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February 10, 2011
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Eve Martin   February 11th, 2011 11:40 am ET

Has Egypt's President decided to mumify his presencce?

With all due respect, if he were to leave a responsable legacy, he
would bow down gracefully now in the light of the sheer numbers
of protesters, who defy peaceful curtailment if their frustration
were to get out of control. Great privelege calls for great duty and
social responsability.

May I suggest the Swiss Confederation model of Democracy as
a workable guideline for its great respect of dialogue and consensus amongst all walks of life.
Having myself come from a fundamentalist system in post-war Ireland, with no division of Church or State, after 36 years residentcy in Switzerland, I really grew to appreciatetheir model of democracy where mutual respect between the different political parties and social partners was and integral part of the process. I am aware this did notcome about overnight, but somehow, they got off to a good start!
Inherent in this model is the the total exclusion of any groups
advocating violence or inequality amongst citizens.

John A   February 12th, 2011 12:30 pm ET

Revolution 2.0?

In this case I guess the 2.0 represents the two in every thousand Egyptians who have regular internet access.

I also lived in Switzerland for a couple of years. Its no surprise that they froze Mubaraks bank account worth billions. The Swiss always do this. They accept money which they know has been gained from corruption and then when the corrupt person has lost power, the Swiss freeze the account.

When the account is frozen, the money doesn't get returned by the Swiss. They will claim a lengthy legal enquiry is needed to establish the true owner of the money. Then they will cloud the ownership issue as Mubaraks money will be held in secret accounts held under a number system and without an account owners name. And their secrecy laws wont let you establish which account is really Mubaraks. In short its a rigged game which means all stolen money stays in Switzerland and the Swiss become the biggest global benefactors of theft.

Do you know there are still relatives of holocaust victims who are trying to claim back their dead relatives money? There's nearly no chance the Swiss will ever hand back to Egypt all the money of Mr. Mubarak.

Switzerlands image is well marketed, but below the skin you will find one of the most corrupt countries in the world. So I cant agree with your comments.

Hope   February 14th, 2011 4:53 am ET

Well, in a way these interviews are telling...of Ghonim's vulnerable humility modesty and humbleness..Certainly a man of strong convictions and yet pacifist..Gandhi will be proud of him and of the Egyptian people. I like him, even though I don't know him...

John A   February 16th, 2011 2:41 pm ET

Hope when your joyful tears have passed and the handkerchiefs put away, you may have time to question whats really happened instead of taking in CNN by the spoonful.

So will we be told Mark Zuckerberg has been freely elected to run Egypt? After all, it was a Facebook revolution...hahaha

John A   February 16th, 2011 9:13 pm ET

Rebellion in the middle east is the biggest story in the world and at the center was Mubarak. Yet the press has not asked any questions about Mubaraks disappearance.

Isn't it possible that after his last speech when he refused to step down, Mubarak was murdered? Isn't it a coincidence that rumors now spread of his sudden ill health. Aren't the press just giving enough time for Mubaraks departure from power to be followed up by his death.

Something awful is cooking and coincidentally it all started directly after the president of China visited Washington. What agreement did those super powers come to?

Hope   February 18th, 2011 2:58 am ET

The glass is half empty John A..

You bring to mind the character Phantom..from the play (The Phantom of the Opera) dark..cynical (not necessarily evil) disfigured and wounded. Do you have anything positive to say about ANYTHING!

Facebook revolution? maybe, maybe not..clearly half the population born into poverty. Could it be the aftershock of the facebook ripple effect? caused by a small minority..Possible.

It's like one person sitting at the edge of 25 yard lap pool, one kick..generates multiple waves slowly reaches the other end. Same thing.

Hope   February 18th, 2011 3:32 am ET

John B..

There is a lot of possibilities..It's also possible that Mubarak was kidnapped by some secret society headed by a mysterious secret commandos based under the pyramids and was killed in some ritualistic methods (bet that nut-head Zahi Hawass knows something!)...A society similar to the Freemasonry where they represent the Great Architect of the Universe.

Dude!! definitely this a plot, a scheme...Maybe that's what is cooking!..Careful, they could be off to get you as well!

John A   February 20th, 2011 10:48 am ET

Hope, so here is a simple lesson in freedom.

You are told one thing by your leaders. Then you must question if it true. If no proof has been provided, you have no reason to believe it is true.

Alternatively you could claim it's a positive minded act to believe all you are told. But what security expert told you 911 would happen? What financial expert told you Lehman Brothers would go bankrupt. Funny thing is, all the same useless experts you listen to couldn't see the problem coming. But after the problem, they all claim to have the answers.

Hope, Keep up the positive thinking. Thats what ostriches do when in danger. They just put their heads in the sand, close their eyes and think positive. Trouble is you can be thinking positive one moment and the be turned into a handbag the next. But thats your choice.

Just watch the middle east unravel and tell me I'm wrong when you can prove it. I would love to be wrong, but have not received a single bit of evidence which suggest I am. And you dont have any evidence either....not even from CNN's Disney broadcasting and their Mickey mouse anchors.

When did the land of the free and home of the brave become to frightened to ask questions. Just questions... Is that really so hard for you??Try to gain the freedom and hope that you dream of..It starts by asking questions and holding your leaders accountable.

Hope   February 22nd, 2011 6:41 am ET

Professor John A

Even my 70 year old mother suspects Mubarak is dead if not murdered, and been for a while...(NO, people in general don't gobble what is told to them by leaders or media), and no one is frightened to ask questions. Where do you even get such impulses and jump into conclusions..and here you go again with the name calling (simple minded) all those who don't agree with your prophecies...And frankly, from one ostrich to another that is; who cares whether he's dead or alive..whether he's a shark bait floating the Red Sea, abducted by UFO's or mummified for future display...who the hell gives a hoot!!!..He is gone. The End.

