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What's the buzz on ... Lindsay Lohan?
Each week, takes a look at trends in the blogosphere by tracking one topic across gender and generation. This week, we focus on actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, charged with driving under the influence after she recently crashed her Mercedes in Los Angeles, California. Cocaine was found in her vehicle. The 20-year-old later entered a rehabilitation center.

Overall opinion (May 23-29, 2007)

So what does this mean?
The majority of blog conversations about Lindsay Lohan were negative, many dismissing Lohan as yet another rich Hollywood party girl in trouble. Many compared Lohan to friends Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears who have all been arrested or gone into rehab over the past few months. Just 7 percent of bloggers had anything positive to say -- mostly sympathy and good wishes for Lohan. Bloggers also expressed scorn for Lohan's parents for not guiding their daughter more appropriately.

In their own words
Perez Hilton on
We're sure Dina Lohan will find a way to blame this on the paparazzi or the pressures of being young and famous ... anyone but her crackhead daughter!

dani on
This is what Hollywood does to its young talent it drives them off the rails because they can't hack the amount of money, the lifestyle and the partying. I wish Lindsay would realize what she's doing to herself before it's too late.

Janet Charllton on Janet Charlton's Hollywood
Above we have a look back at Lindsay Lohan in happier days. We didn't feel SORRY for Lindsay when we heard about her latest self-destructive behavior, but we do now that her father has stuck his nose into it. Granted, Lindsay's car wreck, DUI, and possible drug problems are appalling, but not really surprising, given her history.

What's REALLY grating is limelight-hungry Michael Lohan (who's no stranger to DUI charges either) seizing the opportunity to publicize himself as a reformed hell-raiser who got religion while in prison. Now he boasts that he's a minister and he's putting himself on a pious pedestal making judgments about his daughter. He blusters that she needs God in her life and "faith-based rehab." Hey, she could also use a decent, caring father.

encinoman on Monday Morning Media Quarterback
The partying, the lateness to work, the failed rehab, all seem a cry for help, but there's been no one willing or able to say "No" to Lindsay and tell her "Nose to the grindstone," as my father said to me. Parenting is hard, but someone's got to do it.

The personal lives of performers have been exploited for over a hundred years to promote their entertainment projects. The situation has been reversed as millions focus on the antics of the stars, rather than on their movies.
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