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July 5, 2010
Posted: 838 GMT

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) - Moving toward direct peace talks with Palestinians will be a focus of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's trip to the United States this week, the prime minister told Israeli Cabinet officials Sunday.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with President Obama on Tuesday.
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with President Obama on Tuesday.

"We are ten minutes apart. Ramallah almost touches Jerusalem," Netanyahu said, according to a copy of remarks released by his office. "I have been ready to meet with (Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas) since this government's first day in office. Whoever desires peace will hold direct peace talks. I hope that this will be one of the results of my trip to Washington."

Netanyahu said he will discuss the issue in a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

Currently Israelis and Palestinians are negotiating via "proximity" talks, in which U.S. officials serve as a go-between.

Last week, the White House also said Tuesday's meeting would focus on how to move proximity talks to direct talks, and on the recent "liberalization" of Israel's policy on commercial traffic into Gaza.

It will be the fifth meeting between Obama and Netanyahu since the prime minister took office last spring.

Moving toward direct talks was also a topic when Obama met with Abbas on June 9.

"We agreed that, should a progress be achieved, then we would move on to direct talks," Abbas said after the meeting.

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Ariely   July 5th, 2010 9:21 am ET

A different perspective of the global picture

Bottom line: The agony of democracy
********** ****************************
*Were to president Obama is leading?
*Are we witness a modern Chamberlin?

Did the USA and EU leaders lost their energy to defend democracy and values?
The picture composed by:
• The struggle between the defending democracy and liberal human rights countries and various types of dictatorship ideologies or governments
• Competition for resources
• People losing social rights
•The opponents are testing the USA leadership and the confused west as never before:

--- President Obama harvest ----–
• North Koreas mussels as never before
• Islamism is on offensive in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and promotes Jidad by individuals worldwide
• Iran Nuk program continues as well the expansion over Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza
• Chaves partner with Iran, growing influence in Sought and Central America.
*Turkey is undergoing a Islamic evolution, partnering with Iran Islamist theocratic regime

The global policy is shaped by forces driven by the combinations of ideology, economy, pragmatism, demography and history.
The perspective view should cover several decades.
The west competition with the Soviet Union is over.
This was the main global competition masking others considered minor.
For the last 2 decades, the "minor ones" are on the stage.
1: The Iranian theocratic rulers are considering themselves as the "power of the future" They desire to replace the western civilization- including the end of democracy and western life style. Their policy and public declarations are supporting the desire. 3 decades ago, the slogans on Iran street calling "death to the USA satin", where considered gimmicks by the west.
2; To support the west Europe aging population, the gates have been open to massive immigration. Changing Europe demography, opening up the question of Europe identity and challenging the traditional Europeans values .
After the imperialism era and 2 world wars Europe lost the energy, struggle will and is interested only on short time economic benefits
3: The capitalism of the greed's cause major economic sate back to USA and EU.
4: The globalization of the economy raised up China status to a major power. People from the west loosed jobs and social rights and are a potential future unrest.
5: After the defeat of the Soviets in Afghanistan- Islamism by force gain worldwide momentum.
In Islamist books they claim that only the USA is the last bastion, standing against the Islam triumph over the west
6: The competition for declining resources due: Energy prices increase, Global warming, water resources, global population increase

Audrey Kadis   July 5th, 2010 2:47 pm ET

Why is it that no matter what steps Israel takes to begin negotiations, the Palestians balk and demand significant compromises from Israel before negotiations begin. By the time their preconditions are met, Israel will have nothing left to negotiate. Shouldn't President Obama be pressuring Abbas to join direct talks?

Smith in Oregon   July 6th, 2010 1:51 am ET

The Nation of Turkey should totally severe any and all ties it has made and built up with Israel over many decades.

Turkey should immediately ban all Israeli flights in Turkey's airspace and call upon Russia to supply Turkey with its advanced medium range S-300 anti-aircraft missile battery's in case Israel goes rabid on Turkey again.

NATO should be demanded by Turkey and other NATO country's to immediately move to punish Israel as per the NATO treaty which entirely makes it clear that attacks upon a NATO nation is an attack upon all NATO nations.

International and NATO laws dictate and are very clear that attacks upon a NATO flagged ship in International Waters is the same as an attack upon that nation of that ship. The NATO treaty demands a heavy response against Israel.

