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October 18, 2009
Posted: 931 GMT

CNN's Ivan Watson reports from Turkey on the soccer game that could bring Turkey and Armenia closer together.

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John A   October 18th, 2009 11:37 am ET

CNN, there are more important things to discuss than football!!

The UN have voted to investigate probable war crimes committed by Israel and Hamas. With an emphasis on the over whelming brutality of the Israeli army in Gaza and Israels lawlessness in East Jerusalem.

In principle this could now go to the International Criminal Court, however it is expected that America will use its position as a permanent member of the UN security council to veto court action. And so the middle east crises will continue.

Regardless of your beliefs or positions, how can any nation have the right to veto legal action. Surely this will define the USA a a lawless nation? i.e. America blocks the use of law! Surely the International Criminal Court would be the perfect setting for Israel to prove its innocents. Why does Israel and America want to block legal action? Because it is clear that Israel is guilty and America has supported all of Israels crimes.

So America the supposed world Policeman which pretends to bring democracy to the Middle East will now block the use of law to resolve this conflict. The Palestinians will yet again have their legal rights denied by the West. By doing so the West forces the Palestinians to take up arms. Israel will then claim the Palestinians are violent and uses Palestinians protests as an excuse to allow the Israeli army to attack and grab more Palestinian land. The obvious criminals are the ones who do not wish to see the use of law. America doesn't want Israel investigated by the International Criminal Court and will do everything to stop this. Israel does not want to be investigated by the International Criminal Court. So the Palestinians will remain the victims in the crime of the Century.

CNN why are North Americas news channels not highlighting the issue.

miriam   October 18th, 2009 12:26 pm ET

John A,

Perhaps you should read what the resolution they voted on actually said.

Then study which countries voted and in which way.

If you are satisfied with these 'standard bearers of human rights' being the world's policemen, more fool you.

They should all go back to the soccer /football pitch. They don't understand anything more than that. In fact, come to think of it, with hand-ball goals and diving for penalties, they don't get those rules either.

Mordechay Ariely   October 18th, 2009 1:39 pm ET

The leaders of the 2 countries started a diplomacy effort that may end a 100 years of a terrible bludy event with 1.5 million deatd Armenians.

The world should monitor and encourage this attempt.

CNN blog monitor pls expalin:
Why John A comments are published regardles of any connection to the this important event?

Publish his leing propaganda and replies only on direct related reports of the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

John A   October 18th, 2009 2:33 pm ET

Miriam, We all know what the UN resolution said. We all know the USA & Israel tried to block the resolution.

The UN are willing to use the International Criminal Court to resolve crimes in Gaza. The International Criminal Court will not take action against Israel if Israel was innocent. So why does Israel want to block the due process of law. Why does America want to stop the due process of law.

The lawlessness of Israel is terrifying and people of the world should not let our politicians prevent the due process law again!! International law has been defied by Israel for 60 years. Enough is enough!!!

John A   October 18th, 2009 2:44 pm ET

Mordechay Ariely writes: Why John A comments are published regardles of any connection to the this important event?
Answer: Because the Internet no longer allows Jewish owned media groups to gag free speech concerning Israels crimes. Too bad on you! And shame on Israel and America who try to sabotage the due process of law in the international criminal court!!

halozcel   October 18th, 2009 2:50 pm ET

Nearly Hundred of Thousands armenians and almost Millions of Ottomans had been murdered during WW1.
It is time to end that Mutual Terrible Event as Mordechay Ariely says/writes.
Keep in mind,Turkey founded in 1923.

miriam   October 19th, 2009 6:31 am ET

John A,

Where did the UNHRC resolution mention Hamas?

Not only the US and Israel, but the UK, France, Spain. In fact almost every western democracy involved in fighting terrorism tried to block the biased resolution. Goldstone himself opposed it.

What a sad world it is when the villains have the power.
It is these villains who are the UN.

With regards to "Jewish owned media groups".
Jews are among the most critical of Israel and it is their lack of education about Judaism that enables the likes of you to snatch on to their rediculous claims and fabricate such wild fantasies.

