Inside the Middle East
November 1, 2010
Posted: 1655 GMT
Mourners outside the Sayidat al-Nejat Church in Baghdad.(Mohammed Tawfeeq/CNN)
Mourners outside the Sayidat al-Nejat Church in Baghdad.(Mohammed Tawfeeq/CNN)

As the sun set over Baghdad, shocked onlookers stood by, watching a truck laden with debris drive away from the Our Lady of Salvation Catholic church.
Silvana Maro stood outside her home near the church, eyes filled with tears, in such shock she could hardly speak. She was a survivor, now plagued by the vivid memory of what she had lived through.
Mass was in process when the attackers stormed in.
“There was gunfire, grenades.  Shrapnel was flying from all sides.  We scattered and threw ourselves to the ground, we didn’t know what would happen to us” She whispered softly, choking on her words.
“They said if anyone lifts their head we will shoot.  My cousin moved slightly.  They shot him, his brains exploded all over”.
Anna Hannow held her aunt’s bloodied purse, the stench of death still fresh.  Her aunt was eighty years old.
“They shot her in the face, there was nothing left of her face” She told us.
As the sun set a coffin was carried in.  A woman sobbed, comforted in vain by another onlooker. Iraqi forces kept the media and bystanders away.
There was a time when Christianity and Islam co-existed peacefully in Iraq, but the Christian community here has not been spared the ravages of the country's sectarian warfare.  Over the years their numbers have dwindled with more choosing to leave every week.

For some staying is the only option.  Others choose to do so out of conviction, refusing to allow violence and threats to drive them from the country they call home.
The attack on Sunday was the first of its kind.  According to the a senior official with the Ministry of Interior, the insurgents first targeted the Baghdad Stock Exchange and blew up two car bombs as a diversion, to draw in the Iraqi unit manning the checkpoints close to the church.
As mass was in full progress – with some 120 worshippers – the attackers, some wearing suicide vests, stormed the building and wreaked carnage. Dozens were killed.
The Islamic state of Iraq, an umbrella organization that includes al Qaeda claimed responsibility. Their demand was the release of prisoners in Iraq and Egypt.  Their statement said the hostage taking was a direct warning to the Egyptian Coptic Church, a response to the case of two Egyptian women allegedly abducted by the Coptic Church after they converted to Islam.
A young man who survived said “They brought us the real Halloween”.
The faces of those we met reflected the extent of the horror their words could not express.

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Mark5   November 1st, 2010 5:47 pm ET

The west has been at war with Islam for centuries. I am afraid there will have to be a final showdown between Islam and the west to finally resolve everything. Get ready for world war 3.

gene   November 1st, 2010 5:57 pm ET

How could anyone in this day be shocked at muslim brutality?

db   November 1st, 2010 5:59 pm ET

These are the monsters that dwell in the house of the devil. They do not represent any form of God, neither Christian or Muslum. They are terrorists by the basic definition of the word. These men were corrupted by ill conceived teachings and thoughts generated out of a few sick and self centered individuals who only represent their own beliefs and desires. Notice that these same individuals hide and never participate in their own terrorist activities. Governments around the world condem them and call them terrorists, but little gets done while they hide in countries that harbor and are training grounds for terrorist activities. These types of actions will never stop until the countries that support such activity are held responsible and appropriate action is taken against them. Civilized nations need to take notice and use more than words to stop these kind of activities from terrorist supporting nations.

Dan A   November 1st, 2010 5:59 pm ET

I wonder if this would even make the news in Arab media. But if some idiot draws a cartoon of Allah or claim to burn the Koran then people would line up in the streets for a flag burning.

elio   November 1st, 2010 5:59 pm ET

so where are the american muslims? are they protesting in the streets against the muslims terror? ....hooo.... they are silent again god dam you !!!!!

Brenda - Wayne, PA   November 1st, 2010 6:00 pm ET

Sad ... time for the Iraqi people to rise up and take out the monsters taht are destroying their plural society ... sad

Jody   November 1st, 2010 6:05 pm ET

In case anyone is wondering if there is tolerance in other parts of the world, this article tells you. We are trying so hard to be tolerant of people who would like nothing more than to see Chrisitanity destroyed. I am dismayed at this event, and hope the world sees the brutality that is happening and will increase to the Christian community throughout the world.

ramtruck2500   November 1st, 2010 6:06 pm ET

Tuo amzing how a group of catholics cant even be protected. And Moslems wonder why people feel the way they do?

ASR   November 1st, 2010 6:09 pm ET

Wake up Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists and especially MODERATE Muslims. Islamic extremists will be the death of us all unless we crush them now.

Thomas   November 1st, 2010 6:09 pm ET

I guess the war has started now!

Emirate   November 1st, 2010 6:18 pm ET

I bet Iraqi chirstians miss Saddam Hussain's ear. Atleast they were safe then!

In The NameofGod   November 1st, 2010 6:21 pm ET

so much for "Peace Love & Understanding" from the "religion of peace" - Peace to ALL! Pray for All!

ahmed alzhrani   November 1st, 2010 6:28 pm ET

Al-Qaeda has neither respect for human being nor for divine places, in Iraq Sunni terrorists had bombed the holy shrine of Shia in Samara and now they assaulted Catholic church, the Egyptian government is fueling conflict between Muslims and Christian Copts according with “divide to rule”
Egyptian intelligent services is manipulating terrorists and use al-Qaeda as “cat paw” to get political opponents inside Egypt, it will not be surprise if the Egyptian intelligent services “export” terror to Iraq!
Saudis do export local terror to Iraq and overseas with bless of highest clergy men in Mecca since 7 years.

JOHN   November 1st, 2010 6:47 pm ET

Its really sad to see things like these. The world fails to realise that its christians in the middle eastern countries that are targeted and deprived of their freedom to religion. News about Christian persecution just dies off very esily and no one seems to worry about them.

Leo   November 1st, 2010 6:56 pm ET

"There was a time when Christianity and Islam co-existed peacefully in Iraq."

Yeah sure: under Saddam Hussein. When all kind of "Islamic state" movements were outlawed and some of their leaders sent top exile.