I'd like to think the Egyptian people will invest their energy focused on moving forward with their aspirations to better their life's then dwell on Where-is-Waldo!

Hope   February 22nd, 2011 6:56 am ET

Come to think of this John A B C or D...since you do seem to know all the predicaments of the middle east..and acquired enough skills to solve it's problems, clearly you ARE the expert, why not run for public office? create your own a leader of some sort..or a writer/speaker/lecturer a guest on a major network...Face the nation with those burning questions..Voice that bravado, hold your leaders accountable instead of WASTING time on this blog...You are a Yankee..of good stock presumably! (is it appropriate to say hahaha now). When did a Yankee from the land of the free and home of the brave become too frightened to speak up? Is that really so hard for you??

John A   February 22nd, 2011 10:45 am ET

Oh one more thing Hope,

Im sorry you find being called simple minded offensive, but can you offer a more accurate description.

Since the time of Rome there has been propaganda, murder and conspiracy. Also since that time the masses have been told to swallow lies and hail Caesar. Do your thoughts belong to the controlled mob, or can you offer something which is supported by free thinking?

You say who cares if Mubarak was murdered. Well when the chaos and revolution ends and the same players remain in control (even if their names have changed) you might want to ask that question again. But for now please return to you happy chanting, positive thinking mob and celebrate as we charge head long into a new era of war.

America's 15 trillion in debt with no escape, the world oil regions destabilized and without leadership or direction, currency disputes etc... And you cant see whats going on???

Is Ron Paul the only person in the USA with an ability to think?? Wil Amricans ignore him again and vote for another corporate led bankster? America needs to change course immediately, otherwise I would guess the USA has 4-6 years before its awful economy and meddling foreign policy will blow up in its face.

Well I care if Mubarak was murdered, because a lot of the anarchy and needless death which is definitely on its way could be prevented now if western societies held their leaders to account. Hope your attitude is reflective of our times, you just don't care until the stink arrives on your door step. But you will care soon, because the stink is fast on its way.

John A   February 22nd, 2011 1:25 pm ET

Hope for some reason CNN never uploaded my first response. I'm no Yankee and if you are, you live in one of the worlds most brainwashed societies.

Just take some time to look at who really gains and who will lose. Follow the money and you will see the coming storms are unneeded and will effect you. Although Wall street will laugh all the way to the banks you bailed out.

The mideast will make a lot of money for some in the west. Thats if you profit from a spike in oil prices or sell weapons. For the rest there will be financial chaos and for many in the middle east there will not be another new year to celebrate.

Do you know NATO is already discussing a know fly zone over Libya? Interesting that they never imposed a no fly zone over Gaza when we watched thousands of civilians getting bombed by Israel. So you think Arab countries are heading for democracy.. think who will lose from that...A democratic middle east could call Israel to account and democratically refuse to sell oil to America until America joins the world community and condemns Israels crimes. The Arabs could easily sell their oil to china, brazil, EEC and India. Nobody really needs Americas debt riddled business anymore. So watch how America exerts itself to protect its interests, which have nothing to do with middle east democracy and freedom.

Just watch and tell me I'm wrong by the end of the year....

John A   February 22nd, 2011 1:28 pm ET

Do you know NATO is already discussing a no fly zone over Libya?

miriam   March 1st, 2011 2:39 pm ET

John A,

If the international community wanted to get involved in Gaza, they would have have worked to overthrow the anti-democratic, terror-supporting, corrupt Hamas government. Unfortunately there, when the population tried to revolt, they were executed, imprisoned and suppressed by Hamas.
They would also have done something to prevent the firing of rockets into Israeli population centers.

Since they didn't do any of the above, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Israel's actions of self-defense which are absolutely legal under international law.

ZahidShah   March 3rd, 2011 5:55 am ET

We want the tyrant of Libya behind bars and the lives and property of Libyan government and people safe and unspoiled by any one.

John A   March 3rd, 2011 4:15 pm ET

Miriam, was oil found in Gaza? Grow up and don't be so naive.

miriam   March 6th, 2011 1:26 pm ET

John A,

Oh! but John A, the Palestinians are probably more valuable to Middle Eastern leaders public opinion that any oil.
Hardly any of the population benefit from oil profits but when it comes to destroying Israel......
That can be extended to world leaders public opinion as well.

miriam   March 6th, 2011 6:20 pm ET

John A,

But do you honestly believe that nobody realizes that western foreign policy is largely influenced by oil and protection of the dictators who control it?

Since you have grasped that concept it should not be too difficult to work out why they have for so long turned a blind eye to the human rights and other abuses committed by those leaders and played along with their myths and false accusations against Israel.

Logically you should now realize that all the rhetoric you continually spew is all a bunch of lies and the "whole world" who you repeatedly claim are all united in their criticism against Israel are in fact appeasing the oil-producing, propaganda spreading autocrats.

John A   March 10th, 2011 8:41 am ET

Miriam, you have the mind of a two year old.

The state of Israel and all of Americas puppet dictators in the middle east is simply about control of oil reserves.

Mubarak in Egypt was given billions in aid by America, to kiss Israels behind. Israel is given billions of aid to attack anyone in the region that doesn't comply with Americas wishes.

Miriam your statement belongs in the records the mentally deranged.

aolmmnbjyetoo   July 27th, 2012 9:33 pm ET

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