Hope   October 19th, 2009 2:44 pm ET

That's correct John A...North American News channels will not highlight (educate its population), on the brutality of Israel's war crimes in Gaza, let alone discuss a UN investigation. That would be classified as anti Semitism!. Right now there are far more pressing intelligent issues for the public consumption. Balloon Boy.

Filipe   October 19th, 2009 10:15 pm ET

John A,

Are you nothing more than a whining, crying, slobbering buffoon with a PC???

This article is about Turkey and Armenia!!!

Can you not comprehend the basic concept the English language and the common courtesy and decency to stay on topic when posting to a blog??

Your constant whining about what the US will do and what your hateful little stunted mind thinks that Israel will do is nothing less than equivalent to a child's temper tantrum in the supermarket when his mother refuses to buy him a bag full of candies and toys!

Grow up-the world hates cry babies and whiners!

Boo hoo hoo !!!! The US will veto the resolution !!!! Boo hoo hoo!!!

Does no one understand my point of view , Boo hoo hoo!!!!

Get over it !!! You've already convinced yourself that the only ones who will be held accountable are the ones who fired thousands of rockets for years end !!!!

edward   October 19th, 2009 10:35 pm ET

ww1 was my dad's nightmare, he never elaberted on it except to say that the heads of government should go head to head in conflect,instead of soldiers trying to kill without personal injury, my concept is war is evil, political motivation drives mind control in voter democracy, = defunct effect , hence democracy is a farce in modern time, since people with limited mentality remain elegible to vote , this is how the idiot bush with his texas tribe got to be in office and damage america for generations to come,

miriam   October 20th, 2009 7:50 am ET


North American media has been burnt by its gullibility in the balloon boy affair.
Thankfully they are not going to fall for another act, this time performed by Hamas, with their false claims and lies and obsession with media attention.
It's too bad that other media around the world are still too credulous.

Cris   October 20th, 2009 4:47 pm ET

Everytime I start to lose my faith in people I come to and read the blogs. Thanks John, Hope and Edward for reminding me that some people are educated way beyond their intellegence. Miriam & Filipe, great comments.

Filipe   October 20th, 2009 8:04 pm ET


Maybe the US news media prides itself in giving the people in the US what they want hear.

Maybe the US news media actually takes the time to decipher BS and racially motivated hate mongering spewing from various sources and chooses not to participate!

Besides, they expect the "news" to be news worthy and come from credible and verifiable sources!!! That's why there is little to no "news" on the US media outlets coming from Arab and Muslim countries. The sources lack credibility, reliability, integrity and most of all-nothing can be verified or validated. So they choose not to play the game in an effort to spread the lies, fairytales, fables, fantasies and propaganda associated with nearly all events which the radical entities in the middle east whine and cry and complain about !!!!

It's simple- they consider it to be 99.99% BS and won't stake their reputation on reporting something which will ultimately be determined to be a fairytale !

Hope   October 22nd, 2009 2:47 am ET

Surely miriam you are not disappointed by,.."North American media has been burnt by its gullibility in the balloon boy affair."...Is there any better way, to grab the Bull by the horn!!..And keep the herd tame!!..Best if my fellow countrymen sustain a level of "ignoramus" towards Israel's war crimes and inhumanness..Don't you agree? Personally, I think it's wonderful to have "Jewish owned media in America".

miriam   October 22nd, 2009 6:59 am ET


You obviously have a problem with Jewish success. Now let's try and work out why that is!

Your obssesion with Jew and Israel bashing blinds you to the fact that not every Jew defends Israel, including those who own media companies.

The ignorami are those who do not take notice of the real evidence.

Hope   October 22nd, 2009 3:13 pm ET

No more so then your obvious delinquency when faced with Israel's War Crimes against innocent civilians...Success, indeed a qualified word, yet could be tricky if not wicked as well..(The Germans were successful too!). To be using success as a defensive an attempt to hide from the inhumane immoral acts Israel is accused off, does not lessen your guilt.

miriam   October 22nd, 2009 4:46 pm ET


So now it's not just the IDF or the Israeli government who is guilty but anybody who defends Israel.

There is no necessity to defend against your false accusations and the obvious attempt to exalt the holocaust.
It's just sick.

Hope   October 23rd, 2009 4:09 pm ET

Hey miriam, happy Friday!..and congratulations on obliterating the accusations, Israel's War Crimes against innocent civilians in Gaza..

