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November 5, 2009
Posted: 936 GMT

Densely populated Gaza has no H1N1 cases but it also has no vaccines. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports.

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A. Smith   November 5th, 2009 10:40 am ET

Influenza Virus's often act in a opportunistic manner. Weakening the body until fluids flood the lungs of its victims who then die from acute pneumonia.

The answer is pretty obvious isn't it?

Pneumonia vaccines are widely available, and very effective in preventing death by pneumonia. It doesn't prevent anyone from catching and being infected with a influenza flu virus, it however short-circuits the fatal path of impending death a weakened body is brought to, namely acute pneumonia.

Given the high density of populations in Gaza, where you wonder if Islam banned the women there from using Birth Control, or were forced to have dozens of children by their Islamic husbands, H1N1 is certainly going to thin out the masses.

A. Smith

miriam   November 5th, 2009 11:05 am ET

All the large cities in Israel have a population density greater than that of Gaza, with one town, Bnei Brak, having a population density of 19,000/kmsq.
Despite the fact that there have been thousands of cases of swine flu in the country, there is no pandemic even though vaccinations only began this week .
Gaza receives millions of dollars in aid and there is no reason why some of that money cannot be used to purchase enough vaccine just like every other country/territory in the world who cares for their population.
You can be sure that Israel would allow passage of such a delivery into Gaza, but then again, it could come through the Rafah crossing from Egypt which was featured in the report, or through the tunnels.

Shame_on_anyone_who_supports_Israel   November 5th, 2009 1:03 pm ET

Miriam you miss the point again. Israel has bombed Gaza's hospitals, roads, sewage, water & electrical works. No people could coordinate an effective medical response under such cruel circumstances.

A.Smith possibly you will win a Nobel prize for preventing the world wide spread of Swine Flu. Or perhaps you love the sound of your own voice and know nothing about medicine.

Ali Dahmash   November 5th, 2009 3:08 pm ET

Since there has been a full lockup on Gaza and a tight embargo by Israel are not helping the people there who are the only real victims in this conflict. Israel might think it is safer now by impsing the embargo and restricting fresh water, fuel, electricity and building materials into Gaza but a catastrophie is near to happen and the International community must act quick to stop the suffering of the civilians.

innrep   November 5th, 2009 11:03 pm ET

It's another way how to pull money from the west. I remember, they disassembled their roofs so they could get compensation as victims of Israel.
They do not care to blow their kids, they definitely do not care about some virus.

Hope   November 6th, 2009 4:18 am ET

Dr. A. Smith!.. Is this what they are teaching you in your Oregon churches? The sooner the Islamic masses are thinned out, the sooner your Jehovah will arrive!..You make me sick. There are 1.5M human beings squeezed in an area of (139 square mi)..All locked up from the outside world. Touched by your indifference and nice to see how delighted you are..should an epidemic hits the Gaza strip!. Hypocrite.

A. Smith   November 6th, 2009 5:17 am ET

I have administered more Pneumonia vaccine injections for elderly patients than you can readily count 'Shame_on_anyone_who_supports_Israel'. Typical regiment however has this vaccine given to those 50 years and older due to their weakened immunity system leading to an increased opportunity for acute Pneumonia.

The Pneumonia vaccine does not prevent H1N1 infections, nor did it prevent the 1976 Swine Flu virus infections.

The Pneumonia vaccine helps to prevent deaths from serious Flu Influenza Virus's that lead to sudden acute pneumonia.

Again the Pneumonia vaccine is widely available, however it is not typically administered to those under 50 years old as a preventative measure. Perhaps the CDC and W.H.O. could change the commonly followed protocols on administering the Pneumonia vaccine.

A. Smith

miriam   November 6th, 2009 5:24 am ET


Gaza is in a far better state than you have been led to believe.
They were complaining about the same conditions before last December.
Israel is not restricting humanitarian aid or water, fuel or electricity.

If they wanted to vaccinate the population, they can buy the vaccine and deliver it in the same way that they all receive their food aid, cash aid, school aid, legal aid etc etc.

A. Smith   November 6th, 2009 5:16 pm ET

Dear Hope, I rarely visit nor attend Christian churches. If Jesus were alive today, I feel he would be sad and physically ill in regards to the horrific deeds that many of his followers and those that claim to be his ministers have committed.

It is not for the Creator to come to us, it is up to us individually and as a cluster of humanity to move ever closer to the Creator.

I do not support the nearly 100 verses in the Koran that actively teaches the Islamic faithful that the Creator wants someone to commit violence against those that do not follow Islam.

