Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Annapolis: Why care?
It’s easy to brush off news of yet another Mideast peace meeting with a shrug and a groan. Who cares, one might ask. These people have been intermittently fighting and squabbling for decades. How is this round of talks - or this round of violence for that matter - any different from the last?

In this era when the media seems obsessed with sensation over substance, those of us who cover the less light-hearted matters of war and peace, in turn ask ourselves, if no one cares, why do we go to all the effort, risking our lives, worrying our loved ones, frittering away our youth covering a story with no end and no solution‹in sight?

Even though it would make not a fig of difference who Natalie Holloway’s murderer is or who killed the British exchange student in Perugia, if the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not eventually solved, the global consequences inevitably will be grave.

In this part of the world, it is generally taken for granted that the bitter struggle between Palestinians and Israelis for this small sliver of land in the eastern Mediterranean is one of the main sources of fuel for violence against the West, specifically the United States, due to its military, economic and political support for Israel. You can argue with that premise as much as you like, but that does not negate the fact that most people in this region feel that way.

And the Middle East has a way of rising up and violently slapping those who ignore it.

The October 1973 Arab-Israeli war, during which Egypt and Syria tried militarily to take back their territory Israel seized in the 1967 war, resulted in the Arab oil embargo, when most Arab oil producers refused to sell oil to the West in retaliation for its support of Israel.

In August 1990, Saddam Hussein sent his troops into Kuwait, sparking a war, and more than a decade of crippling sanctions against Iraq, which ended with another war, followed by a bloody and chaotic US-led occupation that continues to this day.

There have been several wars between Israel and its enemies in Lebanon, the latest just a year and a half ago. In the summer of 2006, Israel and Hizballah battled it out. For a few days, it looked like Syria, which supports Hizballah, would be dragged into the war, which in turn would raise the specter of bringing Iran (which backs both Syria and Hizballah) into the fray. The possibility of a regional war looked like a definite possibility.

And Iran, of course, sits on massive oil reserves and overlooks the Straights of Hormuz, through which much of the oil from the Middle East flows.

During that last twenty years, the Palestinians have twice risen up against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Thousands have died in the violence here, and unless the problem is solved, thousands more will die.

War and instability in the Middle East translate quickly into instability in world oil markets, and oil is the fuel on which all economies run. It should be obvious.

The United States, the world’s last remaining superpower, which has around 200,000 troops based in the Middle East, which spends billions of dollars in military and economic aid, which has vital economic and political interests stretching from Afghanistan to Morocco, has a direct stake in what goes on in the Middle East, in what comes out of the Annapolis summit.

The deliberations in Annapolis may not have a direct or obvious bearing on the lives of ordinary Americans at the moment. It may all seem confusing and complicated and hopeless and, yes, maybe even boring (despite the best efforts of journalists based here to convey the gravity of the situation).

But insignificant it is not. If the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not resolved, if the Arab-Israeli conflict continues to fester, violence, and specifically anti-American violence, in the Middle East and beyond, is a certainty.

What is puzzling is that given all that is at stake - global security and stability, the health of the world economy, the standing of the United States in a critically important part of the world - the American media seems obsessed with stories that, in the grand scheme of things, are utterly and completely devoid of any significance. The adventures of Paris Hilton, the travails of Brittany Spears, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, etc., etc., are meaningless. War and peace in the Middle East are anything but that.

-- From Ben Wedeman, CNN International Correspondent.

Well said, Ben. Thank you.
Thank you Ben for your thoughtful analysis. I think the story from this corner of the middle east is boring to the world since all they hear is the negative, bombs, raids,road blocks, fences etc. Why would anyone understand the reason we want to live here. It's not as if there's any oil! Coverage of some positive aspects to life here may help like you showed with your horseback riding and scuber-diving. Maybe some more history, pre 1967 and 1948.But thank you for your interest even if I often argue with you opposite my TV screen!.
Middle east peace plan-eho Road MAP