Thank you Bush for establishing "democracy" in Iraq. When will you pay for your crimes?

karbvi   November 1st, 2010 7:11 pm ET

Where is the outrage from all the so called "peace activists" there is only outrage when Muslims are killed, this is the problem with this evil religion Islam, even the moderates wont speak out against the violence.Something must be done soon.

Antonio   November 1st, 2010 7:19 pm ET

The Christians of the Middle East need the Western world assistance and more solidarity. The Christians of Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, ... are suffering from the beast called terrorism and discrimination.

GypsyKingAdventures   November 1st, 2010 7:20 pm ET

Iraqi's stunned by violence, surely you jest?

Jim   November 1st, 2010 7:39 pm ET

Ahh, the peace and tolerance of Islam...

biju   November 1st, 2010 8:02 pm ET

This violent sect is allowed to grow. This is devilish sect. Hope people find thruth oneday.

Engr.Forest Ndu   November 1st, 2010 8:28 pm ET

I am not surprised because Islam is the problem of the world today

richard   November 1st, 2010 8:32 pm ET

Another gutless example of Islamic extremists who attack easy, defenseless targets all in the name of Islam. Stop being led around by your hate. there is no reward for this.

Really?   November 1st, 2010 8:33 pm ET

The new martyrs of this church will be celebrated and remembered by their brothers and sisters sure of their blessed reward. The murderers are now cursed for sacrilege. Murder of the defenseless as they worship G*D. They have abandoned their humanity and have become beastial.

Londoran   November 1st, 2010 8:40 pm ET

The 5th July 1962, to celebrate a few weeks later the independancy of Algeria, 2,500 Jews, Spanish and French christians Pieds-Noirs (Blackfeet) were slaughtered by muslims in Oran and most of them thrown into the "Petit Lac" (Small Lake). They were taken from the streets or their home and killed. The reality actually was more brutal. These events happened in front of the French army which did not move. The general de Gaulle and his executioner, the general Katz, have decided to abandon the Europeans to their fate, never mind the casualties, the atrocities and the lost of the land where they were born. In Algiers the same year, the French army shot and killed 200 Pieds-Noirs in the "rue d'Isly", a pacific crowd composed of children, women, elders and men.

sugardrop   November 1st, 2010 9:05 pm ET

there is a place for all people after they die....these extremists have sealed their fate.
killing defensless people shows nothing more than a coward.

Tony L   November 1st, 2010 9:09 pm ET

This is not just a church in iraq, this church belongs to the ASSYRIAN PEOPLE, the pepole that today still speak the language ot Christ. Why is CNN making a small deal of this, why is CNN talking more about some actor who spokes up vrs, the genocide of a community..

Justina   November 1st, 2010 9:32 pm ET

Christians are familiar with suffering just as their Lord Jesus was. Among the over 2 billion Christian population, one in ten suffers from religious persecution, 150,000 losing their lives yearly from it – most of them in the Middle East and Asia. "Blood of the martyrs is seed of the Church." Prayers for Iraqi Christians never cease. Christians all over the world feel their pain as the Body of Christ. May God's presence comfort the suffering Christians in Iraq.

Eddie   November 1st, 2010 9:42 pm ET

Why the violence against those who choose to worship a common belief in a different form?? For Centuries, man has controlled the masses through the use of Religious oppression and intimidation and it prevails in the middle east today. I pray for those who died exercising their spiritual beliefs and condemn those who, in the name of their militant religious views; assasinate ruthlessly without compassion. Where is your Imam muslim??

Tunde Omolehin   November 1st, 2010 9:46 pm ET

This is just a beast act! May d departed souls of the victims rest in perfect peace. Amen.

kami   November 1st, 2010 9:47 pm ET

Majority of Muslims condemn these attacks on civilians. But people in west elect people like Bush who has his hands full of blood with at least million of people. I am Muslim too and love to see these rascals punished who killed these poor people in church but on the other hand I know that nobody will touch Bush and Blair.

Justice should be served to everyone and there should be no pick and choose. White collar should be punished as those who did this bad act today.

Sam   November 1st, 2010 10:03 pm ET

@ Jim. Ahh, the hypocrisy and selective memory of Christians.

mena fayez   November 1st, 2010 10:04 pm ET

i am from coptic church in egypt me & all my christian family & friends are very sad about what happened to our brothers & sisters.yes they are our brothers & sisters who killed for us due to lying of big islamic terrorist in egypt & iraq.thanks for cnn and all our brothers and sisters in humanity for their covering these incidences and hope that peace , love & health for all the world. god bless u , cnn & all the world
note: protestant + catholic + orthodox = Christians who hope peace for all people without discrimination

Anne   November 1st, 2010 10:16 pm ET

Where are Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. (a Hindu and a Christian) who achieved great victories through non-violence now that we need them more than ever?

Mel   November 1st, 2010 10:18 pm ET

This is no big surprise. Islam has always attacked not only Christianity but other religions as well ever since the times of Mohammed back in the 7th Century. Islam is the true cause of all the wars in the world, including the Crusades (wars waged by Christians to defend their holy sites in the Middle East). It was no coincidence that after attacking the Stock Exchange they went to this church, because that is what they had in mind all along.....

Mel   November 1st, 2010 10:19 pm ET

"A young man who survived said “They brought us the real Halloween”."
If it hadn't been so tragic it would be a funny joke.

Olopade   November 1st, 2010 10:43 pm ET

What a shame, just when we were hoping it would get better from Jos in Nigeria to Iraq. God save humanity from self destrution in the name of religion.

Iraqi Christian   November 1st, 2010 10:59 pm ET

being killed by some muslim terrorists is painfull, but yet expectable, but what is really painfull is when Iraqi christeíans who ask for asylum in "Human rights' " Europe get rejected, moreover sent by force to the living hell of Baghdad by such a " humaniterian" country like Sweden (for example) because the situation in Iraq is " much better now"
Christians of Iraq have been left to face their destiny alone, this is what is really painfull and shamefull.

kajal   November 1st, 2010 11:22 pm ET

I am praying for the family who lost their relatives. They do not know what they are doing. Lord forgive them and let your truth be reveal to them. I really do not have any language to express. Our Lord Jesus is the source of comfort. May His grace be with them.