Turkey should demand Interpol and the International Courts charge Israeli Officials with International Crimes of Piracy, Execution of its citizens, Theft of it's NATO flagged vessel and supplies on the high seas in International Waters, Torturing it's citizens and Attempting to cover up the evidence of International Crimes against Turkey.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs   July 6th, 2010 10:38 am ET

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dore Gold speaks on MSNBC about the Obama-Netanyahu meeting in Washington and the state of the relationship between the United States and Israel.

miriam   July 6th, 2010 6:57 pm ET


Contrary to your rediculous comments, Turkey is the country that should be worrying about its position wrt NATO.

It is increasingly obvious that Turkey's policies are inconsistent with the 1949 NATO charter and instead of defending the north Atlantic from radical Islamism, is in fact creating a challenge for NATO itself by introducing radical Islam into the organization.

Perhaps Turkey's legacy in NATO will be its role in the dissolution of the organization altogether.

After all, NATO members should not sponsor terrorists sailing out on a pre-meditated violent confrontation with a sovereign army upholding a legal blockade against an entity ruled by a terrorist group, taking advantage of the Turkish flag to break international law.
Similarly, NATO members should not cancel military exercises with a NATO ally and replace them with exercises with a recognized state sponsor or terror.

Jcenter   July 7th, 2010 12:42 pm ET

Is it all just a show? See Former Ambassador to the UN Dore Gold weigh in on the issue. Watch here:


Smith in Oregon   July 7th, 2010 8:39 pm ET

Benjamin Netanyahu's own son was the only Israeli killed in the Mossad Assault team that freed the airline passengers that were hijacked and being held captive in Entebe. (See raid in Entebe, documentary, movie).

Since then Netanyahu has been a depraved and bitter man who see's Arabic people as his enemy and the same as the one that shot and killed his son. It is no surprise that the greatest civil and humanity abuses against Israel's neighbors in the West Bank and Gaza occur during the time when Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel's prime minister.

There is no reasoning with such a sick, bitter individual. Netanyahu's destruction of the long lasting ties with Turkey (the sole Islamic Country ally to Israel in the Middle East), is typical and very disappointing. Benjamin Netanyahu after all these years has not forgiven the Arabic people over the death of his own Son.

Mr. Netanyahu, one man shot and killed your son, All of the Arabic people across the Middle East DID NOT.

miriam   July 8th, 2010 12:56 pm ET


Netanyahu has 3 children, all alive and well.

It was his brother who was killed while part of an IDFunit freeing the Air France hostages,all Israelis and Jews who had been seperated from the remaining passengers, in Entebbe.

The hijackers and hostage-takers were Germans, Ugandans and Arabs and it is quite likely that Yoni Netanyahu was killed by an Ugandan sniper.

Apart from the fact that Bibi does not take revenge on Arabs, he also doesn't on Germans or Ugandans.

Turkey started to destroy its ties with Israel long before Netanyahu's current term as Prime Minister.

Smith, you tell more lies.

John A   July 8th, 2010 5:10 pm ET

It's about money, not peace!!

John A   July 8th, 2010 5:21 pm ET

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, I watched your web link for a laugh and guess what, it didn't disappoint me. What a joke!

He says Jeruselum has been a Jewish majority for 150 years hahahaha
A little over estimate of 120 years and forgetting illegal occupation, murder and demolition needed to gain a majority since the 1967 war (a war started by Israel when it attacked Egypt)

Then he goes onto say Israel is a great ally to the US, forgeting Israels attack on the USS Liberty and Israels frequent spy rings within the US.

Then he says Israel supplies America with technology, when all Israel has was supplied by the USA. But this did not stop Israel selling on its American technology to Russia and China.

Well I guess this explains why MSNBC has lost nearly all its viewers. This alone should tell lamestream media that the US public no longer swallows Israels lies.

miriam   July 11th, 2010 6:16 pm ET

Let's try again.

John A,

Since the first census in 1850, Jews have been the majority in Jerusalem and incidentally, Jerusalem was only what is now described as "east" Jerusalem.

The only illegal occupiers of Jerusalem and the WB were the Jordanians between 1948 and 1967, during which time they threw out all the Jews and demolished Jewish homes, communities and synagogues.