These are the steps that should be taken into consideration in order to achieve e peace in the middle east :
1.Rescognise Palestinian state(both parts to be connected with special high way monitored by International community/Israelis and Palestinians)
2.Allow Israel to become a full NATO member
3.Allow Israel to become e EU member
4.Involve all relevant Palestinian groups in peace talks(non conditions-only final solution)
5.Return to Syria the Golan heights
6.International Community shall compensate the territories taken from Israelis financially and shall construct homes for millions of Palestinian refuges that are currently living abroad.
7.Accept Palestine within EU with special status
8.Send within Palestine an international mission(EU/US) to help the creation of the functional administration and functional institutions.
9. US and EU to train Palestinian Security forces(only Police and Intelligence Services-No army)
10.Accept the Lebanon within NATO and EU (all parties-Sunni/Shia and Christians to be involved)
11.Send within Lebanon international Monitoring mission
12.Accept Egypt and Jordan within NATO with special status( ex:partnership for peace).
13.Organize a donor conference to help the countries involved(Palestine/Israel/Lebanon)
14.Compensate Israel for the return of the Golan Heights(find water solution and economical solution for Israel for the return of Golan heights)
15.Put an International Civil/Military mission on returned Golan Heights to monitor Syrian activities
16.Make an demilitarized zone the Golan Heights
17.Amnesty for arrested people on all sides/political prisoners
18.NATO shall act "all for one" in case of any threat to Israeli security by any country.
This 'peace talks' are at best a farce.
To achieve peace the illegal settlements which violate the Geneva Convention and countless UN resolutions must go FIRST, UNCONDITIONALLY.There is no need for a peace conference as long as a single of these criminal (civil) settlements in any occupied territory is maintained. Until that happens, Israel and the US are the (state-) terrorists. Its as simple as that.
I think interest in these talks and acknowledgement of their significance is weak for a plethora of reasons. Of major importance: most people have liitle to vague knowledge of the history here, and how the global superpowers have long had a mideast 'battleground' through these conflicts; the media hypes up everything so much, it becomes 'the boy who cried wolf' - we are desensitized; anything not resolved in a 30 or 60 minute segment cannot hope to hold our attention. When you think about everything, are you surprised there is little public interest? Frankly, I'd be surprised if there was.
Sorry Ben, how many times and how much money do we throw at this issue? It's nearly Christmas, the dollar is cheap, and everything is on sale...good time to shop the USA!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein, (attributed)
US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)
the global consequences of the Palestine/Israel situation are already quite grave- and as things are bound to only get worse... Tragically for all it is far too easy for Americans not to notice the largest longest running refugee crisis in the world today- and the fact that Israel, Apartheid Israel heavily armed with angst plus a full arsenal of very lethal weaponry, continues to intentionally and systemically push more and more Palestinians into forced exile and despair.

There is one key to peace, a just and lasting peace... only one key and that is full respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948- including but not limited to the Palestinian refugees very real right to return - true return to original homes and lands.
Oh please.

The hate and loathing created by US occupation of Iraq is much more likely to result in more attacks on the West.

The Israelies and Plaestinians have been fighting ever since the imperialist West decided to re-create the long defeated nation of Israel. Well, when you play nation builder you have to live with your poor decisions. No backsies. It's one thing to colonize a land, compartmentalize it, and rule it. It is another to import new people to a place they have not lived in for thousands of years and to displace the rightful residents of that land.

That said, I really don't belive this article. We should stop sending any aid to any ME country, including Palestine and Israel and let them fight it out. If you can't hold your land, you don't deserve it. Isn't that why Israel won't return the lands taken in 67?
Ben Wedeman's comments on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict are absolutely on target. If anything, he isn't strong enough in his condemnation of the US and its ally, Israel, in dragging their feet. We American taxpayers fork over $10-$15 million a DAY to Israel to continue its occupation of another people. If there is anti-American actions around the world, it's because we are the primary funder of Israel's war crimes. To solve this problem is simple...get Israeli illegal settlers out of ALL illegal settlements, including Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, share Jerusalem with the Christian and Muslim Palestinians, and allow the right of return or compensation to the Palestinians kicked out of their homeland in 1948 and 1967. The ball is and always has been in Israel's court, and the primary coach in all of this, the US, needs to stop giving them bad advice and withdraw our support.
as much as it is important to seize any available opportunity to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or at least prevent widespread violence, it is important that we place this conflict within its historical context. for the uninitiated readers, your article focuses on what should be done rather than on how it should be done and what mechanisms should be followed to address the root causes of the conflict to ensure a fair solution.
Don't care.
Sorry, Ben. While I agree that most media is focused on the terminally vapid, we've all seen this act over and over. It won't change until one side totally kills the other. Why is it *our problem? We should just let them get on with it and let their own Gods sort 'em out.

