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Monday, April 09, 2007
Imus apology
Radio host Don Imus said he would check his acid tongue after being lambasted for racially charged comments about the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

Should Don Imus' apology be enough to end the controversy over his remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team?
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Imus' comment about the Rutgers women is a direct reflection of his personality. The only reason someone would say something that stupid is because he is afraid of them. My bet is if he came face to face with one of those young women in an alley, he'd probably crap himself.
Al Sharpton is calling for Don Imus's firing over his outrageous comments about the Rutgers team. But I am wondering where is that same outrage over Rosie O'Donnell's comments about the 9/11 tragedy and the British hostage situation last week. Why is he not pressing ABC to fire Rosie?
Imus crossed the line period...if he is smart enough to hold a job of broadcaster he should be smart enough to understand that not only did he use racial derogatory words he called someones daughter a ho!!!! Saying I am sorry is too little to late...
There is so much outrage over what Imus said but where is Sharpton and Jackson when Ludacris (the rapper) says much worse in regards to women. Is is okay for Ludacris to say such derrogatory things because he is black? No! Imus was wrong in what he said but let the playfield be leveled. Wrong should be wrong regardless of the color of someone's skin.
I've not listened to Imus that much. To me, he comes across as a somewhat boorish pretend 'cowboy' (he likes to parade around in a cowboy hat and visit his brother out west here). His hubris appears to have caught up with him. Fantastic radio voice cannot gloss over unacceptable racism. Were I the man he answers to, I would not fire Imus, but I would put him on a six-month hiatus; long enough for him to think about his deplorable behavior.
GET OVER IT! Guess what - people get offended and people are allowed to offend - it's called free speech. It's not right for him to say those things, but people can respond by simply choosing to not listen to Imus. Calls for rehab and his firing are just publicity stunts.
Don Imus AND the producer (Bernard McGuirk) should both be fired. Imus disrepected the young women by calling them nappy haired -- and they both called them a deragory name for women. That's totally unacceptable!
Don Imus made a thoughtless, crude remark. His attempt at humor fell terribly short this time, but he appears to be a good person, otherwise. The Imus Ranch does so much good for kids with cancer. Sometimes sarcastic humor goes too far and it did in this instance. He has apologized. I am sure these young women have been called far worse, only not in a national media.
Do those who say his apology is enough understand the word "hoes," "nappy?" If not fired they he and his producer should be suspended.
As an African-American male with a high regard for those of the opposite gender, I believe an apology and an explanation is enough. Imus' comments were crude, ignorant, and offensive and unfairly demeaning. However I over-hear offensive comments and stumble thru dispacable images on tv, in print, and on the internet all the time that eminate from all quarters of our societal spectrum. Imus is a "shock jock." Who cares what he says?
As a nation, we need to stop listening and caring less about what people say and I pay more attention to what they actually do. Just as importantly, I'm reluctant to call someone a racist unless their ACTIONS prove it so.