Haris   November 1st, 2010 11:36 pm ET

“Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah/1 God and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.” ... As a Muslim ... Radical Islam is one of the main problems of the world but Terrorism is not just confined to Islam . But traditionally unlike Islamic Law , Christian law dosen't allow freedom of religion and those who glorify Christianity and demonize Islam , need to wake up and learn there own religion.

why religion is a joke   November 1st, 2010 11:43 pm ET

This is why religion is the enemy of the world. Too much it makes you sick in the head. Muslim or Christians or anything else it does not matter. I think if any of your gods, I get confused to many of them, it will make good damn sure to make you suffer for your non excusable actions in this world. May Allah and God or anything else remove your soul from this universe forever!

This has got to end... seriously   November 2nd, 2010 12:03 am ET

For those who keep attributing all ills of the world to islam, grow up now will you?! A simple look at history shows that a graver crime is stereotyping and taking the action of some to be reflective of the whole group... Islam has constantly emphasized the importance of co-existence and has for long acknowledged the hospitable role played by Christians in hosting the early Muslims. I cant believe you're actually bringing up the whole notion of Islam in post-invasion iraq. The article clearly states that this has been the first time something like this happens. But then again, so are a lot of things in iraq for the past few years, including sectarian clashes and unprecedented violence. So before quickly blaming islam (which has promoted co-existence for centuries), ponder instead about the impact of an invasion that instilled fear, insecurity and power struggles within the borders of Iraq. Enough with the islam this and islam that. Seriously, this whole islamopohobio is being blown way out of proportion!

FISLAM   November 2nd, 2010 12:29 am ET

Islam as a religion of peace???

do we see Christians blowing up Mosques!! of course not, because Islam is the only religion that can be as demonic as this!!

i don't understand why democratic countries still want to be political correct about these Muslim extremists!! (YOU SEE, I'M BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT)!!

Peace be with You my brothers   November 2nd, 2010 12:29 am ET

Muslims and Christians are close brothers.............

Tan Chooi Long   November 2nd, 2010 12:31 am ET

I just cannot imagine the act these lunatics will do in the name of religion!! I just ask God/Allah not to let that happen in my country, Malaysia, where we are a minority.

Jerkinp   November 2nd, 2010 12:48 am ET

Christians need to realize that there is no place for them in the Middle East. This region is controlled by the Muslims and small part is held by the Jews (Israel). There is no state for them. Even though former colonial master France imagined Lebanon as a country for Christians to call their own has been over run by Shiite Muslims.

Christians will always be the target of discrimination and violence. There may have been co-existence in the past however Islam has changed. Just look at who controls the two most holy sites of Islam Mecca and Medina. This is the current face of Islam. Saladin and all others known for their chivalry and honor are gone. All your left with are Muslims who live peacefully with non-Muslims because they pay lip service to Islam and those who lives as Mujahideen Muslims by blowing themselves up for the cause of Jihad against the infidel world.

All that remain now are remnants of Christians of various sects who should take the opportunity to emigrate to safe havens in the Western World before they lose their life or that of loved ones. Hopefully the recourse would be that heavy limitations are placed on Muslims immigrants from Islamizing Western countries.

ihis   November 2nd, 2010 12:57 am ET

What kind of religion and who is that God, those evil believe in ? A religion of violence and hatred? An evil God. Why they get so offended when you just mentioned their prophet or religion. They should respect other religions too. Oh, my religion teaches that those evil will go to hell with their God.. My God is of peace and love and religious tolerance. And the way this evil and terror goes, the world is coming to its end.

phumlani   November 2nd, 2010 1:00 am ET

religion should not be used as a way of killing people.saying that "we killing in the name of islam" is just god would want such.And the sad thing is that we shall turn a blind eye,just becuase we feel,its something that happens all the time,this should not be the case.We can all be believers who co-exist in the name of love...

the ken   November 2nd, 2010 1:10 am ET

to all christian and catholic organizations out there, we have to mobilize and help all oppressed christians and catholics in muslim nations live better lives, if not to live the day at all.

food, clothing, and the warming counsel of a priest or lay minister, anything that we can send them. how do we deal with the hatred in iraq, in afghanistan? i have no idea. but we can help our christian brothers and sisters live and have a fighting chance at survival if we provide for them.

Ricardo   November 2nd, 2010 1:15 am ET

And some people actually think the US invasion was a good thing to Iraq!

Freddie Kaikai   November 2nd, 2010 1:40 am ET

Islam is promoting violence. They said that Islam is peace, how come they themselves are promoting violence and terrorism? They tried to force to younger generation that if you commit suicide and kill many enemies, they will go to heaven. That is b**Sht!!!! Young generation of Islam does not know how to think. These young generations of Islams are id**ts. They just say yes to what their old man say. If their leaders say die in the name of allah, they will do it. Same on you guys. How come your leaders does not do it. They should be examples that they should do the suicide bombings and not you young generations. How come, they don't do it themselves. The reason, they know it's true that dying for Islam does not put you to heaven. They just brain wash you guys, Islam is the beast.

JFI   November 2nd, 2010 1:40 am ET

Does any one care about it !? we Christian Arab have nothing backing up and no one ever care if any of us die through terror and terrorist, i wonder where is the pop and the all other Christian leaders as they say; if there is any true leaders cause as far as i know god never asked for order leaders, but and since there is can anyone react for this issu e

holy smokes   November 2nd, 2010 1:42 am ET

Jim November 1st, 2010 7:39 pm ET

Ahh, the peace and tolerance of Islam...

Thank you Jim........My sentiments exactly!!

Pat   November 2nd, 2010 1:43 am ET

Islam truly is the religion of peace! nobel award to mohammed! ameen!

george   November 2nd, 2010 1:56 am ET

we can not blame them, they are following and doing what their Islam ordered them to do.
the strategy is like this, join country peacefully then grow in number, then start to ask for more rights as they have more voices, then build mosques and schools with the name of democracy, that teach Islam "terrorism", then grow and grow then ...... they will be against you and your thoughts your way of dressing and your religion, as they consider Islam is the best and must be the only religion.they will do their best to get of you by terrorizing and killing you.

