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October 14, 2009
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halozcel   October 14th, 2009 11:56 am ET

2000 years ago,Cleopatra had lived in Egypt.She was Queen of Egypt and one of the most powered woman in all times.
2000 years later..

Mohammed   October 14th, 2009 9:59 pm ET

What Wedeman said is true. It is a social practice spread from the gulf area to other Muslims countries. it was spread after many Egyptian went for work in KSA and like countries.
I think a women should be able to ware what ever she wants to as long as it is based own her own free will, and not forced into it by her husband, father, brother....etc.

earle,florida   October 15th, 2009 10:23 pm ET

The prophets of the world's past ,and present are well known entities adorned with respect since the inception of religion dating back throughout mankinds existence. Whether imaginatively fabricated by the tribal leaders,and elitist to control the thoughts, and minds of their people,will always be a argument for the atheist,and agnostic's but that is for another time,for I am a believer. Every religion in the world has it's scion coincidentally predicated on the behavior of mankinds parallels regarding his neighbor proliferating civilizations evolution. It is also a well known truth that every tribe has it's leader,and takes the lead in addressing the social,political,and spiritual belief manifested rightously as a whole for the betterment of the people. Religion has been spoken in parables,as is political views,all coalescing on societies willing to listen openly with mutual discourse. As with all tribal societies the dialogue for knowledgeable apotheosis is paramount to existence. Unfortunately the evolution of independent thought has been gender-specific,compromised by the very codex encryptic in timeless patrimony. It is a intrinsic inoculation of deliberate misrepresentation to manipulate,and muzzle the very foundation of what the female mind breathes. The zeitgeist of modern day Babylon with their myriad of mindless sky-towers flaunting their hubris narcissism have fallen into the abyss of a few bellicose empirical tyrants that cogitate the very dictation of what religious iconoclast sententious incarnated saracen begets! Nothing has changed other than deaths satiated unbridled marriage to injustice which cannot be laid at the fairer-sex sandals whose fragile mind, unable to grasp or rationalize the unintentional symbiosis of one's own complacent consciousness life has shackled her to? It's time for this epoch's incubation to grab onto modern days enlightenment,for the end times are nearer without their love,and help. Even in the darkest hours of humanity,love trumps all logic,and reason. Women are known for their inner beauty,and radiating outside beauty of warmth,and pragmatism. But, as previously spoken the bellicose foraging of their male offspring have impeded their advancement for womankind in the middle-east. I must reiterate that since the sarasen's of times past,patrimony has remained ingrained simony,shrewdly placated upon the incestuous pompous few to harbor their power,and greed,dismembering the sacred scriptures of the "Koran"! Whoa to Thee, for Time,will be Twiced,once it has been Halved!

nk from Canada   October 17th, 2009 10:23 am ET

I am a Muslim women who travels to many parts of the world.
10- 15 years ago when one travelled to countries such as Canada or Europe might see few muslim women wearing Head scraf.
But since September 11 attack on US and Taliban you would see many muslim women choosing / forced to wear Nighab / Burka in Western countries. Is it because women wearing it travel more ? Or is it a form of rebellion towards non muslim countries.
I do not want to get into the history of this " Caging of Women " but for some reason it is spreading every where like a wild fire. And I think it is very Sad that at this day and age educated women choose to prison themselves such. No one is telling you not to wear Hijab but seriously this outfit is scary the least to say. It is also a security issue especially at this day and age. How do you who is under this scary costume.
What is it is a Man / terrorist / Murderor or....... ?
You are representing a bad image of Muslim Women's Rights. Because of you people like me and others have to constantly keep saying that this is not what Islam Preaches. Or that women do have a choice in Islam.
One question to the women with Negabs who insist of living in Western countries. Why don't you move to countries such as Saudi where you will be treated as an equal to men.

I also do not understand why you attend usniversity. I mean realistically how are you going to achieve a career walking around with this costume? Or do you expect a work environment to be created for you especial need?

Mohammed   October 18th, 2009 11:15 am ET

Dear NK from Canada!

"One question to the women with Negabs who insist of living in Western countries. Why don't you move to countries such as Saudi where you will be treated as an equal to men."