Let the man keep his job. How else are we going to see him grovel?
Have we become so "PC" that someone cannot have an opinion different than everyone else's? If you don't like what someone is saying, don't listen.
Imus can "offend" whomever the hell he pleases (I personally can't stand the guy but that's irrelevant). This is America. He just needs to live with any potential consequences it may have on his career and not cry about it.
The comment was unacceptable, but it is much worse because it was in a public forum. If others make similar comments in a similarily public forum, that should also be unacceptable. Yes, free speech exists, so maybe he doesn't need to be fired. But if I were his advertisers, I would pull all ads. If I were a listener, I would stop listening. And if I were his boss, I wouldn't let him on the air because I would want continued support from my listeners and advertisers. I don't know the person and had never heard of him. But he is truly a small-brained relic from the stone age and shouldn't breed!
Imus apologized,let it go,it was a joke,nothing more.I'm tired of all this racial stuff,the only time you hear anything from Jackson and Sharpton is when they want a white person fired for racial remarks,but if a african american talk about another it's ok,or a african american talks about a white person it's not a big deal,this is a messed up deal!!!!!!!
It never ends-people continue to make racially motivated remarks and then expect the world to be color blind. When will it ever end?
I used to like Imus's show because of the intelligent people he has on, the good questions he asks, and the fact that he lets them talk. I liked what he did for the wounded soldiers' hospital in Texas and we gave money to it. Also I like Terry Bradshaw who is on his show during football season. I am a Steeler fan! But I have been upset for a good while about the filthy talk, snid remarks about women, and especially the drug talk with his good pal Sid, who they for some reason have brought back to the show. Because of Sid, and the drug, filthy talk, I sometimes turn on the show to see who will be the guests and then listen only to that, and that means I miss many of the intelligent guests because I get busy and forget to listen or turn Imus back on. I did hear his remark on Weds. and told my husband that evening about it and stated that Imus was a big bully acting like an 8-year-old idiot. I had watched him for two years, ever since I retired. I am white, and republican and female. When Terry Bradshaw was on, I taped every one of those Friday segments so my husband could listen, too. I am sure Imus doesn't care at all what I think, but I am one of his "used to be" regular viewers/listeners. Let him clean up his act and stay on to continue the good things he does do.
I stopped watching Imus a few years ago because of his ignorant, nasty comments. He and Bernie should both be fired. Bernie agrees with ANYTHING Imus says, and should know better. Imus is worse than "Kramer" Richards. Richards spoke in anger; Imus was being his usual snotty, superior, psuedo-intellectual self. If you ask me, he has been getting more and more senile in the past few years.
Don Imus AND the producer (Bernard McGuirk) should be fined... not fired. I too would like to see them grovel. Hit them in the pocket and they will learn their lesson. On the other side... The girls are college kids - that's someone's child he's humiliating and calling names! It is wrong and shows that he has a blatent disregard for African Americans.
We are not born racist but is taught it. Sorry, no, I dont think he's sorry. His apology is only a way for him to continue to bash African Americans if he can get away with it. Now that Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson and the NAACP is hot on his trail he'll put a muzzle on that mouth of his the next time he reference a black person from this day forward.
He's been on the air long enough. It's time to get rid of him for obvious reasons. I'm not even impressed with his apology. Does anyone even listen to this old guy's radio show anymore?
I am reading thru the comments and for those of you that think "freedom of speach" means say whatever you want, imagine one of these girls are your friends or a daughter's friend. These girls are college girls, not rappers. They were not on his show or even in his line of fire!! He disrespected them and he needs to be fined. Who cares about him and his other charity works. It's just insurance for being rude.
Some of you folks need to get a life. Sharpton and Jackson need to get the cumbersome chip off their shoulder!
He should be terminated. He has made discriminating and rude remarks for too long.
his comment was racist, crude & vulgar, insulting not only the black women on the team but all women throughtout the world. fire him, now
Over federal regulated airwaves even ludacris would and should be chardged. He needs to go immeadiately. NBC should have hopefully ZERO tolerance of his behavior. I am already disappointed that they haven't fired him already.
Sadly enough I can believe there is an uproar over this. Do people not remember the childhood saying, "Sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words can never hurt me." I found his comment to be nothing more than sexist. At no point did I hear any racial epithet. I am more offended at the fact that once again, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are trying to capitalize on an issue by playing the race card. It a cheap maneuver often tried by people who stand to benefit from racial division. Can the country not see that the only thing keeping Sharpton, and Jackson in business are their unfortunately successful attempts to keep the races at odds with each other. Imus' comments are just the most recent opportunity for them to push their bigoted agenda.
Imus has said his last slurs about the public. This isn't the first time he's inserted his boot into his mouth, and should be his last. His company needs to fire him fast to avoid further embarrassment, and to spare the public his idiocity.
Not even a month ago on my job these same words was used; and they were inappropiate there and even worst on TV. They should not be tolerated as "oophs" in any setting public or private. Until we get to a root of an issue, it will continue to grow.
First of all, consider the source. Racism will end when people stop seeing color differences, and that I am afraid, is far ahead in time. However I am optimistic, that we will overcome these obstacles as a human race, when the mothership has finally arrived.

