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April 14, 2009
Posted: 756 GMT

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen explains why a war torn country is bucking the world wide trend.

Fred Pleitgen reports. Click here to watch
Fred Pleitgen reports. Click here to watch

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GLeigh   April 14th, 2009 10:41 pm ET

I don't watch videos or read links, personally. That way I don't offend my friends because several have them and I prefer to look things up the old fashioned way and read. I'm pretty old fashioned in general. So is my husband. But, I see Iraq doing some neat things and I must say that the people are very inspiring. The U.S. went through some stuff, the Civil War, Revolution, whatever, and I wish the people luck. We learn from them. It's never clear cut or easy making decisions and being responsible, but freedom is a special thing. I can't explain it but those who don't have it might be able to explain. Sacrifices are made. That is very sad, but evil does exist. Everywhere. We are not immune. No one is immune. Still – I believe in the higher nature of human beings and good, like Anne Frank.

Professor   April 15th, 2009 8:57 am ET

According to the twisted logic of GLeigh, Carlos, Dan, ... this right-wing extremist groups rise in the US is legitimate becuase the American people chose to elect and African-American president.... so the people of the US has no one to blame but themselves for the poor choice of leadership. Right GLeigh, Carlos, Dan?

(CNN) - Right-wing extremist groups may be using the recession and the election of the nation's first African-American president to recruit members, a Department of Homeland Security report contends.

GLeigh   April 15th, 2009 2:23 pm ET

My husband is Scotish, and conservative, but open. He has to be to live with me. He did vote for President Obama. President Obama, despite the color of his flesh, has always reminded me of my husband who went to Harvard. They are both careful in their words. I fuss at the hubby over his shoes and make him buy new clothes now and then. I use to try, but he never wore them and donated them.

I did not vote for President Obama. I was afraid to elect an African American President and his wife because I worry about fanatics in the background yelling too loud in a powerful country, this one. Well, no more.

The U.S. had problems when he took office. The U.S. will never be perfect though I know there are people blogging here who are perfect. I am not one of them. People tend to panic. Mostly, he knows we need to save the now times then work down our national debt. We can do it. Let Gaza get free fuel from the rich Europe countries or work for it.

Save now. Work down the national debt to even. My slogan button and I would, never, ever run for office. Ever. Stop the frivolous aide except where critical for natural disasters. Buy Israel's goods, but not give them a ton of free money, or anyone else. Let them work their land and earn as normal people so they are only dependent on their own good, common sense.

GLeigh   April 15th, 2009 2:29 pm ET

Just to be clear, I do think that if a hurricane hits, as it did with Hurricane Katrina and our nice neighbors, the Canadians responded, people next to each should help out each other. That is only God like and kind. Earthquakes, tidal waves, whatever, we as people should help out in a crisis. I think it's a disservice to make people dependent. My brother-in-law drives hundreds of miles a week to work, and comes home weekends, some, to support his family in work in another state. No biggie. They support themselves, as people should unless sick or something.

GLeigh   April 18th, 2009 8:35 pm ET

I do hope that in some major disaster, the neighbors of Israel would assist. Perhaps that's a daydream, but I have them. People are just people. We all just work hard to provide for our children and ourselves.

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