The 1967 war was provoked by Egypt closing the Strait of Hormuz, kicking the UN out of Sinai and the amassing of Syrian and Egyptian troops on Israel's borders, not to mention the PLO cross-border terrorist attacks against Israelis long before any supposed "occupation".

There is no debate over the alliance between the US and Israel.
Between allies, and indeed within national armies, there are incidences of friendly fire as was the case with the USS LIberty and only conspiracists dispute such facts. The upgrade in US-Israeli relations came after 1967 and after the USS Liberty incident.

Anyone involved in high tech knows the contribution made by Israel and Israelis in the industry and that US technology and military developments would not be where they are today without Israeli initiatives.

When it comes to TV ratings, I suggest you do a bit more research. You (and CNN) may be shocked.

John A   July 12th, 2010 10:24 pm ET

1st lie – "Since the first census in 1850, Jews have been the majority in Jerusalem"
Correct answer 3% Jewish

2nd lie – "The only illegal occupiers of Jerusalem and the WB were the Jordanians between 1948 and 1967"

Correct answer -The land is owned by Palestine and Jordanians only intervened to stop blood baths made by Jewish terror gang Irgung

3rd lie – "The 1967 war was provoked by Egypt closing the Strait of Hormuz"

Even former Israeli leader Menachem Begin admitted that Egypt did not put enough troops on the boarder to launch a war and Israel attacked knowing the Egypt would not.

4th lie – "there are incidences of friendly fire as was the case with the USS Liberty"

Attacked in international water without any previous threat issued by victim. Two such examples 1. USS Liberty 2. Aid Flotilla.

So Israel could not see the huge USA markings on the Liberty?It could not see US flags or pick up US radio broadcasts?. Egypt didn't even have a similar ship in its fleet. The USS Liberty was sunk to prevent the outside world observing Israel starting a war with Egypt.

5th lie – "Anyone involved in high tech knows the contribution made by Israel and Israelis in the industry"

I'm very involved in the high tech world and know fully that all of Israels high tech has been subsidized by the US. The subsidies come in the form of giving free knowledge to Israel, free money to Israel or a guaranteed market for Israeli products. Israel on its own would have achieved nothing. America without Israel would be far better off.

Meaningless statement – "When it comes to TV ratings, I suggest you do a bit more research".

Mainstream TV news is in decline, the web is taking over. Hence western governments (who receive huge political funding from wealthy Jews) now talk of web censorship. They are afraid as Jewish owned TV media has lost the audience to the international web. This menas the truth about Israel is slowly reaching the public for the first time.

miriam   July 14th, 2010 12:22 pm ET

John A,

You are full of myths.

Who gives you the propaganda and lies?

The truth and facts prove a different account.

Ariely   July 14th, 2010 7:38 pm ET

Chitin – chitin – Lie- lie

Modial record– In 1 comment so many lies!!!!

Ms John A implements perfectly the:
Following link is describing the lying cult

The time is limited – I will start posting the correct info embedded in the gentlemen comment

John "1st lie – "Since the first census in 1850, Jews have been the majority in Jerusalem"
Correct answer 3% Jewish"
Comment reader pls refers to easy to verify data:

Table 10 – Population of Jerusalem until 1945
Year Total Muslim Jewish Christian % Jews
18441 15,510 5,000 7,120 3,390 45.9
18762 25,030 7,560 12,000 5,470 47.9
18962 45,420 8,560 28,112 8,748 61.9
19223 52,081 13,411 33,971 4,699 65.2
19313 90,451 19,894 51,222 19,335 56.6
19454 164,330 33,680 99,320 31,330 60.4

John: "2nd lie – "The only illegal occupiers of Jerusalem and the WB were the Jordanians between 1948 and 1967"
Correct answer -The land is owned by Palestine and Jordanians only intervened to stop blood baths made by Jewish terror gang Irgung"
Comment reader pls refers to easy to verify data:

*East Jerusalem were occupied by Jordan nearly two decades (1948–1967
Britain didn’t recognize Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem.
Arab League opposed the West Bank became citizens of Jordan

*Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran

*"Kill the Jews!" Shouting in Arabic—64 killed in Hebron Massacre of 1929
,Jerusalem mufti al-Husseini requested to acknowledge the Arab right:

•to settle the question of Jewish elements in Palestine and other Arab countries in accordance with the national and racial interests of the Arabs and along the lines:
!!!!!!" similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in ermany".!!!!