Imus' despicable comments are not really a free speech issue as mentioned by some on this blog. The radio frequencies belong to the public, which is why the FCC can regulate (yes, censor) what is said on TV and radio.
If Imus wants to start his own newspaper or blog and say such things, there is not much the public can do except not read them. But the radio waves are ours, and are only leased to radio stations, and as such we can expect that certain standards will be met. Otherwise, we may be able to find a higher public good for the frequencies upon which Imus broadcasts.
What will make a difference is if the FCC receives a few million complaints. Then any radio station which carries the Imus program will do so at considerable risk.
He needs to be fired. His comments were SEXIST & RACIST. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
There's a huge difference between what Imus said and what Rosie O'Donnell said. The first amendment was created to allow Americans to criticize their government. It was not created to allow individuals to make racist remarks about others! If this was the 1st or even 2nd time Imus had said something like this, it might be different, but this is an ongoing thing with him. He can claim to be a "good person" but I doubt God would agree with that assessment. Imus is no different than a guy who beats the hell out of his wife, apologizes, and then goes home and beats the hell out of her again. Saying "I'm sorry" means nothing if the behavior never changes.
I find it interesting that everyone that is not caucasian and by that I mean not "white" cab be bigotted and racist but it is "OK" because they are a minority. I agree that Imus' comments were inappropriate and extremely harsh but his "on air personna" has been one which spews vitriol and this is just more of the same. I find that young men of color often refer to women in a misoginistic manner calling them ho's and bitche's. Is it OK for them to do that because they are not white? I don't think so. Allowing certain speech patterns to be exclusively ethnic is just another form of racism and/or bigotry. Don has appologized and that should be the end of it. I am afraid however that the African-American demogogues are going to attempt to squeeze as much mileage as possible from this faux pas.
Until and unless it's wrong for Chris Rock to appear on Bill Maher's show and use a racially derogatory remark and be excused for it (and have people laugh about it) just because of his skin color, then Don Imus cannot be held to a higher standard. How do we begin to explain to our children about free speech and bigotry when some words can be used by some people, but it all depends on your skin color?
If it were my daughter Imus characterized the way he did, I'd investigate legal action for libel regarding the characterization of "ho"- which has only one meaning in contemporary use.
It sems as though NAACP, Rev. Jackson and the intolerable Al Sharpton just found a new white poster child for racism. This month it's Imus. I am definately not defending Imus.
Any broadcastor, or celebrity sounding off need to lead by setting good examples, especially to the children of our future, and especially when it comes to race. We as a Nation do need to stand up against racism and squash it, however it may help if the African-American community can also set a "good example", and make a contribution on the positive side, rather than the typical, "cry foul" response method. I for one have never heard Sharpton or Jackson, nor the NAACP speak to the Black Community about their own use or misuse, and or even abuse of the "N" word, or any other racially charged words. And, why is it that black entertainers, especially the stand comedians can base their skits on race and get away with it, and without Sharpton and Jackson and the NAACP crying foul and setting off the fire whistles. Two wrongs never make it right.
Imus remark is inexcusable, but what if an African American DJ said the same thing? Sadly, African American DJs are playing and promoting music with lyrics that say the same or worse. Guys like Imus think it's okay to repeat the language they hear, just like young people - both black and white - call one another the n-word in greeting. Where is the outrage from the Black righteous, religious establishment when "one of their own" is making these remarks? The cultural change needs to happen on many levels.
I don't think he is truly sorry. His arrogance is ongoing and because he is a "CELEBRITY" (for whatever that is worth) he feels he has no rules to follow. He will apologize, go through re-hab and keep his job. That's the celebrity discipline routine, correct? And that cowboy hat? Give it up Don..
Sadly, we must endure these types of racist, sexist comments as they continue to erode any hope for a truly united country. How this man can insult and degrade a group of athletes that are working so hard in a team effort baffles me. Free speech is a wonderful right but I believe it should be treated as a privilege to speak out against injustice, and not to commit verbal assault. Mr. Imus is just one example of this trend of arrogant ignorance. He displays a total disregard for humanity. It's time to stop allowing an apology to be a free ride to being a blatent bigot.
I hope the University sues the broadcaster and Mr Imus' cohort in that conversation. How come nobody is talkig about the other guy involved.
Don Imus is a despicable individual. He deserves to be fired! No apology needed, wanted or will be accepted.
Imus has not been funny for years. He and the other guy, also not funny, should be fired for these stupid, racist comments about a fine group of women who are champions. I will tune out Imus on my MSNBC. I will not buy any of his products, food or cleaning. I encourage others to do likewise. It is time for him to retire.
This is not the first time that Imus has used racial remarks. I promise you that this will not be the last. He is like a small child that just doesn't know any better. He should be fired.
We live in a "free" country. We have a military that defends free speech. If people are offended by his statement, turn the dial to a different station! Get over it...
He is a good man who made a bad comment and is sincerely sorry...
Imus shouldn't have said what he said. But remember he isn't the only person making racist comments. That sure does work both ways. It just seems like only when a white person says it that it becomes news. At some point we need to stop ths racial crap and just be Americans
Get over it is right. Don Imus is an entertainer entitled to free speech. I wish the nation would get as upset about, murder, drugs, gangs, the cost of housing the prison population and the cost of welfare.
Geezz.. people need to relax and understand that people like IMUS and STERN walk the line by design and in no way should their sharp humor be misconstrued as racial. Did the public have the same reaction when Al Sharpten called said in an interview that "the white man was the devil"? If we continue to so over react and over respond to humor as we do our airwaves will be nothing but useless background noise.
Of course he should go, how can you have someone representing your national radio program, continually spouting racist remarks. It is simply unacceptable today and there should be no question.
Just as all empires rise and fall, the Imus Empire will fall. Don Imus built an empire on the humiliation of others by calling them morons, fat and stupid to the point of even calling his own wife stupid.
If he knew anything about the REAL history of this country and not the white revisionist history you would know that the rise of this white-control country was built on the backs of the black slaves and during the wars for our freedom, black freemen fought for this country. Slave bigotry was instilled into the common language and attitudes of the entire white population and gun-toting cowboy types. His humor is based on belittling, denigrating, humiliating condescension and name calling which are the cornerstones of White Supremists� arsenal.

