Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Elizabeth Torres
"We won't stumble. We've come to save the world." It sounds a little different, but it means the same thing in Spanish: "Hemos venido a salvar el mundo."

That's a line from Elizabeth Torres' poem "Heroes," in her new bilingual book, "Because the Flame is Alive." The Colombian-born poet started writing at age 5. Her inspiration came from her native country where she saw children trading pens for guns.

Now, this 19-year-old poet and motivational speaker travels across the United States and Latin America with the message in her poem: Be a leader today, not tomorrow. And whether it's in English or in Spanish, Torres' idea that young people can succeed translates no matter what language they speak.

Check out some of Torres' poems here.

Update: Watch the Live Video interview
Elizabeth, its amazing to hear what great success you have had coming up with such great poems, but my question is what helps or strikes a nerve in your brain to what your going to say in your poem? Like do you write poems that may relate to your life as a child, or currently??

Scott Ramos
New Jersey
Kean University
It seems that today in the world there are so many "leaders" that are out there trying to get kids to open up and find there inner talent and be creative, what would you say seperates you from all of thos leaders? and why? Tell us what exactly makes you stand out more?
I just want to say Elizabeth we all are very proud of you, and just want to let you know YOU ROCK!!!!! from your fans at Kean University and Scott Ramos <3
Elizabeth I admire what you are doing for young people. Our generation needs more focused leaders to show the world what we are truly made of.
How do you do it?
Where do you find the strength to put such an inmense wieght on your shoulders?
Elizabeth, It was a pleasure presenting you & your new book at FIU last Friday, specially after not seeing you in 7 years. You have grown to be a very special young lady with dreams that WILL change the world one step at a time. Remember what I told you: You (us poets) have the responsability of the go get them girl!.
With much love & pride
Marily A. Reyes
Executive Director
The Cove/Rincon International
Eli!!! whoa. Im really happy for you . felicidadez . You are doig a great job and u know it. keep it up. Follow ur dreams. !!

Somerville Nj
How does it feel to life your Dream ?

Gabe ;)
Somerville NJ
elizabeth i just wanted to know how at such young age you manage to balance your writing, education, painting,free time, family and friends?what do you find yourself doing the most?
hey cousin with all the goals i see form you makes more proud of you, all i have to say it's congratulation and that i admire you ok love you take care

your cousin

andrew cupp
All I have to say is that you are extraordinary beautiful. You are more beautiful than your poems. You rock girl! :)
You rock!!!! I found time ago some of your poems and my 5 years old son love them!! also great to represent inmigrants!! thanks for such a great job!!
Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for the amazing comments and e-mails I've received through my website after checking out the interview. It's always great to see that the work you are doing is being recognized, and that people identify with your cause...

I invite you to check out my site for the latest news and book launching events!...and encourage you to share your story with "Young People who Rock"... dare to make a difference, it's worth it!

May poetry be with you always!

Elizabeth Torres.

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