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July 27, 2010
Posted: 718 GMT
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Jcenter   July 27th, 2010 12:32 pm ET

Why some love occupation?

Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi is a senior researcher of the Middle East and radical Islam at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

He discusses why some are keen to perpetuate the "Occupation" and oppose Palestinian independence in Gaza.

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Bruce   July 27th, 2010 12:52 pm ET

Everyone knows that Osama Bin Laden confessed to 9/11 on videotape.

Admittedly, German experts say (rough English translation here) that the Bin Laden confession tape was mistranslated. But what do the Germans know, other than how to make beer?

Sure, an American computer expert says that a Bin Laden video released in 2007 was spliced together from earlier footage, and that:

There are so many splices that I cannot help but wonder if someone spliced words and phrases together. I also cannot rule out a vocal imitator during the frozen-frame audio. The only way to prove that the audio is really bin Laden is to see him talking in the video….

But he’s just a pencil-neck computer geek, so why should we listen to him?

Yeah, Swiss scientists are 95% certain that an early post-9/11 Bin Laden tape was a fake. They conclude that all of the later Bin Laden tapes are probably fakes as well. But what do the Swiss know, besides banking and milk chocolate?

Okay, one of the world’s top experts on Bin Laden – Bruce Lawrence of Duke University – says that recent Bin Laden tapes are fake. He also says that the tape in which Bin Laden confessed to 9/11 is a fake, and that the top Bin Laden experts in the Department of Homeland Security agree. But he must be a communist or something.

And it is interesting that – as confirmed by the Washington Post’s Spy Talk columnist – the CIA admitted to faking a Bin Laden videotape using CIA personnel:

The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory. The actors were drawn from “some of us darker-skinned employees,” he said.

But that is obviously just an isolated incident which doesn’t mean that any other Bin Laden tapes are fake.

Because everyone knows that America doesn’t engage in propaganda.

Note: This essay does not have anything to do with 9/11 itself or Bin Laden’s role in 9/11. It doesn’t have to do with the war in Afghanistan. It focuses solely on the question of whether or not America ever engages in propaganda and disinformation.

But I suppose these days "free rational thinking" can also be defined as an anti semitic hate crime. Welcome to 1984!

Smith in Oregon   July 27th, 2010 10:35 pm ET

If Israel had placed the amount of time and money spent on this 'museum' into crafting a lasting Peace Treaty with it's neighbors, Israel would be living in peace with it's Arabic neighbors at this time and America would be further able to attend to it's own critical needs for the American people in America.

ofir   July 28th, 2010 8:44 am ET

Jerusalem, the most beautiful place in the whole world.

miriam   July 29th, 2010 12:55 pm ET


Over 80% of the funding for the internationally respected and recognised Israel Museum renovation came from private donations.

In democracies, governments have budgets to provide finances for different ministries with different responsibilities including culture, defence, foreign relations, domestic affairs, education, health, sport etc etc.

Israel receives military aid but no economic aid from the US. You should direct your issues with massive US economic expenses abroad somewhere else other than Israel.

Israel has spent longer time and more money trying to make peace with its neighbours and will without doubt continue to do so despite the bigoted efforts of many to derail the process and realize their claims that investing anything in Israel was a waste of time since it will cease to exist.

John A   July 31st, 2010 9:22 pm ET

ofir, Jerusalem has some fascinating history. But for you to see it as the most beautiful city on earth means you haven't got much kindness in your heart. It also means you are not persecuted for by Israels apartheid laws.

Did you hear about the Palestinian man who got imprisoned for, " rape by deception"? The Israeli girl admits she wanted to sleep with him, but she did not know he was Muslim. After spending their happy moment together, she discovered he wasn't Jewish. Her racist hatred for Muslims made herself feel disgusted for sleeping with a Muslim. She reported to the Police that he slept with her under false pretence and now they have found him guilty of "rape by deception". Even south Africa in its most dark and racist hour was never as ugly as Israel.

miriam   August 1st, 2010 11:48 am ET

John A,

He claimed he was and un-married and Jewish, the un-married part being the basis for the deception charge.

Similar cases have been prosecuted previously in Israel involving Jewish men deceiving Jewish women.

Most liberal, anti-racist activists would defend a woman against rape and praise the right for all citizens to receive a fair hearing in court with the opportunity to appeal to the High Court .

