years War; more than 13,000 Prussians died in the attack.

  • In 1839, first Opium War between China and Britain began when British frigates blew up several Chinese junks off Canton after coming under attack.

  • In 1957, Soviet Union launched the first inhabited space capsule, Sputnik II, carrying a dog named Laika.

  • In 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson elected U.S. president by a huge margin over Barry Goldwater.

  • In 1970, Salvador Allende sworn in as president of Chile.

  • In 1992, Bill Clinton elected president of the United States, defeating George Bush.

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