I do not believe in any fashion that the Creator is sexist against women.

I do not believe in any fashion that the Creator wants, needs, desires and commands any human being to murder another.

Those that teach others that the Creator is sexist and murders people or wants people to murder one another are Evil.

They are Evil not because they are Arabic, Black, Brown, Asian, Yellow or White but because what comes out of their mouths is a direct condemnation of the gift of life they were themselves given. And they seek to spread that condemnation to others.

A. Smith

Filipe   November 6th, 2009 8:26 pm ET

Some of the comments on here are truly outrageous.

There is no influenza crisis in Gaza- yet there's already blithering and dithering that should it happen it will somehow be the fault of the Israelis.

Well-if there is such great concern --why the h3ll isn't' UNRWA, the largest humanitarian welfare organization on the planet-– with no responsibility for anything-- except the well being of the Palestinian population- on top of it ????

Or do they simply wait for a crisis and scream help??? What a bunch of worthless fools!!

No let's just wait for a crisis and blame it on someone else !!!

And those whining about the "bombed hospitals" -- It doesn't take a friggin' hospital to administer vaccines-- any clinical staff person/nurse can do this-- if UNRWA is incapable of performing this basic task--they to disbanded and their funding withdrawn !!!! UNRWA employs nearly 10,000 people who have no other purpose in life--but to take care of the welfare and needs of the Palestinian people

Filipe   November 6th, 2009 8:34 pm ET


I misspoke earlier- there need to be one more decimal place !!!

UNRWA employs nearly 100,000 people who have other responsibility on the face of the Planet other than the welfare and well being of the Palestinians !

Sorry !!

I don't want to accused of being inaccurate !!!!

Mordechay Ariely   November 7th, 2009 6:52 am ET

CNN pls report the followings and demand an international enquiring against Israel and the blame of Israel on international forums:

1:The Palestinians have money to smuggle arms but not to care about vaccines for their population.
Israel provides vaccines to Gaza.
2:The Palestinians are manufacturing rockets to be fired indiscriminately on Israel civilians.:
Israel provides the electricity to the manufacturing shops.
3: Palestinians have fired rockets toward the pumps supplying water to Gaza
Israel is supplying free of charge water to Gaza.
4:Palestinians are firing rockets targeting Israeli hospitals.
On the same time women from Gaza delivered babies on the Israeli hospitals and thousand of Palestinian children are treated for hard problems they cannot get in Arab world.
5: Palestinians are using Ambulances for terror activities.
Israel e transfers of ambulances to Gaza

A. Smith   November 7th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Wow, sounds like the Palestinians have better health care and health resources than the vast majority of homeless veterans and homeless teenagers in America.

A. Smith

Barry   November 9th, 2009 8:41 pm ET

A. Smith – That was a beautiful summation:

It is not for the Creator to come to us, it is up to us individually and as a cluster of humanity to move ever closer to the Creator.

I do not support the nearly 100 verses in the Koran that actively teaches the Islamic faithful that the Creator wants someone to commit violence against those that do not follow Islam.

I do not believe in any fashion that the Creator is sexist against women.

I do not believe in any fashion that the Creator wants, needs, desires and commands any human being to murder another.

Those that teach others that the Creator is sexist and murders people or wants people to murder one another are Evil.

They are Evil not because they are Arabic, Black, Brown, Asian, Yellow or White but because what comes out of their mouths is a direct condemnation of the gift of life they were themselves given. And they seek to spread that condemnation to others.

Shame_on_anyone_who_supports_Israel   November 10th, 2009 1:07 pm ET

Wow sounds like A.Smith is completely deluded. If you think Palestine has so many advantages you should leave your comfortable life and move there.

Nobody would like to suffer what Palestine has been forced to suffer. Nobody would like to have their basic existence dictated to them by Israel. So grow up Mr. A. Smith.

Psychiatric ward

Filipe   November 10th, 2009 8:33 pm ET


No one has forced anything on the Palestinians. They have knowingly and willingly made their own choices based on their beliefs, desires and the long line of superfluous BS fed to them by their Arab brothers--the ones who continue to keep them caged in the camps they built in 1948.

But hey-- you can't blame them for the whining and crying-- they get to live on the welfare dole in perpetuity--and they have people like you who believe all the nonsense and continue to spread to disseminate their propaganda !!