I would hope that a large portion of your listeners who have an ounce of decency, honor and self-respect will not tune him in again. He should do the honorable thing; resign his position and go back to the shock jock roots from which you came. He is no better than Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh or any other foul-mouthed, lying and phony celebrities that this confused nation worships.

If he is not part of the solution then he is part of the problem and his recent action certainly proves that he is not the solution.

There is no excusing or forgiving a man in his position and power to be so irresponsible with his rhetoric. I neither forgive him nor accept his excuse.
Being fired is too easy, he should donate money to the school for scholarships and employ at least 2 students each summer for an internship. They are more than basketball players, they are young educated women who should be respected.
The more Imus tries to clean up the worse it gets. The idea that anyone would think his comments were funny is sickening. These young women are academics and athletes, that anyone would consider calling them anything else is beyond offensive. I have never listened to this particular show and now I know I never will.
It does not matter who says it, Imus, Ludacris, it does not matter. It is a shame that people can't wait to play the "oooh, he did it too!" game. We are talking about Imus right now. He should be fired. His empty apology has no merit especially with his track record.
Over the last few months there seem to be an increasing number of public speakers who shove their foot in their mouth with some sort of slur. Each time all that happens is they make an APOLOGY. Has rudness and racism become allowable in public speakers as long as they apologize? Personally, I think there should only be an apology on the part of the show it appeared on and person who made it should have been fired on his way out of the office. Or perhaps, interrupt him and fire him publically before he finishes his sentence. Maybe then they would learn the self control to hide their unacceptable attitudes when in a public speaking sitution.
Imus has been singing the same song everytime he says something enflaming. Here's what I've learned: that you can't make fun of everybody, because some people don't deserve it," he said on his nationally syndicated radio show Monday morning. So according to him if someone deserves to be made fun of, it's okay. If you read some of these remarks, people say he has the right to say whatever he wants. What these people don't understand is you can't yell fire in a movie theatre. I wonder if one of these people was disparaged by IMUS, how would they feel.
If he called them these names after the loss to Tennessee what names would he have called them if they had won and were the champions? The use of nasty terms to describe young student athletes is disgusting and he should be fired now, not next week.
What he said there should not be no apology that could ever amount to it. The remark was very very very harmful not to the players but to several audience as well.
Two things for the Sharpton gang:
1) Grow up
2) Get over it.