Sharon   July 15th, 2010 7:10 am ET

Ariely you seem to get all your information from the first Middle East terror group the Irgun

Remember the Irgun, the cowardly Jews who bombed and killed 91 men woman and children as they slept in the king David hotel.

Israel was founded on murder and it will end with murder. The first victim of Zionist murder was Judaism. Zionists have given Jews an evil and murdering name.

The second victim of Zionist murder was Palestine, a land that has been ethnically cleansed by Zionists.

Third victim of Zionism is the world which has been dragged down into political fights and wars to protect the fake state of Israel.

If God promised the Jews the land, then why do the Jews need to bomb families in their sleep. Thats not how God works!

John A   July 15th, 2010 11:58 am ET

Ariely, the presentation of your Israeli propaganda is tiring for the eyes.

If you want to be effective, don't cut and paste so many links. It just looks insanely muddled! People will take one look at your mish mash of radical unbalanced views and think you're a very unhappy man. They wont thinks wow how clever you are, as your arguments are hysterical and belong to naive generations past.

Just trying to help you as you do want to look believable, don't you?

proud zionist   July 15th, 2010 3:13 pm ET

John antisemiotic liar A


that's what i say to your "facts"

miriam   July 16th, 2010 11:45 am ET


Almost no Israelis celebrate the bombing and similarly very few Jews supported the Irgun in the few years of its existence.

Contrast that with the celebration of Arab terrorism by Arabs, past and present.

BTW, why didn't the British pay attention to the warnings phoned in and passed on by the switchboard operator who took the call?
Why did they sit in the bar joking about the warning?
Why did the French Consulate and a local newspaper respond to the warnings they received about the impending attack?

It is unlikely many were sleeping at 12.47pm!

Most of the casualties were employees and of the hotel and the British army. There were no recorded child fatalities.

Get you facts straight and learn about all the Arab attacks on Jews, the British restrictions on Jewish defence, and the British complicity with Arab attackers preceeding any Jewish response.

Judaism is inseparable fromThe Land of Israel, so you'll have to put your bigotry aside and accept the truth.

Samantha   July 16th, 2010 5:54 pm ET

Miriam, nearly all of Israels leaders since 1947 were former Irgun members. Today its the son and daughters of Irgun Israeli terrorists who are leading Israel. What do you mean Israel does not support terror??

Israel has voted for former terrorists at each and every election!!!

Israel is HAMAS with a shirt and tie!

proud zionist   July 16th, 2010 9:19 pm ET


u still try to confuse all the antisemitic israel bashers with facts?


proud zionist   July 17th, 2010 3:25 pm ET


I see, YOUR facts

here are the REAL facts

Out of the 12 prime ministers of Israel since 1948, 2 were former Irgun leaders, Begin and Shamir

If that's nearly all..............

But let me not confuse you with facts, antisemitic liar that you are

John A   July 17th, 2010 3:30 pm ET

Samantha, Israel has always voted to elect former Irgun terrorists as its leaders. U still try to get Zionist Miriam to respond to truth??


All they can do when confronted with truth is call you anti Semitic and cry like babies.

Samantha, we are not in congress, we don't need Jewish American money to fight political campaigns. Only American politicians suck up with fear of the anti Semitic phrase. The rest of us can tell the truth!!

proud zionist   July 18th, 2010 4:21 pm ET

John Antisemite A

see above, caught you in another one of your endless lies. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

miriam   July 19th, 2010 6:58 am ET


Apart from the lack of truth in your comments, the irony is that you support the terror of Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas and many others against Israelis.

Let's PRETEND that Israel is the kind of state you describe, why is she the only one you criticize and deny the right to self-defense?

Sharon   July 19th, 2010 11:11 am ET

Proud Zionist, why do you belittle Judaism with your idiotic rants in the name of Israel?

Now that you have no defense for Israels crimes you cry like a baby and claim that everyone else is lying. But obviously you provide no evidence. Has it crossed your mind that you are not as well as you should be?

You are probably the most anti Semitic person alive. You hate humanity so much and you relate your hate to being an Israeli.
You are truly pathetic.

proud zionist   July 19th, 2010 4:29 pm ET


why don't you try and disprove a single thing I said on these antisemitic blogs before you accuse me of what you do: falsifying facts, lie, cheat and incite to murder

John A   July 19th, 2010 7:51 pm ET

Miriam, Israel and self defense go together like OJ and not guilty.