3sprottmohammadr   November 2nd, 2010 1:58 am ET

Islam is not the problem of the world ... you folks really need to open up your eyes to see what really is going on. Those so called "Islamic-Terrorists", and simply posing and covering up their criminal acts under the name of the Muslim religion.

Ordinary muslim people exist, and I have several muslim friends and colleagues. It is the radical movement that is operating under the name of Islam that is the real problem here.

Just like the ignorant terrorists are killing people with their non-sense, and non-Islamic beliefs, the people who go around commenting on these news stories with non-sense as well ... are just as ignorant.

Its unfortunate that people generalize and affiliate the millions of peaceful muslim people with a small group of disgusting, radical, ignorant, and fake muslim terrorists, that are simply ruining the lives of everyone, including ruining the lives of muslims themselves.

ibrahim saarkamara   November 2nd, 2010 2:04 am ET

To victam of the church attacked on sunday, in Irak and their family;Iam a child who was born and grew up as a relagious person, so to deepest sympathy to the family of the innocent who died but, let,s remember that there is God that exist and he will always react for the innocent and all man kind.please take deep breath and wept out your tears for the sake of the daed and God.

Abdu   November 2nd, 2010 2:15 am ET

Don't blame me, if I hate Islam

Wambattu   November 2nd, 2010 2:40 am ET

Earlier scenario was, US and few other European countries were on occupation of their land so militant fought with the occupation forces and their collaborators. Now the war is taking another turn and Muslims thinks Christians forces are continuously killing them. This change was expected as it was planned and executed by a then US president to fulfill his father's wish. Exactly in ten years, America and west succeeded making this conflict into a religious one.

Enoch   November 2nd, 2010 3:12 am ET

Babylon the Beast wanted Christian blood on this very day, called Halloween. The souls of those perished Christian Martyrs are not lost, but the souls of 5 million sons and daughters of demons are.

Iraqi Christian   November 2nd, 2010 3:55 am ET

There was no al Qaeda in Iraq prior to 2003. It is the freedom George W. Bush brought to Iraqis. Bush failed in his war against al Qaeda and went to Iraq and made it his battle field to fight al Qaeda.
While everybody here condemning Muslims, we, the Iraqi Christians coexisted with them for centuries. There are good and bad people everywhere. The bad people did not dare to do anything prior to the US invasion to Iraqm, why? I guess Saddam knew how to handle them. Now Iraq is left with no government and Iran is running the show. Ayad Allawi the man who won the elections cannot even form a government, he is powerful and he could stabilize the country and protect the Christians. The US has a moral duty to protect the Iraqi Christians so please put Allawi in office and back him up and don't tell me the US can't do this. YES YOU CAN!

Q2A   November 2nd, 2010 5:12 am ET

It amazes me how people who profess the Christian faith are quick to call these Muslims terrorists when the worst possible atrocities have been committed against these Muslim men, their wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, children, and grandparents. All of this terror was perpetrated on them by not one Christian democratic nation but the majority of other Christian nations as well. They do not refer to their own murderous governments or soldiers in this manner when they commit atrocities which are so horrendous against Muslims the pictures cannot even be seen nor can the truth of these stories be told. The illegal detention and rape of male and female detainees; adult as well as children. The murder of innocent civilians including whole families. The use of chemical weapons (Whiskey Pete- reformulated Napalm) by these Christian countries. A chemical weapon used by the US and banned by the Geneva Conventions. Where is the Christian moral outrage when these atrocities against Muslims slip out and are brought to light. There is none. There is a deafening silence. Contrary, to popular belief, Christian and de-mock-racy do not run the whole world and never will. It is sad commentary when the majority of followers who profess a belief in Christ know so little of what being a Christian really means. If you think you do, here is a quick little test you can ask yourself, especially pertaining to the violence Muslims suffered by these governments who profess a Christian faith; ask yourself if Jesus would approve? If the answer is no, he would not, then why do you approve. Ah, but you say you don't. Then why the silence? Maybe you are being mislead. Nuff said.....

Nora - Baghdad   November 2nd, 2010 8:51 am ET

Those cold blooded murderers have nothing to do with Islam. No one on earth would agree on attacking or killing inoucent defenseless people unless he or she is a devil.

M Israel   November 2nd, 2010 9:46 am ET

Assyrians Christians and Christians generally in the Middle East have been abused and killed by Muslims for centuries, but today in 2010 a Massacre is allowed to happen how can the world just sit and watch this happen!
Every Human right and freedom has been violated against Christians, wake up world, if the Islamic religion is peaceful, why aren't the muslims condemning these barbaric acts of violence, but deep in their heart they would like all Non-Muslims to suffer this type of barbarism. The west is just learning about Islamic brutality in coming years they will experience just like Christians of the Middle East have been subjected to it for centuries!
God rest their souls of the departed Christians.

Truth   November 2nd, 2010 10:14 am ET

Q2A -> Really? A "deafening silence" about detainee abuse? Have you been living under a rock for the past 6 years? And you're going to compare detainee abuse like dousing detainees in cold water with shooting an 80-year-old woman in the face in front of her family?

And by the way, "whiskey pete" (correct nickname willie pete) is white phosphorus, which is not napalm, not a chemical weapon, and is not banned by the Geneva Conventions.

sosamma jose   November 2nd, 2010 10:40 am ET


Kathy   November 2nd, 2010 11:33 am ET

As a traditional Catholic and just plain human, I'm horrified over this event! You can't have muslims claiming that their religion is one of peace and tolerance when their actions clearly indicate otherwise. Actions speak louder than words, practice what you preach, do undo others..all popular sayings for a reason,,because they make sense! If Catholics had done this to worshippers in a Mosque, the worldwide uproar would be deafening. It's time for not just Christians, but everyone with a pulse to stand up and speak out against all forms of religious violence: enough is enough! Stop already!