This problem is not the reason people don't like us, only an excuse for their envy, and has been ever thus.
So, I just don't care.
You are absolutely correct about the American public and its obsession with tabloid journalism. Meaningless.

But also understand that most Americans don't have any respect for President Bush and feel he is only trying to confirm his legacy through the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

Yes, it is important that the US is in the Middle East but understand Americans were also mislead into the war. And to be honest, it seems like every US president has tried to have some kind of summit for peace between Israel and Palestine. Then months later, the bombs begin and bullets fly all over again.

No, we cannot ignore the conflict, but the American people are use to instant gratification and want quick answers. Again, we don't mind the sensationalism involved in a conflict just the news life of it. Pretty pathetic.

Keep up the great work. Thanks for scolding the viewers and readers. We deserve it.
Good article Ben, I like your use of recent history to prove the point, the Israeli Palestinian situation, whether we realise it or not affects everyone on the planet in some way or other. With yet another peace accord in the making and whatever its result it is however salutory to consider both in Jewish (Zechariah 14)and Christian (Luke 21)scriptures the taking of Jerusalem (frankly the Palestinian goal)is an immediate precursor to Gods intervention in mens affairs. At that point of time NOTHING will take precedent over those news reports from the Middle East !
The jews did not occupy no land. in the early 20 century jews bought land from palestinians and when the 2 state solution was called the jews agreed to share land with the palestinians. plus the israelis later got the land with an actiual war. like the 6 day war
This is so much B/S ... Anyway, Why not take our 30,000+ troops out of Korea , And put them on the S.Border of the USA ?? D.Mills
I always like to read and hear what Ben has to say. But noone needs to be a Ben Wedeman to realise the immensity of the total disaster that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is. And the groups I feel are largely responsible for the diaster, ie the Yanks, Poms, and of course the Israelis themselves, think they are going to solve it their way. This will never happen.
Surely if the Americans had any balls, they would force the Israelis to remove all their military personnel and settlers completely out of occupied Palestinian territories, then come up with a master plan that would join Gaza and The West Bank together into a single piece of Palestinian territory.
If this happened I have no doubt that there would be significantly less ambition on behalf of Palestinians to continue the pathetic so-called rocket bombardment of Israel.
Until something along these lines is made to take place, 50 years of battling between The Israelis and Palestinians will become 100 years of battling.
I wait for the day America will show some integrity in this matter, and actually have the matter solved once and for all. What doesn't America have to do so?
Just the will I say.
The idea that Bush & Co. would "host" a Mid-East Peace Conference after having set the region on fire with their fraudulent war in Iraq is a sick joke. You journos should realize that this "conference" is a Rove-ian tactic to rescue a shred of reputation for a desperate President and a failed Secretary of State. And it could be that they have calculated that the whole show will ultimately fail, since the Arabs and Israelis, rug merchants all, will just haggle and haggle and ultimately not be able to agree on anything. After all, Evangelicals on the GOP right, who believe in the literal truth of the Bible, agree with the Likud and other Israeli fundamentalists that "this land is their land". But hey, at least Bush's strut will have a new tag line, "Peace President", regardless of the outcome.
There is a lack of interest in this story because the public doesn't care. Media coverage has painted the conflict in black and white so that people don't understand what's going on and why. Evident from these postings, what they believe is misguided and therefore what they see as simple solutions are unrealistic.These are the people who presumably do care so how much more so will those who do not care be able to understand what's going on.
Dear Mr. Wedeman,

Thank you for your thoughtful analysis of why Americans should be concerned over the conflict in the Middle East. The great lengths you went to in providing links as to why this area is critical to the national security of the United States, as well as the research you included tracing back the origins of the conflicts in that region are noteworthy:

“…if the Arab-Israeli conflict continues to fester, violence, and specifically anti-American violence, in the Middle East and beyond, is a certainty.”

