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Chat transcript: EA exec discusses PlayStation 2 games

Electronic Arts' "Madden 2001" for the PlayStation 2  
October 26, 2000
1:15 p.m. EDT

CNN_Host: Thank you for joining us today, Chip Lange, vice president of marketing at Electronic Arts. Welcome.

Chip_Lange: Hello. It is a big day in our business. Gamers around the country are lining up for a chance to get their hands on exciting new games from EA Sports and EA Games. We think they are going to be thrilled with what they see when they get them home.

Aaanidaani: What type of games is EA going to be working on primarily for the PS2?

Chip_Lange: We have a full line-up of titles both available today for the PlayStation 2 as well as in development for the next coming year. It is a wide variety of titles ranging from classic favorites "Madden NFL 2001" to exciting new offerings like the wild "SSX" snowboarding title or the intense "Shooter Squad." Let me tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg and the games we have in progress are going to thrill gamers everywhere.

LJNoel-CNN: Is EA going to still manufacture for the original PlayStation or will they concentrate primarily on PS2?

Chip_Lange: All PlayStation titles are playable in the PlayStation 2 console. So everyone's existing game libraries are going to be alive and well for years to come as the PlayStation 2 moves into the gaming world. Electronic Arts is investing development resources in creating exciting PlayStation 2 offerings as well as taking it's hit franchises on the PlayStation to exciting new levels. Look for new products on the PlayStation including "Bond Racing," the "EA Supersports Cross Series," "Knockout Kings," "Tiger Woods Golf," "James Bond: The World Is Not Enough" and many more. EA is committed to keeping the product flow on the PlayStation exciting and fresh for the year to come.

joker: What were the major changes made for the PlayStation 2?

Chip_Lange: PlayStation 2 provides the EA development teams an exciting new opportunity to place a new level of realism and detail into games like never seen before. The graphics you will see on titles like "Madden" have to be seen to be believed; from the expression on the coaches face, to the detail on the players uniforms, the graphical capability of this machine is simply awesome. Another highlight graphical title is "SSX" where you will see snowboarders drop off 50-foot cliffs during stunts and tricks from multiple camera angles at blazing speeds like you have never seen before in gaming history. In summary, the PS2 is fast and provides for breathtaking graphics and realism like never before.

Tripp: Is EA going to be an Xbox devloper? Which of the game systems will be your primary focus?

Chip_Lange: EA and Microsoft have been in a productive dialogue for over one year now. Our engineers have offered some coaching on how to make the Xbox more developer friendly. The dialogue is now focused on reaching a licensing agreement that would allow us to develop EA titles on the Xbox. When and if that happens it will be good for gamers, Microsoft and EA. And we think EA games will look great on the Xbox.

Erazor: What are EA's feelings concerning the PS2 shortage and fact that a lot of gamers will be unable to get one for a while?

Chip_Lange: At EA we see the PlayStation 2 as an exciting long-term event that will thrill gamers for years to come. We have invested significant development resource on making sure there are great games available on day 1 for the lucky consumers that get the hardware and the gamer buzz that comes out of these hardcore game enthusiasts we think will continue to excite the market and keep this hardware platform high on everyone's list for years to come. For those customers that don't get a chance to get a hardware system EA has invested in a variety of mobile tours and other marketing programs that will allow gamers a chance to play the games at a number of EA sponsored gaming events.

Elektrix: Any plans for online play? "Madden 2001" and "NHL 2001" would be incredible with online play.

Chip_Lange: Both those titles are available for online play on the PC right now. Hundreds of gamers are forming leagues and it is one of the most exciting technology events to hit sports games in a long time. As soon as PlayStation 2 launches its online component you can be sure that EA will be pioneering the way on that front as well. We agree online play for these PlayStation 2 titles will be nothing short of awesome. We can't wait.

richardh: I personally think that too much effort goes into making the games flashy, instead of fun. Too much sizzle, not enough steak. How does Chip feel about that?

Chip_Lange: I recommend you give "SSX" a try. As a long time gamer I have not been able to put this game down since I got it in beta form a month ago. I think this shows EA's commitment to pioneer exciting new game play as well as game looks. In addition, the sports games while beautiful looking always must have an industry leading game play dynamic in order to carry the EA sports brand. Take a look at "NHL 2001" or "Madden NFL 2001" to get a sense of how much fun sports gaming has become in addition to being beautiful offerings.

CNN_Host: Do you have any final thoughts to share with us today?

Chip_Lange: It's an exciting day in gaming history. EA Sports and EA Games are proud to be contributing to what is likely the best offering of launch titles available at a hardware release. And we think the end winner is going to be all of us the gamers of America. Have fun!

CNN_Host: Thank you for joining us today.

Chip_Lange: Thanks everybody. Have a great time.

Chip Lange joined the chat via telephone from California. provided a typist for him. The above is an edited transcript of the chat, which took place on Thursday, October 26, 2000.

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