Christian in the Middle East   November 2nd, 2010 1:44 pm ET

I hope this gets a little more attention than non-violent racism does. These Terrorists should not be affiliated with any religion. Even though now a days the most violent acts and terrorist acts are being held by Muslims, these people don't know or believe in any God, because no God will ever accept the slaughtering of any innocent person under any circumstance. This means they aren't believers of any religions, and they shouldn't even be considered as human beings. They are animals and barbarians. I hope they get what they deserve, and my God & Jesus be with the families of the departed. May they Rest in Peace

Ariely   November 2nd, 2010 1:49 pm ET

This is not a unique case. The use of all religions holy places to hide, attack, fire arms , store weapons is widely done by Muslims- not only Islamist.

Muslims-not only Islamist- are attacking churches, Hindu, Buddhist temples, Jewish synagogues and Muslims mosques everywhere.

Find list of attacks against Christians on:
Example of attacks on Buddhist temple on:

President Obama "The change" is making concessions to Muslim leaders without demand from Muslim countries to offer the same rights and protection they get in the west to the non Muslim religions in Muslim controlled areas

IntheirNames   November 2nd, 2010 1:53 pm ET

Why there is hardly any outrage and condemnation coming from 'moderate' and 'peace loving' Muslims? Why the great silence????

What about those 'peace loving' American Muslims who insisted on building their mosque near ground zero to promote tolerance and understanding, why are you so silent??? Imam Rauf what say you???

In fact 'peace loving' Muslims everywhere have been silent for so long since 9/11. Their silence is deafening indeed.

Is there such a thing as a 'moderate and peace loving' Muslim????

IntheirNames   November 2nd, 2010 1:57 pm ET

Where are those 'peace loving' American Muslims who insisted on building their mosque near ground zero to promote tolerance and understanding, why are you so silent? Imam Rauf what say you?

Why there is hardly any outrage and condemnation coming from 'moderate' and 'peace loving' Muslims? Why the great silence? In fact 'peace loving' Muslims everywhere have been silent for so long since 9/11. Their silence is deafening indeed.

Ask yourself is there really a 'moderate and peace loving' Muslim?

Kill4faith   November 2nd, 2010 2:01 pm ET

Why there is hardly any outrage and condemnation coming from moderate muslims?

Their silence is so deafening, even from those US Muslims who insist on building their mosque near ground zero so as to promote peace, love and understanding, why are you so silent?

Kill4faith   November 2nd, 2010 2:03 pm ET

There is hardly any outrage shown from the moderate Muslims everywhere, their silence is truly deafening!

W.T.F. ever!   November 2nd, 2010 2:33 pm ET

These people have been doing this crap to each other for YEARS! They are not going to stop because they truly believe they are right in the eyes of whatever f 'd up God they worship. They live and work in a stupid desert environment that stinks like crap every day. The stupid architecture is depressing as hell. The food SUCKS balls. They don't agree on sh_ _ either. Human rights violations happen on a daily and yet the media publishes a story like this as if it were "new news" This is their culture, the way they were brought up. I am surprised the country isn't vacant by now. They choose to live in this place so they shouldn't complain about the bees if they live in the hive.

Avenger   November 2nd, 2010 2:36 pm ET

The only language these scum understand is violence. This is an attack on the entire Christian world. Pussy-footing with political correctness and bending over backwards to accommodate M*sulims in our civilised countries is cowardice. If a priest leading a service or an 80 year old woman saying her prayers in a church are legitimate targets for these murderers, then those Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews who are outraged by the killing of their people in Iraq, Thailand, Aghanistan, Nigeria, and so on, need to take action and go on the offensive. The time has come. The cancer must be ercadicated.

Iraqi Christian   November 2nd, 2010 5:42 pm ET

While not all Muslims are bad. Islam is not a religion of peace. My justification is that why we haven't seen Christians, Jews, or Buddhists blow themselves up in a Mosque? So I conculde that Islam produces terrorists while other religions don't. They are not open-minded nor logical, and ignorant. They kill Iraqi Catholics because the Egyptian church (which is Orthodox) "held two women who converted to Islam" (That's what they claim!). How does this give them the right to kill innocent people?

In a previous post I said Christians coexisted with Muslim in Iraq for centuries. I didn't mention there was always discrimination against Christians, but it didn't reach the point of mass killing Christians in the modern Iraqi history (1932-2003). All events after 2003 are chaotic and a direct result of the American invasion to Iraq. I wonder why this horrific event wasn't covered in the mainstream American media! America has a moral obligation to fix their screw ups in Iraq.

earle,florida   November 2nd, 2010 5:52 pm ET

So sad :-(( PS. Where is Ms. Paula Hancock reporting now on CNN? Thanks Mr. Earle

Joe   November 2nd, 2010 6:17 pm ET

The real enemies of Easter Christians are not Muslims; it is Vatican and their Western friends.

Warren Goddard   November 2nd, 2010 6:54 pm ET

The fault is ours. We waged an unjust war against Iraq on orders from Israel.

Harrison Ford   November 3rd, 2010 4:20 am ET

Islam means spread islam with blood, ask a Saudi, this is what the two sword on the flag mean, true, ask, you will laugh at the answer.
But no one will find out what all these symbols mean within the koran and islamic culture,

Sudas   November 3rd, 2010 6:13 am ET

our country is in ruin,tell me what is the good outcome of the 2003 war
the iraqi people elected Ayad Allawy and his blog, he is a strong man and he knows how to govern Iraq, why the Americans don't want him, i wonder why? do they want to open the border between Iran and Iraq to create a new map and to bring the Iranian economy down through Iraq and through those who lived many years there? i wonder why!!

F extremism   November 3rd, 2010 7:37 am ET

As an Orthodox Copt in Egypt, I can only say that this act of utmost inhumanity, is beyond any religion, a stark reminder that this is the result of the irresponsiblity of hatred and discrimination.
What the "Muslim Brotherhood" (an extremist fundamentalist group) have grown in Egypt has yeilded this tragedy. I hope this should be a sorry lesson to the chieftains of hatred that ,though small in numbers, this is what your ideaology has resulted, the unspeakable.
This will only backfire against you, o breeders of hate, let's hope we don't find another ignoramus speaking "reprisal", and start a vicious circle of violence and more loss of lives. True humans of all religions are the real victims of is unethical war.
God bless his people, and protect us from this evil..

yobert   November 3rd, 2010 7:44 am ET


yobert   November 3rd, 2010 7:49 am ET


John A   November 3rd, 2010 12:25 pm ET

How many bloggers here will pass like a camel through the eye of a needle?