The imaginary "threat" and the need to manufactured by Israel & (US jewish owned media), who btw still promotes the holocaust, i.e. (Netanyahu at the UN) as a showdown to gain world support and sympathy while continue free loading billions of U.S taxed $$$.

Defending yourselves from whom? The stone throwing children and home made rockets? A defiance act by a defenseless homeless broken Natives *terrorists*, whose land they belong to..was grabbed, inseminated with mostly SECULAR Europeans, brain-washed with a hypothesis based on a preposterous tribal biblical theory aged 3000 years old!...YEAP!! we get it.

miriam   October 24th, 2009 5:07 pm ET


You must really be living on another planet!
Everyone with access to modern media has heard the decrees of Ahmadinejad and his henchman in Gaza, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Netanyahu is the last to use the Holocaust to justify Israel's existance and used his speech at the UN to bust the claims of Holocaust deniers.
It's typical that you should believe that Jewish suffering is the only claim Jews have for a homeland.

As has been expalined to you over and over again, US aid to Israel is repaid back into the US economy and thanks to Israeli technological advances there is decreasing need for such aid.

Stones kill, as do home-made rockets along with Iranian/Russian/Chinese imported missiles, ant-tank artillary, bombs, knives and the guns supplied to the PA under the Oslo Accords.

History and religion of the Jews is so irrelevent and abhorrent to you it is a wonder why the myths and religious claims of another group are so acceptable.

Filipe   October 24th, 2009 6:52 pm ET


Whose stolen land to does your sorry a$$ occupy?? Could it be the land that belongs to the Mexicanos or the Native Americans currently known as the failed State of California??

Can't you find something else to whine about?? Or are you too filled with racial hatred and bigotry for the Jewish people to address any of the real problems your administration is responsible for ??

But one thing is for certain-anyone with half a friggin' brain wouldn't bring stones and "homemade" Iranian purchased rockets to fight a trained and recognized uniformed military of a sovereign nation. That's nothing short of top notch stupidity !!!

But hey–what do you expect ??

Shame_on_anyone_who_supports_Israel   November 10th, 2009 2:04 pm ET

So Israel keeps on crying about Iran and its leader Ahmadinejad, who is supposed to want Israel wiped of the face of the earth (even though Iran has never attacked Israel)

Meanwhile Israel continues with its settlement expansion and is close to wiping the Palestinians of the face of the earth.

Get real Miriam & Filipe, it is your beloved Israel which had virtually exterminated an entire society of Palestinians!!

Mordechay Ariely   November 10th, 2009 4:18 pm ET

Although this article is about Turkey and their mass killing of Armenians additional Turkish issues such as could be discussed such as:
The suppression of the Kurds
The division by force of Cyprus

Some people are complaining that Israel is close of wiping the Palestinians of the face of the earth.

Dear reader: read the following and judge by for yourself- Is a government trying to wipe a civilization doing the followings?
Fact: The Arabs called Palestinians number increased more than 200% times under Israel government.
7 colleges and universities have been open for Palestinians under Israel Government.
Not a single collage has been opened during the Jordanian and Egyptian government.

Would Israel act similar to the treatment Christians are getting in Arab counties the Palestinian number would shrink to 40% and not increase by more than 200%/

But who cares about the troughs?
Blame ! Blame Israel

Filipe   November 10th, 2009 9:21 pm ET


Amadinejad can only can only get by with his rhetoric for so long before someone takes action. Israel can't afford to blow it off as just idle talk from a loudmouth idiot.

Really -wiping the Palestinians off of the face of the earth???? People who claim to be Palestinians far out number Israelis!!!!

Where do you get your facts from anyway???

Can't you do any better than that???

The tiny terror from Tehran will receive his long deserved wake up call in short order. He can't continue threaten the world without feeling the consequences. It's just a shame that he is leading the population of Iran down a path that will yield terrible consequences for them.

miriam   November 11th, 2009 1:08 pm ET


Palestinian population 1948 1.35 million
Palestinian population 2009 10 million

Jewish world population 1939 17 million
Jewish world population 1945 11 million
Jewish world population 2009 13.3 million.

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