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What's the buzz on ... '300'?
Each week, CNN.com takes a look at trends in the blogosphere by tracking one topic across gender and generation. This week, we focus on the movie "300," the violent and stylized account of the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae that pitted Spartans against Persians. The movie set a box-office record for a March opening, earning $70.9 million in its first weekend, despite mediocre reviews and an R rating.

Overall opinion (March 21-27, 2007)

So what does this mean?
Blog conversations about the movie were mostly positive, with comments focused on the film's cinematography. Most women and gay men mentioned the well-toned physiques of the half-naked actors, while men enjoyed the movie's intense battle scenes. The overwhelming majority of commenters were male, who accounted for 75% of the conversation about "300." Bloggers who posted negative comments cited distaste for the film's sepia tones and a belief that the film was produced as propaganda to incite war against Iran.

In their own words
Hosein Sharif on Dear Enemy
... How often does Hollywood make a blockbuster including Persians as their main characters? & once in a century, when it happens, it's the image of my people getting killed & stabbed like fools in a battle! I don't feel bad because Spartans could resist 3 days in front of Persian army. In fact, I wouldn't feel bad even if the Persian army was defeated in the first day; I just feel bad because the Persians are portrayed like beasts. Hundreds & hundreds of them get killed & it's like nothing important has happened, just like when Orcs were killed in LOTR. ... I feel bad cause 300's Persians are NOT human beings.

Rob Waters in a comment thread on Sunset Gun
Anyway, I also loved "300" and I'm the biggest anti-war guy you'll ever meet. Can't people just appreciate the beauty of the film and maybe stop thinking that ANYTHING pro battle means we want to continue our current ridiculous war? And if that's what some stupid person gets from the film, that's THEIR fault.

Buzzsugar on Teamsugar.com
... 300 fully lived up to my expectations. Sure, the movie is lacking in substance, and the clunky script leaves a lot to be desired. But it also looks unlike anything I have ever seen committed to film, which is more than I can say for most movies, and I walked away thoroughly satisfied by the visually indulgent flick. ...
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More about Umbria's analysis

I-Report cartoonists penned their own takes on "300" this week. See them all -- and pick your favorite -- on Warp CNN.

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