How unfortunate however, that you seem to suggest that other stories of equally significant importance are – as it appears in your opinion, of no consequence or of equal importance.
For example, you suggest that finding the killers of Natalee Holloway is not going to make a ‘fig of difference’. A fig of difference to whom? Had you researched the story of her kidnapping, and murder, perhaps you’d find it newsworthy to note that Aruba depends on close to 90 % of its tourism from U.S. American dollars. When an American child is kidnapped and murdered, and the crimes committed upon her are covered up by Aruban police officials, there are some people (including the victim’s family) who might see that story as newsworthy. Would it be newsworthy for young Americans to be informed that gangs of men in Aruba appear to be using tourism facilities to target young American girls, for the sole purpose of drugging them, gang raping them, using them in lucrative pornographic videos while they are unconscious from the drugs administered to them, or selling them into human slavery? Should young Americans be informed that the Aruban police are corrupt by virtue of the manner in which they handled Natalee Holloway’s case? Would it interest you to know that on June 4th, police officials were declaring that Natalee’s case was being “treated as a criminal case”, yet on about that same day the head of the Aruban police force and the Aruban prosecutor were stating that the FBI’s assistance was not needed? In fact, Mr. Wederman, would it interest you to know that a confession was made by one of the suspects which was then retracted by Aruban government officials? It seems that the reporting of what truly happened to Natalee Holloway in Aruba was bad for tourism.

When you are willing to allow special interests from the Aruban tourism industry to dictate to us what is and is not important to report in the news, then you give up something sacred and fundamental to any newsworthy story: the pursuit of the truth, the right for the public to be informed.

You think that the money laundering in Aruba to support the North Korean nuclear-arms program and the drug cartels operating in that region are not of concern to United States security, or that a child whose victimized body continues to be imprisoned by her killers in a nation that is supposed to be “friendly” to the USA, in order to deny her family from ever learning the torture she suffered is unimportant? Should Aruba’s tourism industry be so powerful as to dictate what news gets reported to our young people in order that their tourism does not suffer from the negative publicity?

With all due respect, Mr. Wedeman, when an American child does not come home to her family, that indeed should be every bit as much a newsworthy story to us, particularly when you factor in that the nation is supposed to be friendly to us, yet denied our FBI access to aiding, investigating and interrogating the men who took this American child from her family.
Liberty and freedom are sacred values indeed – from the single American child stolen away from her family amidst an area where the prime minister openly professes his admiration for Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s dictator.

Do a little research about her story before using it in an effort to bolster awareness of the importance of being attentive to the Middle East crises, and at the very least – spell her name correctly.

It’s Natalee. Not Natalie.
Her family has been waiting two and a half years for her to come home just so they can bury her.
"The United States, the world’s last remaining superpower, which has around 200,000 troops based in the Middle East, which spends billions of dollars in military and economic aid, which has vital economic and political interests stretching from Afghanistan to Morocco, has a direct stake in what goes on in the Middle East, in what comes out of the Annapolis summit."

This logic is why we are in this mess. What, exactly, are the "vital economic and political interests stretching from Afghanistan to Morroco,"? Economically, we are only involved in the region in terms of resource pluner, err, extraction. This is a vital economic interest, but this conflict has been raging for 60 years and (apparently miraculously) we have never had this interest reasonably threathened. These nations are poor and need to sell resources, so their is no threat. Furthermore, this interest is no more vital to the US than it is to other countries, but they don't need to secure it by supporting dictatorial regimes (or is it b/c we do that?)

What is the vital political interest? The fact is that there is no political interest for the US other than to support dictatorial regimes (including Israel) so that we can access their resources less expensively. However, this is not a 'vital' interest. The US government or nation will not cease to function b/c of political interests in the Middle East and the rise or fall of ANY government is not vital to the existence of the US.

So, let's cut the crap and replace the euphemisms with reality. These interest is oil and the other resources and the US desires control of them. Right or wrong, this is the interest. Based on that fact, we can then judge whether the peace conference, or even Israeli/Palestinian peace at all, helps to secure those interests.

In my estimation the Peace Conference is only relevant to the US because we support Israel. It is not relevant because of our "interests". The common people aren't stupid, they know that it is about oil and Israel. I would say that the best outcome that would secure the interests of all parties involved would be the discontinuation of all military support to all of the dictatorial regimes (including Israel). The establishment of a foreign policy based on the cold calculation of true US interests would be the best outcome. Indeed, if the relationship with Israel (that makes the occupation and therefore the conflict possible) was debatable and uncensored in America, then most Americans would be interested in this conference.
So as an Israeli I am wondering from an American point of view why the US is still supporting Israel, because it seems that if would not do so the US would have no problem with the Arab states and there will be much less hatered against US and the West.