Imus is a jerk, true, but he is a jerk on purpose, that is why people listen to him, if you don't like what he says... don't listen. I don't.
This is being taken too seriously, Imus makes fun of everybody, that's part of his job. Anbyody who has listed to him over the years knows that he is not racist. When his young son asked him why some people were black and others were white, he replied because we are like cars only the color on the outside is different. We're all the same on the inside!!!
i believe this comment was very racial and should not have been said. That was one comment he could have kept to himself. The fact that he is a professional person that comment should not have been put out on public.
I think he should give a scholarship to Rutgers and Rutgers should award that scholarship to a black woman with a tatoo. He was insensitive, ignorant, racist, and quite frankly "dumb" in his comments. He is a 65 yr old trying to be a 35 yr old hip comedian and his efforts fail miserably. (Incidentally this is an observation from an over 65 white female so I know of what I speak). Joan
Rev Sharpton. I agree something should be done to prevent such comments from anyone towards anyone. Before you act so strongly against Don Imus you should look at all the black comdeians, Rappers and people of any race. I think something should be done at all levels but not so drastic as to beat one person down. LOOK AROUND
As a Black man, I feel that we cannot continue to be so "thin skinned". If I were to get angry everytime someone said something stupid. I would be angry all of the time. It is just not worth it. Imus is not a racist, he just made a rasist comment in an attempt to be funny, which is the man's job.
Imus has done more for our children and soldiers than anyone I know..please forgive his remarks and move on..he has punished himself already.....
When a professional media personality such as Imus makes such a stupid remark. It only confirms that people with money and social stature can not hide their true inner feelings. The ignorance eventually bleeds out.
With the results at 55% yes, it scares me to what kind of society we live in, where if say something so cruel and mean i don't have to be acounted for i just say i'm sorry. Some people may say it wasn't that bad i bet it is the same people who think racism doesn't exsist anymore in America. Well i hate to bust your bubble but as millions of people heard on the radio it is alive and well here in America.
Anyone that listens to Imus on a regular basis knows he is not a prejudice man. I think he tries to do so much good because of the access he has on the radio. I think he was just trying to be funny. He wasn't. His regular listeners know that this isn't his style. He should be forgiven. He does much more good than bad.
MSN questions Al Sharpton as being the spokesperson asking for Imus's head. This is not about Sharpton, Sharpton was asked to be the spokesperson as a result of his field experience. This is about Rutgers and the Alumni as I am, being offended. Imus must go.
Why do shows like his even exist in the first place and what does it say about his audience. I caught his show a few times while channel surfing and I thought it to be deplorable even without the racist comments.
It was a joke. I personally thought it was funny and I'm black. Can't understand why everyone is so quick to jump on the race card. Get a sense of humor!!!
Imus needs to be fired! Allowing him to remain in his position, spreading messages of hate and racism will definitely become a statement from MSNBC/NBC to the entire society of African Americans and women in American culture.

Through his statements, jokingly or not, Imus has revealed his innermost feelings and represented a side of America that has become covert since the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. I stand with my sisters at Rutgers. To them, I say, you have made them uncomfortable simply because you are what they will never be.