A. Smith   November 10th, 2009 11:42 pm ET

If a ambulance is called to our location in Oregon, they are paid $250.00 regardless if they transport anyone or not. If two ambulance arrives which often occurs in emergency situations, then $500.00 is paid out regardless if there is an emergency, or if anyone is transported or not.

I rather doubt the red crescent and Israeli ambulances that transport Palestine patients are forcing the people in those slums to pay up regardless if they are needed or not.

I rather doubt the women, children living in the densely packed slums of Gaza pay any money at all for their prescriptions and medical care.

Family's in Gaza and the West Bank of Israel are routinely rewarded with bonus's of tens of thousands of dollars if one of their children straps on a suicide vest and blows themselves up.

Despite all of the millions of dollars in humanitarian aid, food, medicine and help to the Gaza and West Bank slums, they remain a breeding ground of children that are deeply indoctrinated with hate and violence to anyone and everyone their puppet masters direct them to destroy.

The Muslim women and children living in the the Gaza and West Bank slums are routinely exploited to hide explosives in the basements of their homes or send their children to foreign nations as hired killers. If those family's refuse such outrageous demands, they are killed as examples.

To many of these exploited Muslim family's, it is not Israel that is dictating their miserable existence, it is those that force them to chose which of their children will be a suicide bomber, and which home is used to store thousands of pounds of unstable explosives.

A. Smith

miriam   November 11th, 2009 12:17 pm ET


Nobody in Israel wants their existence threatened or dictated to by the world.
The Jews have had a lot of experience in that situation.
The Arabs and the world have themselves to blame for Palestinian suffering.
Repeated wars on Israel, incitement to violence and terrorism, and UN run refugee camps to name just a few reasons.

John A   November 11th, 2009 2:55 pm ET

Miriam writes,"The Arabs and the world have themselves to blame for Palestinian suffering".
I guess in Miriams's world everyone else is to blame except Israel.

Today we remember the end of World War I. A day where we remember that political and legal posturing (such as Israeli Miriam) causes countless amount of death and tragedy.

The end of world war one also marks a time that western super powers used their might to divide the middle east and initiate the process to create Israel. The west’s division of the middle east was made in self interest and with no respect to the defenceless civilians who lived in the region i.e. Palestinians. This action alone shows the west learned nothing from the horror of world war one, which helps to explain why world war two followed only twenty years later.

No more blood in the name of the promised land!
No more American tax aid to Israel!

John A   November 11th, 2009 3:52 pm ET

Mordechay Ariely thanks for your lack of perspective and your usual anti Muslim rant. Here is a list of things you forgot. It might help to remind your racist mind that Muslims have a better record on peace than any other culture

European Problem
1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne, and his wife were shot dead in the streets of Bosnia's capital, Sarajevo. This starts world war one. A Christian problem, nothing to do with Muslims

European problem
1917, The Russian Revolution.

Asian problem
1937, several divisions of the Japanese Army’s Central China Command under General Matsui Iwane captured Nanjing, then the capital of Nationalist China. Over the next two weeks they perpetrated an orgy of killing, rape and looting which has few parallels in modern history. In Nanjing and its outskirts, by conservative estimate, Japanese troops murdered at least 150,000 Chinese civilians and war prisoners. More than 10,000 women were raped, most of them repeatedly; many were afterward killed. A third of the city was destroyed.

European Problem
1926, Benito Mussolini turned Italy into a totalitarian (government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control) state

American Problem
1929, at the New York Stock Exchange, the financial boom of the 1920s was shattered. Thousands of Americans, rich and poor, had lost their life savings.

European problem
1935 The Nuremburg Laws, which withdrew the civil rights of Germany's 600,000 Jews (and later the millions of Jews in countries occupied by Germany), was just the first stage of Hitler's "final solution" to rid Europe of all its Jews.

Asian problem
1937, after long-time plans to conquer China, Japan started what has been called the first battle of World War II.

European problem
1939, Hitler launches WWII in Europe

Euro American problem
1947 – The cold war

African problem
1948 – Apartheid divided the South African population into four distinct racial groups: white (who were seen as "civilised" and thus had the right to control the state), African blacks, Coloureds (people of mixed European-African ancestry), and Asian (Indians and Pakistanis). In 1948, South African blacks, Coloureds and Asians numbered 11 million, while the whites only 2.5 million.

US/Euro/Asian problem
1950 – The Korean War

American problem
1959 – Castro leads Cuban revolution

African problem
1960 – 69 massacred in Sharpeville, South Africa

American Asian problem
1965 – United States and the Vietnam War

Israeli problem
1967 – Conflict was a fact of Middle Eastern life since 1947, when Palestine was partitioned to make room for a Jewish state. After a decisive military victory in 1967, Israel annexed (took over) substantial Arab territory, ensuring continued violence right to the end of the century.