This is the kind of statement which I strongly disagree with it. so if women in Saudi want to dress up like western should their community ask them to go to Canada!
Those women you see in western countries are citizens of these countries and they have the right to dress what ever way they like to! otherwise you are just sending a double standard message to the world.

nk from Canada   October 18th, 2009 11:05 pm ET


No matter what the romantic and religious ideology behind wearing Neghab is the reality is that is keeps people from leading normal lives and assimilating in the western world. And i am sure you as a Man would not understand this since you are not the one wearing it.
I tell you what as an experiment try wearing it for only one week first in the country that you live in if it is a muslim world and then travel to western countries and wear it. Only then would you feel the difficulty involved. Have you seen a women try to eat her food in a restaurant?
This is an issue that men such as yourself should not have the right to have an opinion since they are not the one being mistreated or judged or live in.

The second reality that we do not like to accept is when a non muslim individual sees a women 90% of the time have a negative notion of a muslim women.

Neghab has nothing to do with Islam it is a political , histrorical , sexist issue that is meant to keep women from having a life equal to that of a man.

The sad part is that such women living western world are correlating this with Islam and it is not doing a great job of Marketing our religion specially in this day and age.

Jasmine From Iran   October 18th, 2009 11:12 pm ET


How many women do you know in Neghabs in the western or Muslim countries that are in Management levels / CEO level in their career.

It is an outfit created to keep women from asking for equal rights as men.

How many Muslim women do you know that can control what their father, brother, uncle , son .... wear when they leave home. It is all about control.

We the women of Iran have been controlled by our government for the past 30 years to wear Hijab inorder to keep up from having equal rights.

NK is right if Neghab and Hijab is sooo great why no men try it.

Mohammed   October 19th, 2009 11:48 am ET

Hi NK from Canada!
It is true that I do have to ware niqab or Hijab, but if someone does from her own will this should be respected. I respect those who do and those who do not do too.
What is strange here and funny, is that I am trying to secure women the right to chose what to wear but it seems you would like to force certain way of dress on your fellow women!!!!
If a woman chose to put niqab or Hijab by her own will then she deserves respect. I am sure she does understand the opposition she is going to face from her own community (French, British, Canadian,…etc) but she made her mind.

Jasmine From Iran, if you do not want to put Niqab or Hijab then why on earth you put them?
You are grown up woman, you have the right to dress the way you like. It is your responsibility to use this right or not.

Jasmine From Iran   October 21st, 2009 2:20 pm ET

I countries such as Iran and KSA we do not have the luxury of not wearing Hijab. We are forced by our male family members as well as our governments. The worst is not even Hijab it is all the inequality that comes with it. Look into laws practiced in major Muslim countries and see how women are oppressed by society and law.

As NK mentioned Hijab is a tool created by men to keep women from achieving and asking for equality.

Yes I am aware that some women choose to wear it. But then again ever since the age of nine they have been told time and time that a true value of a women is covering her self as much as possible. So I am not sure if they really do know any other way to choose. Have they ever given her options of what life is without it.

Maybe some women do not like to become equal to men .

But Mohammad seriously just for a week try the neghab and try to go on your daily activity and lets see if you would choose it. Try going to work with it , try working out with it, try going to school wearing it, try to socialize with others who are non muslim with it, then we will speak.

Women in west have fought so hard to have equal rights to men and it is a slap on their face when they see someone in their country wearing a blanket over themselves so men do not see them.

Mohammed   October 22nd, 2009 1:38 pm ET

Jasmine from Iran,
Do you know how did it all started in the West?
It was during the war when men went to war and there was no one to run factories to sustain war efforts! Western had no option but to open opportunities for women to hold jobs on large scale. This led to financial independence which eventually led to the women right movement! But still after half a century, women in the west are paid less than men! They occupy far less posts in high position in companies and civil services compared to men. The same apply to politics, check how many women in parliaments or in the political seen in most European countries and you will notice they represent very small percentage. They have the right laws in paper but when it comes to practice the picture is different.
If you want to improve women status in Iran starts with education. Education generates job opportunities and hence financial independence. Once financial independence is achieved the rest is a matter of time. Then women will have truly the right to “what to wear?”
In the west women fought for their rights to decide what wear so they should not impose certain code of dress on other women from different cultural background.
When you force someone not to dress in a certain way, is not the same when your father or your brother forces you to dress in a certain way?

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