Amazing spin though. You occupy other peoples countries, assassinate, forge passports, spy on America, kill Rachel Corie, kill aid workers in international waters, bomb unarmed civilians, block toys & books from entering the hands of children in Gaza, attack refugee camps and evict old people from the homes that their farther built. And all in the name of Israeli self defense. Israels self defense sounds just like Hitler defending Germany from the Jews.

miriam   July 20th, 2010 2:44 pm ET

John A,

When you want to see Israel disappear it is so easy to deny her the right to self-defense backed-up with lies and distortions.

John A   July 22nd, 2010 5:17 pm ET

Miriam, when will you tell the truth? Ever? Just once? Give it a try, you might enjoy it.

The truth: Palestine has disappeared under Israeli tanks and walls. Israel has not disappeared it is bigger than its legally recognized boarders.

Every pro Israeli argument is a perverted, twisted denial of fact.

Fact Israel gets bigger. Fact Palestine gets smaller.

Miriam please explain how Israel getting bigger and Palestine barely existing means that Israel is under threat? Cant wait for your disappearing IQ to twist this fact.

Yusil   July 23rd, 2010 6:18 am ET

miriam pls answer the questions of John A in a rational, truthfull manner!!
I would like to hear how the Palestinians will drive the defenseless Isralies into the sea.

Ariely   July 23rd, 2010 6:23 pm ET

John A commented" Fact Palesine gets samaller'

Real Facts- easy to be verified

Under Israel government Arab population has increased:

!!!! 11 times more !!!!
------------- –
compared to Jordan/Egypt governments onWest Bank and Gaza

(Despite the Christians exodus from Palestinian controlled areas)

1: West Bank Arab population increase during the pick time period of Jordan government 1950- 1960 and Israel government 1990-2000

Jordan 34.000
Israel 765.792

2: Gaza Arab population increase during the pick time period of Egypt government 1950-1960 compared to Israel 1990- 2000:

Egypt 62.000
Israel 489.249

Shame_on_anyone_who_supports_Israel   July 24th, 2010 1:31 pm ET

Ariely you quote numbers supplied by the criminal state of Israel? Why don't you use neutral numbers from the EU or the UN? Does the truth terrify you?

Plus you speak of dubious populations counts rather than land area. Again a lame attempt to avoid the truth!

Nice try to lie again Proud Zionist, but as always you fail to convince anyone with half a brain.

Bye the way you call your self proud Zionist, why? What are you proud of? Is it the Stern gang Israeli terrorist group? Is it the Irgun terrorist group? Or were you just proud to have aid workers killed in international waters.

Maybe your proud of assassinating people without using court justice, perhaps your proud that Israel killed Rachel Corie, perhaps your proud that Israel has been caught spying on America and selling American technological weapons and gifts to China and Russia.

I'm really curious where you get your pride for an obviously criminal state??

miriam   July 25th, 2010 2:33 pm ET

John A,

Mandatory Palestine was not a state.

The Mandate was legally created in order to re-establish a homeland for the Jews.

The territory had been part of the Ottoman Empire along with modern day Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and parts of Saudi Arabia and more.

80% of Mandatory Palestine became Jordan.

More than 50% of the remaining territory was proposed as another Arab state, but that proposal was rejected by the Arabs but largely captured by Jordan and Egypt and incorporated into their terrirtories before being lost in a further war.

A state that is invented and created cannot get smaller!

The re-establishment of the Jewish state recognized the Jews' historical. religious and cultural ties to the land and was acknowledged by many local Arab leaders whose voices were silenced by more radical ones who did not want to see Jews in the region.

Those opposed to the presence of Jews initiated attacks on Jewish communities and their British protectors leading to the abandonment of defence for the Jews and increased attacks by local Arabs and later, newly formed Arab nations.

Hamas and PLO Charters, which are frequently referenced, make their intentions perfectly clear.

Anyone who denies the threats still facing the Jewish state are living in denial and have a poor grip on reality.

John A   July 27th, 2010 12:43 pm ET

I see CNN continues with its unhealthy tradition of always allowing pro Israeli propaganda the last word on each blog.

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