M Ariely   November 13th, 2009 4:17 pm ET

John A comment:"your lack of perspective and your usual anti Muslim rant. It might help to remind your racist mind that Muslims have a better record on peace than any other culture

A: !!!! PERSPECTIVE !!!! !!!!! PERSPECTIVE!!!!
******* OVER 14 MILION DEATH *****

I hate counting death however people should know that the accumulated number of death in inter Muslim wars since 1948 is over 14.000.000 people.
Look at the whole region conflicts: Nothing to do with Israel
Following a partial list:
1: Egypt invasion of Yemen 2: Syria invasions of Jordan and Lebanon
3: The Iraq Iran war 4:Iran invasion of Kuite
5: The Kurds conflicts in Turkey, Iraq,Iran
6: Cyprus to de facto partition after Turkey invasion
7: The Shuni –Shia conflict 8:Lebanon civil wars
9: Sudan civil war against the Christians and the Darfur genocide and slavery
10: Algeria civil war 11: Morocco war with Polisario
12: Libya invasion of Chad 13: Somalia civil war
14: Yemen civil war 15: Christians communities chased all over the ME.

Why the Arabs are hiding all their wars and endless social, political and economic problems by blaming the defending Israel?

-–JOHN A- –AND YOUR REPLY IS ???-- (pls only proven facts and not propaganda)


Arabs emerging from Hidjas (currently South Arabia) , on the 7 century, and their followers conquered a vast empire all over the ME up to Paris, Vienna , Roma gates- all the way to India , Caucuses and China gates
Many cultures and languages that exist on those areas before the conquest disappeared.
However the Arab doctrine is that all the land ever conquered by them should be forever Arab land and


The last years Arab leaders said that ;

Islam ideology thought in schools and preached on Mosks world wide:
1:One religion and government worldwide imposed by sword.
2:The war against the infidels should go on until Islam will prevail.

Everything I am posting is reality- nothing to do with race and can be 100% proved/
Can you prove your propaganda?

university rector   November 14th, 2009 7:51 am ET

John's probem 2009:

lies, incitement and hate mongering

Cnn, are you going to delete this post too?

CNN you never censor John A, the antisemitic asshole liar, who has wtitten worse slanders and incitements, so why do you always censor me??

John A   November 14th, 2009 8:24 am ET

M Ariely, Islam is the most wide spread religion in the world. Therefore in proportion to its number of followers Islam should have the largest amount of political and military conflicts. BUT THE FACTS ARE ISLAM HAS PRODUCED FAR LESS VIOLENCE THAN CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM.

You ask me to prove this. Are you totally stupid. Was it Muslims fighting in Vietnam? Did we push back a Muslim invasion on D-Day? Did a Muslim kill Kennedy and M.Luther King?Was the cold war a Muslim thing? Was Saudi Arabia invented in 1947 and been at war ever since?

M Ariely, Like most pro Israeli bloggers, you are a certifiable twit!

miriam   November 14th, 2009 8:49 pm ET

John A,

Conflict has been a fact of life longer than the existance of Islam.
Societies fought over Jerusalem and the Holyland before long before Mohammed and Islam, so at least their claim can be taken off the list.

University rector   November 15th, 2009 7:22 am ET

John A

it was a muslim palestinian who killed RFK

but you forget, nitwit

A. Smith, Oregon   November 15th, 2009 7:25 am ET

One of the largest land battles to ever take place was between the Muslim troops by Saddam H. and the Muslim troops by the Ayatollah K. Over 1 million Muslims were killed by two Muslim country's living side by side.

This 1980 episode erases the notion that is widely touted by Islamic Ayatollahs, Clerics, Mullahs and Immans that neighboring Muslim Country's are at peace and everlasting peace occurs when the world is entirely composed of Muslim lead country's.

John A   November 16th, 2009 1:24 pm ET

U.Rector do you know who Sirhan Bishara Sirhan is?
He is the man who shot RFK. Born in Jerusalem to a Christian family?

Christian not Muslim!
Do you believe Jerusalem belongs to Israel. If so RFK was killed by an Israeli.

Or do you define Muslim's as Israelis that you don't want to be responsible for?

Certifiable Rector, please check some facts!

And A.Smith do you compare the Gulf war to WWII or World War I?