How many will be horrified when 50 Christians get killed, but turn a blind eye to 1400 Palestinians are murdered by Israeli defense forces in Gaza, or 1 million Iraqis die because of a Christian nations lie about weapons of mass destruction.

As Christ said, take the plank from your own eye before removing the spec from your brothers. But few ever listened and obeyed the wisdom of Christ. And obviously nothing has changed.

So if your going to rightly get upset about this news story, don't then hypocritically brush Israeli/USA murders under the carpet. If you do this, then you may as well have pulled the trigger on these victims. Because this type of double standard and lack of respect for others is what causes incidents described in this news article.

Noor amin   November 3rd, 2010 4:28 pm ET

This is not a war between Christians and Muslims. This is a big war between the whole world and the terrorists.

These animals don't represent Islam. The islamic terrorists are considered sinners by Islamic laws. Big sinners. The punishment is death sentence. They should be destroyed to regain peace on earth.

In my country, the muslims help the anti terror police to hunt these terrorists. And don't think that the terrorists only kill the non muslims, because they kill muslims too. They kill everyone who is not in line with their political views. It is political. They hate us and we hate them.

I send my deepest condolence for the Christian martyrs we had lost.
We all have to fight back. We Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindus and everyone. Together we shall win. We have to win.

fuham   November 3rd, 2010 5:28 pm ET

well, one prays 5times a day but practices violence more than 7times a day. in practicing faith of peace violence has no place. let religious practice be of mind conviction and not by birth.

Suzan Younan   November 4th, 2010 6:05 pm ET

I am an Assyrian American, we are the indigenous people of Iraq. This Monday we are holding a peaceful protest all over the globe. Every city that has Assyrians living there are going to protest against the brutal acts that have been and still are going on with our brothers and sister of our homeland.

Please help us...Help our Nation.....Help us survive and make our voices be heard.

Ariely   November 5th, 2010 6:37 am ET

John Acomment:How many will be horrified when 50 Christians get killed, but turn a blind eye to 1400 Palestinians are murdered by Israeli defense forces in Gaza
John A : Indeed the world should be horrified byt Islamist harvest:
16341 Islamist attacks since 9/11
Islamist worldwide kill summary
616- Oct
1060-Jul .
556-Jun .
From:– India to Russia–Philippines to England–Thailand to New York–Uganda to Nepal–Argentina to China–France to Kenya-all 58 Muslim countries

A: The Muslim killing records!

From 1948 up 2010:
*15million Muslims killed by Muslims.
Tens of thousands women raped and mutilated.

No 1 on: Killing—laying to the infidels— teaching and preaching hate-not taking responsibility for their crimes- blaming the all world.

The world should look on the ongoing big picture for the last 90 years.
Stop analyzing and dealing with individual cases.
Build a compressive strategy to stop the Islamist ideology using terror as a tool.
Encourage Muslims willing to join the 21 century consensus that accept peacefully all religions and don’t impose by sward any religion, including Islam/

B:The world should be horrified by Muslims using civilians as human shields.
(It is used by Islamists all around – not only against the defending Israel)

Palestians recorded words in Arabic . (not in english)

Hiding among civilians deice armies with western values the ability to fight.
Khalid Mash'al on Al-Jazeera -

*Hamas leader Hammad on Al-Aqsa TV.
We used Women and children to form Human Shields.
They are saying to Zionist:
We desire death like you desire life.

C::The world should be horrified by Israel naivety.
Facts about Israel response to Palestinian murderous horrifying methods:
*Hamas manufacture rockets- Israel provides the Electricity to the manufacturing shops.
Hamas fires on Israeli irrigation system- Israel provides water to Gaza.
*SPECTATOR.CO.UK-Only Israel provides to enemy conducting destruction wars&terror such medical treatment.
*Der Spigel: Palestinian woman gave twin birth in Israel hospital rocketed from Gaza.
*Health Assembly:35000 Palestine's treated in Israel hospitals
*Saving Children:980 Palestin children free cardiac surgery by Israel.
*Child's Heart:828 Palestinian children with heart problems free medical in Israel/
*Public Health-Palestine's receive care in Israel they couldn't get in Arab countries

Note: Arabs contribution to mankind for the last 100 years::
Killing people of all religions, racist and hate literature’ that will bring joy to the hearts and minds of every neo-Nazi.exploding suicide belts

huja   November 6th, 2010 8:42 am ET

before the US envasion Iraq was united,but now you see what is going on daily.everyone is killed regardless of his identity.i put the blame on the cause not on the consequence.

Harry   November 6th, 2010 11:27 pm ET

This is only the one incident we'll see as the the Imperium of the U.S. is expanding. Before the war all christians, judes etc lived in peace, as they live in Syria. I really hope that the U.S. has no plans to attack any more in the Middle East...

John A   November 7th, 2010 8:22 am ET


What do the Muslim countries with problems have in common?

Iraq, Iran, Pakistan & Afghanistan. They all form a route between the oil fields of the middle east and China.

If America's CIA can destabilize this route, no oil pipeline to China can be securely built. Cutting the Chinese off from an oil supply which will allow it to economically pass America is all this is about. Hence the CIA whips up revolt plants bombs, the USAs military attacks with drones and ground forces. Chaos ensues. The FBI say they have no proof to blame Osama for 911, take a look at their web page. Osama is not wanted for 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Muslim countries which are not on a potential oil pipeline route to China enjoy peace.

The USA supports Israel, because they know Israel is a willing partner in an attempt to devastate Muslim territories. America needs Israels religious hatred to be in direct conflict with Islam. Its a cover to destabilize strategic resources from going to China.

Israel in its utter bigotry has fallen right into the trap of conflict and will never see peace while it is supported by America.

miriam   November 7th, 2010 1:05 pm ET

John A,

The US supports Israel because it is a liberal democracy, allowing freedom of religion and worship to all including Muslims, sharing the same western cultural values and is the legitimate national homeland of the Jewish people.