That is, unless the female is a Jewish victim of an Arab rapist in Israel.

John A   August 1st, 2010 10:13 pm ET

Miriam, rape is when a woman or man is forced into sex. She admitted she wanted sex with him. He speaks fluent Hebrew and didn't mention he is Arabic. That is not rape.

Your reply is a reflection of the deep sickness within Israeli society.

How about women who wear make-up? Is that rape by deception? Looking pretty when you're actually very dull, sounds like deception to me. How far do you want to take Israels madness??

Smith in Oregon   August 2nd, 2010 9:35 am ET

The ultra conservative war drumming government now in effect in Israel on Sunday approved new residency criteria that would result in the deportations of hundreds of infant children of migrant workers.

Under the goose stepping thugs in charge, only children of migrants whose parents entered Israel legally could remain IF they are enrolled in school, speak Hebrew and have been in Israel longer than five years.

The Hotline for Israeli Migrant Workers, estimates 700 of 1,200 school-age children are at risk of deportation, along with their parents.

It is likely no mere coincidence that Republican Potty'ticians are also pushing for the deportation of infants born in America by illegal immigrants from Mexico and dumping them on the Mexican border. Although those children are officially American citizens and that Republican goal and platform of proposed legislation is entirely unconstitutional.

It is also entirely unconstitutional to implement the emergency succession plan which Reagan-Bush sr. put together and was put into place by Bush-Cheney where America's Shadow Government of DHS managers would in an 'emergency' replace the President, Vice President and entire cabinet with unelected DHS managers!

Yusil   August 3rd, 2010 2:16 pm ET

Sounds like 1940 GERMANY. They had a law making it a crime for German women to have sex with Polish slave labourers. In Fascist regimes this is apparently normal thinking.

Filipe   August 4th, 2010 6:55 pm ET

How friggin hilarious !!!!

The blog is about a museum and the result is a certified nutcase posts a discussion about rape !!!!

Some people just can't seem to be able read !!! Or maybe it's ADD !!!

proud zionist   August 5th, 2010 8:49 pm ET


you liar

what do the usa do with illegal immigrants?

the egyptians shoot them

Robert   August 6th, 2010 5:21 pm ET

Do you also know that the State of Israel gives jews living outside of Israel all kinds of incentives to move into Israel and colonize the Palestinian land? One of those incentives is free land, believe it or not. It is quite clear that the Zionist plan is to take over whatever little is left of the Palestinian land in the name of Israel. They're letting the settlers do the dirty work for them. You should do a search on the Ha'aretz under "settlers" and you'll see what you get. Sickening! They're truly are a twisted bunch. By seeing this and reading the accounts in the Bible, I can fully understand how and why they have had their ass kicked throughout the world. They bring it upon themselves. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy, man!

Darren   August 6th, 2010 5:22 pm ET

Well, you totally lost me here. Jews are using the Bible as real estate contract. The Christians are too stupid to see that they're being manipulated. The rest of the world uses the Bible as rolling paper. In the meantime, the Palestinians are being killed like flies.

Bruce   August 6th, 2010 5:26 pm ET

Benjamin Netanyahu is a hardcore fascist. All options are military options.

Shame_on_anyone_who_supports_Israel   August 6th, 2010 5:27 pm ET

"Inglorious Basterd," was Jewsih owned Holywood BS i.e. a fake and meaningless story.

If you want to see a good film, ask Mel Gibson. Even if Jewish owned Holywood has tried to prevent him from making great movies, he is still one of the best!!

Sharon   August 6th, 2010 5:28 pm ET

Filipe, Perhaps you should consider registering for disability, because it's obvious that you're completely blind to the fact that you are a total tool.

Angel   August 6th, 2010 5:30 pm ET

I am soooooooooo tired of having a portion of my yearly tax receipts sent to Israel, while our representatives fellate AIPAC at every convenience, while Americans are homeless and die without Med care. . . . . . it's really disgusting.

Smith in Oregon   August 6th, 2010 10:44 pm ET

Apartheid Israel applying their ultra conservative scratch and sniff citizenship requirements reminds me and many others of the extremely crass and callous citizenship laws in Germany in the roll-up to WW2, stripping many German citizens of citizenship simply by a political ploy to insure a political party's slavery over it's population.