So why does the US still support Israel- America aren't that stupid after all right???.

Hmmm... to the pro-"Natalee" supporter: you forgot to mention Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, etc., etc., ---- you miss Ben Wedeman's point, what matters is what impacts everybody on a global scale. Granted, Ben W. could've used a diff't example (perhaps someone along the lines of the Hollywood hitlist who we know is alive?) and not Natalee's name. It's not to belittle the significance of Natalee in the eyes of the American people, but when it comes to events that effect the WORLD over, Ben W. still has a strong point. We Americans can be way too self-centered and self-indulgent that we forget our important roles in international affairs - hence, such widespread anti-American sentiments around the world.
To Rich.

"This problem is not the reason people don't like us, only an excuse for their envy, and has been ever thus" - Rich

The world does not envy America. (if anything they are quite happy they are NOT American)

America's imperialist agenda and double standard foreign policy is why we don't like you.

What are all you people discussing so adamantly? Can't anyone address what's important...Why was Sean Taylor living in fear so many days of his professional NFL career? Rubbish...all these opinions, blogs, news articles, etc., are nothing but a speck in time that no one will care about nor remember. Simply a waste of time. I'm about ready to terminate my internet, t.v., cell phone, pocket cam, GPS, Northstar, etc, purchase a horse, move to Montana, stake a claim in the middle of 3 million acres and never have to listen to news, tv and most importantly stories of oil, war and greed. Mankind is not qualified to govern mankind as the last seven world powers from Egypt to anglo-saxon has proven. Can't wait for the day that YHWH is sactified and takes back his earth.
Oh Yeah, Paolo, definintely imperialist - that old Communist whine they used to repeat while actually colonizing everyplace their troops captured.
While we were giving Japan back to the Japanese, Germany back to the Germans, Italy back to the Italians, Panama back to the Panamanians, Okinawa back to the Japs, Cuba back to the Cubans (from the Spanish in case you dont remember), all those dinky little Pacific islands back to their people after taking them from the Japs. Then theres portions of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait, Netherlands, Belgium - the list of places we've captured and given away goes on and on and on. So I guess we're pretty crappy imperialists, because we could own half the world by now.

Or just maybe you have no clue.
Thanks for your article, Ben. Pope Benedict seems to share your sentiments cause he made special emphasis on the importance of these dynamics and the need to pray for the Annapolis conference and (again) for peace in the middle east. He definitely called my attention to the importance of the conference cause, like you said, we didn't hear much in the main-stream media about it. You're in good company...maybe it's the name. Thanks for your work and also for reminding us of the disorders with sensationalism. Peace!
The US has always had its own agenda for a permanent presence in the Middle east, and it has very little to do with peddling democracy, it is looking after our own economical interests which are tied to oil.

If we were really purveyors of democracy, we would be more concerned with intrinsic American issues such as homelessnessm, HIV, nationalized health care, etc..

Israel is a convenient and sole democratic ally to the US in a region of hostile arab countries who still manage to persist with tribal social behavior...

I think israel should just call it where it lies and look after its own security and interests. Palestinians are the cause celebre of all Arab countries, yet all surrounding Arab countries do nothing to ease their plight, except arm them and perpetuate misery and violence.

I would like to see Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran set aside some land to help with the creation of a "Palestinian homeland" Oh but that would imply they actually care for the interests of their Pleastinian "Brethren", not the case, they are simply pawns used to take from Israel (via international pressure) what they could not do militarily.
The president of United States has been successful in getting most of the countries to the dicuss the most important matter which can leave a great impact ...