Israel has no colonial desires and no intention of devastating Muslim territories. It is too easy to invert the aims of the anti-Zionists, ie the destruction and take-over of the religious, historical and cultural homeland of the Jews because you presume that Jews have the same intent as the Arabs/Muslims. However, once again you are wrong.

There is a distinct difference between the deliberate massacre of religious minorities by terrorists and the efforts of those nations of the world working to protect all minority and majority populations from the hands of the extremists who threaten them.

By the way, Hamas has admitted that the majority of casualties in Gaza were their own fighters.

Ariely   November 7th, 2010 9:30 pm ET

John A comment:–All Muslim countries which are not on a potential oil pipeline route to China enjoy peace.
It is so easy to lay- however it is so difficult to prove.

Although the Arabs/Iranian are using the Takiyya laying to the infidels on daily basis, some of the laying propagandists comments are ridiculous!

Pls explain why the followings are not in the list of pipelines to china:;
Yemen- civil wars and terror exporting hub
Algeria: civil war killing over 250.000 Muslims by Islamists- and many tourists.
Egypt: Killing of over 540 tourists the last 6 years.
Somalia: Well everyone is aware of Somalia Muslims killed by Islamist and terror hub.
Sudan; Has already big contracts with China and China political support .And still Arab Muslims kill black Muslims in Darfur and kill and enslave Christians in the south
Palestine territories; Christian once majority in Beit Lehem, Ramala and other places are currently insignificant numbers?
Nigeria: Muslims kill Christians by the thousands.
Lebanon; The Christians where 55% of population. Today less than 25%- John pls explain to the infidels the Christian population decrease within the last 3 decades

Well dear John- we can easily analyze all Muslim countries – however the examples are quit sufficient to all the people that are not aware of the Arabs/Iran laying to infidels doctrine- Takiyya.

John A   November 8th, 2010 9:52 am ET

Do you really think America gives 3 billion dollars of weapons every year to Israel because they think Israelis are the chosen people? Are really that stupid?

To answer your question:
Yemen, Egypt, Eritrea, Somalia & Sudan all have boarders on the strategic red sea coast where over 60% of the worlds oil supplies currently pass. America looks to influence Yemen & Somalia by placing military forces to fight the made up war on terror.
America backs Eritrea in its war against Ethiopia. America has funneled millions to influence corrupt Egyptian governments for years.

America can escalate tension in these areas to prevent a secure passage of oil to China and make an excuse to place USA forces on the ground.

Regional stability for a pipeline to be built to China would be a disaster for the American economy. America ensures there is no stability. The alternative and less efficient method to get oil to China is by sea. America has a grip on all of the coastal areas of the red sea. It has managed this by creating civil war, divide nations and then sends in special forces to support one side against the other.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Republicans send in the army and air forces to bomb and occupy.
Democrats, use CIA and drones attacks to destabilize and cause civil war.

Both Dems & Republicans look to influence strategic areas with the use of force.

Palestine & Lebanon: The problem is with Israel, which is supported by America. Israel is a mere cover for American trouble making. The USA does not want regional stability in the ME and it wants American forces on the ground. Israel is used to create a "religious war story" as a distraction from the truth. Proof can be seen in all the violence since Israel was created in 1947. The USA knows the state of Israel is unjustifiable and will inflame Arab conflict. The USA pumps billions of arms into Israel to ensure the conflict can be sustained. Israel and Arabs get the blame and America becomes the mediator to decide on how the strategic region of the middle east shall be managed. America wins & the Zionist fanatics win the conflict, but all normal people who suffer (both Israeli & Muslim) know conflict only makes losers. The American military complex also makes a tone of money from all of this.

Your claim about Nigeria is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with Christian/Muslim. Nigeria is also one of the worlds largest oil suppliers. Like most Africa states it suffers conflict. Africa has the greatest supply of natural riches, and has been controlled by the west from the out set. Even after colonialism ended, Africa was manipulated into debt as the western banks raped Africa of its resources. Africa spends most of its time growing high yield cash crops to pay back debts. Hence their farms are not being turned over to food and growth. This again brings hunger and hunger brings conflict.

This subject is easy to understand if you care enough for the truth. But if you only care for 3 second sound bites, religious propaganda and racial hatred then you will never understand the truth.

You can be sure the beginning and end of Israel will echo the same time line as the beginning and end of oil in the middle east.

I'm sure there will be a large conflict in the middle east soon (One or two years). But this will be a distraction from the real objectives, which is for America to cling on to super power status and prevent a shift of power to the East.

But its too late. America borrows money from China to buy Chinese products. Mathematically America can not avoid bankruptcy. At that point we will either have world war three or America and Israel will fade into history. Lets hope the radicals in America and Israel just fade, but I suspect they will bring the entire world down with them. This is why Zionism and its radicle hatred for all other peoples in the ME is so dangerous.

Patrick   November 8th, 2010 12:47 pm ET

John A,

You are bang on the money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many people are easily intoxicated with race and religious hate and remain blind to their status of mere pawns in a geo-political strategy.

From my experience, its almost impossible to get nations masses to concentrate of geo political strategies. Instead they vent their anger over ridiculously retarded race and religious issues.

miriam   November 9th, 2010 1:35 pm ET

John A,

The only thing Israel is chosen for is to be the punching bag for lying and conspiring bigots like you.

The US is certainly lobbied and influenced by its oil concerns but then every country has their foreign policy dictated by their economic interests.

The US military support for Israel amounts to very little compared to the financial aid dished out to other countries and entities in the world. $3bn sounds like a lot, as does the more accurate, decreasing value of $2.5bn, but most is repaid back into the US economy and is a fraction of the aid given to support the oil-rich, autocratic and anti-Western nations in the region.

If you get your perverted wish, and Israel is wiped-off the map (although history will not) there will be no utopia. The same wars will continue, money will still be an additional religion to fight over, Iran will still be seeking world domination and China will continue to grow.
But that tiny nation of Jews, although robbed of their homeland, will not be annihilated and you will continue to blame them for everything.
And so the world will go on, as usual, but with another enormous blot on its moral conscience. The blots will just get bigger and bigger until morality disappears altogether.