That turned out badly for Germany and for the Jewish people before, perhaps Israeli's should rethink the direction they are heading.

miriam   August 8th, 2010 12:08 pm ET



If immigrants are legal they can stay and so can their families.

Illegal immigration is illegal in every country and every country has laws to deal with the issue whether it involves shooting them, incarcerating them, expelling them or giving them an opportunity to appeal in the courts for legal residency or citizenship.

Smith in Oregon   August 8th, 2010 11:09 pm ET

The rabid Netanyahu PM and current Israeli government does more than simply request Israeli immigrants be there legally, I'll post it again:

Only children of migrants whose parents entered Israel legally could remain IF they are enrolled in school, speak Hebrew and have been in Israel longer than five years.

The Hotline for Israeli Migrant Workers, estimates 700 of 1,200 school-age children are at risk of deportation, along with their parents.

This is likely a step towards to further 'scratch and sniff' requirement for a specific ultra-conservative Hebrew religious membership requirement in order to retain and obtain Israeli citizenship.

Smith in Oregon   August 8th, 2010 11:17 pm ET

I suggest Israel place some tree's into this ultra-expensive waste of money 'Museum' to help remind Isreali citizens and visitors what 'trees' once looked like in Israel as their 'certified' citizens embrace their bunker mentality.

The massive forest fires in and across Israel could be seen as a mixed blessing. Fewer Middle East people will be murdered as a result of this drop in Israel's very few natural resources. Fewer tree's would be torched during WW3 and pollute the Middle East's air.

Sadly, those forest fires will likely be blamed on selected black listed Palestinian family's that had nothing to do with the forest fires in order to bulldoze their homes and 'legally' steal their land and holdings.

miriam   August 10th, 2010 12:07 pm ET


Israel is the only country where there has been an increase in the number of trees in the last 60 years.

Ecology and the environment is nothing new to a nation for whom the land is holy, is respected and celebrated. Hence areas are zoned for parks and open spaces.

It is unfortunate that those who lack respect and break the law build on land zoned for parks and light fires where it is forbidden and whoever does so is punished no matter who they are.

Israeli citizens and visitors enjoy the culture and opportunities available in the country whether they are Jewish or not and national museums are one of many ways of expressing that culture.

John A   August 10th, 2010 8:57 pm ET

Miriam were you thinking of ecology when Israel blasted to death 1400 Palestinian civilians with phosphorous bombs. How dare you be such a liar!!

miriam   August 12th, 2010 9:28 pm ET

John A,

Your falsification of facts is now quite obvious to all!

Smith in Oregon   August 15th, 2010 10:30 am ET

Israel wonders why it has no friends in the Middle East. The recent activity from the Lebanese Army is just as likely telling Israel that an attack on Iran would signal a potential war from Israel's neighbors as well. New advances in anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft missiles should help Israel's neighbors stop the Israeli tanks and fighter jets from bombing it's people.

It looked very disgusting to see Israel today bulldozing a old Islamic cemetery to expand their illegal settlement apartments in Jerusalem. Not moving the ancient graves and grave stones, simply bulldoze them over and build the apartments on top of the ancient cemetery. Israel would declare war if the Muslims did that to an Israeli graveyard but they do that to their neighbors.

miriam   August 17th, 2010 1:20 pm ET


Once again you get the facts all wrong.

The disused Mamilla Cemetery is well documented and it is clear which supposed tombstones appeared in the past 7 months.

In 1929 it was declared "mundras" ie abandoned and without sanctity, by the Mufti of Jerusalem when a hotel was erected on its southern edge allowing reinternment of the graves.

In 1945 there was a Muslim Council plan to build a commercial centre on the cemetery site, refering to the previous Islamic rulings for transferal of graves, although the plan was abandoned with the 1948 war.

The cemetery has not been disturbed since 1967, with a car-park having been layed by the eastern perimeter and not over graves.

Recently, Islamic officials were given permission to clean and renovate graves but in an effort to seize land, erected 300 ficticious graves.

The Israel Lands Administration has no plans to build anything over the graves, which are situated in the centre of Jerusalem.

The former car-park is closed and a museum is being planned on the site which does not contain graves but the plan is being opposed by those who had no problem using it as a car-park.

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