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The coffee world has plenty of services that will deliver freshly roasted beans straight to your door, but the options for hardcore tea drinkers don’t seem to be as popular. Well, if you love to try new teas from around the world, there’s good news. Atlas, the brand behind one of our favorite coffee clubs, has a new service: Atlas Tea Club.

Sample teas from around the world with this subscription service
We tried Atlas Tea Club and loved the flavorful teas and informational cards that came along with it.

What is Altas Tea Club?

If you’ve tried Atlas Coffee Club or any other coffee subscription box, you’ll recognize the format. But for those uninitiated to the wonderful world of subscription services, after signing up for Atlas Tea Club for as little as $15 per month, you’ll get a box of single-origin tea from around the world every four weeks. You can choose from a caffeinated tea or herbal tea plan, and whichever plan you choose you’ll get a new tea delivered right to your door each month. The $15 plan gets you one bag of loose-leaf tea that makes about 20 cups — though when we were brewing we used more than the recommended 1 teaspoon per cup for a stronger steep, so you might not hit that 20 mark. If you’re a true tea fanatic you can pay $20 per month and get two different flavors of tea, which should make about 40 cups. Plus, you can get 50% off your first month of Atlas Tea Club when you use code CNN50 at checkout.

Atlas Tea Club leaves

Atlas makes signing up and discovering new teas a simple, painless process, and on top of delivering bags of fresh tea, each box contains tasting notes, steeping tips and a postcard with the tea history of the country so you can have a full tasting experience. The tea itself is loose leaf, so the box also includes a pack of recyclable tea bags so you can brew to your heart’s desire.

Delicious teas from around the world

We loved the idea of exploring the world through tea, so we got our hands on both a caffeinated and herbal box to taste the selections ourselves. In short, we loved it. All the teas we tried were delicious and flavorful, and it was a blast to learn about the history of a different country’s tea.

Atlas caffeinated tea box

Atlas Tea Club has sent tea from countries like Sri Lanka, Kenya, Japan and more in the past, but the boxes we got highlighted the teas of Nepal. Our caffeinated box featured a full-bodied black tea with notes of caramel, baked fruit and honey, along with a floral white tea that tasted of vanilla, spring blossoms and muscatel.

The herbal box we got came from Guatemala featured two soothing teas, one with notes of licorice root, orange peel and cinnamon and the other with linden flowers, chamomile and hibiscus. We really enjoyed the herbal teas, which were especially floral and full of flavor.

If you love tea, or even just enjoy trying new drinks, you’ll love Atlas Tea Club. Plus, if you don’t want to commit to a recurring membership just yet, or know someone else who loves tea, Atlas offers gift memberships starting at $60, which last for either three, six or 12 months. And remember, you can save 50% on your first month of tea when you use code CNN50, not including gift subscriptions.