Filipe   November 9th, 2010 1:49 pm ET

John A,

Yyou said "All Muslim countries which are not on a potential oil pipeline route to China enjoy peace" ???'

Exactly who might that be ?????

But then, once again, I won't hold my breathwaiting for an answer.

mary   November 10th, 2010 5:28 am ET

While Obama is sharing the religion of Islam with Muslims, Al Qaeda is killing innocent christians in Baghdad thanks to bush!
What protection do the Iraqi christians get from the UN, Iraqi government, or the United states? Nothing! Wake up America you invaded Iraq for oil, and now innocent lives are being killed. WE need protection for Iraqi Christians in Baghdad and we need it now!
How can iraqi soldiers refuse to rescue the christians that were held hostage on 10/31/10. This was all planned to happen, the christians in iraq are suffereing and their people in America are standing up for them. Wake up everyone and help speak the word. Protect the Iraqi christians!

Abdul Khader   November 10th, 2010 12:04 pm ET

World was largely peaceful until the First Iraq war – apart from occupied territory in Palestinian – thereafter started occupation and occupation always brings violence. With modern capabilities now the war is not just contained in occupied territory but also spread to the occupiers territory Both occupier and occupy are at loss. We never heard of any bomb in Iraq or Pakistan earlier to start of this era of occupation. Pakistan also virtually an occupied territory.

Abdul Khader   November 10th, 2010 12:20 pm ET

Christians were warring between themselves until the End of World war II . At the end of World War II started the war on terrorism with Muslims by occupying Arab land and forming Jews state by killing and making homeless to millions of Muslims. This war on terrorism was limited to only one territory Palestinian and was at low profile because Christians were cold war with Soviet Union. On fall of Soviet Union, war on terrorism got momentum and First Iraq war started , which followed by September 11 attack , occupation of Afghan and Iraq. War on terrorism will continue until Christians gets busy with another threat from China , Russian or India.

John A   November 10th, 2010 4:48 pm ET

Filipe Obama is in Indonisia. Its Muslim and no war there.
A list of Muslim contries who are not at war. Also they are not on the pipeline route to China or boarder oil sea lanes.

No war in:
The Gambia

I wont hold my breath for Filipe to admit how uninformed he is.

miriam   November 10th, 2010 6:16 pm ET


You wanted the US out. Obama listened and this is what happens when Iraq is left to fend for itself.

The Jews of Iraq were already ethnically cleansed. The Christians are next.
This is true not just in Iraq or in the Middle East.

miriam   November 10th, 2010 6:21 pm ET


You must be living in a different world to the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!

Filipe   November 11th, 2010 11:59 am ET

John A,

Once again- you fail to comprehend even what YOU wrote !!!! You didn't say "war" You said---"All Muslim countries which are not on a potential oil pipeline route to China enjoy peace" !!!

There's a big difference !!!! Check the dictionary.

Now------ You need to modify you list !!!!

Because we all know that most of those countries are subject to regular acts of terror !!!!

He he he he he he !!!!

miriam   November 11th, 2010 3:21 pm ET

John A,

Just a few weeks ago you claimed that countries are not defined by the religion of the majority of its inhabitants.
Now you are refering to "Muslim" countries.

How much do you know about any of the countries you listed?
Do their media restrictions allow reporting on internal strife and discrimination? Election irregularities, deceitful wedding vows, ethnic cleansing, denial of entry to specific passport holders, etc etc.

You are still attempting to direct the comments away from the blog topic.
Chances are, that without the removal of Saddam Hussein, we'd never have heard about attacks on Christians in Iraq, which of course went on during his rule as well.

Ariely   November 12th, 2010 2:37 pm ET

Mr Abdul Khader commented: the end of World War II started the war on terrorism with Muslims
Reply; The year 1920 is ahead of WW2.

Muslim can come closer to Allah by waging jihad against all non-Muslims – Christians, Jews, atheists, or polytheists in every possible manner."
Copy from about Al-Walaa Wa'l-Baraaarticle by Dr. Ahmad Abd- Muslim brotherhood official site.
The Muslim brotherhood has been founded approximately 1920.
Muslim brotherhood is a worldwide powerfull organization
The west people don’t know about the lying to infidels Takiyya cult.
Formed by Arab tribes in 7 century.
Used by Muslims to confuse, divide enemy.
Widely used by Islamic spokesman
Islamists monthly killing count:
616 Oct-675 Sep-811 Aug-1060 Jul
All religions-All cultures- people killed**
From:India to Russia-Philippines to England-Thailand to New York-Uganda to Nepal-Argentina to China-France to Kenya-In all 58 Muslim countries
**Have you seen demonstrations against the Islamism Killing Ideology by:
So called Human rights organizations?

collins   November 17th, 2010 7:11 pm ET

they are bunch of fools and stupid , kiliing for name and sake of holy the time all of them finished they stop killings

Draiman Draiman   March 25th, 2011 4:42 pm ET

Moral and ethical bankruptcy

Americans are finding a grotesque echo in the moral – ethical bankruptcy and worse of a substantial sector of American society.

The “moral depravity” of “the Arabs” who kill innocent civilians. It is more than moral depravity. It is a culture that teaches, educates and breeds hate toward other societies that are not like them as they say “infidels”.

There is no way this situation should be handled with kid gloves – when a poison strikes your body, you remove it and destroy it completely, leaving no trace of such poison.

History has shown that these types of atrocities and acts of barbarism have increased in the past half a century and getting worse by the day.

With today’s advancement in technology and telecommunications, the world has shrunk, events on the other side of the world affect everybody (like the Japanese Nuclear reactor fallout etc.) it affects our health our economy brings fear and uncertainty to our lives.

The financial crisis we are facing today is the price we pay for years of neglect and government abuse of power.

Is today’s society heading toward annihilation, you be the judge?

YJ Draiman

The Qur'an 17:104 – states the land belongs to the Jewish people

Every time there is a terrorist act, Israel should vacate an Arab village and raze it.

In most lives, I suppose there comes a time when one has to make a supreme effort that calls for every morsel of more and more endeavor and more than not that effort has to be sustained.

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