As an American you should know that the bloodiest battlefield in history (per day of fighting) was "Pittsburgh – Gettysburg" during the American civil war. You will remember no Muslims were involved in the American civil war. There is no comparison between Christian/Jewish and Muslim conflicts. Its easy to express your racist dislike towards Muslims, but whatever claim against Muslims you will also find in your own culture and at far worse levels. So get a life mate. Cheers.

university rector   November 16th, 2009 7:54 pm ET

John A

first time you are right

at least I adsmit it, you never do

Filipe   November 16th, 2009 11:27 pm ET

John A,

Since when- even in your twisted little mind, does one's birthplace determine their religion??

But you know what- sorry John boy-you loose-the conflicts of today are propagated by the radical Islamic elements in the world–regardless of their their birthplace--birthplace is irrelevant--radical ideology is the common and driving factor in all of today's conflicts-– no radical Islamic Ideology-===- no conflict !!!! Radical Ideology=== big conflict!!!

Is there something you don't understand about the preceding equation??

A. Smith, Oregon   November 17th, 2009 6:08 am ET

@John A,

Yes, America has been involved in horrific battles on its homeland with brothers against brothers, neighbors killing neighbors in the Civil War.

The Muslim promise however is that after Sharia Law is established in a country, spreads to its neighboring country's that both or all live in lasting peace. I was pointing out that is simply not the case.

As long as evil people trumpet and widely state that their God orders their faithful to murder, kidnap, rape and curse anyone that evil Minister, Preacher, Bible Thumper, Priest, Pope, Cracker, Rabbi, Mullah, Ayatollah or Cleric indicates there is going to be horrific violence continuing around the world.

John A   November 17th, 2009 10:58 am ET

A. Smith Muslims do not preach kidnap, rape and murder. Obviously there will be mad Muslims, but this is my point: There are mad people from every culture, but you don’t label every culture. One of the most extreme radical religious groups today can be seen in Israel. Jews who really think they are doing God’s work by eradicating fellow people of different faiths from their supposed "promised land".

Often I have heard Jews claim that the Gaza war was because of constant Palestinian rocket fire. These Jews forget to mention Israel’s illegal military occupation and all the evil that comes with it. They even play politics and try to justify the slaughter of Palestinian civilians within some kind of historical/political frame work. But let’s remember, Spain has had more victims from ETA than Israel had had from Palestine. Britain has had more victims from the IRA than Israel has had from Palestine. But neither Spain or Britain have ever used the full might of their air force to kill thousands of civilians in hateful and misplaced retaliation. Let’s remember Palestine was partitioned by external forces (against the will of the local people) to make way for Israel. And let’s remember Israel was created to give a safe haven to Jews, so the Jews should be the first to understand that Palestinians’ also need a safe haven.

Today Palestinians’ wishes to approach the UN and gain legal recognition as a state, without negotiating with Israel for this basic right. Israel’s response is that any recognition of a Palestinian state without the "Okay" from Israel will result in Israeli retaliation and more bloodshed. Essentially the Israelis make violent threats that a Palestinian state can only be negotiated on Israeli terms. Obviously Israel has no intention of ever recognising Palestinian boarders. If a state of Palestine is formed only two thing can happen to Israel:
1. The natural resources within Israel will quickly be depleted and the country will sink into enormous decline.
2. Israel must invade neighbouring territory to claim more resources.

Currently Israel does not need to fully invade because it pretends there is no boarder, so there is no legal limit. But when a Palestinian state is formed and an international boarder is recognised, Israel will need to expose itself as the expansionist who seeks to grab more land and resources. Then it will be totally condemned and even the US won’t have the political freedom to support an aggressive Israeli empire. Everyone knows this, so if Israel never offers a meaningful peace solution, it prevents the scenario where Israel needs to decline or invade to survive.

The only long term solution for Israel’s survival is to collaborate with its neighbours and share resources. But after 60 years of Israeli military exploitation of the area, none of the Arab states will be excited to offer much good will.

Ultimately it is in Israel’s long term interests to bend over backwards to create good will in the region. If it does not, this nation of sand, no water or bountiful resources is doomed to social collapse or military conflict. If any Jew really cares about Israel it is time that they realise they have no long term future in the middle east by acting as an isolated euro immigrant bubble. In Europe boarder are being abandoned as Europe unifies. In the middle east this will also be the eventual course to share resources and survive. Israel on its own cannot survive and America will not be able to fund, feed and water Israel indefinitely.

miriam   November 17th, 2009 12:21 pm ET

A recent CNN piece I saw reported how Israel is supplying H1N1 vaccine to all Israeli Arabs AND Palestinians wishing to attend the Haj.
That would be before the majority of the Israeli Jewish and Christian population.