Mr.Bush should atleast take some credit that he brought all these countries at one place to talk..
Wasn't everyone happy when Israel finally became a state again after World War 2? What happened to the joy? Why is the U.S. trying to undue what it helped to do before? Running away from the problem isn't going to fix it, but neither is allowing Palestinians to have their own state. Throughout history they've repeatedly shown that they will do anything they can to destroy Israel. The sons of Abraham (Ishmael and Isaac) have always been at war and always will be until the end. Permanent peace in the Middle East will not happen on this earth.
Ben: a big thank you for adding your insight on this issue. Unfortunatley, neither the media nor this administration are interested in anything substantial ro anything more than a quick win. This conflict has gone on for 60 years and continues to affect worldwide politics and policies. Until this is resolved, peacefully and equitably, more conflict is inevitable. President Bush and Secreatry Rice, and for that matter President Abbas and PM Olmert do not have the guts or the morality it will take to begin to resolve this. And the media? they are still busy figuring out how they laid down and played dead in the runup to the Iraqi invasion of 2003.
That was a very good article. I think Annapolis is important because it at least shows that the countries so embroiled in the conflict at least have some motivation to want to change and make peace. There are so many subtle things about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that we would be naive to think that one summit will start to turn the wheels of change, but it is a good start. It's funny that two of the most violent groups (the Israelis and Palestinians) are in the United States to meet up and try to make peace from a conflict that is so deep. I also think that it is pretty whack that this got very little attention, as opposed to the "stories" about celebrities and rumors. I also think that America took on a big responsibility hosting such an event like that, but it didn't go as well as it could have.
Sorry Sudheer Mopperthy, but you might remember that we've been through this song and dance before. So naturally we're skeptical. Especially when peace is such a abstract issue for humanity. Of course that has noting to do with the middle east, and everything to do with human nature.

That being said, the hostilities towards the West by the middle east isn't so much about Israel. Sure, that's a big part of it, but it isn't by any means the full story. What this war is about isn't "terrorism" so much as it is a clash between cultures. They are simply incompatible.
There is something absurd about the pretense that Israel stands as some kind of guardian against the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East when it's the only place in the region that has them. Other countries have the right to defend themselves, especially ones concerned about Israeli aggression. The double standard - Israel should have the right to nuclear weapons without having to answer to anyone, including the US and the UN, for their 'security' damages not only the US but Israel as well. The premise that no one else should also be allowed that right ,even though it would also be for their 'security', from Israeli aggression is ridiculous and smacks of AIPAC/Israeli/neocon rhetoric. Sanctions against Iran ? When will the US enforce the sanctions against Israel, that Israel blithely and continually ignores ? When will the US force Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act ? Israel is very secretive when it comes to their nuclear arsenal and don't have to answer to anyone. If they can have nuclear weapons, why can't other countries in the area ?
In addition, the US media kowtows to the neocons. What part does Israel play in the warmongering for Iran. Why doesn't the media do a "special" on AIPAC and it's flunkies/stooges in our congressional houses ? It's not in the US's interest to go after Iran, but it has everything to do with "protecting" Israel. Israel has wanted to go after Iran for years now but settled for Iraq first per Bush who thought they could get in and out and then get into Iran. This 'policy' has been pushed on Capitol hill by AIPAC like crazy. AIPAC runs congress and the Foreign Relations Commitee and everyone knows it. The time has come for the US to stop pandering to Israel and it's destructive, warmongering policies. Israel is not a third world country. The cold war is over,hence, Israel is not longer a strategic ally but a liability. Cut monetary aid, demand peace, fair settlement with the Palestinians and extract the US from Israel's damaging, harmful, and negative, warmongering policies. There will be no peace in the Middle east until the US cuts ALL aid to Israel and demands the dissolution of ALL West Bank settlements, no exceptions. Olmert's assertion that some settlements stay for "natural growth" reasons is pathetic and sneaky - just another word for and continuation of occupation and apartheid. Read "The Israel Lobby" by Mearsheimer and Walt for more information. BOYCOTT ISRAEL !
I am a doctor myself and i simply cannot believe that a person could die with hitting his/her own head against a corner of any blunt object with a force sufficient enough to have caused the brain matter to spill out of the skull. Illusive as it sounds, it is impractical and dellusive.
An autopsy must be conducted ASAP to find the precise cause of death. Simultaneously, the interior ministry looks to be involved. It is very easy to put charge on any org like Al-qaeda or any person. But what does hit me, is the fact that the real pics show a differennt reality than what has happened. Plus, the main benefit by her death goes to Musharraf & MQM. This is not decissive but is based on the fact that MQM is in Musharraf alliance and Interior Ministry keeps the world in dellusion.
Has anyone got an answer?

Dr. Atif Ashraf
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