This psyche in AMerican society that everything is "OK" as long as an apology is offered, is totally off-of-the-mark. This endemic issue of race and gender in American culture needs to be carefully evaluated and the responsibility of message-sending belies with all broadcasters.
While I in no way agree or condone the language used by Imus, I've been truely taken aback as to the attention this matter has received. People, let's put things in perspective here. We're at "war", the national economy is having issues, there are 'terrorists' looking to do us in, and there are entire families going to bed either homeless and/or hungry. Aren't there more important issues that are worthy of press coverage other than these school yard comments and finger pointing?
So it's okay for Sharpton and Jackson to condemn the comments that Imus made and label Imus as a racist, yet at the same time we have hip-hop and rap artists and their record labels referring to women as "ho's" and "b#tches" without any recourse. Why is it Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP, and the ACLU can publicly criticize Imus for his comments yet not rappers like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, , Snoop Dog, and other rappers? They both reach millions with their opinions: One has a radio talk show, the others make albums to promote their opinions! Yet, I'm sure the color of skin had absolutely nothing to do with this. I don't support the comments Imus made, they were innapropriate, but I do find it inappropriate that the same minority group shouting "racism" and asking for his position fails to recognize the same comments by members of their own minority group and in public.
Once again white people are sticking up for that white bastard. Once you people latch on to something you people never let up(just like a pitbull). No, rap music has nothing to do with his evil comments SO STOP BLAMING RAP ARTISTS AND THEIR MUSIC look at country music video they have half naked white whores in them. If you white people donot stand up for yourselves that is your problem."Stingy headed 2 cent whores that will drop their panties in 1 second for a man see how you like that true staement."
i am a black male and father of 6 girls and 2 boys whom with Gods help and family and friends i raised after she died in 1988. i am not siding with Ismus but I feel he needs to apologize to the Rutgers team. I also feel that we as a people need to step back and look at what we as parents have allowed happened. we let our childern listen to music which i call rap crap. this music is degrading to women but look at who buys them the most women. there are more women than us males. which if i'm wrong why do these records go platnium or gold. i think most of the singers have forgotten even their mothers that they are downgrading women. sadly its all about the money. over the years i've said something needs to be done not only to Ismus but all who use these words be they black or white or whomever. i challenge everyone to go out on the streets and stop and listen to the music played by cd, tv, and different radio stations. why haven't we complained about that. too me it doesn't matter who say what we say wrong is wrong there are no excuses. i've always told my children to treat people like you would like to be treated. let the man apologize and lets get on to more important things. by the way stop and listen to the songs out younger children are singing you might not like what you hear.
I here lots of people asking Blacks "What's the big deal?" The deal is every day I wake up feeling like my Balls are hogged tied by the MANN.
I find it interesting that the Rev. Al Sharpton is promoting Don Imus be fired. What consequences did he face when he tried ruining the reputation of police officers over the Tawana Brawley debacle?
I find it a disturbing comment, more so because it was directed at women, but it is also a term coined about women in the african-american community. You hear it used by african american men and women about themselves. I do not believe it was used in the context to create hurt, but its context changed coming from the source that it did. That should be examined.
I think the time has come to end the political correctness that seems to be hanging over this country. If the magazine offends you - don't buy it, if you are against abortion - don't have one, if someone says something that you don't agree with - well, it's their right to say it so deal with it. We all have said something we regretted and we will probably say it again in the future. Accept the apology and move on, unless you have never uttered words in which you would like to take back - then go ahead and throw the stone from the porch of your glass house.
I think that Imus should be fired. For one when he said it he ment it and just because it was an out cry over it and he could loose his job he decided to say he was sorry. If he didn't mean it he would have never said it. Before even looking at a picture of the members of the team i knew who he was talking about. Is this just a sample of the things he say about black people to his family and friends.
Al Sharpton, what a hypocrite! He spewed his racial venom in inciting a Crown Heights riot in 1991, and a 1995 arson attack on a Jewish Harlem jeweler that resulted in 8 deaths. That attack came months after Sharpton made remarks about the "white interloper. Does Twana Brawley ring a bell to anyone? If it doesn't my point is reinforced. If Imus resigns so should this bum.
As we have become the United States of the Offended, we look at someone that rightfully should have more couth in what he says, but has the right to say it. When and ignorant person speaks every one dismisses his education. When and intelligent person speaks he should fired, label a racist. If a conversation can be held for 15 minutes with out using the crutch "umm" to junction to another topic or statment then our society has reach a level of intelligence that is far beyond where we are now. Imus is commenting on topics, blogs or highlights to bring awareness to the pulic other wise engaged in their lives to not read but listen, he has an error level that the FDA would consider "parts per million" safe.
When black people call whites crackers, honkey, whitey, etc. its ok, "that�s just how they talk." But if a white person ever called a black person "blackey" or anything even close to what blacks say to whites, then its march in the street time for blacks, then start riots, loot stores, light your neighborhood on fire, until that white person loses his job and is publicly crucified until his life is ruined. Double standard? What double standard?
He should either make a donation to the school or create an annual national fund raising organization for awareness of insulting comments like his.
as an african american, i applaud the attention and swift response to imus' negative comments. More importantly however, I would like to see the same outrage so many blacks now feel focused on core issues such as derogatory rap music and the negative images we allow to be portrayed on a daily basis. i think this is a sensitive issue, but it must be brought up.
Legitimately, he did apologize and even agreed to meet with his adversaries, which is more than some shock jocks would do. In that, he showed considerable bravery, and that he was not out to harm anyone.

However improper, he recognized the legitimate problem of minorities degrading of their own women, which, for any race, or people, is contagious.

It is one of the reasons that Howard Stern is now on pay radio, not public radio. Perhaps this is the appropriate place for Imus, rather than on public airwaves. Freedom of speech is an important doctrine in American liberty, and whether it is endangered depends upon the public's willingness to forgive and forget, not upon its tolerance to allow all manner of humiliation without expected repercussion.
I think the only reason his apology isn't good anough for some is because he's not black. Why isn't there an outcry when these comments and worse are used in movies and "music lyrics"?? Am I to stop letting my child watch Happy Feet because it's music contains the words "nappy headed boy"???
Enough is enough. Jackson and Sharpton are just extorting Imus for their own good.
I do feel that Don Imus is genuinely sorry. I believe he is a man who often speaks before he thinks. Until he speaks directly to the players of the Rutgers University Basketball team and apologizes to each of them personally, his apologies will not be complete.

After seeing and listening to the players of the Rutgers team, I finally understood the full impact of his words - not only on the ears of the public in general, but particularly on the undeserving players.

Don Imus should put his brain into gear before opening his mouth. Let's hope he now understand this.
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