Pete   November 18th, 2009 3:56 pm ET

Miriam, is the H1N1 vaccine supplied in exchange for body organs. Or is it in exchange for more illegal settlements and land theft. Or is it in exchange for bombing Palestinian civilians, destroying Palestinian infrastructure. Is it in exchange for building the new Berlin wall around Gaza. Is it in exchange for road blocks which prevent Palestinians’ from going to hospital. After all Israel has such a good reputation of caring for Palestinians’.

A. Smith, Oregon   November 18th, 2009 6:50 pm ET

Greetings John A,

Indeed there are mad, angry people of all cultures, genders and races. And it is indeed totally unfair to broadly paint all people of Arabic origins as evil or bad people.

Trigger verses found in the Koran, Torah and even in the Christian Bible, if repeated over and over again to their faithful followers routinely generate a extreme and angry response by those followers towards a specific group or people.

In the Middle Eastern regions where second and third generational family's have directly lost family members to religious violence directed against them, are understandingly finding it very difficult to not respond and simply turn and walk away from what is essentially 'hate speeches'.

To refuse to feed and fan the flames of horrific violence is possible if one actively chooses not to participate. Evil dies from starvation when it is not constantly fed.

It is important to realize and implement a closure on the circle of violence which has stretched across many generations of family's in the Middle East and I hope that comes soon.

university rector   November 18th, 2009 9:57 pm ET

"Ultimately it is in Israel’s long term interests to bend over backwards to create good will in the region"

yeah right johnny babay

it's always the jews' fault. Hitler said the same thing.

as arab leaders keep repeating that israel should not exist, what do you expect of the jews? to agree?

fat chance, johnny boy, fat chance

Filipe   November 18th, 2009 11:13 pm ET

John A,

Radical Islamic Behavior= Violence against non Islamic peoples!

Is there something about this scenario you fail to understand?

Hey- but when a sate is proclaimed and a border identified and recognized-the rest of the world will take notice-- sorry about your luck there John Boy!!!! You'll just need to wait!!

miriam   November 19th, 2009 7:15 am ET

John A,

More disinformation.

More Israelis have been killed for the Arab cause than British and Spanish casualties combined from the IRA and ETA.

Neither ETA nor the IRA sent or send rockets into civilian communities.

Israel withdrew from Gaza while N. Ireland is still in Britain and Basque region in Spain.

The partition of Mandatory Palestine led to the creation of Jordan. The locals did not have a problem with that. The local Jews did not oppose the partition of the remainder to create a Palestinian state but the Arabs did.

Israel was not recreated as a safe-haven for Jews.
Israel was recreated as a homelend for the Jewish people on their religious, historical and cultural land.

miriam   November 20th, 2009 7:05 am ET


The vaccine is in exchange for a protected population travelling to Mecca.

Obviously the reputation of Israel you believe in is mistaken.

university rector   November 21st, 2009 9:57 am ET


gimme a kidney and you'll get vaccine

and the protocols of the elders of zion are facts, just like your moronic accusations


Pete   November 22nd, 2009 3:21 pm ET

University Rector, Israel is founded on a lie.

Few young Israeli people practise Judaism or care about religion in the slightest.

The last time most Israeli's held the Torah was when they were applying for immigration papers from Russia, "Look at me, I am a Jew and should be allowed to live in Israel". As soon as they get of the boat they try to evict a Palestinian family and take over another mans home. As soon as the Jewish immigrant has moved his furniture to sunny Palestine he will sling the Torah which he has never read in the bin. In normal countries it is called immigration fraud.

Israel is a nation of fraud. The promised land is a fraudulent phrase. God made all men equal and none have been promised an advantage over another. So sorry Rector, you have no legitimacy and you live a life built on fraud.

John A   November 22nd, 2009 3:30 pm ET

In my last blog entry I wrote, "If any Jew really cares about Israel it is time that they realize they have no long term future in the middle east by acting as an isolated Euro immigrant bubble".

Rector, Miriam and Filipe obviously you do not care about Israel. In fact your type of arrogance and diplomatic stupidity is the greatest threat to Israels long term future. I guess you three were happy when a radical Jew killed Yitzhak Rabin.

Antone Burr   May 3rd, 2010 1:32 pm ET

At least a hundred persons in our city have been infected with the H1N1 virus. I was very scared to get infected with this disease during the pandemic";`

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